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So i made an appointment to speak to an ESA advisor at the job center to see what i needed to do to change from the wrag on esa to the support group after a change in condition, she said all i had to do was write a covering letter with my request and supply all relevant documentation to support it. so that's what i did.

What she failed to tell me is that making this request can activate a new how your condition affect you form and a new medical assessment with the risk of losing all your esa if you're found fit for work.

So of course last week through the door came the how your condition affects you form.

I have now filled it in and sent it back with all my new medical evidence so i'm just waiting now for the phone call to book me in for a new medical.

I'm actually hoping against all hope that they will do a paper based decision and not make me go through a new medical ,iv'e just had one for my pip assessment (which i was successful with) but i doubt the 2 offices will communicate with each other.. i'm just worried i will lose my ESA.

I have no further meical evidence so if what iv'e supplied already isn't enough even if it was for pip, i don't know what else i can do apart from asking them to look at it again and appeal.. i just don't know if i can cope with it all.. my heads spinning with worry and what if's..

I know no body can give me any answers i guess i just needed to offload my worry somewhere. 

thanks if you have read this far.


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    You can't have expected the DWP just to take your word that you now fit one of the Support Group descriptors?

    They have to go through the system to make sure that what you are claiming now actually qualifies you.

    You would have had evidence to back up the minimum 15 points to get onto ESA in the first place. So with that evidence updated there should be no problem with losing what you have already.

    What about the additional evidence that should be sent to back up your claim for the Support Group?


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      well yes, but the esa advisor told me there would be no risk to my original claim, she said there would be no medical assessment or any other forms to fill, i just had to write to them with my request and supply my additional evidence, which is what i have done, only afterwards i read other peoples story's about doing it and it's totally different to what the esa advisor told me.

      Even their own web site states that your original claim is at risk if you ask to be changed as they will look at your claim again. so there is a risk. of course in a perfect world they would do their jobs properly but even my pip assesor lied and i had to prove her wrong by paying for a letter from my GP. so forgive me if i don't feel secure in my claim..

      if they do their jobs properly the evidence i have supplied should be enough as i know i fit the descriptors for support group,even the pip decision maker states in black and white that i do. but unfortunatly all these decisions are pot luck as to who's desk it lands on.

      I can't help but worry. These claims are never as straight forward as they should be.


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    Hi Gill,

    Anything that involves the DWP is not that simple.rolleyes

    I looked in to changing from Contribution-based ESA in the support group to Income-Related ESA in the support group, basically in my circumstances it would give me an extra £15-£16 a week.

    The guy I spoke to seemed okay at the DWP, which makes a change, anyway - once he told me the difference, I was not that particulary bothered by filling for a new claim.

    This would have meant that my DLA would need to be changed to PIP, which would also be looked at again as a new claim or re-assessment.

    Taking all the above into account, I personally did not think that move would be a good idea,

    £15 a week, is not that much - considering all the problems that might go with it, I could lose my DLA High Rates to PIP, then I would be worse off.

    By the way, ESA Advisors are paid bonuses to keep people in the WRAG group or on JSA. This is why so many people end up appeals.



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      Yeah that's my point, the esa advisor i saw gave me the wrong advice. if i knew it would mean a new form and new medical and the risk of losing what i already have i probably wouldn't have done it and just left it as it was. especially after going through it a few weeks ago with pip.

      Just goes to show you can't trust anyone to actually help you.

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      Hi Gill,

      You certainly have to be 'on-your-guard' with anyone and the DWP. Anyone that works for them, (they have a very high turn-around staff figure, which goes to show people do not hold their jobs with them for very long!) are informed to 'lie', in some cases the more times they can process claimants - the higher their wages becomes, because it is a guaranteed way of putting severely sick or disabled people back to work.

      There are known cases of ex-DWP staff, that are now on ESA and PIP, their job environment and then knowingly, as with intent to deceive claimants over the phone is just too much for many staff, imagine you have a job like this! In the news a couple of weeks ago, a guy was waiting for a letter from the DWP regarding working for them. Instead, because they were too slow sending the letter to him, his benefit was sanctioned!

