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I NEVER feel hungry, can this be anything other than cancer? Distraught

Hello, I am a 25 year old male, I've searched the internet high and low but there doesn't seem to be any reassurance out there for me. I lost my appetite seeminly over night about 3 months ago. Over that time I have seen 4 different doctors and they have presribed various things like laxatives and acid reflux as I have also had mild digestive complaints on and off. None of these have had boosted my appetite though. I still enjoy eating and do so to keep my energy levels up, but I never actually get hungry and sometimes I get bloated after meals. I also had a colonscopy (I requested it) to rule out colon cancer and it was all clear so the doctor just gave me anti-anxiety meds assuming my lack of appetite was psychological. Only thing is I'm convinced it's not and have seen another doctor who I persuaded to give me an ultrasound. Doctor doesn't seem too worried though and just seemed to imply I'm a hypochondria.

   Assuming I am right about the lack of appetite being physical, can I really be anything else but cancer? I'm convinced what I am experiencing now is cachexia, or wasting from late stage cancer. I can't help but think it's pancreatic cancer with liver mets as I also have digestive complaints (have even had floating stools for a while now), I initially considered this just to excedingly rare in people my age but my symptoms just seems textbook. All in all just can't really believe this is happenning and I'm terrified about the ultrasound.

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  • JoyKF53 JoyKF53 longseason

    Hi. I think you're reading too many text books. There are many reasons why someone's appetite diminishes. You've got no appetite yet you enjoy eating, isn't that a contradiction? Are you having night sweats that absolutely soak the bed? Have you had a sudden obvious drop in weight? Are you suffering from fatigue? Are you feeling unwell? Is your skin an unusual colour? If you had "late stage cancer" you would have lost a large amount of weight and be extremely weak. Have your ultrasound, I'm sure that whatever is wrong with you is not cancer. Which isn't to say that there is nothing wrong with you but more investigations are needed to give you a diagnosis. Stop worrying and let me know how you get on.

    • longseason longseason JoyKF53

      'You've got no appetite, yet you enjoy eating, isn't that a contradiction?'

      I've debated this a lot with friends/family a lot recently and they often take this point of view, I contest this however. It's like when you get halfway through or towards the end of the meal and you're not hungry as such, but you still enjoy eating the rest of the meal. This pretty much has described relationship with food for the last three months. I would say a lack of hunger still constitutes a lack of appetite, even though lately I have been literally binge eating out of depression and concern about possible illness.

        I did lose weight when all this begun yes as I forgot to eat, but since I have been eating more, maybe partly as a subconcious effort to not waste away I have gained weight. I have been tired very recently but that's a common side effect of mirtezapan which I have just started. And I always thought you can have advanced cancer without feeling particularly ill, and you decline rapidly at the last minute. And thank you I will let you know, your words have been mildly encouraging, but in a way I'm almost hoping they find nothing wrong and it's just some weird unexplainable occurence, as I can't really see what else they could find if not something very serious. As I type this I'm getting a dull pain in the middle of my back, not good rolleyes

    • longseason longseason linzi81566

      Nope and I'm very worried. Had an ultrasound on MONDAY which I think was normal as not heard from GP then. Will probably get a CT scan done next, am worried about pancreatic cancer even though it's very rare in people my age, have constant lower back discomfort and no appetite, stools are bulky and smell bad. Still no appettie, but no weight loss as I eat according to the clock without a feeling of hunger

  • MrPenguin MrPenguin longseason

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  • longseason longseason

    So ultrasound is confirmed normal, although 'limited images of pancreas obtained', annoyingly. GP isn't being very cooperative, thinks that my lower back pain, lack of appetite amongst other things is all just IBS. I have been feeling pretty ill last few days, have even found blood in my stool(pancreatic cancer not a common cause of this, but a potential cause nonetheless). Have back pain that keeps me up 2nd half of night that I'm worried about, feels spinal. Gonna have to go private for a CT scan I guess as I really have not been feeling all that well last few days, unusually tired at times and have mild night sweats

    • longseason longseason linzi81566

      No, and I still have no appetite after 8 months. Having a chest CT scan in a couple of weeks as I now have a cough and some vague pain. Very worrying times. I had a clear chest x-ray but they're not all that reliable.

