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  • chris909 1

    Anal rash/blisters

    I developed these tiny blisters around my anus and the insides of my buttcheeks last week. I live in riverside, ca, so the weather has been in the 100’s for the last week. I don’t know if it’s from the heat, of shaving, or working out/running, but it’s getting worse. When I would tap them with toilet...

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  • James2345 1

    Does a spider angioma go away on its own? [w/ pictures]

    I'm a 19-year-old male with no history of alcohol abuse or liver problems. In February 2016, I developed a red spot on my cheek overnight, for reasons unknown (although I did have extremely dry skin at the time which was caused by hairspray). I later figured out that it was a spider angioma. It has...

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  •  24154 2

    Micro bumps on penis head

    I have black spot on my penis head when I give a closer look it looks like small bumps....nearly 6 pain or whatsoever. ..what could it be

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  • ttibsen 2
  • wi8572o 1

    Rash on temple area

    About 4 months ago I noticed a rash begin to develop on either side of my face, specifically around the temple area and just outside of my hairline.  It started on the right side then appeared on the left, and began spreading locally around the temple area for about a week.  It started as small raised...

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  • domado16 1

    Red patches under armpit and breasts

    Am posting this for a friend. She has these red patches appearing on her skin below and around both armpits and under her breasts (see images)... they are not painful or itchy at all, nor are they bumping... she's had them now for perhaps a year and a half or so. It started happening while she experiences...

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  • el1998 1

    Dark circles on shin, please advise?

    Hi, My dad has a brown circle on his shin and had for many years now yet nobody seems able to diagnose. His dad also has one but on an arm. It's hard to describe without an image but it is like A thick brown ring with a normal center. Any ideas please?

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  • zoe27085 2

    What is this in the middle of my back?

    I've had this for quite sometime now and my fiancé spotted it .. yes I'm naughty and did pick it off a few times but this time it seemed to have gotten a little bit bigger. Black dot, shiny type head. Any suggestions? I'd love to post a pic but not sure how xxx

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  • Memery 1

    Light brown spots on stomach

    So about a month or so ago I had these brown spots appear on my stomach. They're flat, but they feel like they ever so slightly are above the skin, if that makes sense? They're painless but have a weird rubbery texture to them, and they turn red from just a simple touch? ( if sex / gender / age and what...

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  • susan556 6

    itching skin after shower

    Not the first time ive mentioned this but got no reply last time. anyone else get a horrible itching after having a shower, ive tried having the water cooler and using nothing but water but it still happens. Im In menopause, how do you know when your post menopausal? Been in it now for 9 years, now 66....

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  • kristen01857 1

    Rahses and swelling?

    For almost 2 years now, I have had these random rashes show up all over my body. They flare up worse info get extremely stressed out. They itch like crazy, but it feels like the itching is under my skin so I can never get it to go away. Also, anytime there is any pressure out anywhere in my body, that...

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  • connor72327 2

    Growth on the back of my head

    i've had the growth since i was young. However it's grown slightly since then. What's noticable is its pertruding more. i've done some research, but trying to describe it is quite difficult. I would like to know what it is and whether it can be removed. i'm a Tree surgeon so it's becoming uncomfortable...

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  • arul61070 1

    Red dots in penis

    I noticed red dots in my penis last September, i wasn't sexually active but used to frequently masturbate. Initially it was itchy and whenever i had erection, i used to have discharge. I started consulting dermatologist since March and he is treating me for fungal infection. Red dots are less visible...

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  • jack1997 1

    Strange bruise or rash on thigh?

    Picture here: I have had this strange thing on my thigh for around 3 months now. The first time I noticed it, it was blue-ish purple, then it turned light red gradually, and has now been orange for around 3 weeks. There is...

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  • aimee1970 3
  • andreea003 1
  • ellen00619 1

    Strange itchy rash on both legs with other symptoms

    I've had a rash on both my legs, starting with little red bumps on my ankles and making it's way up my leg. It's generally skin colour/ pale rather than red, unless I've itched it. (It's very itchy) and seems to Worsen at night. Whether it's related or not I don't know, but I often get twitches in...

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  • K.A. 2
  • johnny03258 1

    Strange, small brownish-red spot on top of hand

    So I'm not sure of how long I had this on my hand, or how I got it. But I woke up this morning and I noticed that there was one single, small brownish-red spot on the top of my hand. There's some SLIGHT pain if I rub it, but not if I touch it. If I put it under light it will have a very slight red tinge...

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  • sri130 1

    recommend a clinic

    hi - anybody know of a good clinic that can remove seborrheic warts on the face, been to a nhs dermatolgist , referred to my gp, but they say  its a not dangerous condition and can be treated only privately, these started appearing a few years ago on the side of my face and gradually ive noticed they...

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  • GlasgowJay 2

    *Drs Wont Help* Long battle with extremely - sore hands

    Hi Everyone,  I've had this skin condition mainly affecting my hands for a few years. I get flare ups that last anywhere from a couple of weeks to a few months, then my hands go back to normal for a couple of weeks max before the cycle starts again. I've tried several emollient creams which were suggested...

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  • max63896 2
  • ttibsen 2

    Some Toes Turning Red

    As you can see, particularly toes 2 and 4. They are symptom free but the appearance is concerning. Any idea of what these reddened areas could be caused by?

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  • max63896 2
  • OGND 2

    Foreskin sore/painful

    Long story short; - I had jock itch - It spread to penis, had balanitis - Used betamethasone steroid cream amongst other creams - Still got skin which is a different colour than what it was, potential scarring or thinning of skin? - I am currently finding it very painful to walk Although most of my...

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  • drake66680 1
  • srinu70491 1
  • emvkay 1

    Tinea Incognito

    Has any been treated for Tinea Incognito and has cured completely? My wife has been suffering with this for more than 8 months now and doctors' treatment is working for worse. She is getting depressed and irritated day on day. Any suggestions would be highly appreciated! Can't see her cry anymore.

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  • ahmed170599 1
  • allison83180 1

    Steven-Johnson syndrome

    my best fiend lives in Navada. She is suffering form SJS and Psudemonus. We are looking for a doctor who can help. She's been sent away from hospitals and told no one can help her. Can anyone recommend a reputable doctor? ​She loosing her skin and is allergic to most medications.

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  • linda525 1

    boil or something else?

    'm just wondering if this is a small boil or something? It is the size of a pencil eraser. Should I see a doctor? It is on my thigh and had a red ring around the boil thing. It will cost me about $150 to be seen by my doctor.

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  • tml96 1

    Unidentified skin rash

    I've had the rash for a couple of months now and have gone to the doctor multiple times without any success at identifying or treating it. It is only on my right arm and sometimes it is very light where you can barely see it while other times it is extremely red looking. It's not itchy or raised above...

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  • kagome_angel 2

    Weird Rash/Bumps?

    Hello all.  Several days ago I noticed a pink, shiny, itchy bump on my left arm.  Then I noticed several of these pink and shiny (and itchy) bumps on my left thigh and around my left knee.  Initially I figured the ones on my leg were just razor burn but I have never had razor burn like this.  Anyone...

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  • Guest M

    Prurigo Nodularis

    I have suffered from this awful condition for the past 10 years, it has never cleared up and I have had treatment ranging from steriods, freezing them with liquid nitrogen, heat therapy and now steriod injections which has helped slightly. It seems quite a rare condition and no one seems to know how...

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  • john58957 2
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