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Upper endoscopy (EGD) Has anyone else had this back pain?

Hi, I've been suffering from sudden heart burn, intense globus sensation and havn't been able to eat well without the feeling of food being stuck since early May. I was finally refered to have an Upper GI. Yesterday I had the upper EGD. Was brought into the preproom, had to put on a gown and nurse placed my IV. Then was moved to the room which looked almost like an OR room (without the big OR lights (Ive had C-sections). I had a mouth piece placed in my mouth so my tounge is tucked and allow for the scope entry.  The Doc read outloud my name, medical vitals, time whereafter the sedatives were given via IV.  (I was given percocet and versed and benadryl - this info was in my aftervisit). I started to feel the sedatives take affect where i was dosing in/out of it - I could still hear the music, I dont remember the insertion, but can hear faint noises in the background. I then remember gagging /dry-heaving and burping throughout the procedure where my eyes would open and see the screen - but was so out of it, it was almost like i was having an out of body expenrience.. It was so awful. I think since they didnt sedate me that much and was in a twilight that i remember this... Was given the images of my endoscopy. The report showed no a normal EGD, so no biopsy was taken from the esophagus, however I was told that biopsies were taken from my stomach to rule out Hpiloi?? ( I find it so wierd that i already had this blood test and came out negative ) When i was experiencing that intense gagging during the procedure and while opening my eyes here and there while doing so, i do also remember seeing a dark cluster of something - which i cant say what that was but left me wondering... and the GI doc didnt mention anything (again, so wierd). Anyhow, was told the procedure went well which i find bothersome, since they did not mention anything about me gagging. The rest of the day, I was really out of it - groggy, mild amnesia (on the ride home, i was dosing in/out and woud have vivid dreams with each dose). When i got home (45 min drive), my back (3" below my shoulder blades) was hurting so bad as if i strained my back really bad. It hurts so bad that would actually feel like it knocks the breath out of me - and when combined with some abdomial pain, it buckles me over. Today I feel the same, horible sore back (same spot) and it comes in intense waves of pain.. I called and was able to speak to the GI doc and all he said was that my procedure went well, look out for crackly sensation to the touch near chest/neck area, high fever or swelling.  I havnt any of these thank GOD, but this back ache is really scaring me .. He also suggested i have a CT scan if it doesnt go away by Monday (which is scary and i dont want any unnecessary radiation) Lastly, he mentioned it may be skeletal/ muscular when they turned me to my side - but that doesnt make sense since I was placed on my side before the procedure and before i was even sedated. I had also asked him how i did during the procedure and told him that i remember some gaging and he was vauge in his reply and said its commom that gagging occurs during EGD's which again is bothersome to me- since i remember this so clearly.  If anyone out there has had this before or have felt muscular soreness please share your story - i need some reassurance this is simply related to fighting this procedure. So sorry for the long message. Thank you!

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  • simss

    I'm going to answer this by private message. PMs via this site don't carry viruses or expose the ID of either party. The message will come in just like any other notification from the Patient site - either into your inbox or your junk mail, depending on your set-up.

  • Just an update on my last post where I had horrible back pain after my endoscopy... Thankfully my back pain is almost all back to normal -  This confims that it was all skeletal/muscular that was caused from the gagging during the procedure. Also, I heard back from my GI that I have mild inflamation of my stomach liner and still waiting for the rest of the biopsy results. Note: I reserched this back pain and found little info out there and even consulted with some GI's on this where all said it was "uncommon" and brushed it off .. i was in terrible pain and very worried about this, so just wanted to let ya'll know what I had experienced.  Also, just a side note... in addition to my back pain, I started to feel a gnawing pain in my right side where I'm assuming my biopsy/s may have been taked from(?) where it kept me up throughout the night and lasted a few days (I had never had this feeling before)... this also has gone away and hope it doesnt come back...  


  • simss

    I'm sorry to hear about your pain. I am experiencing back pain right now. I had an EGD done on Monday and hand lower abdominal cramping a pain on the left side. The next day I started with the back pain and it was so bad I could hardly walk and still are having difficulty moving, lifting my left leg , laying down or sitting without pain. It is not as bad as it was the first day but still very painful. I am not finding much information on the web aboult it.

