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Endometrial cancer - what were your symptoms?

Women with endometrial cancer have a variety of symptoms that differ between individual women, and, after diagnosis, many women wish they had acted earlier on something they thought was irrelevant.

If you have been diagnosed with endometrial cancer, please feel free to contribute your symptoms to this discussion, so that others reading this might get an earlier diagnosis.

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  • Informed Informed

    First symptoms I noticed were a pale salmon pink mucus, which sometimes had tiny specks of blood in it. This came and went, and would disappear for a few weeks then return again.

    Small specks of blood or pinkish mucus would happen when passing a stool, but at no other time.

    Experienced no pain at all, and felt perfectly well and healthy.

    Occasionally, 1 or 2 drops of runny blood now and then.

    A small amount of watery discharge, which, gave a burning sensation and soreness.

    A sudden unexpected flood of blood occured once, and resulted in the initial GP visit.

    A sticking out tummy, as though pregnant, which got in the way of bending over, putting on shoes, and still stuck up, even when lying flat in bed.

    Post-menopausal, diagnosed aged 52, with endometrial cancer at stage 1B.

    • phoebewhite phoebewhite Informed

      I was diagnosed with Uterine polyps at age 47, I had had very heavy periods, no other treatment  given at that time, I went through the menopause about 18 months later without any further problems, then about a year ago (I am now just shy of 62) I started 'spotting' nothing much so didn't worry too much about it (Foolish in retrospect) and it wasn't all of the time, then one day in September this year I began bleeding with a vengeance, I bled heavily for about 2 weeks and possibly a bit longer than that, alternating between losing large clots of blood to flooding, I was getting through 5 pads at a time and they at times would only last 1 hour! I became dangerously anaemic, I also had the swollen tummy, I was diagnosed with Endometrial cancer stage 1.

    • phoebewhite phoebewhite

      I would like to add to what I have already said. Any ladies out there who  read this and have any of the symptoms we are listing here Please, Please go to the doctors and get checked up and if he/she won't listen to you or try to fob you off, MAKE THEM LISTEN make a fuss, even if you go on and all is OK at least you won't go the length of time that I foolishly did, I know I should have done something sooner but I was working full, sometimes up to 60 hours a week and was always 'too busy' to go to the doctors, I wish I had made time.

    • lauren10607 lauren10607 phoebewhite

      Ummm it sure if any of you are still looking at this forum. I am 27 no for the last few months I've had dark brown discharge. I thought that it was a yeast infection but my test for that came back with nothing. The discharge is a new thing though for the last year and a half I've had random nausea and leakage. My obgyn said she couldn't do an ultrasound unless she had a reason to. Does that sound bad? Or is it all in my head?

    • angelg09 angelg09 lauren10607

      Get a second opinion. I am 31 and I just switched my ob/gyn. I had long cycles and a lot of brownish towards the end. (Days 12-16). My first gyno said it was normal.... for five years. My new gyno sent me for a sonohysterogram which is essentially filling the uterus with water and found a polyp the size of my pinky. I just had it removed two days ago so we are still waiting for test results and to see if my period lightens.

  • Kath T Kath T Informed

    Hi informed.  The only symptom I had was a wind-type gripy pain, low in my stomach.  I thought it was my IBS.  Oh, and I also found it difficult to get comfortable in bed when lying on my side, but this turned out to be a cyst.

  • Kath T Kath T Informed

    PS  I am 60 and diagnosed with ovarian/endometrial stage 1C.  Awaiting operation for radical hysterectomy on 9 January.

  • pauline93653 pauline93653 Informed

    I had slight pink discharge twice My Gyneocologist had told me ANY bleeding post menapause treat very seriousley and with urgency I am 57 2 years post menopause

    After Hysteroscopy November last year I was diagnosed stage 1 a endrometrial cancer I had total abdominal Hysterectomy 22nd december Here i am 5 weeks on recovering fairley well feeling very relieved it was caught so early Even then it was spreding down toward my cervix

    Please please if any of you get similar symptoms get it checked out I am so glad i did xxxx

    • phoebewhite phoebewhite pauline93653

      Well said Pauline, I was also 1A endometrial cancer, I had left mine a very long time and consider myself very fortunate that it hadn't spread any further, but my consultant wants to see me every 6 months for the next 3 years to be safe,  I am 7 weeks post LAVH (vaginal hysterectomy) healing well and no pain. biggrin

      Phoebe x

    • Informed Informed pauline93653

      Thank you for your contribution, Pauline. Just two occurences of pink discharge was very quick off the marks. I had this and tiny specks of blood for several months. Because I didn't consider this to be post-menopausal "bleeding". It was only when I had a gush of blood, (only the once), that I went to my GP. After leaving it for about 10 months before getting a diagnosis, I was finally staged at 1b.

      I'm hoping that this discussion will show the variety of ways this disease presents itself, and help other women get an earlier diagnosis.

    • natallia04776 natallia04776 Informed

      Ladies I would like to ask you about blood test? I have had blood test done at Guy's Hospital in December.

      I've been having little pink slimy spots, almost every month starting Apr. Can not say that anything else. Just come back from my GP he gave me blood test. I want to know if I'm safe. He was concerned about NHS! !!


