Enlarged prostate at the age of 25?

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I have been suffering from painful and frequent urination and testicular pain since I was 22. Visited the Urologist three times and went through many ultrasounds of the urinary tract that came up with nothing. When I suggested to my Urologist that I might have something wrong with my prostate, he very firmly dismissed it, saying I am way to young to have any prostate related problems. Recently I have been experiencing rectal pain while defecating and also while sitting. My poop have been coming out all flattened and deformed. My Gp sent me to a Colorectal Surgeon, who performed a rectal exam and diagnosed me with an enlarged and sensitive prostate. He said I should go back to my urologist for further treatment. My question is should I go back to the same Urologist who I feel have been neglecting me. For years he have failed to perform a simple exam and pretty much avoided any sort of diagnosis or treatment. Also, I know it is very unlikely to have prostate cancer at my age, but I feel that my condition is worsening to the point that It's almost too painful to poop. I was wondering if there is some sort of a test that I can take to make sure I only have an enlarged prostate and not prostate cancer? For my own peace of mind of course.

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    Sounds more like an enlarged rather than an infected prostate. Would g to a different urologist. They will probably prescribe a Flomax type product to reduce swelling and help with urination

    Do report back

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    I had the very same thing happen to me at age 27. 17 years later they still could not find the problem, I eventuallually figured out what was wrong with me myself. I am allergic to GLUTEN (wheat and dairy, some oils and veg) the call it CELIACS disease. been on glutern and dairy free diet for 5 years, my poop is normal and no pain!!!!!! If I stray from my diet for quick relief I eat rare red meat it turns the symptoms around within minutes!!!!!!! something to do with the protein I think.

    Hive it a try you have nothing to loose, you should notice a difference once all previous foods are out of your system.

    let me know.


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    Testicular Cancer and Prostate Cancer are both hereditary cancer types, that can be passed down to offsprings from 18 years and upwards roughly. My father passed away when he had Colon Cancer, but an operation he had done to remove it, just made it spread more rapidly, which eventually spread to most organs and spine.

    The week we buried my father, was the same week I was diagnosed with Testicular Cancer - I had the cancerous teste removed.

    Three years later I was rushed back in to hospital diagnosed with small intestinal ischemia and infarction, in layman's terms part of my instestine had turned gangrene and was spreading. Normally, this should be a straight forward operation, however mine wasn't. Two days later when in theory I should have of been becoming better I became worse and started vomiting violently bile. They rushed me to surgery did not have time to even sign the consent form, and they found there was another organ that had turned partly gangrene and was now touching my clean intestine. This time they fully inspected all areas and organs which could have came in contact with the first gangrene intestine. My intestine was cut again and stitched back up after.

    Having Cancer is enough to kill a person if left, but small intestinal ischemia and infarction kills you from the inside out, and it is very painful - much worse than Testicular Cancer.

    Most people wonder how do you know if you have Testicular Cancer, after my dad was diagnosed with Colon Cancer, his doctor said to me you really need to check your Testes regularly. That is what I did, normally both testes should be the same size and also for check for Epidermoid Cysts.

    I have 2 sons aged 20 and 24, both of which have been told to check regularly due to hereditary cancer in the family.

    If I were you I would ask to see another Urologist, because with me I was diagnosed an infection in the testes and treated with Anti-biotics, for 6 weeks!!! In the end I asked to see another Urologist, and that was when they found one teste had 5 small tumors - the trouble with Testicular Cancer they cannot tell if they are malignant (cancerous) or benign (non-cancerous) without removal. The actual surgery is straight forward, and I was in and out of hospital in 3 days. My tests turned out to be malignant (cancerous). I was told that the small intestinal ischemia and infarction could have been caused by the testicular cancer, and is quite common. The recovery period is over 10 months.

    I had a good reason to ask to see another Urologist, especially if you think any diagnosis is wrong, always get a second opinion to be safe. I went through hell with the small intestinal ischemia and infarction diagnosis, it's the most painful illness I have known, and doctors state it is normally caused by scarring of cancerous tissue.

    It was only this week I have been actually signed off cancer remission after 7 years, which is the longest for any cancer type on a male.



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    I went to sleep one night at age 25 and woke up the next day with only half the ability to pee.  A complete urodynamics test showed a constriction in the prostate just as it leaves the bladder.  Urologists, unfortunately, have no idea what causes any prostate problems other than cancer. I have never gotten a straight answer from one.  I suggest you have either a CT scan or an MRI scan to determine the size of your prostate, whether or not you have cancer, and then look into whether or not you have an infection.  You must take full control of the troubleshooting process, sounds like your urologist can't be trusted with your health.  Doctors are useful only when they can guide us to a conclusion.  When a problem occurs the diagnosis process should be continuous until either you and the doc have exhaused all known treatments and tests or you have been cured or died.  At this point it seems like you haven't narroed it down yet.  If you don't think your urologist is interested in working with you, go find another.  I dumped two of them because they never even heard of successful treatments for enlarged prostate (the PAE).  Good luck to you and I hope you find a slolution soon.
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    Thank you for your replies.

    My impression is that Doctors these days are really discontent with patients who use the internet to diagnose themselves. It kinda antagonises them when you think you know what's wrong with you when you first visit them, and they try to resist your diagnosis even if it makes sense.

    Anyway, my gp showed me the results of an ultrasound done to my prostate 4 months ago showing that my prostate is normal at size and shape. This kinda contradicts the rectal exam done to me just days ago, so she ordered another ultra sound to be performed next week. will report next weekend.

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    Ultrasound results came back say Prostate is normal at size. Now I have some conflicting results. The Doctor that performed the rectal exam says it's enlarged and sensitive, but the ultrasound says it's normal. One thing for sure is that it's painful. Will be heading to meet a different Urologist soon.
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