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At bed time (8pm) each night I feel really yuck.  It's not 'a bit tired' or 'I ache a bit now', it really is yuck.  I couldn't possibly go downstairs, I can hardly go through to my sons bedroom next to ours to kiss him goodnight, he has to come to me.

Is this "normal"?  Do all you ME/CFS sufferers feel the same at night time or should I be striving to not reach that level of yuckiness? 

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    I get to a point in the evening, if I have not listened to my body and gone to bed early enough,  I just hit a wall of tiredness and can't do anything.  It becomes almost impossible to undress for bed.  Sometimes I can last to nearly 9pm but sometimes its as early as 6.30pm.  Mornings are erratic ranging from being able to get up and make breakfast,  to not even being able to wake up even if breakfast is brought to me.   Night times are erratic in the amount I sleep,  but that seems to hae no bearing on the mornings.   Feeling totally "Yuck" today".  I've used up too much energy too quickly and feell like I am back to square one.   there does not seem to be much sense to things at the moment.  I thought I was getting on so well. 
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      Now you sound like me!!!!  Except the getting up.  I've got no choice cos it's me to get the kids to school (ah the joy of being a nagging Mum). So I know as soon as I get back from the school run I will feel yuck, need a cuppa and the sofa!
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    There is really no "normal." Everyone has their own cycle of fatigue. I'm often feeling bad in morning and sometimes feel better in evening, sometimes, not. Also, how does one strive to not feel yucky? Striving is not a great word to use with this illness. How can you strive to rest?
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      I may be sounding like I am preaching to you here.  But I know that I need to listen to it myself.

      If we push ourselves because it "has to be done" and end up feeling so yuck that we then cannot do, even if it has to be done, we are getting the wrong balance. 

      activity must be balanced by rest,  I must try to  remember to take a leaf out of your book and remember the cuppa and the sofa that is there a bit more often.

      And if we push to the very edge, we are holding back chance of recovery because we are draining our batteries completely.   It then takes longer for them to recover.

      Before having this "whatever they want to call it"  I hardly stopped.  As I started to feel ill I still did not stop.  Then I had no choice.

      As I began to feel better I pushed the boundaries, I have been trying to heed the advice on these forums about pacing.  But in the last few weeks have found so much "had to be done" and hence the sudden downward spiral that I am experiencing.   

      I am fortunate in that I do not have to get up for kids,  I am at the stage where I just get frustrated that only having half time energy, I can't be with the Grandkids so often,   My other frustration at the moment is that I started to get back into part time work, and now realise that I have gone to fast and will have to stop some of the things I was beginning to do again. 

      I hope you will be able to find your balance.  and be able to sort out what really "has" to be done. 

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      I hang my head in shame ( partly because I am so tired today that holding my head up is a struggle - if I start typing silly words it's because my head had just hit the keyboardwink.  I over did it yesterday trying to decorate helping the hubby, today I can't go visit friends with him and the kids cos feeling too roughcry. Hubby and kids disappionted I'm not with them.  ME STINKS exclaim

      It's so hard seeing the jobs and knowing before you could wizz through them.  I came from un upbringing that you were lazy if you weren't doing at least 3 things at the same time.  I can let go of that sometimes but I would at least want to be able to do 1 energy requiring thing after another.

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      I feel for you!  It may help a little to know you are not alone.    It is the trying to help hubby that mostly trips me up.  We used to do everything together at one time, then when he got ME I had to be the strong one.  He has recovered enough over 20 years to be able to keep a balance and it is only occasionally he slips up.  Now I have it and still at the stage where it is so easy to overdo, why did I go and help him for two days of putting fence posts in?   I hate being not able to do.  I had got to a stage where I was feeling so much better and because I was able to do it at the time, I did.  forgetting about later consequences.   I too should have been doing something important to me today and had to ask someone else to do it instead.  

      Don't beat yourself up!  it really is so hard to change from being able to do anything, to pacing and reminding yourself and others that times, you can't do.

      Hope it helps that others understand.  We have all done it. 

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      Thank you for your great kind words.  Me and my husband basically built our massive house extension (including 2 flights of stairs - which I struggle with now).  We've built 4 kitchens together, I've done a property development by myself with some trade in.  Now I can't even do some stupid little decorating frown.  What's so annoying is that I had ME and Fibro when I did all that. I've had it since I was 14.  So why after all these years has it developed to such a bad level?frown

      Hubby and kids came back from visiting our friends today which I should of been at.  They were gone 5.5hrs on our only family day.  I cried when they got back, I had been so lonely. If I was going they should of been coming back after 2.5hrs as that would of been the most I could handle on a very good day.  They apolgised loads, the kids cried cos I was so upset and my hubby asked me to forgive him.  I know they didn't mean it but it's just so lonely!! Then they came back and my kids wore me out within an hour. Can't winfrown on bad ME days. 

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    Hi Julie

    I'm sorry to hear of you situation. You're not alone. 

    My CFS has been really bad. Unable to do most things for myself on most days and constantly feeling yuck and real sick. I've spent the last couple of months resting and understanding my body and learning to listen to it and give it what it needs. I finally am getting much stronger. 

    That yuck feeling is usually called malaise.I usually feel like my blood is volatile and feel sick from within, like my cells are shaking and I feel horrible and simply toxic and yuck.

    Please try not to over do it. It's the worst thing you can do for yourself. I know it's really tough but when we over do it, which could simply be showering that day, we get something called post exertional malaise. Not cool.  

    Good luck with your healing journey. 

    Be gentle with yourself

    Purple love

    Thembelihle - Beautiful Hope

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      Thank you. I guess when I've done a whole day of possibly over doing it and I pay for it 24/48hs later I link it back to when I did it.  However, I guess I didn't really link the little things all day of overdoing it are causing the yuck by the end of the day.

      Maybe (well yes I do) try to push myself on and off all day long but it's in doing those things that I feel alive and useful.  I feel good for trying to hold onto something that I want to do and enjoy (mainly my work).  I'm not naturally someone who enjoys not doing things (I know all of us are like this).  Therefore an odd day of resting is ok for me emotionally.  If I was do it more often I feel emotionally depressed because I am denying myself of what I want to do. Can't winsad

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