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I'm currently being assessed to see if still eligible for esa income based.i know the score and usual routine.i suffer from rheumatoid arthritis.this is 1st medical assessment after speaking to a very rude interviewer at last jc+ thing I know I'm up for assessment.after 3years.what I want know is can I apply for pip while waiting?

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    Yes apply for pip- the pip process is long esa will be sorted way before pip- our pip journey started Sept 2015.
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      I'll sceond that from what I have read about PIP over the past twelve months.

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      thanks your response with convinced me my thinking was ok.ill do that which you suggest.hadnt a clue it took that long.on it asap.thanks again.ivan.
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      couldn't agree more on that point you say according to them were all be got rid of when outlived ourselves.


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      Good luck with it all Ivan if you need any help let me know.
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      thanks again Lillygiri.ive a feeling I might have to hold you to that.
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    Of course you can apply for PIP at anytime provided that you are 16 or over and under 65 and have excellent evidence to support the claim..

    But beware, statistics show that about 25% of new claims (as opposed to those moving from DLA when the figure is about 75%) will be awarded some level. The rest fail.

    It seems that the DWP are really tightening up on those that are making PIP applications, not only by trying to change the goalposts mid stream (reducing points for some descriptors and possibly trying to get the threshold of points needed for an award increased) but deciding for themselves how the PIP regulations should be interpreted. In fact they are spending £ millions on extra salaries for new 'prosecuting' officers who will attend appeal hearings to cross examine claimants and to try everything in the book to stop the Tribunal from making awards (The DWP argue that far too many people are winning at the appeal stage and it has to stop)

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      More stress for people then! They should change the way the atos assessments all questions are one fits all I think that's wrong.

      The whole system is a shambles at least at the tribunal you feel it's fairer not ideal to have to get to that point in first place. I could go on forever how wrong I feel it all is.

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      Yep stress is what it is all about.

      It's not a question really of one size fits all at the face to face assessment. You first have to contend with assessors that don't listen, draw inappropriate assumptions and constanly lie. Then you have to add in that it is not about having serious difficulties because of your condition but matching those difficulties to the narrow descriptors and hopefully gain enough points along the way.

      You then have the DWP who will almost always take the assessors report as best evidence and base their decision upon it.- then you have the decision makers autonomy - you could have 6 identical claims describing 6 identical difficulties but get 6 different decisions!!! It depends on the Decision Maker you get and how he/she feels on the day.

      Having got through that lot and as I have mentioned above, you will have a DWP 'prosecutor' at the appeal hearing whose sole purpose is not to see logic or be reasonable but simply to make sure your appeal fails in any legal way possible.

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      In my case, I realised that I just couldn't face all of that on a regular ongoing basis so it ended up with my DLA being taken off me as I didn't want to fight for the right to apply for PIP.

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      it's awful how they employ such tactics to disarm people to do what is their basic not be bullied into their different things are when we are working.take care Les.good luck for the future.ivan.

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      Little else that can be said - the whole purpose of PIP was to reduce the amount that the government were paying out under DLA. They wanted a 20% cut in real terms per annum. 

      As has been said many times - those that are suffering these cuts are the disabled - those least likely to have the ability or money to fight them.

      I should imagine that if the government had gone the opposite way and demanded an extra 20% tax off those in the higher earnings bracket - the government would have been facing court action requiring the establishing if that would be at all legal.

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      You are so right and the government would argue that you could challenge them through the courts if you though it unfair!!

      My attitude now is to keep as much distance from the DWP as possible even if it has meant a reduction so far in over £250 a week in lost benefits

      I even smile now when I read from the DWP - PIP internal handbooks on how they interpret the law into meaning something totally different than what legislation says. They are that arrogant to suggest that they know the law better than anybody else and their opinion is more valid.

      From first hand experience when the legislation is forced in front of them as i did, they simply pulled down the shutters, refused to comment on my argument stating that their rules count for more.

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      what I want to know is; who's bright idea in the 1st place was it to turn the DWP into a business and nominate atos,maximus and crassus, and uncle tom Cobly as subsidiaries?not only have they taken 30% off esa claimants,to rub salt into it they now say esa claimants will go on thinking of withdrawing my membership.all the best.ykw.

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      It was the Labour government back in 2007 with the backing of both the Tories and the LibDems that decided that they had had enough with people being 'on the sick' year in year out without anybody doing any real checks on them to ensure that they were in fact truly 'unable to do any work'.

      In 2007 the Labour government appointed ATOS to oversee and test everyone that were either on the old IB or new claimants on ESA. ESA then started in 2008 much to great applause from all of those that had become indoctrinated that 'these' claimants were nothing more than the dregs of society intent on sponging on those that worked.

      And so ESA as well as ATOS was born.

      That's exactly what I have done and withdrawn the main part of my membership as a DWP claimant. So far I am left with my State Pension for which I made 49 years of contributions and the IIDB claim which I class as compensation for the terrible injuries I sustained whilst working.

      Gone has the DLA (HRM & MRC), gone has the help towards the interest on our mortgage, gone has the guaranteed help towards our Council Tax and gone has the Guaranteed Pension Credit - altogether totalling just over £250 a week - But I feel free!!!!  

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      wow!what a story.normally I think I'd say is it a huge price to pay.but in yours I'm inclined to think you can't put a price on true I say "good on yer".one thing they obviously couldn't take was your dignity.n ice one.

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      That's the way you me and everyone should think. Dignity is important, very much so.

      Claiming benefits can make you feel degraded - one step up from being an 'Oliver'.

      As far as I am concerned I can do what the h*** I want, when I want and don't have to answer to anyone. No more 'brown envelopes' no more worry about benefit re-assessments, Having just enough to live on and feeling free is surely better than claiming everything going with the worry of people pointing their finger at you, little self respect and above all the thought of the DWP watching.

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