    • Jay83 Jay83 longseason


      I have had the loss of desire to eat. I don't get hungry... Ever. This has been like this for 10 months. I have soft small stools and also Bloated stomach. Do you have Bloated stomach?. Discomfort from the lower abdomen?. Lost any weight?.

      My gp also thinks I have ibs. I've had no tests done other than blood which came back fine.

      Last 2 weeks has been worse for me as I was ill with some virus so lost 8 to 10 pounds and struggling to eat in the morning now.

    • longseason longseason Jay83

      During the first three months of this episode I did have some gastrointensetinal symptoms similar to the ones you suggest. Because of this, doctors tried to tell me I had IBS also but I think these symptoms were just coincidental. Now after many months I have developed a cough and so my attention has turned to that and so I'm having a chest scan done rolleyes(after seeing many different doctors).   Besides, I don't really associate a total lack of hunger with IBS. It could be that you also have incidental gastro symptoms, or as your gastro symptoms are of a permanant nature than mine maybe it is related to your loss of appetite and it's all due to an underlying condition, but I'd be very hesitant about putting it down to IBS.

         I did lose weight at first but since I have been so inactive since this all started it's mantainted itself now, after all I still enjoy the taste of food so still eat when I feel my blood sugar get really low, I just never actually get 'hunger' feeling you know.

        Have you lost any weight? As you have been having problems for so long then maybe just push for tests. 

  • TripleTee1 TripleTee1 longseason

    Hello! I have some similiar symptoms trying to figure out what the heck is happening. I am 29 and also never feel hunger. However, I have never really felt hunger in my entire life. I can go hours without eating and eat only until I feel an empty feeling or realize the time. I have to force feed my self at times. I only feel hunger when I start an excercise routine. Within the last couple of months I've begun to feel dizzy all of the sudden.. light headed. The feeling is almost as if your under the influence. It usually happens after I eat. Which is odd. It also happens even though I haven't skipped any meals. Lately I've also felt abdominal pain and IBS and some chest pain.. I also notice I have dry eyes and feel exhausted all the time. I have been to the doctor multiple times this year and I think he's starting to think I'm crazy. I've had blood work done and all clear. I've had an ultrasound and all clear. Next would be a CT Scan but I'm not sure if I should even get one now. I am not on any medications. So I don't think it's a side effect of anything. I lead a normal life. I don't smoke, drink alcohol on occasion nothing excessive. Eat ok. I'm 5'7 125 lbs. excercise very moderately. The one thing is I do drink a lot of coffee and I am under a lot of stress. So I'm not sure if it's perhaps some chemical inbalance mixed with caffeine and perhaps stress related issues. However I don't feel normal. What scares me now is my light headedness and abdominal pain.

  • Theminiwriter Theminiwriter longseason


    The thing is, if you worry about it constantly, it's going to make it worse. I have anxiety... health anxiety, to be exact. The cruel thing about anxiety is that it gives you real physical symptoms. Headaches, stomach aches and can even make you throw up! It's horrible.

    I understand that it can be insulting, but if the doctor handed you medication then this issue is truly troubling you. I reccomend that you only take this medication if you're feeling really really worried, because I notice it also makes your stomach hurt sometimes.

    Try not to worry about it. Wait a few weeks for your stomach to settle a little, eat small things and if it persists see the doctor again. Trust me on this. I once had constant itchy skin and worried about cancer of the lymph nodes and it persisted for A MONTH.