  • simss

    I had mine yesterday morning and I'm having back pain atm myself. I just assumed it was from all the air they pumped into me that I haven't gotten rid of because of sleeping most of the day afterwards. I'm hoping mine goes away as well. Feels very uncomfortable. sad

  • simss

    Hello. I just had an upper endoscopy with biopsy yesterday morning. I came home and for about the first few hours I was fine (probably from anesthesia and Valium given to me) but after that "boom" pain in my back about 3 inches from my shoulders down as well, right in the middle of my spine, the worst of it is when I swallow, I swallow and I literally can count to 5 and pian shoots thru that spot on my back, also when I take a deep breath and lift my left arm mostly but my right as well, , the go doc says everything went fine. This lets me know that's not true. I'm so scared. My husband and kids are as well. I haven't had food in my body for 23 days. Only ensure and boost is keeping me going but ever since yesterday's scope and biopsy I haven't been able to even take a sip of water without that pain wrenching me over in pain and screaming for whoever is around to take the pain. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    • jamie29269

      Hi Jamie,

      Try to stay calm. These are typical symptoms of residual air in your stomach. They pump in a lot of air during the procedure to distend your stomach so they can see where to take biopsies. Since you had sedation (it wouldn't have been anaesthesia) it's also possible that you struggled and had to be restrained, which could have caused minor muscular problems, but no serious damage. As a former nur se (and someone who's had a gastroscopy under sedation) I know that this sadly happens. But there's absolutely no point in asking your doctor about it as they'll deny everything.

      The only signs that your stomach has been seriously damaged would be vomiting black fluid that looks like coffee grounds, or passing copious, sticky, foul-smelling stools that look like tar. Both these are manifestations of bleeding from the stomach. In this event, you should go to the ER/A&E immediately. However, it's almost unheard of for endoscopy to cause serious damage of this kind.

      You'll almost certainly make a complete recovery over the next few days. Anxiety and stress result in unconscious tightening of the muscles of your abdominal wall, which in turn increases the pressure on your stomach, causing even more pain. As long as you don't have the symptoms described in the previous paragraph, just try to relax and wait it out. I promise you'll soon be feeling better.

  • simss

    Hi.  I just had an endoscopy last wednesday the 10th due to having GERD and reflux symptoms for the last couple years, getting worse and more frequent.  (Probably due to weight gain in the last couple years).  I have also been diagnosed with sleep apnea and panic attacks.  (heart attack symptoms that turn out to be nothing once they give you stress tests, xrays, numerous ekg's, troponin tests.  They ruled out gallbladder with a sonogram, and wanted to rule out esoph. cancer or ulcers, etc.  The whole thing lasted two hours....but when I woke up, they said I did not have GERD, did not have reflux, didn't have anything and my stomach and esophagus did not have ANY signs of having any of the above.  BUT...

    while in there, when they went to turn the tube around to look at the top of the stomach, they said my heart went into six seconds of ventricular tachycardia, and that ...and I quote...."next time you get this type of procedure or a colonoscopy, you need to have an anethesiologist present".  The doctor wrote that in her letter to me.  She said NOTHING about 'you better see a cardiologist"........

    After the lidocaine and sedation wore off, I started experiencing dull aches or cramping in my stomach and sore throat, but a lot of burping and light nausea.  It is now four days later and I'm still having those symptoms.  The burping has gotten more frequent, Im really tired...and now Im starting to cough up phlegm.  It hurts to breathe a little.  Tums, dgl, and/or ibuprofen don't relieve it.  I've called the doctor twice and she is not returning my calls!  

    I called my PCP and she said I should see an electrocardio doctor, so I asked for a referral?  Their soonest appointment was A MONTH AND A HALF I'm assuming Im not in any immediate danger of dying.  

    Im not vomiting and I dont have the stool you are describing.  Could she have poked the side of my stomach and scared the heck out of my heart?  I've read that stress can cause a heart to do that if you don't have heart disease....I'm under a heck of a lot of stress.  A husband who had two heart attacks this year and he's only 60...and a 93 year old father with dementia who just moved in with us.  I had a torn ACL in January, and am still using a cane for a stressed achilles tendon on the other well as having to find a house for all three of us to live in after selling ours in Dec.  There's more but you get the idea.  

    Could I be imagining all this?  I did see the EKG and yes, it looked like a VT episode.  Very short though if they are telling the truth.  

  • simss

    I just had a EGD yesterday my back is hurting so bad. It’s a different kind of pain I have ever experienced. I don’t know what to do. It still hurts to eat food. What can I do about this back pain it’s awful. I tried TENS unit, massager nothing is working I can barely walk. 


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