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Upper Gastrointestinal Endoscopy

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  • TaraC 2

    Unbearable throat and ear pain after endoscopy

    I had an endoscopy procedure done 4 days ago and was told that I would experience mild throat pain for up to 24 hours. However it had now been 4 days and I cannot eat/drink hot or cold foods/drinks without crying in pain. My uvular has expanded to nearly double its size and half if it has turned white....

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  • jackiecook 1

    Lower pain on my left side

    i am a 64 year old female that has lower pain under my ribs on the left side.I just had a colonoscopy and endoscopy. Everything came back normal. For several days the pain is gone but now it's back. I also have had some right-sided chest pain when I breathe deep. That does seem to be getting some better....

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  • silv3785 1

    Gastroscopy and Colonoscopy Same Day | My experience

    I have just had both today and after spending so much time researching forums beforehand I told my consultant I was a nervous wreck. He told me I would be absolutely fine and to make sure I post back to say so and reassure others. With a suspected hiatal hernia and family history of polyps in the colon...

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  • remygirl 3

    Endoscopy no sedation 20 yr old

    I have really bad anxiety and didnt know what to expect. I hate not being in control or feeling safe so i decided no sedation. I was shaking until they rolled me on the side. I swallowed the tube and gagged so hard. I gagged the entire time it was down there and kept burping really intensely. It didnt...

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  • esic 4

    How safe is taking a biopsy from the esophagus?

    Does anyone know how much (in length) tissue is being taken (biopsy) from the esophagus? What are the chances of bleeding and rupturing the esophagus? Is this possible rupture/bleeding something that happens during an endoscopy or after the endoscopy. The reason why I'm asking that is because I have...

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  • littlestpanda 2

    Upper endoscopy NO sedation: good experience! Some tips

    I just thought I'd post my experience with my upper endoscopy/gastroscopy today, as I'd been putting it off for ages due to the awful stories I read online. I think people are more inclined to post their experience if it's an unsually traumatic one, so I'd like to add another good story to balance it...

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    3rd Endoscopy

    This time I had the TV screen right up to me and was interested watching what went on. Little bit worrying was the sight of blood in the stomach. Could this have been caused by one of the biopsy tests and is it ususal? Thx Tony

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  • chris80016 1
  • Waffalobill 6
  • penny44470 2

    Pain after endoscopy? Chest pain, discomfort swallowing

    I had EGD yesterday with sedation. Felt pretty much fine yesterday, minus a little chest discomfort when breathing in deep. Today I've had no appetite and have discomfort swallowing, and a persistent discomfort in my chest. Waiting for call back from doctor. In meantime, reading about perforation and...

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  • alid31847 2

    New symptoms after doing endoscopy

    Hello guys I had an endoscopy done 2 days ago and right after i sedation effect went off i started feeling pain in my upper part of my stomach right behind my chest With shortness in breathing. I never had these symptoms before. The only thing i was suffering from is digesting probs which happen once...

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  • ShanR33 2
  • jerjer85273 2

    Sore throat after Endoscopy

    Hi! I had my endoscopy last thursday and right after the procedure I experienced a severe sore throat on the right side to the point my right ear and neck hurt. It doesn't hurt much when I'm not swallowing but when I am it hurts badly and feels like there's something stuck in my throat. Has anyone experienced...

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  • simss 2

    Upper endoscopy (EGD) Has anyone else had this back pain?

    Hi, I've been suffering from sudden heart burn, intense globus sensation and havn't been able to eat well without the feeling of food being stuck since early May. I was finally refered to have an Upper GI. Yesterday I had the upper EGD. Was brought into the preproom, had to put on a gown and nurse placed...

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  • Zach 1

    My unsedated upper endoscopy - you can do it

    I had an unsedated upper endoscopy today in the US (where people are almost always sedated). Beforehand I was so scared that I cancelled four times, and was terribly preoccupied. But when I finally did it I wanted to kick myself for putting it off. It's very manageable. You can avoid gagging if you don't...

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  • ryan31599 2

    Upper Endoscopy Without Sedation

    Hi all, Just wanted to share my experience of having an endoscopy without sedation yesterday (I'm from the US where sedation is highly pushed on you).  Hopefully, this will allow others to not be afraid! I am a 26 year old male who lives in California.  Relatively healthy, though I'm a bit overweight...

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  • muss79 2


    I'm having an endoscopy tomorrow and I'm so worried! Should i go for sedation? I really don't know what to do! Please help and tell me it will be ok 😪

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  • brit01 2

    Endoscope/Bone Spur

    i had a barium swallow done which showed bone spurs causing narrowing of the esophagus a year ago, I assume the narrowing has got worse and I'm due for surgery soon for spinal stenosis in the c5/c6 area. But I have an upper GI scheduled for my stomach issues, is it safe to have the scope going through...

