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  • request123 1

    ***TOE NAILS getting Thicker and harder

    over a couple years some of my toenails become thick, developed extra thick layers under the top nail, so it looks like a thick nail hard to clip, inside black i noticed over months the other nails started to build up layers under and become the same. I checked twice with GP and had

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  • Loujoshellie13 1

    My daughters skin

    My 10 month daughter has had random blister/spots appear on her skin over the past 3 weeks. The first one appeared on her waist and she now has around 10 around parts of her body. They seem to blister and then scab over and then stay red. I thought the one on her waist was away and had scarred her

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  • youngatheart1 5

    rash on left hand side of neck

    Hi, I started having a really sore rash on lefthand side of neck, it sore not itchy and it really red, when skin it stretched it looks yellowy.  Pharmacist said could be fungal as I am menopausal and have night sweats.  Using the cream he gave me it cleared up slightly, yesterday woke up with it

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  • youngatheart1 5

    rash on left hand side of neck

    Hi, I started having a really sore rash on lefthand side of neck, it sore not itchy and it really red, when skin it stretched it looks yellowy.� Pharmacist said could be fungal as I am menopausal and have night sweats.� Using the cream he gave me�it cleared up slightly, yesterday woke up with it

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  • benji26467 1

    can I continue using scar strips that cause itch?

    I broke my fibula 7 weeks ago. 1 week ago I stopped wearing the CAM walker and began using silicone strips on my surgery scar. A few days in, the area around my scar (but oddly not the scar itself) became intensely itchy ​and wherever I scratched, the skin broke surprisingly easily and scabbed

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  • aimee1970 3

    Itch w no rash

    I have been experience itch all over my body with no rash and began with a pain in my head for almost a yr and half . And it comes more intense when I'm fertil. Please help

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  • jack04009 2

    Redish spots on skin

    I have these small dots on my upper arms, about 7/8 on right arm and 3-4 on left around the bicep area, I shown my GP he didn't seem too concerned and looked at a much redder spot on my chest and called it a beauty spot, they don't fade under pressure

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  • Fabledcentaur 2

    Tiny blister on hands/fingers

    So I have these tiny blisters that keep randomly appearing mostly on my fingers. I've only ever had around 2 at one time but everytime one goes anyway I find another one. They aren't coloured any different from the rest of my skin but it is a small raised bump which is a little hard to touch. They don'

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  • heidi59628 1

    Acne Holes

    Noticed my boyfriend had a dark blackish scab on his cheek yesterday that was coming away. He has acne scarring on his face and still flares up occasionally, but it wasn't a spot just a scab. We pulled in away and underneath was a hole filled with thick white gunk which we could get out with a

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  • Alison from GPM 1

    Pompholyx The Joy of Popping Blisters!

    My name is Alison, i'm 46 years and have had acute pompholyx all over both hands for 18 months, following a period of severe stress and anxiety. I POP BLISTERS! I disagree with pretty much everything i have been told by various dermatology consultants who have clearly never suffered from this

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  • caitlindudlyke 1

    Rash & Welts (16-year old) all over body - HELP!

    I'm a 16-year old and woke up 4 days ago with bright red rashes down my legs and arms, with the mother rash raging around my elbows. The GP was useless, so the chemist provided some general eczema and psoriasis cream (without steroids, parabens etc). After 3 days it went down, but I woke this

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  • emily240 1

    Chicken pox for 4 months?? Please help!

    Hi My 4 year old son started to get red bumps back in November. He didnt have fever, but the bumps looked a lot lick chicken pox so I just assumed that would be it. He got a few new ones ever day but not loads and loads, and then it didnt ever really go away. After about 3 weeks I began thinking

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  • Magnot 1

    left earlobe itch or swollen ?

    Hello I have a doubt that I would like if someone knows help me to clarify that it can be or if everything is normal. The fact is that one of my earlobes felt as if swollen for some time, as if it were inflamed by an insect bite or if it was filled with some liquid either blood or fat or dead

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  • max41472 2

    Acne scars or just scars in general

    I had acne but now that much. But i have tiny spots on my face and i keep touching them so not ive got scars everywhere on my face. I wad wondering if there is a natural way i can remove them?  i also put cream on my face every night but its still dry and really tough..

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  • max41472 2

    Tiny bumps in bread area

    I've been suffering from kp of my arms but on the right side of my face my beard is fully grown but on the left there is little bumps and the hairs don't come out all the way so it's more bald then the right side. Is this kp?

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  • amr815 1

    Lesions on scalp - need help identifying them!

    Hey folks! I'm a current medical student but have yet to receive dermatological training. I'm asking this question on behalf of my brother who came to me with some questions. Planning to get him referred to a dermatologist but wait times are currently 8 months+ and there are no family physicians

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  • alan70992 1
  • jesus69778 1

    Fungal Infection On Scalp for 4-5 years

    I was diagnosed with positive KOH test and my dermatologist prescribed Miconazole 2% Nitrate Gel. After using it for 3 months i see it is not going completely. Please advise me what is better ointment for this. PS:- I have lost some hair too in the infected area.

