Effexor 150 stopped working!

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Hi everyone,

My anxiety came back on Sunday after 4 months in effexor at 150 & feeling great. This is my 3rd day at 225 and I'm wondering how it should take to work since it's already in my system. Any help is greatly appreciated!!



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    Hi Lisa. About a  couple of weeks to some improvements if it will work.


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      Thanks Purpledoberman! It just stopped out of the blue this past weekend and I don't understand it.


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      Hi Lisa

      Are you sure it was not just a blip though? Do you still feel like you felt on Sunday?

      Did anything happen to you over the last couple of weeks that may have brought on a bit of an escalation? Any illness (including cold and tummy bug), notable stress or life changes? Poor sleep in days preceding the worsening. Alcohol or recreational drug use. (Not expecting answer there - just for you to consider all possibilities biggrin A fight with someone important or illness in your circle that may have upset you?

      225 is still a valid attempt by the doctor to make sure they are clear on your optimal dose - and roughly 4 months is when this is often attempted by docs. So whether a blip or the drug indeed plateaued it is fine. Just wondering if the drug indeed simply stopped or you had a transient escalation - these are rather common in the first year.

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      Thanks Purpledoberman! I have a ton of stressful things happening at the same time-just one example is my divorce is starting to escalate. I noticed poorer sleep last week but felt fine then starting Sunday felt yucky, early waking started Monday morning. Wednesday I started the 225 & string feeling slightly better. It's weird, I slept better last night but feel awful today. Do u think I could b feeling side effects from going to 225? Since today is day3 at that dose? Thank you so much. You have a lot knowledge and it's so helpful!


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      Hi Lisa. Even if you were not suffering from clinical depression, you would certainly be feeling stressed and sleeping poorly while dealing with your divorce. It often takes a few weeks to get the full benefits of a new or increased dosage of a medication. Keep in touch and feel free to vent on this forum. You're not alone.

      Take care,


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      Yes the side-effects are usually felt starting day3-5 of new dosage and then start improving gradually. Unless the dose is not good for you in which case you will continue to feel strange and doctor will know.

      You feel worse today because a night of better sleep made your defences drop a little and all the built-up stress started seeping out. Plus the brain is readjusting to the new dosage.

      Hang in there. You have a lot on your plate now. Given the above info you shared I am confident this was a temporary situational blip and the drug did not stop working. Which i hope you will find comforting smile

      Your new dosage is still a valid attempt as explained so let's see how you fare on it. Best of luck with everything you are juggling. Keep in touch.

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      Purpledoberman ,

      Actually slept better last nigt and dont feel anxious this morning-very encouraging.

      Thanks again for all of your help!! I will stay in touch 😊

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    Most of the time any dosage increase is almost like starting over again. Body needs to adjust to the increase even though you have been on it for months. But if you are feeling worse an doesn't get better soon, Id ring the Dr. I have stopped Effexor but I was only on 37.5mg (baby dose I know). I had taken it for 5 an half wks. It was med #8. Im having aweful side effects when 5-6 wks rolls around. Like bad enough to to call the Dr. I have fibromyalgia an 3-4 wks in I started feeling worse than usual with the fibro. Hurt EVERYWHERE! I didn't even want to get out of bed in morning! Not like me. I have golfers elbow (dont play golf though!) An Tennis elbow (dont play tennis!) Or its called epicondylitis an medial epicondylitis. Had it since july 2016 fr hurting it throwing a huge log into back of truck. Anyway, hurting off an on an sometimes pretty bad. Take 3-4 ibuprofen (i know you are not to take nsaids while on antidepressants) just to numb a little. Well it REALLY started hurting 3-4 wks in on Effexor. Joint pain like a hot poker to in knees. Got to 5 wks an I couldn't take the wide spread body pain any more. Stopped. I took beads out of capsules an then just stopped. Omega 3,6,9 an Vit D 5,000units an magnesium helped with brain zaps I guess cause I really didn't have them. But dizzyness! Oh man. Yes. Crying is back again an agitation. Bad mood. I have dx GAD an depression. An rt now "Situational depression ". So now I dont know what to do after 8 meds. Zoloft, Lexapro, Zoloft again,Cymbalta twice, Wellbutrin XL, Prozac, Celexa, Effexor an Lamictal (only took it for 4 days an felt horrible. Like flu). Some helped mentally but physically torture. Some made me depersonalization an lethargic. Didnt care about anything. Obtrusive thoughts on some. Liver enzymes went up on 3 of them an had liver area pain. After stopping enzymes went down. So might get saliva test for L-methylfolate problem. Some cannot metabolise Folic Acid into L-methylfolate which helps you produce neurotransmitters. Who knows whats wrong with me! Im also in second yr of menopause. That doesn't help! On bio-identicle hormones. Im adopted to so no background med history. Im a mess! Kinda getting down again.

    But if you are feeling worse an worse call Dr.

    God bless fr USA

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      Thanks fr your response.i hope you fnd and that works soon! Have been on an antidepressant that worked for you before?

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