We have an unknown mite infestation that we cannot get rid of, please help..

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We had a roommate move in three years ago, she had a dog who itched and flopped its ears a lot. Our dogs started itching and flopping there ears and then we started itching and getting bit and it never stopped. It comes in cycles, starting with light crawling that seems to be worse at night but happens during the day as well. It intensifies in a day or two and i can feel little pin prick stings as well as crawling and this lasts for a few days intensely with a lack of sleep and scratching all night. It seems to get better for a few days of a less intense relief and then its back and starts all over. It doesn't look like scabies bites or follow the pattern of scabies rash. I have bites focused mainly around my chest neck behind ears and on my face and upper back, they are other places as well but they are focused there and we have scars. The do seem to like areas where clothes are the tightest. Our dogs have scratch marks in ears and around the neck and on the chest and back legs as well.  I have been to the doctor and treated with permethrin and taken the dogs in and treated for mange..numerous skin scrapings have come up negative. The dogs were given a dose of ivermectin injection three different times and we have done Permethrin three times from the dr. as well as got rid of dog beds and soaked them in medicated shampoo. We bagged all our stuff and washed and dried everything before we used and vacummed like crazy and mopped with bleach mixture even the walls numerous times. We have a plastic cover on our bed and pillow cases. We have moved five times since this started and we deep clean everything and treat before we move but its still haunting us..We have tried lintox, permethrin and ivermectin (orally) on the dogs as well as sulfur dips and peppermint tea tree soaks and tried the borax and hydrogen peroxide recipe for dogs. I have made medicine for in there ears used at the same time as well. On us i bought the permethrin for horses and we made our own 5%. We have also tried neem, peppermint, tea tree oil, lavender and sulfur lotion, pastes and soaks. We have tried all these things for a month each and still no resolve. We have a Son on the way in a couple weeks and i have come to terms with the fact that we will not be rid of this mystery mite by then and it scares me to death. I have only been able to do natural oils while pregnant. I bought a microscope and have been taping itchy parts and taping around the dogs at night and our bed and looking at whatever i can try and find under the microscope and nothing... I even do skin scrapes with a razor blade and mineral oil on slides. I am at a loss and feel hopeless. as of late i have been seeing tiny little red pin point marks where the skin is white around it, they are not raised at all though and i am unsure if it is related. I have thought some sort of demodex, bird mite, rat mite or scabies and even bedbugs? I cannot find anything on the microscope. They are relentless and i am about to burn everything we own and bomb the cars and buy all new clothes and treat us all then camp out for a month!! I don't know what else to do. Any input would be helpful. I have attached pics of bites and a strange pattern of worm shaped demodex like shell or casing that might be mite related and a picture of a bite site under microscope.

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    I have a very similar problem. It started about a month ago. It seems to be everywhere. In my clothes not worn for ever. I can feel them moving. Just rubbed in a tube of Permethrin and put on a polyester sweatshirt to avoid cream from rubbing off my skin felt good and noe I feel them crawling like they were in the sweatshirt. It looks very similar under the 125 magnification microscope.
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    imagewe have this also, going to health dept to see if they can help identify species. im going crazy! when scab removed we noticed many moving worms moving. used cell phone camera. some sort of mite? parasite? nothing is killing them they look like slivers of wood.please informg

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    Hello, I would like you to share the photos of the mite with me. My wife and I have had the same problem. After 4 months we are getting it under control. Under the microscope we also find elongated and thin shapes. However, we have not been able to identify them; they do not look like mites. The symptoms are intense itching mainly at night, papules, tingling. The cause not visible to the naked eye. It gave us results to improve the immune system, bath with antiseptic solution, keratolytic shampoo, shampoo with phenothrin and thyme oil, besides the exhaustive disinfection of the clothes and environment. We plan to write an paper about our experience, and hope to share it in a couple of months.

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    It it is in the water it develops from bacteria, Drs will not recognize it because it would cure too many illnesses that make the government alot of money!!!

    I have been to 8 Drs and numerous testing they said I was crazy but yet my family dr retired all of a sudden with leaving no backup dr.

    All they have to do is put enough chemicals in the water system to kill the bacteria.

    It's getting worse by the day.

    I have attached picsimage imageimageimage these are just a few of many pics ...

    If anyone knows how to kill this s**t please help!!!

