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shaivin85010 shaivin85010

Eustachian tube dysfunction... What's your story & what helped you?

It's a weird feeling being able to finally hear out of my right ear... All the medications, tears, anxiety, praying, hearing loss, endless doctors visit, countless research, sleepless nights to having a myringotomy surgery done while I was awake... I was persistent that I can handle whatever pain because I was already going crazy, literally!!! I don't know how I got it because I didn't have a bad cold nor do I suffer from allergies... Seems like all the people who suffered from Eustachian tube dysfunctions also felt it affected their life both physically & emotionally... Yes, it does makes you feel overwhelmed & worried especially when you think your losing your hearing, permanently... I've researched that people also got severely depressed because of it... Never really thought about how such a small tube can really affect someone so bad that it made life a struggle... It made me so sad that I finally broke down & cried in front of my kids... 

I never want to experience something like that ever again!!!


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  • carmel83758 carmel83758 shaivin85010

    Had a similar experience which went on for months and would come and go - turned out that it was silent acid reflux. But I had to tell the doctors that. They kept saying it was just happening for no apparent reason. Which did not explain it at all. I knew it could not be allergies as the symptoms didnt fit that. When you tell people you have such problems they tend to think it is trivial compared to their arthritis or rheumatism or whatever, but to me it is far worse.

  • lauren77661 lauren77661 shaivin85010

    What helped?  The myringotomy surgery?  Please advise. THank you.

    • shaivin85010 shaivin85010 lauren77661

      Honestly, it could be that or maybe a mixture of the meds I took along with the myringotomy. I did not get any tubes but I was persistent about having it done because I was flying in 4 days. ENT doctor told me that it might not help with the muffled but will help with the pressure which it did. The nerd day I felt a s

  • ile 69334 ile 69334 shaivin85010

    Hi similar symptoms here and what I have done that has worked wonders for me...I lay on my bed face down up to my waist and very close to the edge...then carefully bring my head down to the floor and hold it there and feel the pressure of the weight on my ears...for a minute or so...then come back and equalize...after several days of doing it my ears popped and relief came to be...tinnitus quiet down and the pressure stop...

  • AngelFish AngelFish shaivin85010

    Been a martyr to ETD since childhood (Otitis Media), sinus drip, allergies. Dread getting viral infections/flu. Quite a few family members suffer too.  Bit concerned about valsalva method as heard some contraindications about it.  Tried steamer, netti pot, massage etc which provides some relief.  Recent viral infection left me deaf and blocked, that horrible 'vacuum' and pressure effect for ages so this worked for me:  Read Oxymetazoline is good for short term use only for sinus problems to help unblock ET,s but it must be administered with your face facing  the floor to open ET's up not with head tilted back.  Did consider buying ear popper but found drinking warm water in this way popped my ears which was such a relief:  Fill mouth as much as poss with warm water, pinch nose really hard and swallow.  Keep repeating then swallow without water or nose pinching. They may reblock again so repeat as required. Now got fluid draining out and can hear at last!  All the best and hope this helps some fellow sufferers

  • Buzzards Buzzards shaivin85010

    Hi. I have suffered with ETD since I was 3, I am now 37. As a child I had Grommets 4 times and my adenoids removed. Sadly I have not 'grown out' of the blasted condition. I wonder if anyone else experiences the same sympoms as mine. I swallow, my ear drum retracts and everyong sounds echoey and  can heae my pulse, I then sniff hard and things return to normal??  I have been referred to ent many times as an adult. They seem reluctant to out tubes in as they say once they come out I will suffer the same next time I get a cold. For me it is exhasperates my head colds. For most a cold last a week or two and they are well, for me the trouble starts after the cold has gone with the ear trouble. I got so fed up with it I became quite depressed a couple of years ago. It is hard explaining to people as unless people have suffered from it they can't understand why you can't pop a pill and it will get better. I have Nasonex nasal spray and steam 3-4 times a day when they are really bad. Sometimes I feel so alone, like no-one has any idea how debilitated I feel. A constant cycle of swallow sniff all day every day for months at a time. People sometimes say 'wear a hat to keep them warm' or 'can't they syringe them'. So hear I am, with a terrible cold already dreading the coming months. 

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