Eustachian tube dysfunction for 6 months... i'm suicidal and not sure what to do....?

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I've had eustachian tube dysfunction in both ears ever since flying long haul with a bad flu/cold in November last year and nothing since has eased my symptoms. I went to my doctor a month ago and he dissmissed it really, told me to use a steroid nasal spray and do valsalva every hour and it should go away in a couple weeks. This spray has done nothing and I actually feel like it has gotten worse the past month. It causes a feeling of unbearable pressure in my ears and sometimes in my head and nose, affects my hearing, causes crackling and popping when i swallow, yawn etc. and makes me so miserable. If theres no cure for this then I'm not sure I want to keep living. I'm only 18 and have never felt this way before but I really feel so hopeless. My doctor just won't take it seriously as I feel he just doesn't know what to do. He said he would refer me to an ENT but reading online I feel theres no way an ENT can help me. After searching this on the internet for the past 6 months and reading all the stories of people never getting cured of this and having it for tens of years I honestly just want to die. I'm suffering from a tremendous amount of anxiety too as I am due to fly to Greece from the UK in the beginning of July and am sure that it will aggravate the problem. If this happens I don't know what I will do apart from just end it... I'm scared of feeling like this and wish that I just had my old ears back so much I'm crying as I write this. I have no idea what to do no one around me understands I just wish there was something that would cure me. Before this I loved life and was excited by the prospect of my future but now this condition has taken over every waking second of my life, driving me insane. I'm so lost and hopeless and in pain I don't know what to do... If anyone knows anyone who can actually help me in the UK please please get in contact. otherwise I fear I may do something stupid before the year ends... :'(

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    You are not alone  and i had a sinus infection on too of it too and get weird tinnitus. I so understand. Dont google they give such false info my ents saw two different ones have not run three forths of the test they say they are suppose too. We have to hang in here. Geez so much can go wrong thinking you can commint suicide. Really too much can go awry. It astounding the medical world is so dumb! I do not know why they are alloted "specialist" titles. Fools us all. Most peoole do recover. Thats all i have been told. Most do can take a year in many cases unless you can track down the cause. And be sure you rule out tmj. Although that too is hard to regulate. For every story you read there is a million at least that have recovered.  It wrecked my life as it was too but i hold on. I have seen to much in my ife and things do change in a dime.  They do. Take one day at a time. 

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      As you so rightly say Lisa."one day at a time"All the rest is propoganda.

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    Hey Bro I am going through the same thing it does feel like torment the crackling the pressure build up. Drives me nuts drink lots of water stay away from sodas and stuff with alot of sugar makes it worst don't use the spray everyday maybe twice a week I have one tube in my right ear that's where it started then later the other ear was blocked so I need to get tube in left ear I should have gotten both done at same time I would be done with this crap by now you need tubes in both ear no smoking or be around people that smoke it irritates it alcohol does as well get the tubes take allergy medicine it's gonna take a year or two after both tubes are in ear to start to work it out of there but it will be okay I have moments of anxiety build up and want to freak out but just breathe also try to be in cool air when sleeping or riding it soothes it sweating alot triggers it feel free to hit me up if you have questions

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    Try this ancient procedure at home

    Yogic ​Pranayama Technique: For Eustachian Tube blockage

    To clear eustachian tube of bad ear

    - Close nostril with finger on side of good ear and Deep Breathe slowly till lungs fill up in through nostril on side of bad ear. Hold air in lungs for a second.

    - Close nostril with finger on side of bad ear and breathe out air slowly through nostril on side of good ear

    Repeat procedure for 5 mins straight up.

    I have gone to 3 ENT physicians, multiple tests and scans, lot of heavy dosage antibiotics, and a lot of money on unnecessary medications and nothing helped. I also used olive, garlic juice in the bad ear. This simple pranayama technique is proving far far more effective than these remedies.



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    I am in the exact situation as you are and i know how you feel

    I have lost my faith in everything since this happened

    I dont know what to say but please don't do "somethig stupid". Your life is valuable 

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    Hey Caddy I perfectly understand how you feel, but I can tell you there is still hope, don't desperate , I was with that same symptoms  for around 2 years, I got better with the ear tube insertion in both ears , I got little better then It went away by itself  ,I was perfectly ok for around 6 years then it started again about 6 months ago but I noticed I can control it by reducing the stress levels. There is also a balloon tube dilation surgery that cost around 3K in US, there are few options around , so don't feel there is nothing to do because is not true, take a look on the options I gave you.