      I have heard from many ex-staff of the DWP, and some of the stories are really bad, we all blame the DWP for what they do to us with Assessments, Appeals, etc - but it is the 'higher-ups' that are to blame. Trying to take on the DWP as with legalities is another area you cannot win unless you can find a 'loophole'. There are many Acts that the DWP is EXEMPT from, the government covers nearly all ways, so the chances of you winning against them is virtually impossible.

      Gill, your best place for information is on websites like this one, but like most people - you do not really look in to resource websites, to find what other people have done in either, the same or similar predicament.

      It is like me, if someone asked me should they go to the CAB to complete their PIP Application Form I would say 'no', here is 3 reasons why.

      1. There are many reasons why, on numerous cases the DWP will state they cannot read your form because it is either unreadable.

      2. The person completing your form knows nothing about your condition, this differs in all of us, we may have the same disorder, but that does not mean it affects us in the same ways, therefore they would probably enter a general or generic version, which is not correct either.

      3. Let's say the CAB Advisor took just one hour to complete your application, the chances of that with many people - would be impossible.

      A known fact about ESA and PIP Application Forms is never rush them, you are normally given four weeks, but this can be extended to 6 weeks, if required - but you must give them a reasonable explanation.

      Last year I asked for my DLA to be reconsidered, regarding the Care Component changed from Middle to High. I was sent a 4 page application form, but we missed a part on the letter that came with it, stating NOT to fill in Pages 1 & 2, but we missed that part - so we ended up filling in the form in full, with about 6 additional pages of A4 of other information. We spent 4 days completing the whole form, everything was detailed, more than what you would normally enter. I take over 30 tablets a day, but every 10 weeks I have 6 Botox Injections, injected in to 3 different muscles, and the names of my Neurologists, etc.

      We sent it to the DWP, whom sent a letter back about 6 weeks later, that stated they needed more time to make the decision based on all the evidence submitted on the form. About 2 months past and I got the letter stating that due to the progressing disorder becoming worse they had increased the DLA Care Middle to the High Rate, Mobility is already on High Rate. We were asked why we did not apply for it sooner, but it was, we didn't think we were entitled to the High Rate of Care on DLA.

      During that change my whole entitlement to DLA was checked, this was because all my medications had changed over the years, so they needed to look at all my problems, again anyway - so they did comment on supplying all medications, so they could update their records.

      Filling in application forms for DLA, I initially done myself - but as my condition become worse - my wife had to take over.

      When dealing with the DWP, you need to be careful - regardless of being 'face-to-face' or on the phone. I expect after your current situation with ESA, you will take a better view before agreeing to anything, that involves the DWP.

      All the best,



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    Hi Gill

    No point in me pointing out the obvious as the die has been cast and you will have to wait for events to take their course.

    However, looking on the bright side if you are successful in being placed in the Support Group then it will be better for you.

    WRAG is not considered a long term option and at some point the DWP would be looking to move you onto JSA. WRAG is considered as a 'recovery' group where the walking wounded are patched up and sent back into the working world.

    The Support Group is where the long term sick/disabled are placed. It offers better protection and you cannot be sanctioned.

    The DWP advisor may have mislead you but in an act of karma it could turn out to be the best bit of deception you have recently encountered.

    Let’s hope so.

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      Hi anthony, yeah, nothing i can do now just have to jump through what ever hoops they ask me too and see where i end up.

      I really do hope you are right.


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      Hi. I have just experienced the most stressful time with ESA. It was stopped back in March i won my tribunal and the judge and doc on the panel were great. But to my horror they had removed me from support to wrag so not entitled to my back pay and because my husband works iam not entitled to any ESa only they will pay my NI stamp. Iam now having to fight again as they have gone against every thing my GP has told them. My disease will only get worse no cure. I really don't get why we are treated like second class citizens at the end of the day i didn't ask for this disease. Good luck with your case. X

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      I'm sorry to hear this. May i ask how you plan on starting again? You can only take it to the Upper tier Tribunal if an error in law was made in making the decision by thr Tribunal. Also to be allowed to claim ESA assessment rate you can only do this if condition has got considerably worse or for a new condition. Also as you're claim Contribution Based then your time limit could possibly be up with this too. A very complicated sitution.


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