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Hi have had chronic nausea for quite few years, first diagnosed as IBS and gerd, symptoms have got worse over time, found an endoscopy report from 2 years ago, it states Normal Gastroscopy but a few things noted on the report were Impression of Extra Luminal mass effect in distal stomach (what does that mean?) and Type iii Hills Valve (which I found out is abnormal) something to do with the acid/food flowed back up as the valve/flap doesnt close? Is that right? No one has ever explained any of this to me, was just told it was 'normal'.

Ive also had a gastric emptying scan to see if I had delayed emptying but if anything is was quicker than normal emptying. 

Any advice please! 

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    The first thing I would do is to ask your doctor to explain the report to you in plain English.  We are not doctors on this site and medical speak is inaccessiblle to most of us who post here.  If the report states that the gastroscopy was normal, I would accept this because, if it wasn’t normal, you would have been told about it two years ago and action would have been taken to treat any abnormalities.

    Since you were diagnosed with GERD, this would tie in with the findings that your valve/flap doesn’t close.  This is what happens with GERD.  Food/acid flows back up causing acid or food regurgitation. I had a normal endoscopy where nothing was found to show why I had so much heartburn.  However, I was told that I had a week esophageal sphincter which was causing the acid to spew out.

    GERD can cause nausea and so can IBS and anxiety can cause these symptoms to get worse. IBS can also trigger GERD.  If you have bowel habit change, shifting, abdominal pain and temporary rellief of pain after a bowel movement as well as the nausea and GERD, this would suggest IBS.  I would accept your original diagnosis unless your doctor suggests anything different.

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    Hi the biggest peoblem i think is GPs they do not listen to you and are quick to palm you off with ppi tablets and pain killers . I have problems for years and if i had not pushed the way i have i would have just been left to it i am so disgusted at mt GPs pratice i feel they could not care less.
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    Thanks for the replies, yes my GP is very dismissive and I was on ppi's long term and was told to 'get used' to the nausea and find a job that distracts me! Most days Im either dry retching or feeling sick. 

    I think youre right, if there was anything bad they would have told me, just have no clue what extra luminal mass effect means. My old gastro wasnt much better, diagnosed with ibs and reflux and told the outlook was excellent and basically to go away and be happy with that, even though I was suicidal from feeling so chronically sick every day that I couldnt work anymore and it had basically ruined everything.

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      Ask for a different PPI in case the ones you are on are causing nausea.  Try a food diary to see if a food is triggering it.

      Anxiety about you symptoms can make you feel sick too.  If changing medication and a food diary doesn’t help, ask for an anti nausea pill.

      Ask your doctor what extra luminal mass effect means because very few of us are doctors on this site and will be just as confused by this terminology as you are.  Doctors often forget that they are talking to ordinary mortals and so can be poor at giving clear explanations  Asking your doctor lots of questions will help to reassure you because if you have any unanswered queries, this can cause anxiety.

      I don’t think your Gastro doctor was making light of your symptoms.  He was telling you that IBS and acid reflux are not life thratening conditions because they are treatable and manageable and that is why he said your outlook is excellent.  Accepting your diagnosis will help you to cope with your symptoms better.  I have IBS, GERD and neuralgia which can be very painful at times but I have accepted these conditions are chronic and I am able to have a full and enjoyable life.

      Distraction techniques can help with chronic conditions .  Ask your doctor about relaxation therapy to help you manage your symptoms and any anxiety that comes along with it.

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    Hi Paul, did you recover from your nausea eventually? x

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