  • sue55788 sue55788 Informed

    Last January I had an odd almost black discharge, there was no pain or anything, I honestly thought it was a one off, but 2 months later I had a bright red bleed and got a biopsy done. I am 59 and 10 years past menopause. The diagnoses is FIGO Stage 1 cancer, I am having surgery on Thursday. In retrospect I have had  odd cramping over the last few years, usually in the middle of the night, and some vague soreness on my right side, I now think that this is related, but it was so occasional that I didn't pay much attention.

    • phoebewhite phoebewhite sue55788

      Welcome to this forum Sue, sorry to hear about your diagnosis, I was almost 14 years post menopause when I was diagnosed, symptoms a bit further up the page, mine was stage 1A.

      Good luck on Thursday.


  • hillary58 hillary58 Informed

    Hello. My sister was diagnosed with endometrial cancer stage 1a last week. She is undergoing hysterectomy/cervix/ovaries on Saturday. So please keep her in your thoughts. 

    I am now worried for myself. I had an endometrial hydro-ablation about 6 years ago due to v v heavy bleeding (I am 57) - this stopped the bleeding,which is great. However around a year later I had 'period' taupe pains which were really bad - locus GP visited and said it was probably constipation. I told him it felt womb related but he said not!  Later that day I had a massive bleed of black and bright red blood. Rushed in to hospital - all was well, they said a 'pocket' had formed and it was old blood. Everything fine since then until....... Have recently noticed a green/yellow discharge - no smell. I have also got a slight pink/bloody mucus which is not appearing on knickers and I only noticed after using an estradiol pessary  - for is prescribed for vaginal dryness etc - but blood is there if I place a finger in vagina. I will make an appointment to see GP. 

    I am glad to have found this group ! 

    • donna7777 donna7777 hillary58

      Hi Hilary, Did you ever find out what was causing the green discharge without smell? I have just had a Pap smear, STI & HPV testing (common in US gym care). Everything came back negative. I have had a lime-green discharge for 4 months & can't figure out what it could be, nor can my gynecologist. Please let me know if you still have that or whether it has been diagnosed. I wish you (and all women) well & hope your health challenges have been resolved. Thank you!

    • jeepers509 jeepers509 donna7777

      Donna, Any new info on that green discharge? I have the same - about once every 2 weeks to a month. Also no odor and all STD tests negative. I'm 56 and postmenopausal 1 year. Not finding any answers for this.

    • michele67 michele67 hillary58

      Were your tubes tied before your ablation by any chance?? I suffer intense pain for 3-6 days at a time, mass mucus 'drops' mixed with mild and pain in my spinal cord that will keep me immobil for a day or two as well (I already have severe spinal issues so I assume the pressure and/ or swelling may aggrivate the spine). After years of this going from mild to debilitaing I found that it may be:

      Post-ablation-tubal sterilization syndrome.

      Townsend DE1, McCausland V, McCausland A, Fields G, Kauffman K.

      Author information



      To determine the cause of unilateral or bilateral pelvic pain associated with vaginal spotting in women who had previously undergone tubal ligation followed by roller-ball endometrial ablation.


      Women who had undergone previous tubal sterilization followed by rollerball endometrial ablation were evaluated laparoscopically and hysteroscopically when they presented with a symptom complex of intermittent vaginal bleeding associated with severe cramping pain in the lower abdomen.


      During a 1.5-year observation period, six women with the symptom complex had laparoscopy and hysteroscopy. In all cases, marked endometrial scarring was noted. In every case, the proximal portions of either one or both fallopian tubes were swollen, and two cases had the appearance of an early ectopic pregnancy. In the remaining cases, the fallopian tubes were rubbery and swollen to as much as twice normal size. Symptoms in five of six patients subsided after laparoscopic removal of the oviduct.


      It appears that women who have had a tubal sterilization followed by endometrial ablation are at risk of developing an ectopic-like symptom complex. Salpingectomy appears to be effective in relieving symptoms. Whether this represents a new syndrome or just an unusual association between tubal sterilization and endometrial ablation remains to be seen.

      Due to healthcare coverage issues and transportation issues I have yet to see a Gyno on the topic but as I sit here on day 4 of this agony and I type this I ponder whether this is something more or just this syndrome... I just wanted t give you the info in case you spend a lot of time pondering as well... 

    • Lea1788 Lea1788 jeepers509

      Me too I have green discharge a week before my period and sometimes two weeks. I have been going through this for four years. I had all the discharge tested and all came back negative. After doing my own research it's bacteria that forms from eating to much sugar, like candida but in the vagina. Only it's not a yeast infection and your body can fight it off but usually returns if your not in good health.

  • cassie1719 cassie1719 Informed

    I just got told two weeks ago that I have malignant polyps in my uterus. I had irregular bleeding for about three weeks while being on the depo shot for almost 9 years. The Dr had me take a pregnancy test just to make sure I wasn't. I then went for an internal sono then was called the next morning to come in for a biopsy. The Dr also hasn't told me exact stage or anything yet. I'm also only 27 years old. If anyone has any advice I'd greatly appreciate it. I meet with my ob/gyn tomorrow afternoon definitely hoping for some good news.

    • sue08648 sue08648 cassie1719

      Hi cassy, staging of cancer can only be confirmed after hysterectomy. I am waiting for mine now. I had total abdominal hysterectomy last week and preserved my ovaries. At your young age, do check with Doctor whether preserving ovaries is possible rather than having you going though menopause. Take care and be strong

    • MandaJane MandaJane sue08648

      Hi Sue

      I was diagnosed with Endometriosis 3 years ago and had the laparoscopy ablation done.