  • courtnay26 courtnay26 longseason

    Well I guess the first

    Thing to do is get a liver panel

    If your AST and ALP is high

    Then you could maybe ask for an MRI

    To see if they can spot anything

    Until then I would stock up on turmeric

    And ginger pills

    Good luck

  • r.s.whiteley r.s.whiteley longseason

    I'm having the exact same issue. I'm an 18 y/o female and have been feeling this way for about 2 months now. I've seen a doctor and they did an ultrasound, blood tests, and a stool sample. They checked for IBS, gluten intolerance and lactose intolerance, but the tests came back clear and there is apparently nothing wrong with me. I absolutely adore food and I still eat at the times I'm supposed to because I know my body needs it, but I just do not feel hungry at all. I thought the other day that maybe my metabolism is super slow, but I'm not a health professional so I don't want to self-diagnose. In the back of my mind I'm worried it might become anorexia or something like that.

  • AllyK AllyK longseason

    I am 19 year old female and I've had this problem for almost 2 years now with no luck. The only way I know I'm hungry is if my stomach physically hurts, which at that point means that I've been starving myself (involuntarily). I have another issue however; the feeling of being "full" doesn't come to me at all. Instead, I'll be in the middle of eating and then all of a sudden it's like my body rejects food and I have to stop eating right away. If I don't, then I get severely nauseous and possibly vomit. The problem with this is that I'm not eating a lot because of this, but I figure it's better to eat a little than throw all of it up. 

    I've saw a doctor twice when the symptoms first started (which were overnight, one day I was fine and the next I barely ate for weeks and ended up losing 15 pounds). In both doctors visits I got a fecal test and a urine test but both came up normal, so it's not parasites. My blood test was also normal. Technically my heart rate was irregular but I have heart problems due to a low weight. The second visit my doctor thought I had a food phobia and asked if I thought I had an eating disorder. I do not have an eating disorder... I would love to gain weight if I didn't vomit every time I tried to do so.

    Maybe I've been reading too much into it, but I have a hypothesis that it has something to do with a leptin and ghrelin hormone deficiency, which control decrease and increase of appetite, respectively. 

    Has anyone else made any progress on this?

  • Coolbeans77 Coolbeans77 longseason


    I think I suffer from a similar condition. For several years now, I've noticed that I don't experience hunger. I usually eat no more than one small meal a day, mostly out of social convention and the belief that I would die if I didn't eat. Sometimes it's difficult for me to eat during the morning or daytime, because I feel nauseous when I try. I also find it very difficult to finish what most would consider a regular sized meal. I'm confident that I could go several days without eating and not suffer from hunger. I haven't consulted any doctors because I figured there's nothing they could do to help me, other than say it's depression (which it isn't) or that psychosomatic and deal with it. The only upside to this horrible condition is that I spend very little of my budget on food. For whatever reason, recently the condition has gradually gotten worse in that I'm able to eat less and less per day. One recent day, my only "meal" was about half a small bag of movie popcorn. I've come to accept this is a lifelong condition with no cure.

    • JoyKF53 JoyKF53 Coolbeans77

      Why have you come to accept this? If you haven't been to a doctor how do you know that you're not suffering from something easily treatable? For goodness sake, go to your doctor and get this sorted out. You can't possibly know that they will say that there is nothing they can do to help you and you could be doing immeasurable harm to your body by having an inadequate diet.

  • linda22908 linda22908 longseason

    Hi i'm 16 and i honestly am really scared because all of a sudden one day I just woke up and i was not hungry and i just shook it off but its been 2 weeks and i'm still not hungry and i try to eat as much as i can but i can't because i feel sick when i eat. I have also lost some weight because of this. I also am quite cold all the time and very tired and i'm just really scared because i feel like one day i'm just not going to be able to eat anything and die. I feel as if i could go days without eating. I used to be able to eat heaps and i loved food now i feel sick at the sight of most food and I'm just not hungry can someone please help.

    • Coolbeans77 Coolbeans77 linda22908

      Your description of your problem matches my own almost exactly. Only I've been dealing with this problem for several years and I've never experienced any issues with feeling cold. Like I said in an earlier post, I'm very reluctant to consult the medical community for a solution because, other than put me through a battery of pointless tests, what could any medical professional possibly do to cure such a problem? 