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  • shad1987 1

    Parasites, and Bloating stomach

    Good Day, For the longest time i have had alot of bowel movemenr problems, and blood mixed in my stool. I went to my family doctor many many times to get it checked. First I was told it was IBS (irretable Bowel Syndrome), and the bleeding was caused by a hemroid. Again going in, he sent me to a specialist...

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  • keeley16516 2

    Endoscopy results

    I had a scope done a few months back. The results showed a hiatus hernia. They also say that a have a slightly distorted stomach?? What does that mean?

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  • rabiya27671 3

    is it stomach cancer??

    so this has been.going with me since years..nausea and vomiting..this time it became worse..too worse that i could not eat anything and i was throwing up 20 times a day..had all my bloodwork done everything came back fine and now i am on rebeprazole since a vomitings have stopped..nausea is...

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  • louisa28113 2

    Worried about endoscopy biopsy results!!

    I am a 37 year old female. At the beginning of November 2015 I started with nausea and occasional vomitting. I was eventually referred to a Gastroenterologist. About 2 weeks ago I underwent an endoscopy. Immediately following the procedure I was informed I had a hiatus hernia and was given management...

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  • shak2340 2

    gastroscopy done no big deal!!!

    Today I had my gastroscopy...i will start from the beginning, my appointment was 13:20pm but I called up around 10:30am to see if ther was any chance of them seeing me earlier..the receptionist told me to come in around 11:15am and they will squeeze me in.I ended up getting seen at 12:15,anyway whilst...

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  • brit01 2


    Is it safe to have an Upper GI done if you have bone spurs pushing onto your esophagus resulting in narrowing? Barium swallow found 20% narrowing with bone spurs, so I am due for a spinal surgery soon. Wanted to have an Upper GI prior though and was wondering if it was safe with this.

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  • grapes1800 3


    Has anyone had a colonoscopy and endoscopy done at the same time? I've never had a endoscopy done in my life and I am 59, am getting yearly colonscopies done due to reoccuring polyps. I know if I were to ask my gasternologist he would probably say to have them done seperately since having them done on...

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  • branden12 2

    Upper GI

    I've never had an endoscope done although I am in my late 50s. I have a case of conspitation and bloating after I eat but I just figure that's from acid reflux so I never bothered to get one done. I also have a history of colon polyps but that's about it. Is an Upper GI something that should be done?...

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  • amber62467 1
  • popple71042 2

    Endoscopy tomorrow, possible LPR with ulcer

    Hi everyone, So I've been lurking here for a while reading things and I figured I'd get my story here and see if anyone can help me or benefit from it. I'm currently 28. It all started about 2 years ago. I was very stressed and one day I felt a huge egg like shape in the center of my chest (not something...

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  • SJK16 2

    Endoscopy without sedation!!

    Hello everyone So today I had my upper endoscopy to have a look at my stomach. I chose to go without sedation as I wanted to leave straight after! I have to say, it was the worse thing ever! I'm not trying to put anyone off but I didn't take it well, the tube went past my gag reflex but I still continued...

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  • tony97593 2

    Upper Gi - not sure what to believe

    I had the upper Gi last Week, Prior to that, I was convinced I had cancer of the gullett-- food getting stuck, low iron levels, etc. The report given to me states Site A Grade A Oesophagitis with mucosal breaks - 5mm Hiatus hernia – sliding. Site B Gastritis – mild erythematous / exudative – no...

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  • lindsay36347 2

    Upper endoscopy show inflammation

    My husband had been I'll some time! Blood work Done (slight jaundice) stool urine samples clear! He had upper endoscopy done yesterday which showed inflammation Of stomach! The consultants are now going to check for gall stones, Crohn's disease and celiac! His symptoms are constant I mean everyday nausea...

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  • elliejaneb01 2

    Advice on endoscopy procedure ?

    I'm 15 years old and I'm having an endoscopy in 19 days to check for abnormalities. I have recently been diagnosed with coeliac disease and am having the endoscopy to ensue that it's just coeliac disease. I have a few small questions about the endoscopy, they might sound a bit weird, How long does it...

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  • Marie6789 2

    Pain week after upper endoscopy..

    I had a upper endoscopy 1 week ago today.  Dr said I definetly have reflux but that everything else looked fine and that he took some tissue samples, which is normal procedure.  Anyway I felt fine that day and the next day. On Wednesday  I had a cup of coffee and the pain in between my breastbone was...

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  • Pumpkin1510 2

    Repeat endoscopy 6-8 weeks for oesophageal ulcer.

    Hi everyone So finally got my endoscopy and it turned out to be uncomfortable . I didn't think I would have such a gag response which didn't stop when the tube went past the vocal chords etc however I thinking the breathing advice given by the nurse was good if you can control it. Anyway I made it through...

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