      This past year has been horrendous, more pain, bleeding and now my bladder seems to be involved as I have the sensation of needing to urinate all the time! I went in for biopsy in June, benign polyps found. Surgery scheduled again for laparoscopy and D&C. I'm terrified that some of the polyps could be cancerous. My mom died of Uterine cancer mid 40s. I'm 34.

  • leanne68843 leanne68843 Informed

    Hello I'm a 22 years old and have irregular periods, I have a polyp on my womb lining and was sent to a specialist, she said because of my age she wouldn't need to do a biopsy but now I'm worried , I had a cbc and everything was within normal, I have a lot of watery discharge and fatigue, feeling sick

    Pregnancy test was negative, what do I do now? What could it be?

    • sue08648 sue08648 leanne68843

      Hi Leanne,

      You could request for a D&C to be done. During this procedure, doctor will clear your uterus lining (if it's thick) and possibly removed ployps as well.

      Are you bleeding heavily as well and spotting? Chances of ployps as maglinant is slighty low but best to get it checked. Mine is cancerous.


    • leanne68843 leanne68843 sue08648

      I have finally received a biopsy, polypectomy and hysteroscopy and they found other abnormal areas in uterus waiting by for results today or tomorrow,

      Since the procedure I have bled heavy for a 22 days, and have since been very bloated looks like I'm pregnant but obviously not,

      Before the procedure I had heavy bleeds and spotting by in between. Seems to be getting worse, I just want to be normal and at least no if I'm OK rolleyes x

    • TinkaAmmerlan TinkaAmmerlan leanne68843

      Hey Leanne, 

      I'm 28 and have been diagnosed with a polyp on my endometrial lining. I've had heavy bleeding since October of last year with only two or three days of no bleeding throughout. I never knew when my period even was, and there were so many clots. 

      I've been scheduled for a polypectomy, hysteroscory, and D&C of the polyp in the next month or so, whenever they ring me. I feel you when you say you just want to be normal... have you made an appointment to see the doctor again?

      My bleeding stopped two weeks ago and since then i've had a sharp pinching pain low in my abdomen, on either side, so hope everything is ok and they know what to do when they do the procedure. Goodluck! Bleeding so much is so expensive on sanitary products and the disruption to the hormones, and I didn't realise that I probably should be taking iron supplements because I've been so tired. I hope everything works out for you smile

    • leanne68843 leanne68843 TinkaAmmerlan

      Nice to talk to someone of similar age I haven't got an appointment to see anyone, but the biopsy results are due within a day or two so should be another appointment on there hopefully, it just dawned on me how long I've been suffering for when. I think back I've never been normal and it's annoying for 7 years at least but things are getting worse.

      I agree on the expense of sanitary products it's mounting up haha, the pinching sound like it could be your ovaries do you have any other medical conditions?

      I just feel like I have cancer I know it's stupid but it would explain things xx

    • TinkaAmmerlan TinkaAmmerlan leanne68843

      It is nice to talk to someone who is of similar age and also experiencing similar issues. Did you get the results back from the biopsy? Yes, when i read the cancer symptoms and saw I had two of the four and then saw I had four risk factors, i was like 'well that explains it all' and I got so nervous and tense I had to put it out of my mind. My friends all thought I was exaggerating and I could be, but as you say, it does explain it.

      A lady at work said the pinching could be 'poo pain' and so I was too embarrassed to go to the doctor for that. It's still there but not terrible. I now have my period and it's heavy as all hell, so I guesst hat could be it

    • leanne68843 leanne68843 TinkaAmmerlan

      Hey I got my results and it said there essentially normal, what does the essentially mean?,

      I hope your OK I know how youfeel If u need to talk private message me, I no its hardtop think the worst but it only makes good news if everythings is OK and you won't be surprised if it's bad news xx

  • zann722 zann722 Informed

    I am 34 this year. I had just been diagnosed with Stage 1A based on my biopsy and results from my imaging. I have not undergone hysterectomy yet as I am still hoping to be able to have kids. I am currently under hormones therapy and hope it will work for the time being.

    I had been having prolonged and very heavy menstruation for years. Initially my gynae was able to help in the prolonged menstruation problem through the use of hormones pills. My endometrial lining was also deemed to be thicker than normal which could be the reason why I had such heavy menstruation. But it was not of any concern then. I had PCOS too.

    My problem with my heavy menstruation was really terrible. There were days when I had to change my pads within an hour. I felt very insecure to even step out of my house on days when I am having my menstruation.

    I started having spotting that would not stop for months. Doc did an ultrasound and saw abnormal thickening of my lining and recommended me to undergo D&C and thereafter, MRI and CT Scan. That was when I was diagnosed with Stage 1. sad

    • sue08648 sue08648 zann722

      Hi Zann,

      Heard and felt your pain. I had the same problem as yours and was admitted to hospital before for anemia. I am on my 5th months post op due to endometrial cancer stage 1A. Like you, I am also in my mid 30.

      Are you Asian? If yes, I suggest you try Chinese traditional medicine. Body heartiness, stress are part of parcel that causes hormone imbalances ( and I get to know it too late). Try to go those recognized ones like hospital.

