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Are there any exercisers which might help and slow down the progress of Emphysema , James.

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    You need to give a bit more information to go with your question, I.e. what stage are you at now? Moderate? etc., etc.,

    Also if you are a smoker, have you stopped?? Have you been prescribed any medication?

    Not surprisingly a lot of people with emphysema have never smoked...

    In my personal experience, any exercise will help. The last thing you need to do is sit down in an armchair and give up.

    Which is what many people do because they find themselves out of breath. I suggest you go and get a dog because you will have to walk it twice a day at least, the more often you walk it, the more the dog will enjoy it. And so will you...

    You can do breathing exercises which you can find on the web under the general heading of exercises for COPD, in my case I have been following these for a couple of years and discovered that for most of my life I have not actually been breathing properly in the first place so that helped me a lot.

    I am diagnosed as ''moderate'' with an FEV of 64% depending on the weather, but this does not stop me functioning in everyday life because as I live on my own I have do to all the things that you normally have to do. Other people that I know think that it is the end of the world because they have been diagnosed with ''COPD'' and their FEV is like, 90%!! Hardly a problem!

    Take as much exercise as you can, whether it be only walking or just day to day normal activities like cleaning the house and making beds, if you are married help the other half to make the bed, and put a mop around the floors, she will be delighted!

    Gardening is also good I find, and very therapeutic mentally as well, a couple of hours in my garden bending and carrying things to make the body work, is very beneficial I find, and the following day my breathing is a lot easier.

    If you are in a situation were you cannot do this sort of thing, I am lucky and I can, then get an exercise bike and use that, initially for a few minutes and then take longer spells on it, making sure that you get out of breath, but not too much. If you need to, find a local gym where the people understand what you need to do, going to the gym is not all about having a great pair of pecs and a bum like two boiled eggs in a handkerchief, and other guys at the gym will be inspired by your efforts.

    And also watch your diet, get your cholesterol and sugar checked and also make sure that they have done a CT scan as well to look for any other problems. Whatever you do, eat well and sensibly, I have problem if I eat too much because the food in the stomach takes up space, but then I have a sliding hiatus hernia to add to the mix, and this reduces my breathing capacity! Also avoid alcohol because that does not help especially if you drink large drinks like beer.

    Do not take too much notice of the pessimistic amateur people you find on web sit es like this... I joined it two years ago for the same reason as you, plus I have a lesion on one lung, which one ''expert'' on here told me without a doubt was cancer, two years on, 6 CT scans, 2 PET scans, and 4 biopsies later and I still do not have a trace of cancer.

    And finally, when I was first diagnosed with emphysema I was talking to a friend who told me that his grandfather died of emphysema.

    ''How old was he?''


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      Although your words were not meant for me, they were so inspirational that I felt it important to let you know. A real, true life Half-Full person. I almost fell for the idea of getting a dog. This comes from someone who has always avoided these animals! I do prefer cats to dogs, but you almost had me going out to get a dog. You made me feel a walk would be useful, and even with a FEV of 46 it still might be possible for very short spells. I will certainly give it a try. Just wanted to say THANK YOU. I hope you continue to live long and healthy.

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      I understand what you are saying and where you are coming from, BUT that is not a good reason to get a dog. A dog requires a lot of commitment and for a number of years. I have a dog because I love dogs and would find it hard to live without one; in my case it is the difference between living and merely existing, maybe even life and death. If you love dogs, this should be of enormous benefit to you. If you get one just for the reason of your health, I would advise against it. Could you "borrow" one from a friend and see how you go?

      Good luck with whatever you decide to do.

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      I am sorry to have mislead you into thinking I would just go and get a dog. That is something I would never, ever do without being totally convinced I could look after a dog, or indeed, any other animal. I have had pets in the past, and know how much time and effort is involved, plus taking care of their health and well-being before my own, just as I would if it were a child.

      My comments were in regard to how inspirational you were in your message, and how knowledgeable your words were which seemed so much more empathetic than any doctor or nurse could be. I was, in fact, thanking you for the light you switched-on in your message. I did not intend to offend you with regards the care of a dog, or any animal. For this, I apologise for the wording I wrongly chose to convey that message.

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    James. I'm in the same position as you. However, i wouldn't advocate getting a dog unless you really want one. Dogs, as you probably know, are demanding and if you're not up to taking on that committment then there are other ways to exercise. I'm sure you don't need to be told this. Hope your condition improves. Have you asked your doctor or nurse about pulmonary rehab. they will suggest an exercise plan

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    hi James i have joined a breath easy group part of the British lung foundation they gave me a C D and it had lots of exercisers to do and advice you can ring them on 03000 030 555 for advice find a group near you it could be helpful i have found it very good

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