Eustachian tubes - what now?

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Hi, can anyone help, long story short, had sinus infection, took a flight, went to Dr,  nasal spray, cold & flu tablet, nasal rinse - both ears still blocked.  Dr then told me to take 10 day course of 3x500 mg amoxcillin.  Finished this course yesterday, while the awful pressure has eased, both ears are still blocked & I get dizzy on and off.  What can I do now?  My anxiety is not great when I take, as I call it a “tilt” I get really hot & its rotten. I wonder if I do go back will he put me on more antibiotics & I hate them...  any advice I would be grateful.

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    Hi Jean,

    My original ETD started about 30 years ago with a flight home from Hawaii with a bad cold and sinus inf.

    It does real trauma to the tubes. 

    I flew last Nov. with a cold and dreaded the after effects. Had them ! Flew with Afrin, ear planes stuffed in ( can get those at CVS), but still suffered.  It took about 3 weeks, anti-biotics, and steroids to get over it.  I can't do the sinus rinses, as it makes my ET's worse. 

    I also get dizzy with it which creates tons of anxiety. As a teacher, I can't miss work and it is hard.

    I use Nasacort, but not Sudafed due to the Epinephrine.....speeds up the heart. 

    I have been to the House Ear Institute here in LA and they suggest the balloon dilation procedure which I'm considering.

    Just flew to NYC and back to LA without a problem, using "ear planes" stoppers and Nasacort plus chewed gum at take-off and landing.

    Good luck !

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      Thanks Judi for taking the time to reply.  I just wonder might the GP put me on another course of antibiotics?  I’m here with a warm towel at one ear, my left one doesn’t seem as blocked as the right one.  I wouldn’t wish this on anyone but you give me heart when you say it creates anxiety as I thought it was just me.  In all honestly I’m so afraid to go to Dr. all because of having to sit in waiting room.  I rang to ask receptionist to ask him a question, he very kindly rang me back, I would love to do the same again, but afraid he might think I’m being cheeky, nothing easy... T’u again. 
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    Hi, sounds like you might having infection, the therapy I question?

    Steroid nasal spray and nasal rinse

    May compound the problem. Decongestant pills is what I would use adding sprays to congestion doesn’t work for me. Heat to area below ear may aid drainage. Every time you use nasal rinse your condition will worsen!

    Once you get drainage and congestion 

    lessens then nasal spray etc. if you have ear problems after the infection is gone

    search my prior comment string.  I have ETD And Dr. Mandel YouTube video on tinnitus Has helped me .

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      Hello Terry.  T’u for taking the time to reply.  It’s funny you mention the nasal rinse, all it was doing was making my head feel dizzy.  I’m now just using the nasal spray but my nose is not blocked & no sinus headache,  that’s gone, but just this awful feeling of blockage & a little stabby pain now and again,  in both ears every now and again I get dizzy,  when I get dizzy I get really hot then I’m cold, then feel like I need to be sick, but haven’t.  I don’t know where to turn to or what to do next but I’m very fed-up of doing what I’m told and taking what I’m told and still have two stupid blocked ears.  All the lovely evening and the kids out playing and I’m here stuck in the house afraid to go out in case I take a dizzy spell.  Ah well I will keep at it and pray for two very loud “pops” sometime soon hopefully. How well I’d have it in both ears, how lucky am I - lol.  T’u.

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      I  have experienced the same symptoms and illness. The ETD is unnerving so read my prior comments carefully and start the process  of getting them back open I’ve been doing this for over six months and I’m doing well with that morning  and evening  The real test will be when the cold weather is here again.Please read my prior comment string and listen to Dr. Mandel you have to practice doing what I he stated . During the nasal rinse I have two different model squeeze bottles  that I use I don’t use the Nettie pot. Blow  mouth closed nose  pinched until you hear a sound in the ear canal of the saline splash. When I blow with my mouth closed and my nose pinched it creates a pressure that forces the saline up into the area of the Estacion tube,  hydraulic pressure forces the tube to clear.this is what I do ,every day twice a day .  Dr. Mandel says do it repeatedly with practice and then eventually you will have success .this is a treatment is not a cure. I went to an ENT this past spring and he said the only thing that would work for me would be a tuboplasty  which I am not going to do as long  this treatment keeps my ears clear .The ENT also stated that surgery is only covered by Medicare right now. Keep at it, don’t blow with all your might but several times a day until success.  Estacion tube  May slowly close-back but you keep at it and then will reopen .I am a senior  citizen and  will need this treatment for a long time and younger person this treatment may eventually cure the problem .Doctor   Mandel   YouTube video treatment for tinnitus is the one you need to watch carefully . hang in there .

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