      Sorry to say that, but at the end, you would also need to undergo hysterectomy as mentioned by my onco gynae.

      Take care and do post message if you need more information. People at this site are very helpful and their words of comforts gave me lots of strength before and after hysterectomy.


  • sue08648 sue08648 Informed

    Hi members,

    I am 4th month post op hysterectomy due to endomentrial cancer stage 1A. I will be going back to hospital for my first 3-months review next month and am worry now. I normally will be very tensed up the moment I see the speculum. Could some members share experience on what Doctor will perform during review? Many thanks

  • cindy60904 cindy60904 Informed

    I have been post menopause for 2yrs and in March started spotting and developed sores in vagina. They tested sores and they were negative for whatever they were thinking-some sexual transmitted disease I guess, even though I knew that was impossible. I thought it was reaction to using cottonale wipes. I felt like I had a smell and the wipes kept me feeling cleaner. still not sure if the sores were from reaction to wipes or something else, but they went away.  The spotting stopped after I was given some antibacterial cream to heal sores. Occassionally I would feel dry and would have occassional bleeding. My gyne. gave me estrogen cream saying I was "thinning" because of not producing estrogen. It burned when I used so I stopped only using it twice. Still occassional spotting. Last week it was more blood, so I called and got in to see dr. She took a biopsy and it came back as endometrial cancer.  I have an Ultrasound on Friday and see an Oncology gynecologist on Tuesday.  I am scared, but my dr. feels it was discovered early on.  She said only cure is hysterectomy.  I am 54 yrs old.  Since the biopsy I have had cramping on and off and not sure if that is just nerves or from biopsy.  I just hope this was caught early.  Tuesday I will know more, but it helps reading others stories.  Praying for strength. 

  • Planetfluff Planetfluff Informed

    Firstly I'd like to thank Informed for starting this discussion. Whatever month/year you've found your way to this thread I'm sure you'll find it helpful. I think most of us ladies in our late 40's onwards probably assumed most our symptoms were down to peri menopause? I know any of the gp's here in the UK did!

    I'm now 50 and found out through blood tests for slightly irregular periods + hot flushes from about 45 I was peri menopausal. So both my gp surgery and I thought 'ok, Yeh that makes sense'. They saw no complications.

    However soon after that my periods started to be more spaced out and heavier. By now I'm 47 more blood tests revealed I was definitely fast approaching the menopause. I opted for No hormone replacement btw. 2013 I had my first transvaginal ultrasound revealing 8mm endometrium thickness plus 2 fibroids. No other significant findings. Again my surgery explained heavy bleeding is totally normal with fibroids. Yet again I thought, ho hum they seemed to explain the cramps/heavy bleeding and small black clots. (Until now I'd always worn tampons so never really noticed clots as such). As the months went on and my periods became more spasmodic/heavy/larger clots/flooding I had my 2nd ultrasound. Transvaginal again revealing 16mm endometrial thickness (it's now 2015). Oddly only 1 fibroid could be seen but I understand 'gas/wind' can obscure the sonographers view.

    Yet again my surgery order blood tests revealing I was indeed in the menopause. No further action/intervention was offered othe than a hor mine pI'll to take to stop the bleering with in a coutlet of days. They explained it was not HRT and is used by brides who want period free honeymoon sex!! Again I felt that made sense after all they had scanned the uterus and took bloods they seemed happy.

    I think I went for approx 8 months with no period? Sorry to be vague but up until this point I was constantly told this is all normal for a woman of my age and fibroids! Christmas eve brought the gift of a monster bleed. I thought...ok it's the stress of Christmas and I've got fibroids. My gp's weren't concerned they even told me ovaries can actually wake up and cause bleeding again for some unfortunate women. I thought it was just unlucky. Through out 2016 my periods were heavy, painful and spasmodic. Back again to gp. I was prescribed tranxemic acid this time if I wanted the bleeding to stop. I never took this. By now I'm getting fed up with all the bleeding. A 3rd ultrasound (external only) revealed a thickness of 17mm and a bulky uterus.....still no action from my surgery was taken. A few months go by and I'm back again at my surgery still bleeding. It's now August 2016 and this time I see a young male gp who I had not seen before. He looks over my previous scan results and he's immediately printing out my urgent 2 week gynecologist referal while explaining he feels I have uterine cancer symptoms???? Seriously. My first appointment with them produced a failed pap smear + biopsy due to cervical stenosis - ouch. 2nd appointment was with an oncology surgeon who explained ANY thickness over 5mm is highly suspicious at my age/months of non bleeding to any bleeding.

    4th TV ultrasound plus GA hysteroscopy with biopsy and a lump removed from vaginal wall 10 days ago.

    So to sum up - you're only reading this because you're A. Worried about your symptoms or B. Looking for reassurance what you're going through can't be cancer?

    As you can see from my experience you simply can't afford to brush aside your gut feelings like I allowed myself too. Please be the brave person you can be and go armed to your gp armed with knowledge of uterine cancer and ask questions and don't get fobbed off with 'this is normal' because misdiagnosed cancer benefits no one least of all you of course x

    • edith66984 edith66984 Planetfluff

      Hi planetfluff, thankyou so much for your story, it gives me the determination to keep nagging for answers.

