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Can anyone tell me what the difference is between these 3. Had 3 months ompeprzole, 1 month lansoprazole and now 1 month esomeprazole. Surely if one doesnt work will the others Are they just the same tablets under different brand names. My upper bloat/gas is so bad  anyone had any success with any thing else thank you

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    Hi Lucy

    There all from the same family is ppi proton pump inhibitors which is to reduce acid causing reflux into the food pipe also to stop it reduce acid flow in your stomach

    They work slightly differently and also other medications at the same time will affect the use of each one

    Seems like your doctor is just chancing his arm to see what works for you

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    I think the strengths are different also when you are on a tablet for some time your body can build up a resistance. That's what I was told any ways, all doctors have their own methods good luck
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    I was diagnosed with mild gastritis but I do not have acid reflux, mild more worrisome intermitent throbs, with so much gas/gurgling/bloating all in upper body.

    Think there may be something else as well causing this! 

    PPIs dont seem to make any difference & my Dr seems to be running out of what to do next. Had US 2 MRI of liver - fatty and two lesions on liver - looked at by two differnent hospitals and both said inconsequential and benign (these were a year) apart and endoscopy. US showed normal pancreas and gallblbadder

    l What else could I ask for ? Thanks 

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      Hi Lucy, I was diagnosed about two months now with acid reflux and mild gastritis the doctors have just seems to me to just be worried about the acid reflux and like you tried the ppi have tried two now and lots of blood works all normal but I too have mild pain in upper stomach same between shoulder blades and bloating, doctors just told me to take pain killers , I too am at the point as not sure what to ask for next !! Getting the feeling doctors don't know what to do next . Also lots of gas and gurgling stomach . 
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      Instead of any pain killer use no-spa forte it is very effective in stomach pain best of luck
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      Unfortunately, this drug (Drotaverine) doesn't appear to be available in ost countries other than India,Asia and some Eastern Eroean countries.
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    Omeprazole, Lansoprazole and Esomeprazole are three drugs from the Proton Pump Inhibitors or PPIs family of drugs. Omeprazole was the initial drug manufanctured. It is the first one that doctors try because it has been around so long it is able to be produced cheaper than the others. The Lansoprazole was the next generation and Esomaprozole was a later generation. By generation I mean that it is the newer version with adaptions to make it more effective and lessen the side effects. 

    Who is prescribing these- your GP or a Gastroenterologist/hospital specialist? If it is you GP and you have not been checked by a specialist your GP should referring you, if these drugs are not working.

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    There are a number of PPI drugs and research has shown they are all equally as effective as each other at reducing acid when taken in equivalent dose, though some people may tolerate one more than another.

    The first was omeprazole which came out in the early 80's. When it was going out of copyright, Astra Zeneca introduced the S-enantiomer of the drug (called esomeprazole) claiming it was better (though only AZ sponsored research where they used double strength esomeprazole has shown this) .

    When the manufactureres of lansoprazole tried a similar trick (using the N-enatiomer of their drug (called dexlansoprazole) , they were told by the FDA in America they were not allowed to claim it was better. (I guess they didn't have the same financial clout as AZ. )

    The attached graphic from the Down With Acid book shows the equivalent doses of the available PPIs and the NHS costs in UK.

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    hi lucy. i started on omeprazole about 3.5-4yrs ago for oesophagitis & dyspepsia by my gastroenterologist following an upper endoscopy. my symptoms were reflux at night which burnt my throat & caused spasmodic coughing, chronic upper bloating & discomfort after eating. omeprazole were ineffective. after 3mths i was switched to esomeprazole by my gp as they were the "gold choice", & i have been on them ever since with success, barring the odd blip. omeprazole are the 1st line nhs treatment as they do work for some & are the cheapest. i am on 20mg daily, but occasionally i get acute gastritis usually caused by something like high pain relief requirements for other problems(as now)-i double up my esomeprazole to 40mg day for couple of weeks & it settles it all down again. i must stress i do take a very good quality (& pricey) liquid probiotic everyday too, so it helps to combat the possible negative effect of ppi's (they can inhibit acid to the point bad bacteria/bugs are not killed off, but probiotics counter act this by adding good bacteria to the gut). i get on well with them - they serve their purpose. i have tried to come off them a few months ago & replace with a natural supplement that had been successful for some people, but after 2 days i ended up with acute gastritis so went straight back on the esomeprazole at 40mg for couple of weeks & everything settled down again. hope this helps x
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    Thank you everyone, was referred by a specialist for endoscopy but results sent direct to dr and never saw specialist again. These tablrts dont seem to do a thing 

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