Embarrassing questions about the Merina coil

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Hi everyone, 

I've recently decided that I want to try having the coil as contraception, instead of my implant. I have a few embarrassing questions that I can't find the answers to anywhere else, and some more normal questions too. There's no such thing as TMI here, so if you have any experiences, go into as much detail as you want! lol

I'm still not 100% comfortable with the idea of having the coil, as it looks kinda intimidating. I've read that insertion really hurts for some people, and I have a feeling that it will for me since I haven't had any children, and when I went to the docs a few weeks ago, she checked how everything was up there with the duck-bill thingy and that was pretty painful on it's own. How can I minimise the pain of insertion? I know I can get anesthetic, but will a couple of nurofen tablets beforehand do? 

A huge worry of mine is that I do something and accidentally pull the coil out. Bit embarrassing, but when having sex, are there any postions I shouldn't do/attempt? Also, when using lube/lubricated condoms, is there any chance the threads will stick to the lube and pull the coil out? 

Also if the coil is pulled out/expelled, is there a chance that the coil might go through my uterus or cervic? The leaflets I have say that the coil might perforate my uterus or cervix while it's being put in, I don't know if that applies to when it's in / if it is pushed out too. 

Finally, what is it like to feel the threads every month? I find putting tampons in to be uncomfortable, so I'm not sure putting fingers in to check will hurt or not. 

Thank you for any answers! cheesygrin

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    Hello flower

    Right first off please be very carefull with the mierna coil if you go on to my page you will see my experience with it (it was not pleasant ) its called mierna coil warning

    But if your sure you want to have it after reading it . Here are the answer to your questions

    Ibuprofen or anything like thaat work brilliantly after insertion I wouldent realy suggest taking anything before the pain isnt pain its just slightly uncomfortable for 5 seconds

    You should not be able to accidentally pull it out if you feel the threads whilst wiping for examplee the thread is to long so go back to your doctor and say the thread is to long this will also be the case for the lube question

    If the coil is expelled there can be a risk of it doing some damage if you cant feel your threads get to a doctor as soon as possible it can be a serious problem .

    Your sex life will be fine all positions are okay .

    Feeling the threads is fine I dont use tampons for the reason you have said it doesnt hurt at all if it feels uncomfortable use a little lube to help.

    Hope this helped

    But as I say please be careful kay I had it and I ice never regretted something so much in my life .


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    I had the mirena coil fitted November 2014 I read all the horror stories but decided to go for it anyway (it was my last hope before a hysterectomy) due to a continuous period (ITS BEEN 2 years!)

    The first 6 months my problem continued and we realised that the coil clearly was not working for my problem

    Now I will get straight to the point

    In this time

    The peroids became more erratic bleeding every 2-3 days

    They became even heavier than they were before I had it in.

    They became unbelievably painfull (I have never had period pain at all and I had the period problem for a year before having the coil put in and they were still not painfull ) but now every time I bleed its like mike Tyson is playing with my womb.

    Ive also gained just under 3 stone I this time

    And I dont haave spot prone skin at all never had but I do now and its awfull


    After realising the coil has done nothing I wanted it out I had left it a year to settle and was just having way to many problems to keep it

    Firstly I have had to wait over 3-4 months to have it removed. When the coil was suggested it took a week from there to having it put in . Its a different story getting it out they take there bloody jolly time.

    Today was finally the day I could have it removed and was the most horrific experience I have had

    A routine 5-10 minute coil removal ended up

    Me with my cervix full opened in the normal coil removal position for A HOUR AND A HALF !!!!(with no children this was painful enough) As the coil string had inbeded its self in the wall of my cervix I had one doctor with a camera one doctor trying to comfort me and one doctor who had to give me a anaesthetic injection into my cervix and cut the coil string out of my cervix !!!!! And then was able to remove the coil!


    That was my experience with it


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    Hey there,

    I had it for four an a half years,

    It works, but does also cause problems.

    Once its in it shouldnt move and you wont be able to pull it out by accident (its too far up!)

    Upon reading many other peoples experiences with it and the prblems it causes.... I wouldnt reccomend it, but if you do go for it maybe stick to 3 years rather than 5.

    As most people reporting problems seem to have them in the 4-5 year mark.

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    Hi Kay,

    I find that the internet is alway full of negatives regarding medical procedures.  When I was deciding to whether to have laser eye surgery I could only find people who wanted to tell me how terrible it was and how I shouldn't get it done.  I did my homework, talked to professionals who I trusted and went ahead it with.  It was the best £2k I've ever spent.

    Regarding the Mirena, I get that it's not for everyone.  We're all different and our bodies work in different ways.  However I can only tell you my experience and I can honestly say it has given me a wonderful 15 years - yes 15 years!

    I had my 3rd child in 2002 and he was conceived when I had an old fashioned copper coil in place! Luckily it was removed without problems and once I got over the shock my pregnancy went ahead without problems.

     Afterwards I needed to have a rethink about what sort of contraception I should now have.  The pill gave me constant thrush and my husband was reticent about vascectomy (the coward) so my female gp suggested the Mirena.  She was on her second at the time and 2 other female gps in the practice also had the mirena.

    So I took her advice and had my first Mirena inserted in 2002 and then had them replaced every 5 years on my son's 5th and 10th birthday.  He is now 15 and I'm now 50 so I don't know if I'll get another.

    During this time I have been virtually period free.  Sometimes I get a little spotting but it's so irregular and so light I don't even think about it or record it.  I stopped buying sanitary products (apart from tiny pantypads) years ago.  I have NO PMS at all.  I have NO WEIGHT GAIN.  I am 5 ft 7 in tall and I am the same weight now at 50 as I was at 40 (around 10 st and size 10). 

    The cords of the coil can be felt but they soften over time.  To begin with they are a little like the ends of plastic clothing tags which can be a little sharp for the man in your life but not too bad.  I've never given them a second thought.  My coils have never fallen out (and I've had 3 children).

    Regarding the pain of insertion obviously it would have been easier for me since my cervix will be more open.  My GP is the expert within my surgery for Mirena.  Talk to your GP about who will insert it.  There are specialist family planning clinics who do this all the time and will know what they're doing.

    Good Luck and please don't be put off by all the negative comments online.


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