      I have had extreme periods for the last 6 years after having my last child (I have 7 in all). I had my usual period 4 months ago and it just hasn't stopped! I was hospitalized with extreme anaemia and had an internal ultrasound which picked up 2 ovarian cysts but nothing else to worry about. I've just turned 50 and I'm guessing they think it's peri/menopausal symptoms.

      They have given me tranxemic acid and primulat which slows the bleeding but doesn't stop it. I have intermittent night sweats, gas that would peel paint off the wall lol, bloating, just started having bad lower back pain and nausea. They have booked me for a hysteroscopy in the next few weeks.

      I'm scared they'll find nothing, like you, & send me away. The surgeon said he wants me to have a mirena put in but I want the whole thing out. Surely my symptoms can't be normal for my age really??? I feel there's something not right. Edith

  • LizzieS LizzieS Informed

    Thanks to all for sharing symptoms etc. I am going to need a full hysterectomy but have 7 dogs and live alone in the middle of nowhere so am worried about recovery time. I would like to come home the next day after the op -- is this possible?

    Could anyone tell me how much pain you were in straight after the surgery, and what could you do the next day (e.g, walk, bend down, dress yourself etc), and how long until were you able to cook a simple meal, look after yourself in general.

    Will I need help?

    • sue08648 sue08648 LizzieS

      Hi Liz,

      I had the abdominal cut hysterectomy. Warded for 3 days. You need someone to help you especially during the 1st week after operation. You can't carry heavy things for the next 7 weeks (or 5 weeks if you have the robotic surgery). You should check with the hospital as they usually give checklist or booklet on what to expect after operation.

      I start driving car 2nd week post op but only to nearby store as body still weak and fatigue. Need someone to push your shopping trolley and carry sundries.

      I also have 3 dogs as pet. I start taking them out for walk 3 months post op as any pull on the leash will cause a tremendous pull on your abdominal muscle.

      My pre op checklist include - buying 3 months supplies of dog food, buying few pieces of loose cloths and 1 size larger panties as stomach will swell after op, arranging family members to send me for hosp check up, cleaning after me (dirty laundry, bed linens, mess created by my 3 dogs) and cook simple meal, running all errands in advance, withdrawing some cash for emergency expenses, stock up food items, fill up detergent, shampoo and etc in smaller bottles so it not heavy for me to carry and etc....

      Do get well soon after your op.

    • LizzieS LizzieS sue08648

      Hi Sue

      I cannot thank you enough for taking the time to tell me this. So very kind of you. It is exactly what I need to know. 

      I know everyone's pain is different, but how bad was the post op pain? And would I be able to climb a flight of 13 stairs a day after op do you think?

      Your checklist is wonderfully helpful.

      So glad you also have dogs so you understand. Luckily here there's plenty of land so at least they can run free.

      I am scared as I've only recently moved here so no friends yet and have no family. I'll have to see if I can hire someone to help me.

      I hope they get it all out in the surgery as I don't think I could bear chemo.

      How long ago was your op and how are you now?

      Warm wishes


    • sue08648 sue08648 LizzieS

      Hi Liz,

      Sorry to hear that you too suffer from endometrial cancer. I had hysterectomy due to this as well. Mine is stage 1a, low grade and no chemo or radiation after surgery. You could check with your doctor if you have a biopsy done from d&c or hysteroscopy procedure (my hysteroscopy biopsy reveal low grade cancer early and early stage but final cancer staging could only be done from hysterectomy).

      How bad was post op recovery? Well it depends on what type of hysterectomy. The abdominal ones usually takes longer to recover and more complications. I still suffer lower back pain, sore muscle surrounding pelvic area, bladder problem on and off, mood swings. I am 7 months post op now but everyone has different symptoms. I opted for abdominal hysterectomy as Doctor wanted to have clearer view as whether I could preserved my ovaries ( if it is healthy and no sign cancer spread + negative pelvic wash).

      Stairs climbing? Well, should be okay but do it very slowly on 1st few weeks as you don't want to go back to emergency ward. I think I overworked myself during 2nd week post op and need to be rush to ER due to varginal bleeding .

      Think positively and don't worry too much. Get some support maybe from local church members or contact cancer support groups. Get help instead of worry or suffer in fear alone.

      Oh by the way, I use abdominal binder to support my weak abdominal muscle and back pain. I find it good on me but as said everyone is different.

      When is your surgery date? Keep all of us posted.

  • soul53699 soul53699 Informed

    Hi guys...

    Don't know if anyone can help here but iv had no period now for over 90 days.

    Recently had dark brown tringy mucous discharge followed by red tinged stringy discharge 24 hrs later on wiping tho....

    Have had back pain on and off.... Bloating.... Pelvic pressure.... Kind of like a dull ache in my pelvic area.

    Also have more hair.... Feel drained.

    Was tested for pcos... Neg... Not preg...i know i have a cyst which has been under investigation and came up as complex on mri....

    Should i be worried or shall i just wait till my routine app...

    Sorry for my tmi....

    • donna7777 donna7777 soul53699

      Hi Soul,

      I am not a doctor, but can address a couple things you've mentioned. Some cysts are mucous, some are fluid & the other kinds I can't remember but you can search "types of ovarian cysts" on this site (I searched the professional option) as that is where my info is from.

