Endo on Tuesday. Worried.

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Hi everyone! Just wanted to make it short and sweet and ask about your Endo experience. I have been dreading it for 2 months and it's almost finally here. Reason for it is I have had ulcer like symptoms for about 8 months. Finally started Carafate to see if it helps and it certainly has! On week 5 and noticed a huge difference in pain. Pain started as stabbing pain under right Rib. Now is a random dull ache or burn that's usually less frequent. I have debated cancelling a million times due to A. Being scared. And B. I definitely have noticed improvement on medication. Not really afraid of the actual procedure anymore as I'm sure I'll be sedated enough to be asleep. Doc says they'll be using Propofol. Any one else had that drug during theirs? I'm nervous about a bad reaction or breathing. I'm not asthmatic per say but I've always had trouble catching my breath and also get random heart palpitations which scares me about anesthesics. I'm 27 year old female and 110lbs. Also did you have any side effects that day or day after? Any advice or stories is appreciated! - Shannon

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    Good Morning Shannon,

    I had my gastroscopt test yday and I want to let you know that it's such an easy procedure!

    Once you go in a nurse will ask about your medical history and will check a blood pressure. A needle is then inserted in your arm (where the sedation will be inserted). Next thing you are asked to remove your clothes and wear a gown. A few minutes after I was walked into another room with around 4 people (nurses, specialists and anastestists). They will spray in your throat in order to numb it. ( for me this was the worst part - it smells like bananas but I felt like I was being chocked and was coughing a lot). Sedation was then inserted and I was asked to lie down on my left and red thing was put in my mouth. The nurse told me I will be falling asleep shortly and I swear I did a second after. I woke up 40mins after feeling rather drowsy obviously but with no pain or discomfort (it's like they never inserted any camera down my throat!) An hour after I was good to leave the hospital. I didnt drive because I didnt want to risk it but I think I could have too if I wanted too.

    If I would have to do it again I totally would because it's really nothing big.

    Good luck with your procedure! smile

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    Hi Shannon,

    I understand your worries if it's your first time and have been gathering patients' experiences for a booklet to be gven out by our local clinics to first timers. Everyone says the same thing - that the procedure is a lot less traumatic than the thought of it.

    Over the last 22 years, I have had numerus scopes (without sedation which doesn't work for me) and I've ony had one that was "uncomfortable" (where a locum was clearing a backload on a Saturday and rushed things) .

    Sedation is not anaesthetc so you are not completely out of it (but many do go to sleep) but yu don't know about it.

    Unsedated, I just have the throat spray which numbs the throat. I am taken into the room, asked to lie on the bed on my left and bite a mouthpiece. With a nurse gently hlding my head, the doctor feeds the end of the probe through the hole in the mouthpiece. Slight gag reflex as it reaches the back of the throat when I swallow. I lie there calmly concentrating on my breathing and thinking of nice places I've been. It may seem like ages but is usually all over in 10 minutes. Another gag as the probe comes out fllowed by an enormous belch (getting rid of the air they pump into the stomach) and it's all over.

    You wil need someone with you if you have sedation and are not allowed to drive or operate machinery for 24 hours.

    I am used to it by now and without sedation cycle to the hospital by myself and hop on my bike to come home afterwards.

    Most people have no side effects but you may have a sore throat whch may last for a day.

    All the best for Tuesday. You'll be fine.


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    My experience was exactlly the same as Barrett's. It was the thought of not knowing what was going on that would have bothered me so no sedation and would do the same again.

    Went to the hospital alone ( with back-up arranged just in case ) and drove myself home.

    Have repeated this many times on here but the sqallowing of the " camera" ( it's tiny, tiny so don't go imagining a Kodak! ) is just like swalllowing a piece of rather dry bread. 

    Good luck.

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    OK. If you are being sedated with propofol, you will have NO trouble at all. This is a very strong sedative. In fact, it is used as an induction agent before a general anaesthetic. If you have ever had surgery, the anaesthetist asks you to count down from 10. Most people get to about 5. Then you will have no memory of the procedure. Many, endoscopists in the UK, still use Midazolam & an opiate for sedation. This combination is still very effective, but not as strong as propofol.

    You do not need to worry at all. The procedure will be a breeze. And plus, propofol wears off very quickly, so you won't be sleepy for the rest of the day.

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    Today, I had a gastroscopy under sedation. In the UK, we don't get propofol. So, I was given 50mg Pethedine [opiate] & 5mg Midazolam. The sedative was given to me after the mouthpiece was inserted. Within about 20 seconds, I had NO knowledge of the rest of the procedure. The next thing I knew, I woke up in my 'day case' room. I then turned on the TV, but fell asleep again and had a wonderful, relaxing rest for another 30 minutes, before returning home. I felt very calm & chilled out for the rest of the day.

    In my humble opinion, have sedation, if it is offered to you. Don't try & be a hero!

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    I agree. I couldn't have done it without sedation at all. They gave me Propofol and it was about 5 seconds for me. Felt really heavy and bam. woke up in recovery. Was tired for a few hours but fine except a sore throat. Still have the sore throat 2 days later. But I'm sure it'll pass. Thanks everyone for your replies! My biopsies were normal and I have mild gastritis and a small hiatal hernia.

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