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    Hello, I've had the same issue for about a year now. I itch pretty much all over with what looks like small bite marks, with red/white puffy lines. There is also "debris" that rubs off when i scratch. Before the bite marks appear, there is a stinging, burning, then itching sensation...like any insect bite. I have never seen with the naked eye what bit me. around six months ago, I got a portable microscope. At first, I thought it was scabies because it looked very similar to me. My doctor never tested it, but went ahead and gave me permethrin cream to see if it would help, even though he didn’t think it was. it did help! However it came back in about a month. On my skin where it itched, under my microscope, I had what looked like two different kinds of black fibers, the occational red fiber, clear fibers, thicker, clear/white shapes sticking out of skin,(similar to yours), and glowing/irridescent, elongated shapes in different sizes on and under my skin. My body hairs had these as well. Occasionally the fibers would move, especially the clear ones. There are also black, round, oval, and triangular bits, as well as brownish, oval "domes" on my skin. I have many broken capillaries as well. These are all seen at 80 on up magnification.. In these areas, my skin has a rough texture. not surprising due to all the debris! my doctor referred me to a dermatologist. Of course I made the mistake of mentioning invisible bugs biting me, bringing in tape samples, and saying that I had a microscope. Between that and being on a couple of psych meds, I was immediately dismissed and was not even looked at closely. I was prescribed a pill for itching and a steroid cream. I was even told to make an appointment with my psychiatrist! Yes my skin had looked better at the visit but that was because I had already been treated with permethrin cream. I started doing some research and found some over-the-counter treatments. Teatree oil and sulfur cream work best for me. Anyways, long story short, after extensive research online, I believe I have a Demadex infestation. there is definitely a stigma about invisible biting bugs and mites. Even with my research, everything I’ve read is really brushed over and without the dirty details and pictures. last week, I went to a new dermatologist and mentioned I thought it was Demadex. I even got the same negative response from her! However, she did take a biopsy of an itchy patch. I’m hoping it will confirm whatever it is so I can take care of it.

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    Hello to everybody,

    I would like to share with you my experience with this st. So, I have it for more than 20 years but the terrible moment came 2 years ago when I had a very strong itching all over my body, everywhere! I visited doctors but they diagnosed scabies. They gave me one dose of ivermectin and they thought that everything would be ok. No, it wasn't. For 2 last years I am looking for the solution for it. Now the autum came and the problem occured again. This horrible itching and my poor skin.

    I have spent a lot of time looking what I can do to rid it away forever.

    First of all I think that it is demodex, maybe canis demodex, not human and it adopted itself to human skin, or maybe both kinds of demodex. Because if you look at your skin carefully, you can see very small black (grey with red- the blood) points, really very small but if you know what you are looking for you will seet even without a microscope. So, you can see also in your skin very thin and small lines in different colours: from black to beige. They are in different stage of growing that's why the different colours. We can have them everythere!

    The only way to rid them away is to treat them from outside and inside with the poison. Inside ivermectin or moxidectin, and outside permethrin (10%, 5% is to small dosage) and benzoat benzyl 30%.

    Also we must eat every day a garlic, some people say that it helps and rids them away. The terapy can last for months but only many methods together can give us a hope.

    The problem is that this st is really dangerous and the doctors know nothing about it. They can cause skin cancer and sure they are a cause for the angiomas. Also they cause the brown moles. And can cause the loss of sight. I have already problems with my eyes. I have read some articules in research gate about it but not many people know about it.

    So, I ordered everything for therapy and I want to start it in some days.

    Greetings from Germany where the doctors know nothing and give you only antibiotics for the acne without remove the cause: parasites!

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    Hello, I am scheduled to see an Infectious Disease Doctor on Thursday, and another one in Philadelphia on Tuesday. You described my exact situation as well as my dogs. All 3 of my dogs are suffering, and my one boy went deaf, and another half deaf. After their ivermectin shot, my deaf one starterd to hear! Now, the evil mites are at full force again and all 3 dogs are in pain. This Friday is 2 weeks for the 2nd Ivermectin shots, but I am, taking them today.

    As far as me, I am a mess! I have sores everywhere, and some are volcano looking sores, that are hard and grey (which you need to get rid of the b******s from under there). All the other sores/bites are in somewhat of a pattern. I am determined to solve this mystery because my dogs are suffering, and of course I am suffering terribly also. I have finally captured what I believe to be the culrpit on the microscope. I also took photos of what came out of the dogs ears after their ivermectin shot. I literally watched these evil things bore their way out of my dogs ears and they have holes everywhen in their inner flap. Im hoping we all can get the answers we need to get better.

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