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  • kay19801 3

    Chest xray

    Hi all How likely is it that a chest xray will miss lung cancer? Heard so many stories of this happening I had a chest xray in Jan 2016 and one Mar 10 2017 both clear but still having coughing symptoms all the time!

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  • steve22887 2

    Need help advice. Health anxiety or what?

    Lost both my parents to different cancers so I'm a little bit of a hypochondriac but up until this spring have not been to worried about anything. I turned 30 this past winter, and am looking to start a family and then Had a stomach pain that persisted when to the doctors, told I was fine,...

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  • mildred53005 1
  • stacey25656 3

    Pancreas Cancer Scared

    I've suffered with health anxiety for years always worried I have something wrong with me & with numerous visits to the doctors/a&e I've always been fine until last For about 7 weeks I have been having upper stomach pains I went to my gp who advised it was ibs, pain continued went

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  • Informed 3

    Endometrial cancer - what were your symptoms?

    Women with endometrial cancer have a variety of symptoms that differ between individual women, and, after diagnosis, many women wish they had acted earlier on something they thought was irrelevant. If you have been diagnosed with endometrial cancer, please feel free to contribute your symptoms to

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  • sree12945 2

    Worried I have cancer

    I lost nearly 7 kg weight 8 months ago. After that I have been eating so much to gain weight but nothing is happening .. I eat 6 times a day now . But not gaining any weight . I only have 48 kg , height of 5'6" . I m really worried I have some cancer.

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  • dylan62210 1

    My 13 year old son

    My son has health anxiety. He worked out and thought he was having chest pains and had a panic attack. He now every night has shortness of breath but only when he thinks about it. He has sharp pains all over his body and joints. And always have headaches. Also excessive mucus. Been lasting for 3 1/

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  • JamesMay1 2

    Worried about Melanoma, Please Help?

    I recently had a surgery to remove a growth on my leg because it fit the ABCDE of skin cancer but the GP wasn't too worried about it due to the location (knee) but I have four other models that fit the ABCDE of skin cancer that he won't take seriously because they are exactly 6mm, not more. This

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  • HLMCX 3

    Mole removal site is so painful

    Hello- I'm a 21 year old female and I had a 10mm mole removed at 4pm yesterday from my left breast (cleavage area) it was fully excised and stitched back up. I am in so much pain- I didn't get any sleep last night beacsue the stinging pain and bruising on my breast was excruciating. It's almost 12

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  • longseason 2
  • melissa58718 2

    Normal head Ct but could I still have brain tumors?

    Here is what the results were: BRAIN: Benign high vertex calcification noted. The ventricles and sulci are normal in caliber and configuration. Attenuation in the periventricular white matter is normal. There is no intra-axial mass or hemorrhage. No extra-axial hemorrhage or fluid collection. The

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  • carina62 5

    I'm 55 and worried about cervical cancer

    I'm 55 and am beginning to worry about cervical cancer - i will explain my story and apologies if it's too lengthy but hope someone can read it and advise please.  My next smear test is in 2 years time (2019) as because of my age now it has been reduced from every 3 years to every 5 years.   I had

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  • Flumptious 2

    Bye-bye, little lump

    I told you I had a lump on my eyelid, that the doctors weren't sure about. Well, I had it sliced off, yesterday (by a lovely Indian lady, who just talked to me the whole time. "So, where do you work? ... Oh that's interesting. ? Ooh, how did you get into that? ..." I had a to wear a gauze pad,...

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  • KingKoopa 2

    Bump underneath anal skin

    I'm a 16 year old male and have noticed for the past month whenever I wipe I feel a hard bump underneath my anal skin. It's not inside my anus but between the skin (Don't know how to describe it). I don't know if it's a hemmoroid because I do have one but it's soft and I've had it for a while. This

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  • Clarkee2503 2

    Lung cancer

    Hi I have had a post nasal drip for 10 weeks same routine every morning when I wake up clear nose throat and chest of phlem then usually cough till afternoon then it mostly subsides visited doctor yesterday said my blood oxygen level low 92-96 and sent me for chest x ray worried now might be lung

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  • HLMCX 3

    Melanoma scare

    Hello, I'm a 21 year old female and noticed a small mole had appeared from no where on my left breast about 2 years ago and I just thought it was normal as I'm aware new mole grow. It then grew so I went to the doctor and he measured it at 8x5mm and told me to come back and we'll measure it again.

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  • Michaela 1

    My husband currently surviving cholangiocarcinoma

    Hi Im 37 and my husband only 45 about 12 weeks ago my husband turned yellow having had jaundice myself i took him to hospital thinking gallstones. After 9 days they discovered cancer of the bile duct. We have three children they give him 6 to 8 months. We went through hell then 3 weeks later were

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  • jesseka23748 2

    Is it a Brain Tumor or Something Neurological?

    My symptoms kind of started out slow I guess now they are progressing. Back last November my feet and hands would start tingling and burning pretty bad. I thought maybe it was just anxiety so I brushed it off. About a few months later that tingling and burning sensation has migrated to my leg. My

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  • bjack95 2

    Pain above eye socket to touch

    Hi Guys, I have a strange pain above my eye socket and under my browbone which has been causing headaches and actually causes a sharp pain when I touch the area with my finger. I am also getting slightly dizzy and am struggling to focus at times, any ideas? Anyone else experiences this?

