Endoscope and Colonoscopy same day

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Hi Everyone 

I haven't been on this thread for a long time and my nausea seemed to go away a bit. It has come back full force . It's been 10 months of feeling nauseated and sometimes light headed.

i have had so many tests and my GI doc doesn't know what it can be. My cholesterol has recently went up and my bilirubin slightly higher. My liver enzymes are fine, I have lost a lot of weight and think I was dehydrated that is why my levels went higher.

My GI doc wants to do both scopes done same time upper/ lower.

I am excited to see if we can find something but nervous at the same time with the sedation . I don't like the feeling of sedation and the post procedure that I read about?

Anyone out there had both scopes same time or symptoms like myself?



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    Hi Robin - I just got back home right now from my appt. from my GI and had an upper and lower done just a few hours ago. he also took a few biopsys - have to wait for results.

    I have a little inflammation on my esophagus and colon.

    When you said yours went away for a little bit - when you have it does it come and go in the same day or do you have it 24/7 for a few days and it goes away?

    Mine comes and goes - I wake up in the morning feeling sick but feel better by the end of the day then start the cycle all over again the next morning - for 6 weeks now!

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      Hello Susan

      I have had nausea since Oct 2014, I got diagnosed with HPylori in Nov. had so many tests , scans all showing normal. Had to wait 8 months to see a GI doc. They didn't feel severe nausea and light headedness was urgent. I lost weight got dehydrated and bouts of dirrahea . I took antibiotics for a month last Nov. Years prior I turned to junk food and ate very poorly and gained 110 lbs. put on BP meds and cholesterol went up .

      But it was last Oct walking down the street that I got really dizzy and nauseous and my BP went way high.

      My iron was low and we rectified it but the nausea was so bad it was hard to move . If I lie still I would be OK, I spent about 4 months in bed only to get up to use the washroom or soak in a bath .

      As the months went on I turned my lifestyle around lost 70 lbs and am a Vegan/ Gluten Free. My GI doc examined me and said that I was fine didn't know what it could be. If I get worse or it doesn't go away call him.

      So when it started Oct / 14 I would rate it has a 9/10 for discomfort. It would last all day unless I was sleeping which wasn't much.

      I would take gravol just to get me to see my dr. or go to the ER which I 

      went often.

      I was retested for HPylori it was gone , was told by my GI that this was probably not the cause of my sickness .

      Then I felt it went away for a few months to just be once in awhile and 

      maybe a rating of a 3/9. It feels like it's coming back again every day but not 24/7. Just off and on in the day, I drink hot water and ginger it subsides or if I lay down.

      I heard from my GI office that the doc wants me to have both done at the same time... upper/lower. I was nervous to have the upper one never mind both and same time...Eeeeks! I don't like the feeling of getting knocked out or just a sleepy drug yet I don't want to be done with no numbing either. So that is why I posted anyone have this done same day.

      Please tell me why you had to have both done and not just upper?

      How bad was it , you said you just came from having them done and your alert enough to type. Are you in the UK.... I am in Canada things might be done differently.

      Much Thanks for letting me rant on smile


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      I had both done to make sure we were checking everything. I am in the U.S.

      Was it uncomfortable? Yes, but I have to get to the root of my problem. Actually, I think it helped me. Since my system had to be cleaned out (no eating for 2 days - only clear liquids then an enema right before the tests) I do see notable improvement in my system - for the last 2 days, I feel much better - I am praying it continues.

      I take 40 mg of pantoprazole 30 minutes before breakfast or lunch (my stomach rarely lets me eat both) and 30 minutes before dinner.

      Then 25 mg of meclizine right before I go to bed (possible/probable motion sickness when I wake up). For now I am sleeping sitting up. And 12.5 mg right when I open my eyes in the morning.

      I am not all better, but much better than I was.

      Go for the tests / you need to find out what is wrong. Yes it's uncomfortable, but what is worse? Going through what you are going through and not knowing why? Or a little discomfort? Only you can answer that question

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      Thx Susan for your reply ..., were you not sedated? Did it take long to do both ?

      You seemed to be pretty alert after like I mentioned to go online when you just returned.

      I know of people that have had one or the other not both same time .

      I do want to know what is going on there has to be a reason why I am still not 100%.

      Maybe all it is inflammation , I am not one to take meds if I don't have to. Think it's a bandaid effect.

      So do you have all the results now and where to now?

      Appreciate your feedback smile

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      Yes, I was sedated - I don't know how they do it where you are, but first the had me drink this disgusting stuff that prevents you from gagging - if you get that, drink it as quick as possible and breath through your mouth. It didn't take that long - I don't know the actual time, but my appointment was at 2:30 in the afternoon and I have an hour drive home and was home before dinner time..

      I am still waiting for results.

      The reason I respond so quickly because I am waiting for emails from family and Doctors. I use my cell phone and get alert sounds when a message is received. Plus I really need a resolution to this so want to make sure I'm doing everything possible.

      I am feeling a little better, but it's been 6 weeks - all since my leg surgery - I was fine before surgery and have been sick ever since.

      Your Dr. Will need you to clean out your system before your tests. I couldn't eat for 2 days before then before my appointment, I had to use an enema - not pleasant. But cleaning out my system, then having the tests, I feel much better - not all better, but quite a bit better.


      Eat small bland meals

      Chew your food very well

      Drink water

      Take any medications as directed

      Does this help?

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      Yes... thanks Susan I found out that I will wait until Oct 8th when I see him in his office. At that point we will discuss what I should do .

      I will tell him that I will opt to do the endoscope first then if needed a colonoscopy at a later date. I don't have a big spicy diet now. I am a vegan and gluten free. I don't drink or drink coffee or pop. It won't be that hard to eat nothing for 2 days I detox at times for 3 days a few times a year.

      I think they spray your throat first then you get the sleepy juice for a bit.

      One thing at a time smile

      Thanks again ... I recall when I was 6 weeks in thought that was long . Now I look back at my stint of 11 months, feel great that I hung in with no harsh drugs smile

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