      The brown stringy stuff you mention sounds like your body cleansing itself after not having a period for 3 months. My periods would only take place every 3 months and after I was in my 40's brown always followed. The backache maybe related to this unusual period for you if your periods usually gave you back pain on menstruating. Bloating & pelvic pressure (with my 90 day between period cycles) always accompanied in my case. Ask yourself if when menstruating, you usually had these same symptoms. I always did. If this was a ruptured cyst, you would be bent over in pain.

      The fatigue and the additional hair point to your adrenal glands which sit on top of the kidneys. Have you had a great deal of stress lately? A more difficult time managing stress? This could indicate exhausted adrenal glands. To calm your fears, you shouldn't take my word for it, or anyone else's, you should see your doctor & google natural ways to restore adrenal glands to optimal function.

      Take courage & try to not allow fear to cause undue stress or anxiety. It's not easy, but it can be done. You'll feel a lot better after seeing your doctor. God bless!

    • soul53699 soul53699 donna7777

      Thanks Donna.

      Iv not actually bled though at 3 months just a couple of smears that were tinged in blood and some pink drips this morning. Nothing really on liners.

      Not really worried or stressed about anything....take most things in my stride. GP checked bp etc last time....due to have a d+c type procedure end of the month to see why im not bleeding. May just wait till then as seems to have settled.

      Iv had the growth for a while so i doubt its that. And i dont feel pain to be sharp unless lying on left....which i avoid.

      Oooh breast pain was the other thing....and i dont usually get any pain anywhere on periods....having not had one a while iv had more.

    • donna7777 donna7777 soul53699

      Hi Soul,

      I'm so sorry you're in pain especially as this is not "the norm" for you. May I ask some questions? Just in case you don't mind (if you do, I won't be offended if you don't respond):

      1. What is your age?

      2. How long have you had that complex cyst and how large is it?

      3. Was it discovered by tranvaginal ultrasound or CT scan?

      4. Has you doctor tested your blood for CA-125?

      5. Is a d&c standard procedure for complex cysts?

      6. Have you heard about/read about/been warned about the danger signs of torsion?

      7. What about adhesions?

      I was reading some posts in the "ovarian cyst blog" on this site & went to the one with the most responses (40, I think), where I read of women with cyst related challenges. Adhesions are mentioned and I think it may be wise to check through the posts and see if any symptoms described relate to your situation. If not, great! I learned quite a bit myself.

      I'm glad you're the kind of woman that is able to take things in stride. I have to work really hard telling myself constantly "until the evidence is in, I have nothing to fear." Glad you're not like me in that respect! Hope the pain lets up soon & yes, I would stay off my left side too!

    • soul53699 soul53699 donna7777

      1. What is your age?

      mid/late thirties

      2. How long have you had that complex cyst and how large is it?

      its 6cm, its been a few years

      3. Was it discovered by tranvaginal ultrasound or CT scan?

      not had either, only MRI, that showed complex

      4. Has you doctor tested your blood for CA-125?

      yes, awaiting results (assuming they ok, or they'd have rung).

      5. Is a d&c standard procedure for complex cysts?

      No, was told if a period doesn't start then they would do D&C to analyse tissue and check for abnormalities.

      6. Have you heard about/read about/been warned about the danger signs of torsion?

      Yes, however my pain threshold is quite high, rarely take any pain relief no matter what.

      7. What about adhesions?

      No idea about these.

      getting pink tinged mucous at the moment - still awaiting call back from the consultant....

      may chase this tomorrow....not sure.

    • donna7777 donna7777 soul53699

      Hello Soul!

      I'm rather surprised you haven't had responses from other women. There is valuable life experience in the collective wisdom of women.

      Thanks for answering my questions. I'm not a doctor, just a medical researcher & postmenopausal woman with a growing cyst 7x7x6 cm. As you are still in childbearing years, your risk for ovarian cancer is thankfully much lower than mine.

      I have done extensive research and nowhere in the entire world do I find a d&c listed as a diagnostic tool nor treatment modality for any type of cyst. I myself would not go that route. It may fix other issues (and you may need or want that), however it cannot address ovarian anything.

      "Watchful waiting" seems to be what is prescribed for women in our position, and if the cyst does not resolve, laparotomy & laparoscopic surgery may be in our future, but not necessarily. If it does come to surgery, you want a GYNECOLOGIC ONCOLOGIST doing the work. It is best performed at a high volume hospital that routinely performs successful laparoscopic surgery on ovarian cysts. Pathology is performed while the patient sleeps & organs are taken or not based on pathology. Don't sign your organs away - discuss risk factors with the GYN/ONC and only do what suits you best.

      Wishing you the best!


    • soul53699 soul53699 donna7777

      Tbh i think many of my signs are pointing to early menopause which is common in my family. Having had no interupption in my periods till now im sure its not ovary have had a change in 6+ years no?

      All my bloods are back as norm u have bloating where you look preg?

    • donna7777 donna7777 soul53699

      For me, menopause took about 10 yrs & was preceded by progressively longer pms/pmdd symptoms: moodiness, sometimes anger, emotional rollercoaster thinking & behavior, water retention, bloating & looking pregnant at times. My symptoms would last from 2-3 days before my period (early in the 10 year perimenopausal stage) to a solid 2-3 weeks prior to having my period during the last several years of perimenopause.

