Enlarged Turbinates - Turbinate hypertrophy

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I am really needing some good advice here.

I have been diagnoses with enlarged turbinates/ hypertrophy. I have had nose problems all my life. I had a septoplasty many years ago at age 16. That helped with my sinus problems for a while. I dont remember being told about anything being done to my turbinates. Just septoplasty. I am now age 38.

The surgery improved things and I stopped getting sinusitis all the time. But despite the surgery my nose has remained always as a problem. I have never been able to breathe properly out of it and I have been using Alanaise steroid nasal spray to help as long as I can remember. However It seems to have gotten increasingly worse over time. Firstly I started having problems after drinking alcohol about 13 yeas ago (age 25). My sinuses would really block after drinking so in addition to hangovers I would get next to no sleep. The next step was about 7 years ago (age 31) where I started having difficulties flying on planes. I would get serious ear pain or sinus pain and began taking high powered otrivin short term steroid spray and pseudoephedrine when flying.

The final step began about a year and a half ago. I began having serious problems sleeping regardless of whether I drink any alcohol. My nose is partly blocked during the day but very blocked at night. I wake up sometimes due to breathing problems. Also due to sore and dry throat. I also snore occasionally although mainly my breathing just sounds loud and uneven and strained especially when trying to breathe through my nose. I wake up through the night and ultimately cant get back to sleep. I am averaging about 5 hours of broken sleep a night. It is substantially affecting my quality of life and energy levels now, and I worry, my health. I have had an at home sleep test done and it showed I do not have sleep apnea (throat problem) but I do have a small number of apnea which is to low to register as sleep apnea. I think they are caused by reduced airflow because of my nose problem.

It has been recommended by an ENT that I get turbinate reduction surgery. However I have looked online and there is so much negative information about it and references to Empty Nose Syndrome. However much of it looks of low credibility such as new media items and hysterical reports and reports verging on conspiracy. So I really need to understand what the chances of success of this surgery are. Anyone can provide their experience with it? Also I really need to understand the true (not conspiracy) risks and the chances of them occurring. Again any experience with this?

The other thing I am wanting to know is the efficacy of allergy shots to treat this? I have read often this is a condition caused by allergies. I have allergies to dust mites and grasses. I am doubtful grasses are a problem for me as my wheal was small at only 6mm and because my problem is year around and I live in the middle of downtown with concrete all around me. My allergy to dust mites seems more plausible since I am far more exposed to them. Mind you my allergy test revealed a wheal of only 5mm for dust mites, at the low end of mild allergy. Also I have no other allergy symptoms, no sneezing, itchy eyes, no eczema, no asthma etc. So I dont know how likely it is to have an effect if I do allergy immunisation. It sounds like it takes such a long time.

Really hoping for some feedback here. I find this site has such a low amount of activity and I cant find any other sites related to nasal problems that are actively used. I really need to sort this problem out. The lack of sleep is affecting my life so much

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    man, so sorry you are going through this! you have probably looked into everything, but do you have any autoimmune condition? i doubt you have allergies...many chronic sinus conditions have autoimmune as s base problem, which can be worked on. also, alcohol, sugar and gluten feed bad bacteria in the sinuses... this food reaction could get worse over time as the membranes become imbalanced and immune ststem goes down. id try a restricted diet fir a while- organic foods, paleo style. did the ent say anything sbout a biofilm? have you looked at sinuswars products?i feel like the mucosa have just been overly agitated for so long, using the right products to rebuild that... goldenseal, bone broths, feverfew tea- i feel very wary of sinus surgeries- def. speak with people who have had it done, but i feel like they mess up more than they cure. what environments do you feel best in? ocean, high humidity, mild temps? i have dry sinusitis that has been constant and feels like empty nose syndrome, which j think is a real risk. my condition got worse after taking all crap thst was being prescribed. best would be to find s natural way to rebalance thd membranes. did a ct scan show anything else? deviated septum? they need to study the sinus microbiome more- strep can also be a problem...do you eat s lot of antimicrobial foods? turmeric, garlic? ive been taking melatonin for sleep- a natural anti inflammatory is quercetin. have you tried the bullet proof sinus rinse? sounds weird, but some congestion csn also be from sluggish liver- thst might need a detox from all the meds etc. but at least for me and sound like you too, thd sinus membranes need to heal and u was reading today the connective tissue needs to develop under the membranes. maybe try some alternative medicine sources- natropaths....they may give you more alternatives and perspectives

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      Hi Stacy55511 thanks for your feedback I have never thought of it as being an autoimmune condition. I just looked that up. Hey look possibly it is. I will have a further look into it. Funnily enough a friend of mine who is a general practice doctor told me to stay off eating anything from the nightshade family for a couple of weeks to see if that helps. Normally I would be skeptical of such advice but he is totally about western medicine and routinely calls other stuff witchcraft so I am inclined to go with what he says since its not the sort of thing he usually says. I will be starting zero nightshade family diet soon. Its pretty easy to implement and see how it goes. I have a very healthy paleo type diet generally so sugar, alcohol and gluten dont really feature.

      I havent tried sinuswars products no. I just looked them up. Maybe I will try them now.

      I didnt actually have a CT Scan. They just stuck a tiny camera up into each nostril. Was uncomfortable but not too bad. The ENT said my septum was fine and that it was only enlarged turbinates that was the problem.

      I havent really explored naturopath matters. Maybe this is something I can look into more.

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    I have had nasal Polyps for over 20 years. Not been able to smell or taste (although over the years , a 5 day course of steriods have helped for a few weeks and a little longer. I have had my smell and taste) however the last few years that I have been prescribed Steroids I have had almost no relief at all.

    I also have awful pain in my ears when I fly, I cant hear properly for hours after .

    I also have Asthma now which I was told it happens in patients with Nasal Polyps.

    However a couple of months ago I had had enough really getting me down , my nose constantly blocked , my polyp almost hanging out of my left nostril and no pleasure in the food I eat and smells (by the way forgot to say I have had THREE operations ,which did nothing ) I went to see a new doctor and she prescribed Montelukast 10mg and now by some strange miracle my polyps shrinks way back up my nose, sometimes even invisible and i'm getting the odd smell and taste . its not for long periods of time but so far been the only thing thats sort of half working.

    Iam due to she her again in a couple of weeks for review and to see if Its ok to take the Montelukast long term. (not a Steroid ).

    Sorry for long rant , I know my case is differrent and I cant help much, I dont have allergy symptoms either (grass , pets , dust , make no difference ,its all year round ) apart from my ears itching like mad .Never heard of empty nose syndrome ,I will look it up. but I'm with you on the ear problem.

    Wish you well

    Kind Regards

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      Hi Hasoflohatt

      Thanks for your feedback. It sounds like there are some familiar symptoms between enlarged turbinates and nasal polyps. I have not heard of Montelukast . Maybe I should try it. I wonder if it is an over the counter medicine. Has it resulted in your nasal passages unblocking?

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      I dont think you can buy Montelukast over the counter.

      I have had improvement in as much that I dont use my preventer inhaler, my polyp shrinks away and isnt visisible. and very occasional smell and taste. Which for me is good, as I have never had much luck with other treatments including the 3 operations .

      At moment and for past week ,I dont know if its the rain and damp weather. My polyp is more visible again, a little stuffy but not as bad.

      I am hoping it will pass, seeing doctor next week for a review.

      Will let you know outcome .


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    I know lots of people who have had good luck with Budesonide- non habit forming! Might be something to look into?

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