Endoscopy/Colonoscopy biopsy results and no diagnosis!

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Hey everyone.. 

I really am at a loss for words at this point. I have been having an upset stomach for six months. Last week I had a endo/colonoscopy and recieved my results from the biopsy. (The doctor says to go off milk and I have been off milk for a good month). I am not having any improvement. My family care provider has no idea what's wrong and my gastro doc said the only thing that came back mildly abnormal were my Sucrase, Lactase and Maltase results. 

Sucrase - 23.1 and normal says 25.0 

Lactase - 5.8 and normal says 10.0 

Palatinase - 11.6 and normal is 9.0 

Maltase - 86.8 and normal is 100.0 

Does anyone have any ideas what might be going on here? 

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    What symptoms are you having? Stomach pain, change of bowel habit, food intolerance?
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      As of right now, bloating, loose bowels in the morning but not water. I'm sorry if it's too much but it's like oat-meal and then breaks apart when flushed. 

      It used to be water starting in Aug but now it's just mush. It wakes me up every morning at the same exact time. 

      They have already rulled out cohron's and celaic. But maybe they are wrong? The tests seem to indicate lactose intolerance? But since I've given it up maybe it's not? I feel like it might be a secondary issue to something. Right now i'm taking antibiotics to treat possible SIBO it was our last guess. 

      I just don't want to end up malnourished or sick. rolleyes if it's fine and my gut is just healing from the secondary issue (whatever that is) I can handle it, i just don't like to let things sit if something is wrong? 

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      Hi lauraramonique

      Have you tried gluten free products such as bread, cake, sauces etc?

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      Hey there! 

      Yeah, I actually did a strict gluten free diet for 4 months and then they had be go back on gluten to test for cealic. The results were the same, nothing got better with the GI tract... I really wish it did to be honest. 

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      How did you feel during the gluten free months?.....and if you were ok with it why not go back to gluten free?....

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      My stomach was still aching and I was still having loose bowels. I don't mind going back on it. It's something I got very use to but it didn't seem to help my symptoms so we assumed it wasn't that... 

      I felt 'okay,' aside from my stomach. Kind of how I feel right now. 

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      Maybe you have IBS if you have stomach pain along with change of bowel habit.  Has this been mentioned?  Are the antibiotics helping?  Perhaps ask for an ultrasound to rule out other causes.  If going gluten and lactose free isn't helping either, maybe you are not intolerant to them.  

      Did the doctor say whether your slightly abnormal sucrase, lactase and maltase results could be causing your symptoms?

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      She has just claimed that it's lactose intolerance. And then said if it's not better in a month, that I should go on sucrase enzyme. 

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      You could try the sucrsse enzyme first, but if you see no difference change you doctor and ask about IBS.
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    You seem lactose intolerant (as so many are, naturally, we are not babies anymore) and keeping milk/milk products is a good start.

    But also sucrase and maltase on lower end ....

    you could be one of not tolerating starch/sugars well. (not talking gluten = protein here).

    You need glucose, one doesn't work without this sugar, important for life! and need to get hold of it (dextrose as sweetner for example),

    but all the other sugars and combos and chains could cause upset intestine.

    Please read up on Congenital Sucrase-Isomaltase Deficiency (CSID),

    not saying you have that, but please search internet

    for their diet

    and try it as you have tried so much.

    It can't hurt.

    All the best!

    (We had much higher levels of all those enzymes)

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      I've def done a lot of reading on CSID. I don't think the other results link to it so much since they are still pretty high and barely below normal. Also, from my understanding it's congenital. I wasn't born with any issues but it did start up in August. 

      It's so werid. I did get a digestive enzyme sup

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      exactly what I meant, not saying you have it, but just to try their diet recommondation (not as strict; starches and grains in moderation) re long and short chain sugars to see if it helped or not

      and intolerance/tolerance is very individual anyway no matter what caused the lower digestive enzyme production; it is lower even if not so much, which is good, but maybe a part of digestion problem.

      Best of luck!

      (There are very different enzyme sup on the market.  

      There are combo of Amylase, Glucomylase, diastase, Invertase containing dietary supplements, that help carbohydrate and sugar metabolicpathways,

      have you tried these specific enzyme sup ones?

      If it didn't help, at least the measured values can be brushed off. There might be a connection of left over, not broken down carbohydrates to feed other gut inhabitants, which might cause your symptoms. If they have less food, due to less intake and/or better digested, you might have less symptoms. If not it is at least excluded, also for you doc, to just concentrate on those carbohydrate enzymes and go forward in another direction to explore.)

      All the best!!


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