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hi there am new to all this was wondering if there was anyone with these problems and could advice 6 months after giving birth to my 2 year old daughter i was sat at home whilst holding my daughter settling her to sleep & suddenly felt like my heart had stopped for a few seconds i also experienced my first heart palputation since that day in feb 2013 i have had a string or random syptoms till now dizzyness sickness pains down my arms lots of spasoms plus more i have seen a few specialist and one has confirmed etopic heart beats the other possible hormone imbalance and acid reflux something i have noticed my attacks of random symptoms happen around my cycle some cycles i have such a servre chest pain it feels like im having a heart attack i get very dizzy & feel faint alot in the heart my etopic heart beats have been alot worse & feel very unwell.because of all this for the past almost 2 years i am suffering with anxiety & depresson i wont take my daughter out on my own and get very scared when im left on my own with my daughter incase something happens this really has affected my life my marriage my job everrything my doctors arent going to investigate further because they say its not serious but yet have been left with living in fear and still no answers really i dont know if all my symptoms are my heart & reflux? sorry for the long message not sure what to do anymore thank you for reading x

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    Hi Kelly,

    It's all very scary isn't it? I have Paroxysmal Atrial Fibrillation - basically the heart beat gets totally scrambled but it's been under good control for 30 years. Ectopic beats are much less severe but a bit similar. One does not lead to the other btw.

    However, it took at least 3 years to sort it out. The reason is that it's pretty hard to tell stomach symptoms from heart symptoms at times - the top of the tum and the heart lie very near each other.

    My irregular beats were much much worse before the 'time of the month' too - and are much less now I'm post menopause: there had to be a good side to that! Also stomach gas canmake my heart skip. It's because a nerve that helps control the heart called the vagus nerve (vagus means wanderer - like the word vagrant) in some people wanders very close to the stomach.

    If your tum is full of gas or upset it can put pressure on your vagus nerve. So why not make sure that you eat quite slowly, take antacids regulalry and never lie down with a v full tummy or a v empty one?. I have irregular beats lying down more often than not - because there's more pressure on the nerve then. Has anyone prescribed a stomach acid 'blocker' tablet? Omeprazole in the UK. Works great. Rule out the simple stuff first.

    Of course you are depressed and anxious! No one has explained anything very well! Ectopic beats and irregular beats v v seldom cause any other serious problems especially to a woman of your age - but they can make you feel dizzy. So take some baby steps out (as you taught your 2 year old to do) and start going out for v short periods. You've lost confidence and need to build it slowly.

    You can also feel more secure by learning how to help control ectopic beats. There is a breathing manoevre 5-2-5 that's good to know plus carotid massage. Look them up on the internet - I use both and they often work. Please look them up - you'll feel 'safer' and able to do more things if you have some DIY control

    Go back to your doctor - ask for the stomach meds. Tell him the ectopics are making you feel anxious and what can he/she suggest? Doctors know that these beats have very little danger and they forget that they have seen hundreds of people like this - and so know that the effects are usually minimal - but we patients don't. Beta blockers at a low dose might well help - with very few side effects known.

    Btw was it GERD the doctor described Gastro Esophageal Disease? Just means too much acide in the wrong place - and you get pain v near where the heart is.

    All good wishes ;-)

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      Hi there very sorry for late reply I hope your ok & I'm sorry to hear of your illness sounds awful sad that's crazy 3 years to find out what's wrong wow so pleased they finally found what's wrong.yes my doctors have been pretty useless & unsupportive really they have been just giving all kinds of tablets saying what they think is the problem but not actually happens & how it works etc.I think it's definitely all 3 the hormone imbalance irregular heartbeat beat & reflux the anxiety don't help either get some horrible symptoms from that. I have inflammation of the food pipe & I'm on lansoprazole.
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    Some people as long as not diabetic find that Manuka Honey before meals prevents acid causing pan.

    This is from one article. You can Google for more.

    "Medical research and anecdotal information places Active Manuka Honey as a prominent product used against any stomach related affections. Active Manuka Honey is a natural antibiotic that has absolutely no known side effects. Active  Manuka Honey will not affect the medication that you might be taking. This site does not encourage any interruption of prescribed medication.

    The way Active Manuka Honey works is by coating the stomach and esophagus and healing the damages in the tissue and lining provoked by acid reflux.

    It is recommended to take Active Manuka Honey for at least 3 month, every day, 3 spoons full of honey per day. While taking Active Manuka Honey it is common to feel a big difference within only 3-6 days.

     Manuka Honey has an antibacterial effect of 4 times greater than common antiseptic. Active Manuka Honey helps revive the natural cultures of good bacteria in ones stomach. The good bacterium helps digestion and increase the immune system.

    Take 1 full spoon of Manuka Honey 3-4 times a day, 20 minutes before meals and before bed time. It is recommended to take it on a piece of toast or a fruit to avoid being dissolved too fast into the blood stream before it gets into the stomach and starts affecting the stomach lining.

    The use of Manuka Honey is proven to be a less expensive and non invasive way to heal any stomach affections like acid reflux disease, stomach ulcer, irritable bowel movement etc.


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