    • clarice89417 clarice89417 linda22908

      Okay I understand you being scared. I was too but as I got older and I have been dealing with this condition pretty much my entire life I am over 40 years old now and this started around the age of 14. I have been too many doctors I've had many many tests everything has come back good. I do have medical issues that they say is due to lack of eating for much of my life. I love the taste of food so I don't not eat but because of the lack of feeling hungry I do have a tendency to forget to eat. In the beginning I would forget to eat for several days and wouldn't even notice it. But I have learned to put myself on a schedule I cannot eat in the mornings without getting sick & in the afternoon I can only eat a very very small amount before getting the feeling of nausea at which point I stop. Then I can eat a small meal in the evenings before I feel like I'm going to bust from being" full". You have to learn your body's limitations and still eat! I have alarms set on my phone to help remind me & my kids constantly check to see when the last time that I have eaten was. In addition to making sure I do eat something I also take a multivitamin and supplements to help maintain my health as much as I can. It's not an easy condition if it ends up lasting long-term and I have been hospitalized many times because I have collapsed due to malnutrition in my years growing up mainly in my teens and early twenties and first learning how to maintain and deal with this condition. Going through pregnancy with this condition is extremely hard but if I can make it I know you can too. My oldest son is now 26 & has also been dealing with this condition sense he was a young teen has been finally gained weight in the last few yrs, we are helping each other. I hope these little tips help you and please talk to your doctor and your family about your problem & about things that you can do to help maintain your overall health and safety while you figure this out. Keep your head up and know you are not alone. BTW it took having 4 kids, a partial hysterectomy surgery and going on 23 yrs of trying to break 110 but I'm not giving up on seeing 123lbs(without being full term pregnant)! Good luck!

    • clarice89417 clarice89417 Coolbeans77

      Like I said in my other post Drs didn't find any cure but did help me find small ways to maintain my overall health. Now my Dr is aware of my condition & can help keep an eye out for issues that come from this and to see and raise red flags with me when things aren't working right with my diet or regiment it is just a safeguard to keep me from dying due to involuntary starvation. The cold that she is experiencing is due to the lack of food which would give her the nutrition she needs for her body to warm itself. And due to the lack /loss of weight and not having enough of ones own insulation IE body fat to keep you warm even a breeze makes you feel like you're freezing! I remember as a young teen climbing fully dressed in jeans and a sweatshirt into the back of a hot car to get warm during a breezy spring day. And to this day I cannot stand a cool breeze I can bundle up enough to stay warm when it's cold out but if there is a breeze I feel like I'm freezing to death! But if you're not experiencing it to the point that she or I do then apparently you are maintaining yourself well. I would still let either your normal physician or your family know if they don't already so they can help keep an eye on things such as your habits and routines because this can suddenly get worse and I mean hospitalize you for months as you get put from IVs back on 2 solid foods and that's if you're lucky and somebody finds you were you've collapsed. Some don't get found in time. Better safe than sorry. Good luck.

  • fansworth fansworth longseason


    I've have the same problem. Long story short: I very strongly believe i have Candida. As of right now i am 36 hours into not eating or drinking anything except water, blackseed oil, yogurt, and later on i'll be adding olive oil too. Since I started i have felt a lot of grumbling in my stomach, and lately there's been slight acidic sensations once every few hours in my stomach (the feeling generally associated with hunger).

    With the way things are going, I think it'll take a total of seven days for this to resolve. I will update my progress on this thread.

    Please look Candida up.

    • fansworth fansworth

      Woke up feeling great and very hungry today. As i suspected it was candida that was the issue (literally saw it in stool).

      Also add lots of vinegar to the above mentioned things (salt water cleanse if necessary).

      I hope this helps someone. 

    • fansworth fansworth

      The other explanation can be that you have cystic fibrosis causing mucus to congest and impede the pancreas from working correctly.

      I suggest you look into both

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