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  • planethunter 1

    Raised bumps on cheek

    I started getting these about 1.5 weeks ago. I have no idea what they are - only on right cheek. I thought maybe they are shingles but they don't look too much like them. They don't look like warts either. They are itchy but do not hurt. Any ideas?

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  • thomas99726 2

    Skin Itch Perhaps from chlorine in the swimming pool

    I swim every day for about one hour. I have developed a skin rash. On my toes, outside leg from my ankles to my knees, fore arms and my back. It is not visible but the skin feels rough meaning that the itch comes from beneath the skin. Could this be the chlorine from the water? I know that even

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  • megan54321 2

    My skin has been non stop itching for nearly 2 months please help!

    I have been non stop itching all over my body for almost two months now, my friends had it also a little while back but we believe that was because she was pregnant and it's a side effect however she had a termination, I am not pregnant so it isn't that and I'm pretty sure it's not something I

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  • medk 1

    Dark spot in armpit

    Hello, It happened to me once ago, and now it's back it happens let's say once a year but it lasts up to 3 months. I have a small dark spot in my left armpit, no pain or whatever, but the last time it happened to me it growed up and it smells disgusting especially with the use of deodorant, I was

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  • jinny23 3

    Prurigo Nodularis

    Hi I have had this skin condition for what seems like forever and, not only am I making no progress, I am having no support because the NHS appointment system has taken so long to find me an appointment with a consultant! My skin is so sore, nothing I do alleviates my symptoms and I feel

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  • patient10309 1

    Peeling skin and rash on ankles

    I have been suffering from a rash on my ankles. The major symptoms I would say are a very itchy rash that waters when I scratch, and more prominently, 'dead' skin forms around my ankle and peels. The skin also seems to be getting tougher (maybe due to the scratching). Please find photo in the link below:...

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  • sophi54778 1

    Cluster of dots on foot

    Hello, About mid March I noticed what looked like a bruise or scrape on the top of my foot. It didn't hurt or itch and it honestly slipped my mind until last week when I noticed it was still there unchanged in appearance. Still has no irritation feeling of itching, soreness. What could this

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  • varsha 04517 1
  • khirbz 2

    Stretch Marks Outbreak

    I am 19 years old and I've been noticing that this year I got a major amount of visible stretch marks. I know they're nothing to be ashamed of but they're getting really bad. I'm a healthy student, I got to the gym 5 times a week, I'm not overweight. I have developed stretch marks around my waist (purple),...

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  • designerdan 1

    Possible heat rash for more than a week?

    Had a rash for more than a week now, I first noticed it on the backs of my hands and chest now it appears to be all over, my chest, stomach, hands, back, legs. I thought it was just a heat rash but want to make sure, its not that itchy just occasionally my back gets itchy, the rash on my hands is

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  • jess01796 2

    Red, itchy bumps after shaving my vagina?

    I shaved my vagina on Friday and every time I do I get itchy bumps appear a day after I've shaved down there. They are red today and really annoyingly itchy! Could this be because I don't shave very often? I never really shave down there. Or could it be because I use soap instead of shaving cream?

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  • chriso123 2
  • kenny45626 2

    Small skin coloured bumps on back of hands

    Hi there, I'm 35 and for quite a while now I have very small, skin coloured, almost flat bumps on the backs of both my hands and I have now noticed them elsewhere on my body, mostly on my arms. They are not itchy or irritating in any way and are barely visible but sometimes when the light hits,

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  • jakubpuchatek 1

    Scar since birth

    I have some scar on my arm and a bit on my back since birth (or eventually since childhood). It doesn't hurt me - it just looks awful. Is it possible to do something with it?

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  • alexandraaaa 1

    Are all dermatologists in London priced over 200gbp?

    I have had skin issues since January that my GP hasn't been able to treat. I have been looking for a private dermatologist but the prices I got are: St John & Elizabeth - 250gbp London Dermatology Centre - 240gbp Eudelo - 299gbp London Dermatology Clinic - 179 If I were to wait for a NHS referral

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  • HLMCX 3

    Scared about melanoma

    Hello- I've been going through this panic for the last two years. I'm 21, when I was 19 I noticed a small mole on my left breast which was slightly darker then the rest. I didn't panic as I am aware we can grow new moles. After about 7 months it grew to about the size of a pencil eraser and I got

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  • colin87353 1

    Dark skin discoloration and peel on fingers

    Hi there.  I'm noticing a skin discoloration on my fingers for the past two weeks. Skin is darker than other parts/.  One part of it on my index finger has even peeled off. There is no pain or discomfort and I live in a warm climate so this is not cold related.  This is also not a bruise.  Any

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