Eustachian Tube Dysfunction/TMJ Ruined my life

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It's been over a year now and I am at my wit's end. ETD and TMJ have caused me to lose almost all hearing in my right ear and as the days pass I grow more deaf in the left. I can no longer compose or produce music. I attempted suicide but was stopped and now I can only ask for what? I feel like the only thing I loved is gone

I have exhausted all resources and dumped all my finances and now here I am an unemployed dropout. I could keep going on if there was a cure for this disorder but the more I learn, the more I come to terms with this condition being terminal.

I have reached a dead end. No amount of antibiotics can ever give me my reason to exist back.

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    Hi Ozlo

    We note from a recent post which you have made to our forum that you may be experiencing thoughts around self-harm. If we have misinterpreted your comments then we apologies for contacting you directly. But if you are having such thoughts then please note that you are not alone in this, and there are people out there that can help.

    If you are having these suicidal thoughts then we strongly recommend you speak to someone who may be able to help. The Samaritans offer a safe space where you can talk openly about what you are going through. They can help you explore your options, understand your problems better, or just be there to listen.

    Their contact details are on our patient information leaflet here:, which also offers lots of other advice on how you can access the help you may need.

    If you are having such thoughts then please do reach out to the team at the Samaritans (or the other people detailed in our leaflet) who will understand what you're going through and will be able to help.

    Kindest regards


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    i can understand what you are going through. Believe me this problem will go away. Visit a new ENT in your area who is good. Ask him what is the solution. Propose if balloon dilation can help. because balloon dilation cured me. i had that condition for almost 7 years.

    And now its a common surgery without risks and minor. go for it. trust me you will be fine.

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      I had eustachian tube dilation surgery in January and sadly it did nothing except make my ears worse ..I do have better days in general this problem is just a continuing nightmare and very very difficult to live with as we are not "sick " my ENT is amazing and very kind and sympathetic ...the thing that has helped me is a hearing aid in left ear no more whooshing sound and less clogged ...look inti that for your right ear ..sending good thoughts your way

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      I will but the cause of my symptom is glue ear that never cleared and my ENT refuses to help me. I'm in the process of finding new ENTs but of course they are booked for months.

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    I just want to say that dont let this get to your head and cripple your life. Think of it as a battle and you should find a solution of this anyhow. Believe me there is a cure. Just ask a good ENT. Just try balloon dilation too. If it does not work there is another way in which they manually clean your middle ear using vacuum. You will have to go for that cleaning every year I think. So help is available. Dont worry.

    That is what I did for myself. You will find a cure too, I am certain

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      I really hope so. Thank you for the kind words. Everyday is a battle as no one has solutions.

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    I truly wish you all well & if any of the things you do ,or have done by doctors surgeons & the like,then that is wonderful.On a personal level I've seen four of the best (so they tell me) ENT specialists in the country & between them they appear not to have an inkling as what to do. I've had three MRI scans which thankfully don't show anything nasty.Or anything at all.The result being is that they don't know how to treat it & have even suggested that I'm imagining it. I'm doing a course in mindfulness & meditation which helps me to come to terms with it,but doesn't actually do anything to help ease the condition.

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      You and me both Michael. This condition has made every waking moment painful. I'm going to tackle it from all angles beyond just ENTs. At the very least you can fight it to the end.

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    Ozlo, please hang in there! I always try to tell myself that we are not alone. There are millions of people out there who are deaf and have similar symptoms like us! We all have to support each other and be there for one another and cope with the symptoms and carry forward. We can't give up on life.

    I am always here if you ever want to talk to me. Please reach out and if there's any support or comfort I can provide I will be there for you!

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      Thank for. I really can't imagine life deaf as a musician but I'll fight this as long as I can.

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      nobody understands this and how crippling and frustrating and relentless it is ..its so so tiring and draining trying to hear people permanently ...I have a hearing aid in the left ear now and it does help a lot...but by the end of the day I am ready to rip it out it is very uncomfortable to wear for hours on end happy place is in front of my TV with my headphones on which allows me to zone out and hear everything for a change

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    My problems were caused by malocclusion. Do your teeth fit together?

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