Entire Spine Vibrates; Shoots Vibrations through Entire Body

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Familiar Feeling?

Does it feel as if you have a weed eater for a spine & the intense motor-like vibrations intensely spreads throughout your entire body?

Your heart rate is at Max, dizzy, fainting, eyes cannot focus, eyes uncontrollable falling asleep, shortness of breathe, anxiety/stress high, & the feeling is so incredibly intense 24/7 that you feel as if you absolutely cannot take another moment..& then, as the day goes into night, it revs up to a level beyond withstanding.

Well, here's what I know.

(What I do about it is below how it came about).

My doctor gave me Neurontin/Gabapentin & as a result, my entire vagus nerve was shut down. I know this bc I turned it back on by activating it with the 1..2..3... taps on the stomach. Voltage shot through my entire body & it was such an insane feeling. The more the nerve was tapped, the less my full body pain stopped from when it was off. I read about the implants on the vagus nerve would keep it from shutting down. Same concept as a tens unit.

If You Were This Desperate/Hopeless, It Wouldn't Seem as Reckless or Costly:

So many times, I would shock my neck in that area when I could tell the current very light static vibrating was "putting out" like a blower running out of gas. Unfortunately, I wasn't aware it could be Overstimulated & I did Not think about the Other systems of nerves running through my neck as well.

That turned on the weed eater for a spine. However, by taking Neurontin (med that ruined me, now keeps me slightly sane) & doing the carotid massage (pressing extra hard on the right side of neck..not even a massage), it would shut off. Never lasted very long & the intensity varies but it kept it tolerable enough.

Except there's a system, that's not the vagus, that is being hit hard with the vibrating & it does Not want to shut off. It goes straight into the base of my skull & also, up the front of my neck into my face, directly into my eyes, & up into my entire scalp. It is so intense, my face feels numb. And then, if I try to put pressure on my neck to call it down, it'll send voltage shocks that's BEYOND vibrating. When I let go, it stays for a few but fades off. It feels TERRIBLE.

So today, I'm vibrating so badly I cannot walk, face is numb & I've taken the Neurontin for nothing bc it doesn't mess with this nerve. Spine is going nuts too. I know it'll just shut off like a switch sometimes if I bend over.


I curl up into tight to where my spine is like a C & pull my knees up high. Bend my kneck backwards, at the same time, to where I'm looking up & behind me. You should already notice a difference as you're blocking the easy access into your skull. If you'd like to press on your neck to perform the carotid massage/hard press while your in this position already, do what you like.

But if you haven't tried it before, do know that it is well known to feel like a "California high" & passing out is a risk (what it says in the medical procedure case study I read, at least).

You should be able to feel your heart rate go down & start breathing more regularly within a 10 seconds-ish. As well as a lessening of the vibrating.

If you are able to get the off to stick, it can hold for minutes, hours, days even. Just depends on finding that sweet spot & best part is... you can Literally feel it to know where & what's working best.

Your voltage & vibrating intensity is going to play a Big factor on how effective this is. Wish you luck & I'm not saying to actually do this, just explain how one would go about doing what I've found to provide some kind of relief.

Natural Remedy Trial Experience:

There's also Natural remedies that were used prior to modern medicine for these type things that I went on a search for prior to my prescription for Neurontin again.

The only one I found to give results was GABA & Gabapentin/Neurontin was derived from it but it does go to 2 different parts of the system to perform. Yet, closely relative. Be careful when researching as antiseizure-like meds slow & other do the opposite. They do not need to mix. Good Luck!

DISCLAIMER Bc other people do it:

Again, sharing my experience as if I were who I was explaining it to.. Not telling you to Actually do any of what I've said. Not advice.

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