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    This is just where I am at now!! And I totally know what you mean.  I am literally on the verge of giving up, I've had enough :-(..  I've had a problem with my left ear for 18 months now!  It has been blocked, popping, pressured. I can't sleep on my left side or it makes it worse.  I've been backwards and forwards to various ENT specialists who can't find anything wrong. Last month I was sent to a new ENT consultant and he is sending me for a hearing test but the letter he has sent to my GP says he suspects I have Patulous Eustachian Tube.  I googled it and bingo!!!!  I'm 100% certain that is what I have.  Now lets hope they can sort it.  However, in the last 10 days, my right ear has decided to copy the left and now I can't hear, I feel totally bunged up and muffled and I honestly cannot live like this for much longer.  I can't cope with it.  I can't sleep because of it.  I need help now!

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      Hello, If you do have Patulous that is harder to get rid of. I think that's the air causing the problem. I have experienced that from time to time. Eustachian Tube Dysfunction is horrible. Happily, I'm having a few months relief from it at the moment, but know it will return again soon. I think mine is all to do with allergies and the Seasons. May is a bad month for me and so

      will be Sept/Oct. I think we all suffer the same symptoms. Clicking in the ear and completely blocked. with Patulous you can hear yourself speaking,

      that's an awful feeling. Take a daily antihistamine, plus a steriod nasal spray

      or better still if you are able to get them the stronger based steriod nasal drops....they do help.


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      my voice sounds a little strange but im not sure if i have that i just always have to pop my ears as one starts to feel really dim thankyou i will ask about a sronger nasel drop. how long have you had this for xx

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    Hello caddddy,I'm sad to hear of the problem we both share & the only thing that has helped me is "mindfullness".

    It really is the only thing that at least helps you cope with the problem that can't be seen,touched,heard or anything else that isn't visible & obvious.If you care to look back in this column over what I've written over the past months & years you'll come to realise & accept that the doctors just DON'T KNOW.

    I've been on three mindfulness courses & although the problem remains I find that I'm in  a better frame of mind to live & cope with it.I sincerely hope that this letter  might  do the same for you.


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    Hi Caddddy, I’ve been living with ETD for 6 months. I understand how you feel because so far all treatment has failed. I have told myself I will beat this. I will not allow it to destroy me. I got a prednisone shot tos past Friday and it takes around 5 days to help if it’s going to. In 6 weeks I’m having allergy tests done. My ENT told me if this fails he is going to offer inserting tubes. He has been honest and told me there’s not a guarantee for any of this. I know you made this post around a year and half ago and I hope you are doing better and haven’t done any harm to yourself. If anyone on here is suffering and would like to talk through email please let me know and I’ll post my email for you. I truly understand because I’m suffering. Not anyone understands unless they have been through this. After you have had it for a while they start looking at it that’s it must not be serious. It hurts!! I will fight this!! I hope Caddddy and all of you do. There will be a brighter day coming! Blessings to all! 
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    Thank you everyone for sharing your experiences of this really annoying and frustrating condition as reading your comments makes me realise that I'm not alone in suffering this condition.

    I have been suffering from tinnitus, 'clonking' when swallowing, intermittent pain, problems with balance and increased travel sickness since flying with a cold last February. I also developed an ear infection at that time in my right ear which cleared up with antibiotics but the right ear is still the worse affected.

    I flew again in August and, in all honesty the condition has worsened since then.

    I was referred to an ENT consultant in April who prescribed a steroid nose drop for 2 weeks and then Avamys nasal spray to help reduce mucus production. The GP thinks this will help clear the Eustachian tubes, although in her next breath she reckons there's no problem with the Eustachian tubes !!!

    I think I'll have to go back to the GP again in a month or so, and see another Dr. in the hope that one will eventually listen to me and realise that this noise, pressure, clonking and pain is something to be taken seriously and either refer me to another ENT specialist or someone who is qualified in understanding and treating these symptoms.

    From being told by the ENT consultant in April that this condition should clear within 3 months I've now had it, in varying degrees of annoyance and pain, for nearly 8 months. I'm really hoping that it clears soon.


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    Hi, the Eustachian tube muscles are right next to the jaw so if something is messing with your jaw muscles it can also mess with your Eustachian tube. Since you're 18 I'm thinking about your wisdom teeth messing up your bite. There is a device called the tekscan t-scan that measures bite forces as you bite. if these forces aren't balances you can get all kinds of knock-on muscle problems

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    hiya ive been suffering with this since feburary ive just been refferd to ENT but its a 16 week waiting list i cant cope anymore with it i have two small children i feel like its compleatly destroying my life all i keep reading is negative things and how people have never go back to normal i can see some of these post are old did anyone recover.

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      to be honest I have been dealing with it for sometime now but the most important part is seeing what makes your worse sodas smoke especially inhaling these thing irritate it more sodas make it more stickier comes it comes through the pores drink water mostly you learn to tolerate it more later and never give up allergy meds to keep fluid build up down and flonase nasal spray as prescribed

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