      As bloating (& looking pregnant) can precede a period, yet also be a marker for ovarian cancer, & you have a complex cyst, you'd do best to err on the side of caution by continuing with your doctor and having periodic transvaginal ultrasounds or CT scans to monitor cyst status. Those tests have a higher rate of accuracy, but MRI is at about 82% accuracy as well. You always want to insist on expert medical professionals with the most experience in any medical care you receive. You're paying anyway, right? You might as well have the very best. Glad your blood work turned out normal!

    • donna7777 donna7777

      And yes, I do have intermittent bloating, but just before the discovery of the cyst the pregnant look extended to my "flanks" (expanding the size of my already disproportionately large waist circumference - another risk factor). As this fluctuates, I've been unsure whether it's diet related, medication related, or cyst related, but it comes and goes.

    • sharon10049 sharon10049 donna7777


      I have been reading tonnes of material on Cat125 etc. I am worried. I will give brief history and if anyone can assist I would be so grateful.

      I am almost 50. Always had irregular periods something as long as 8 months. Super super heavy. Leg cramps sore back sides around ovaries. When younger told you are just one of unlucky ones. Had trouble conceiving. Unsuccessful fertility treatment. At 38 had a baby patio syndrom lost her. Now have a healthy 7 yr old boy.

      A yr and half ago. I had scans etc. Told I had a bunch of grapes on ovaries. And a thing not a polyp the other thing in wolm. Told not to worry as almost through menapause. Almost 3 weeks ago I took a bad bleed. Went to go. Got internal and Cat125. Blood abnormal. Hormones way high and way low Cat125 at 74. Referred to hospital urgently.

      I still and always get pain in lower back and my sides. Past yr legs feel sore. Cramping aching too. Now I need to pee asap. I put everything down to being abnormal and then the changeneral of life. Now I am not so sure.

      Any advice would be great


  • tren tren Informed

    i haven't been diagnosed...yet. i am 36 years old and have experienced many of the symtoms spoke of i am guessing for a number of years. the irregular bleeding, pelvic pain, discharge, and lately the frequent urination and bm. at 19 i bled heavily for a few weeks passing 6-8 cm clots and very few times since. i went to the emergency room with extreme lower adominal pain in 2010. pelvic exam and ultrasound was done. at the time was informed of a small pocket of infection and a cyst. given perscription and sent on my way. on 9-19-2016 i bled again as worse as when 19. went to hospital 9-27 and another ultrasound in addition to biopsy done. informed during ultrasound lining was thick and images hazy and that uterus was size of 3 month pregnancy ~15 cm. biospy-abnormal precancerous cells present but not enough of a sample to gleen anything more. will have 2nd biospy hysteroscopy d&c? on 11-8. i love such positivity here and sad to mar it. i am such a low point. for the kids i never had and at this point with possible treatment options never will. and feel as if i have no outlet even though i've told my immediate family and love of my life tentatively what is happening. i hate to disturb them more with this anguished anticipation of worst case scenario i am gravitating toward from all the time that passed for lack of courage and heavy on denial not to mention history of various cancers in my family. please please please don't wait or brush it off. be diligent as i have not been. best wishes to everyone!

    • latoya58498 latoya58498 tren

      Hello Tren!

      I'm 34 years old I also been having issues. I have 3 kids all by c-section. In august I noticed I got two periods. The first one was the "normal" except it felt like I was having a baby. 2 weeks laters I got another one and it lasted about another 2 weeks! September my period came in the middle of the month which is odd cause I only get it at the beginning. I just thought my cycle changed, but It also lasted about another 2weeks! That's what made me schedule an appointment. I had a pap done which came back normal. My ob sent me to have a ultrasound done and it came back saying I fibrosis, a cyst and a small mass in the Endormetrisis. So now they want to do a biopsy that I'm scheduled to do in December. But the doctor want to talk to me on the 21st of November. Just the wait have me nervous! Was your process this long? I'm wondering what does he want to talk about...

    • tren tren latoya58498

      from September when I first went to a general doctor to November (11-8) was my hysteroscopy. it seemed like forever. I was in a total panic. there was a twist in my case though. I started off at one facility where they did an ultrasound and biopsy (10-17) nerve racking because it was more resident students in the room than doctors (I was like is this normal for such a biopsy?) and the one working on me count find an ovary and called in another after that experience I was already nervous. so doctor called me 10-21 saying the results were normal then called me back that next day saying they weren't normal. I went in for a face to face and from jump he asked me how I felt about a hysterectomy and wanted to schedule right away. wanted to run more tests to make sure I didn't have cancer already? (I don't know what those would entail) ugh I'm like wait a minute did he even have the right chart. it was a different answer 24 hours ago. He was very matter of fact very clinical. I get it he sees it every day but this was a shock to my system. i don't even recall what else he said after that. After I left, from the parking lot I called the other hospital which had a brand new women's health wing that just opened up and had wait list for appointments but the person I spoke to got me in on day 1 opening. records transferred and spoke with people who calmed me down a great deal and really explained what they saw and confirmed (complex hyperplasia with atypia) and was scheduled for the hysteroscopy just weeks later. The size mass was about 5 cm. I was told the rest of the lining looked good and told me to make an appointment in a year but I still don't feel right about. an infection persists and I am still not bleeding normally. not too much since the surgery. so I made another appointment...another waiting game.

  • Elizabeth6060 Elizabeth6060 Informed

    Hi everyone, I just did a big post & lost it 🙄

    Apologies if it turns up and I'm duplicating. This is a great thread and I've learned a lot but could really do with some advice.