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  • Emmnic 2

    Please help

    My husband has had an awful cough for over 3 months which we all had for a long time but not this long. He is wheezing and coughing up small amounts of blood in the morning for about a month. He has a very hard job working in a warehouse lifting all day. He is 33 years old. Iv done the most awful

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  • kay19801 3

    Help so scared and anxious

    Hi all This is driving me totally insane at the moment and really anxious about it being something much worse like lung cancer I have been ill over the last couple of months with various colds, the last cold I had was about a week ago & started coughing terribly. I do smoke, I am 36, female. I

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  • lisa18188 2

    MRI Addendum 'Fluid on Lungs' - Lung cancer?

    Hello All, I'm new here and have been reading lots of your posts in the hope that someone has been through something similar to I'm 33, had an MRI of my spine that found evidence of Ankloysing Spondylitis. However, there was also an addendum on the results saying that there was a 'small

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  • Kmr 2

    Worried about tumor

    It all started about 4 weeks ago with a stiff neck. Hurt to move to the left and right. Eventually the stiffness went away only to be replace with a constant pressure headache about 3 weeks ago. Every once in awhile I'll get a stabbing pain behind my left eye with localized pain on top and on the

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  • jersey88AD 1

    High Lipase Numbers with no symptoms - hyperlipasemia

    For over 3 years I had flucatinig lipase numbers ranging from 1-4x over limit. The first was found incidentally while completely asymptomatic. When discovered I was given ultrasound, ct scans with constrast, ca19, colonscopy, celiac test, liver, kindey, cbc, hep, etc and all were fine. I do not

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  • alice72925 2

    Please help me (scared of brain tumour)

    I really need someone's help. I suffer with chronic health anxiety and I really can't bring myself to go to see someone. Basically as part of my anxiety and OCD I shake my head really hard and have done for a long time. Anyway last Thursday I woke up with a pain that hurt when I turned my head.

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  • mel15596 3

    Scared I have CANCER 😭😭😭

    Hi all I'm 26 (27 in 4days) female overweight. SORRY FOR THE LONG POST My symptoms first started with constipation then I had some rectal pain and bleeding, eventually I started pooping again but the bleeding didn't subside then I started getting pain in my lower right abdomen(cramp sharp), around

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  • samantha70490 3

    extreme brain tumor fear

    I am a 20 yo female and since May of 2015 I have been experiencing very strange and disturbing symptoms that at this point I am convinced I am going to die within the year and go back and forth with these thoughts. It is important to note that  have serious anxiety, have had it all my life but

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  • cc051079 2

    Abnormal chest xray

    Hi I'm new one here but just totally freaking out! In the new year I was feeling run down getting racing hrart and dizzy spells. Went to a& E all ok with chest xray. After about a month of being told inner ear felt awful so went back to a and e and all ok 2 chest x rays and told inner ear.

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  • Robc1977 2

    Chances of a bain tumour returning

    I had a benign tumour removed last feb. Early indcations were a full recection. After a year of intense ear ache, head pressure and pains mainly on the other side of my head the docs say its all good. However my latest scan shows There is still an area on the mri with contast (dye) that lights up.

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  • kurtl95 2

    Extremely scared that I have a brain tumor, any advice?

    Last Friday, I randomly felt pressure in my head and felt dizzy, I then went to sleep, woke up and still felt a bit dizzy. The next day I felt dizzy again and just continued with my day. Now after this, for the next three days, I felt completely fine and was glad that I was living normally. A day

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  • DoctorPlague 1

    A weird lump on the wall of my throat

    Recently I just remembered about this lump that I've found on the wall of my throat about 2 years ago, now it's still there and about the same size. The surface of the lump is about as big as the surface of a pennie, it's not completely flat and it hasn't caused much problem around that area aside

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  • danR 5

    Could this be melanoma?

    Could this mole (?) on my back be melanoma? It must have changed its shape recently - it is more raised and I can feel it with my hands while washing. It does not hurt or itch and does not look like a regular mole.    I was hoping that someone on this forum had a similar skin growth diagnosed by a

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  • elizabeth 03284 3

    MRI Tech has me so concerned

    I had an MRI for a lump that was felt behind my knee by my orthopedic doctor. I've been seeing an orthopedist for leg weakness and lump behind my knee. He told me that he wasn't at all concerned about the lump. He was sending me for an EMG which he thought could be related to the weakness in my

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  • Flumptious 2


    Hi, guys. I posted a week or so ago, saying my GP thought I had 'Basal Cell Carcinoma', forming a little lump on my eyelid. On Thursday, I went to the hospital. The doctor was lovely, and she said it looks like 'keratoacanthoma', which will need to be removed, but it shouldn't be anything to worry

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  • nmckee1869 1

    Small black dot on back thats been there for 7 months

    I have this small little black dot that has been on my back as far as I know 7 months. My chiropractor noticed it and said it looks like melanoma and I went through my vacation pics from last summer to see if it was there and surely enough it was. It looks the same size. What do you guys thing? Is

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