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Hi, I've suffered with depression for at least 10 year n never had any help from medication, I've taken escitalipam before but had a reaction to it and couldn't move, very anxious. I tried fluoxetine about oone month ago and it made me feel ill, I felt sick, tingly all over and overly anxious and sweaty. I realy need to take something as I have true counciling for years which has helped with the anxiety but not the depression. I just feel realy anxious about taking medication. I started sirtraline 50 mg yesterday, it made me feel like I was on a big dipper, when u get that excised heart in your mouth feeling, which intensified when I yawned! Anyone experienced this? I feel abit on endge an nauseous, no appetite. I couldnt get to sleep last night which is no like me as I am normaly out for the count. This morning i. Feel abit rough, like a hangover. I am going to half the does today and see how I feel. I realy wantTo take something cos I can't cope with feeling so depressed. Just wonderd if anyone has felt the Same as me. I know the doctor said it would take at least a couple of weeks to work, however i. Think I might be over sensitive to medication? Anyone the same ??

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    Hi have you tried looking at lifestyle changes.Exercise is a great way to boost the bodies natural high and promote a positive sense of well being. Certain foods also make you more likely to have a low mood.We are all different and hence react differently to diffferent drugs food etc.I for example cannot have a chinese takeaway without my Blood pressure going up so with a family history of heart disease rarely have a chinese.In order to keep myself off BP tablets have taken to running which as long as i run 3 times a week keeps my BP in the normal range.Through diet and exercise have reduced my cholesterol from 8( normal is below 5) to 6 in a year.My point is, its worth trying lifestyle options.This will also mean lower doses of medication will be needed when the need arises.

    Sertraline can take 4-6 weeks to reach maximum effect you should see some improvement within thefirst 4 weeks.The effects you are feeling are quite standard for people starting on this class of drug.If possible its important to continue taking the medication as prescribed for at least 4-6 weeks if no improvement need to get review at GP.Its standard to review this class of drug at least monthly so this should give you a chance to discuss any concerns with your health-care professional.

    I hope this helps and will follow your progress.

    NB : All drugs have side effects so its about finding one that suits you.

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    Thanks for your reply and advise, I decided to reduce the dose yesterday and which was better, still noAppetite and feel sick, bit apprehensive to do anything or go anywhere .but I managed to sleep better. I am going to try your advice and start going for long walks to start with then maybe jogging. I have tried Zumba, Taichi and yoga. I did enjoy Zumba and think I will start this again afte Xmas. I have struggled for so long now so I really want this Medication to work for me. Just hope the side effects get better and not worse. I know it's early days so I will just have to wait n see.
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    Hi kerry,

    I hope the sertraline works for you. I'm am on escitalopram also which has not worked this time, as in the passed it has been a great servant. I am to start 50 mg sertraline next week once i have tapered down to 5mg escitalopram for a week. I too suffer from depression and am quite tense about taken another AD. My depression at the moment is quite deep and my psychiatrist wants me to take 50mg for the first week then up it to 100mg the next week and if that does not work then up it to 150mg OMG!! its enough to make any person weep : ( If that works for me she wants me to stay on them for five years, as a lot of peeps that it has worked for in the passed have taken it for a much shorter period but when they go back to using it again it does not work for them, i guess its to train out the depression proper long term. I have had several episodes of depression in the past but this one i have now is pretty bad though so i need to do something about it as my motivation for exercise is very limited.

    All the best and do please let us know how you get on, as will I. It may well help others : )

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    Hi, hope sirtraline helps u, I really do want to keep taking this medication as I cant stand feeling like this any more. I increased my dose from 25mg to 50mg 2 days ago as I have taken 25mg for 7 days and I felt like the side effects ie nausea, headache, dizziness and lethargy where getting better. However the second day on 50 mg was ok until about 7 hours after taking it when I felt very anxious and scared, I hardly slept a wink and now I don't know if I should take 50mg again today or go back to 25mg ???? Can anyone suggest from there experience what I would be better of doing? smile
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    Hi again, here is a link that you will have to copy and paste www.topix.com/forum/drug/zoloft/T7K3IVR7573BFIIHO/p412 it has quite a lot of interesting posts on it. it can work fast for most slow for others and not at all for some. There is plenty of interesting posts to read that will keep you occupied for some time.

    As for the side effects that you are having it is discussed on this forum and you can put your post in as it seems to be quite busy, but not so much this time of year due to the festive time and peeps getting back to reality, if you know what i mean. myself i would stick it out a bit more and see how it goes, but thats just my opinion you know better.

    All the bast, take care...

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