    I am nearly 58 & 18 months ago I had a post menopausal bleed. After being under the hospital for ten months. I had vaginal ultrasound, hysteroscopy under GA as they couldn't get even the teeniest scope into my womb as the walls had Collapsed and fused together. I was finally discharged earlier this year with a diagnosis of atrophy.

    I've recently had quite a gush of bright red blood with a bit of cramps pain. Is this really atrophy? Would you go back if you were me?

    • Elizabeth6060 Elizabeth6060

      Ps ... I'm also suffering from pretty bad bloating, it comes and goes but when it's bad I can't wear my jeans & have to wear stretchy pants or leggings . Thanks in advance for any advice xxx

  • linda01220 linda01220 Informed

    I have just had sex after 16 years and have just started to bleed with dark brown blood and clots.I did notice that sex was quite painful also.I am entering menopause and only had a period a week ago.should i be concerned.

  • madeline01900 madeline01900 Informed

    Can someone please give me some advice! I'm sitting here sobbing in pain and I don't know what else to do. I'm 21 and I have a 15 month old disabled daughter. At 29W2D into my pregnancy I lost my mucus plug, began bleeding, and started leaking amiotic fluid. I have since had a miscarriage 6 weeks ago. I have PCOS but am otherwise healthy. I have been bleeding since I lost my mucus plug with my daughter and she is now 15 months old! I have been having extremely painful bleeding for 16 months straight. I have only stopped a few times for no more than 3 days. I have been in extreme pain. I have been extremely fatigued, dizzy, nauseous, had pelvic pain, watery discharge..ect. any time I have stopped bleeding for a couple days and have had sex with my husband during that time it is extremely painful and I begin to bleed immediately. I also have cervix pain so bad that it makes me just scream and I feel pressure. I have been to the OB and hospital repeatedly and they have done a vag exam and tested for stds (which I knew I didn't have anyway bc I have only been with my husband for 6 years) and they came back normal. But 3.5 weeks ago they did a transvaginal ultrasound that showed my endometrial lining was 18.5mm thick. I asked if I could have endometriosis too and he said no I do not but that the lining should not be so thick so he put me on the pill and said he wants me back in 8 weeks for another ultrasound to see if it has decreased any. Well everything that I have read has pointed to endometrial cancer and I still am bleeding terribly and am in do much pain that I don't know what to do. NO one will help me and I'm just getting worse. The doc said I'm too young for that type of cancer that it doesn't happen until 40+ and that it's just my PCOS probably acting up but he said my cysts are fine and I actually have less and they are smaller so this doesn't make any since. And he said there is nothing he can do to stop the bleeding if the pill doesn't help. Shouldn't he do a biopsy of something regardless of my age because of all of these symptoms and pain I'm going through and that my lining is really thick??? Any advice please

    • hollie25141 hollie25141 madeline01900

      I am 23 and youhim description describes what I am going through to a T. I am in extreme pain all of the time I have been bleeding almost 60 day, one super plus tampon an hour, I also have pcos but I feel this is something more. I have been to hospitals drs and no one will listen to me, only do a pelvic exam and one pelvic ultrasound and they say im gine.. when I know im not, did you get any help?

    • sue08648 sue08648 madeline01900


      Sorry to hear what you been through. Could I suggest you get a second opinion from another hospital gynae? Normally if there is abnormal bleeding especially with uterus wall thickening, Doctor should do d&c and would send tissue for biopsy. Request for hysteroscopy and d&c.

      Hope you get well soon

    • carole63507 carole63507 madeline01900

      Hello I've just read your post I know it was along time ago .I hope you don't mind me asking what your outcome was as I have been going through the same problem .I'm in pain everyday for the last 3 months .heavy bleeding and thickened lining of endometrium .many thanks

  • jessicadower jessicadower Informed

    Hi ladies. I am a 36 year old woman that has been having ongoing issues. I have spent more than 2 years arguing with gynos that something is not right. I bleed very heavily (3-4 pacKS of 48 count super ultra overnight pads) in a 14 day stretch. Then I stop bleeding for about three days, then spot for three weeks nonstop with pink fleshy pieces in it. Then get my period again. I finally found a dr that listened to me and saw me within days if me calling his nurse. They did a pelvic exam, during that they did a transvaginal ultrasound because the amount of pain was not normal. Next thing I knew I was being sent to the hospital for emergency blood work and MRI. While waiting for the MRI my nurse calls and says they received my bloodwork and the dr wants to see me Tuesday (this was Friday and Mondays they are not open). I have also experienced severe dizziness, nausea, vomitting, and intermittent fevers as high as 103.5. I have started having gushes of clear fluid no odor at random times. My follow up appointment my dr said I was anemic and he wants to do a D&C with hysterscope, and a laporoscopy with bilateral fallopian tube removal. He told me have fibroids and polyps, and suspects adenomyosis and endometriosis. Then hands me all sorts of paperwork asking if needed during my surgery I consent to hysterectomy. I get home and let it sink in for a few days and decide to look at my online patient access. That's when I started panicing.... There is the diagnosis of uterine sarcoma. I immediately called my dr and stared asking a million questions. The answer I received was that they are unable to tell at this time if the diagnosis is accurate and need to do the procedures first. My surgery is December 12th and my health is rapidly declining as my pain is rapidly increasing. Do I in fact have cancer?


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