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i'm having laproscopic on the 31st of this month for possible endo. I'm really nervous bc I have read good thing and some not so good about lap. 

my fear is that instead of the lap doing good it will do more harm. I know some have had a good experience with it but I'm just very nervous it will do the opposit for me. 

my doctor is an Obstetricians & Gynecologists. he said hes done laporoscopic for endo. I'm reading the we need to go to an Endo specialist but arent Obstetricisans also specialist for endo?

any suggestions? 

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    Martha, your fears are definitely real.  It's good to get all the information you can about the surgery so you know exactly what is going to happen.  Personally I am really grateful for my Laparoscopy because it truly gave me the information I needed about my issues.  There's nothing worse than "not knowing" what's going on in your own body.  I was so grateful to know my situation after I had my Laparoscopy.  The OB was also able to laser off some of the endo that allowed me to get pregnant.  And this surgery was performed by my Obstetrician.  Sixteen years later, he is going to do my required Hysterectomy, since I have been found to have Endometriosis on my lung.  That's the thing about Endo.  If you don't find out about it, if you have it or not, then it can actually do more and more damage on your body.  So, find out all you can about it so going in to the laparoscopy you feel more comfortable about it!
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      thnk you for your response...

      I know the only way to know if I have Endo is through the lap. I think I've had it for quite some time now but no other OBGYN mentioned Endo to me until my current OBGYN who is performing the surgery. 

      It sounds like you had Endo and then it came back again. Are you taking any hormones. I've decied not to. I'm thinking of trying a more hollistic way. 

      I'm going to tomorrow to have a pint of blood for my surgery. I have my pre-op on the 21st.

      any advice before and after surgery?

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    From what I've been told, Endo never really goes away as long as you have your ovaries producing hormones that keep producing it.  Endo does, however, stop growing during pregnancy, so that's good, but once you aren't pregnant anymore, it starts growing again.  So, I knew 16 years ago that I might have to have a Hysterectomy and here I am going to have that as soon as I heal from my surgeries from a collapsed lung due to the Endo growing there.  I'm kind of a strange case where I've never experienced monthly pain from the Endo, so mine grew without my knowledge of where it was affecting until my lung finally collapsed, revealing the Endo all over it.

    I would suggest you find some techniques to help you relax before the surgery.  I know that some good breathing techniques helped me during my recent hospitalization.  Hang in there, and good luck!

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      yes I've read that there is no cure for Endo. but also have read that it can be controlled by changing your diet, excersie and trying to eliminate stress (good luck with that one). 

      I'm sorry to hear about your situation.  what were your symptoms? 

      I'm by nature a very anxious, nervouse person. I'm trying not freak out as the time gets closer. sad

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    I'm in the same position as you, I don't have a surgery date but my pre op is the 22nd April so it'll be some time shortly after then. I don't have any advice but just wanted to say I've got the same fears and questions (I'm sure it's pretty normal). I haven't had any surgey before so that in itself is daunting but like you, I'm also concerned about the surgery possibly making things worse.

    Initially I thought I wouldn't go ahead with it but the more I looked into it, the more I've been thinking it would be a good idea and I've now decided I will do it. I though it worthwhile to go through it for the chance of having a definite reason for my symptoms. I think that alone would help me as I often get the feeling the doctors think I'm overreacting or making things up. There's also the chance that it could lead towards some treatment that could help. I know there are risks involved but, for me anyway, I think the potential positives outweigh them. 

    It's still scary though! 

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      I'm still questioning if I should do it....but at the end I know I'm going to go through with it. I know thats the only way to know for sure. I know if not taken card of and can only create more damage. 

      any surgery can have it's complications and I'm very fearful of that. trying to stay and think possitive. 

      I hope your surgery goes well. 

      are you going to take hormes if you do infact have endo?

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      I've not really thought that far ahead. Like you, I'd be keen to find a more natural strategy but more than anything, I just want to have my life back. I'm also hoping for a family but right now I'm stuck in a situation where I'm too unwell to contemplate that but I'm 37 so I really can't sit about for too long...I think that's another reason the lap seems like the best option for me. There's no 'right' answer though, it's just doing what seems best for you. 

       I am also quite an anxious/stressy person and have been researching the impact of stress on our hormones. It's all really interesting and has led me to think this is at least part of what's been at the root of my issues. It seems that prolonged periods of stress can cause irregularities in our hormones, which can lead to issues such as fibroids (which I also have) and I endo. This has led me to try make some lifestyle changes such as daily mindfullness and yoga as a way to manage the stress that my life brings but I'm also going to therapy to try and resolve some of the deeper causes of stress for me. I'm not saying this will be a cure or anything but I've thought there's no harm in trying it and if I still need more help, then I likely would take hormones. I'm also wanting to try acupuncture as I'm reading good things about that for stress and hormone problems but I've yet to find someone near me. 

      Good luck with deciding what you want to do! 

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      I'm 40 and dont want any children. I know many who have Endo want to get preganant so It's tuffer for them to make certain decisions. As for me, I'm just trying to get through the lap and and then figure out how to go about it in a more holistic way. 

      I too am thinking of acupuncture. there are many places here. it's just finding the right one. 

      I wish you luck too smile

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