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A little about me: 29 years old, weight 7 stone 5, height 5'2", not sexually active and started periods at 13 but had menarche at 11. I have had from what I can remember 16 years ago periods that came every month, sometimes earlier and later than when I expected them but got them once a month unless my cycle shortened and then I would get 2 a month - 1 at the start of the month and the 2nd at the end of the month. They have, however, always been painful and heavy, bleeding all the way through a maxi pad and with clots.

Pain during period - usually occurs all the way through my period and can feel like a twisting pain in my pelvis. I have been on Diclofenac, Ibuprofen, Co-Codamol (which made me ill), Aspirin and Paracetamol. None of these have really helped in relieving the pain. I also get pain in my vagina when "doing it" solo and my clitoris and labia can get sore and super sensitive.

Pain just before period - I get pain in my vagina and at its opening just before my period. I also get a soreness in the opening which makes me feel as if I'm sitting on something hard, like pebbles, and it's going right inside me. I also get a knifelike pain in the upper part of my tummy that shoots straight into my right arm.

Pain at any other time - I get pain around about the time I ovulate (which can be at any time since my cycles are all over the place) and again, this is knifelike pain and is in the upper part of my tummy that shoots straight into my right arm.

Other symptoms - I get blood in my urine; red blood is more prevalent during my cycle and turns my urine orange. I am not taking anything that would change my urine's colour but I have had white blood cells in my urine as well as protein in recent urine samples. I don't get much burning or pain when I wee. I also get blood in my stools during a period and when I wipe my backside there is blood on the tissue. When I look in the toilet after I have been for a number 2 there are clots of red and black blood on my stools and I have hard stools about twice a day (rabbit pellets)

I am also hypothyroid and my current thyroid tests show that I am within range but my endo doesn't think I'm optimally medicated. I am currently waiting on a ferritin result but I have been informed by my practice's receptionist that my ferritin is low.

Sex hormones for LH, FSH and testosterone were tested back in January but they were not measured during the part of my cycle when any abnormality would have been found.

I had a pelvic ultrasound in 2009 which was normal and MRI scans of my pelvis which were also normal.

I was on the Evra contraceptive patch which helped in stopping my periods but I was not put on a continuous prescription for the Evra patch.

My results for ferritin:

November 2011: 27 (30-400)

February 2012: 49 (30-400)

August 2013: 15 (30-400)

November 2013: 21 (30-400)

May 2014: 15 (30-400)

August 2014: 21 (30-400)

October 2014: 28 (30-400)

I have been taking my iron supplements as advised by my doctor but I have an appointment on Monday to talk about the low ferritin. I have done exactly what I have been told by my doctor and I'm worried that they will question my compliance in taking the iron supplements. I'd like to explain why I think my ferritin is low and I don't think the heavy periods, the blood in my wee and stools as well as the unexplained bruising on my legs is helping things.

A typical conversation with them would be the doctor telling me my ferritin is low. I would then say that I've been taking my iron supplements exactly as instructed but I've been bleeding in my wee and stools during my period, which is already heavy, as well as get bruises on my legs. The doctor will then ask why I didn't talk to them before about it. My answer: because whenever I call the practice there are no available appointments and even when I have the option to request a telephone consultation they are several days away. By that time my period is over and everything is back to normal again.

I really want them to look into this and I am all the more worried that because it's possible I'm even more iron deficient than before this could be why the iron may not be improving things for me. I have already had people who don't even know me comment on me looking pale and tired.

Is this possibly endometriosis and if it's likely that it is, how can I express my concerns to my doctor when they tell me my ferritin result?

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    Hi. Something's sound like endo especially if on your bowl or bladder. I'd get appointment with go no matter what time of month and asked to be referred. They shouldn't need to have proof. Your word should be good enough. The scans were a while ago so something may show up this time. Mine showed up on ultrasound but then was diagnosed properly from a laparoscopy when it was found there was a lot more than scan showed so it can hide. Do you get any problems when not on period. I don't get bruises but also not got low iron counts either. I Dont know if others have these symptoms. My hubby has underactive thyroid and they always check his iron so it could be part of that. Good luck 
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      Thank you froggy for your reply. smile

      I spoke to my GP just a few moments ago. He's now prescribing me more iron and suggested putting me on the combined contraceptive pill but has said for me to come in and speak to another GP about this.

      He asked if I'd been bleeding from the back passage and I said yes but he didn't say anything to this.

      The only problems I get during when not on a period is just the pain in my stomach that shoots into my arm/wrist during when I think is ovulation.

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      I got pain throughout month as endo had fused bowel bladder uterus and ovaries. This seemed worse at ovulation but can't be certain. Sometimes stretching hurt as all tried to move all at once. Glad you seeing someone. All you can do is keep asking for answers. My blood tests were always OK so won't necessarily show. I asked for scan it wasn't offered.  Hope you get somewhere
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    I had the same as Froggy, which was finally diagnosed with a laparoscopy.  Before that, I'd never heard of endometriosis.  My problems started after an osteopath had pulled my leg sharply.  The next month (during my period) I suddenly felt as of someone was squeezing my bowel.  It took some time for me to realise that this only happened during that time of the month.  Initially, my GP said it was irritable bowel and it was only some time after when I saw a lady GP that I got referred.

    I would have had to have had the ovary removed, but opted for a full hysterectomy, as I had never wanted children and didn't want the risk of further operations.

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    Hi Froggy

    I had a full hysterectomy at 42.  I was put on HRT (Premarin) straight away and told that I would probably need to take it until I was 51.  I actually stopped taking it myself within about 3 years.  I've had no adverse side effects of either that or the menopause, so very positive from my perspective.  I'm 55 now.

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      That's good to hear. I think it is best for me especially as my mum was diagnosed with cancer of womb at 70 too. I've been told the same hrt til 51. Just got to see how it goes now! Thank you
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