Everyday anxiety symptoms?

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Hi, i just registred to this forum and i have read some of problems that are similar to mine. And as i can see most of ppl here have lot of symptoms in common. 

I have 25 years, 194cm and 107kg. I'm programmer for last few years and i work for an big company from USA, so my physical activity is low. I'm walking only to store to get some food and drinks, and maybe take a walk for 5-10minutes daily (that is inactive for sure). Everything happnes few years ago when i felt like im flying, feeling dizzines. It was happening once per month... but from 2 years ago it was happening for 2-3 times per month... I was not paying attention that much until something happen. While i was drinking coffe and smoking cigarete early in the morning i feld something like im fainting, i was feeling so weak and my eyesight started fainted to black. 2 minutes after i fell on bed in living room and my hearthbeats increased up to aproximate 150-170/min. After that happen i was not able to drink coffe ever again ,everytime that i taste coffe everything same happen to me. But this is just introduction to the problem if i can call it like that.

Exactly 1 year ago i was with my girlfriend and my brother in fastfood, we were eating. I was eating pork burger while they was eating chicken burgers. After i was done with burger i started to feel nauseous, i could not move... every step is causing more and more nausea. My head was heavy and everything was spinning a bit around me ( i felt a little dizziness ). I drove myself to hospital and they gave me some medics because my blood pressure was 160/100 and my HearthBeats were around 120. I was scared as well, i did not know what is happening to me. From that moment every time when ti try grill mean with pork (meat from pig) in it, i feel dizzines and nausea. After a while i started to feel nausea whatever i eat but it disapeared after few weeks... My worst period was from 6-7 months ago when i started to having panic attacks (as some doctors are telling me). Im not sure are that panic attack or something else but out from nowhere i was getting increased hearth beats and i could not take a breath. That attack could least from 30 seconds up to few minutes. I was really scared why that is happening, i experienced also few times something like electroshock in my head and brain (lasting for 3-10 seconds). Most recently (3-4 months ago) i got tinnitus which is worst at nights, but i can hear it every time when it is quiet around me. Sometimes i feel burning skin on my right leg's leaf and my right forearm as well. That can least minutes, or hours, or days.. no rules for that symptom. I was over 10 times in urgent hospital (because of feeling sick, like im going to faint, like im going to die) where they tested me ECG, blood pressure, blood analysis, blood sugar,... everything was good except fast hearth beats few times... Today i felt something most scary, i was programming, writing some code on my laptop, and suddenly i felt really strong tinitus, and some vibrations in my ears and in my head, my heart started to beat really fast (>120/m), my palms sweating, i was trying to keep calm and lay down on bad.. i was trying to breath properly (4 seconds in, 4 seconds out), nothing helped.. while i was lying down on bad with closed eyes and while i was trying to calm down, my head was pulsing and my hearth was beating so fast. i felt like i'm going to faint, to die... This least for around 15-20mintes. Im really so scared and lost.. I visited few doctors, neurologist who checked my reflexes, my hands and legs and everything (without any scans) and he is telling me that my body is healthy as my brain is as well. But I don’t know why, I don’t trust him because of everyday symptoms. Im not feeling comfortable when im alone at home or somewhere else because im scared that no one will be near me to help me if I faint or if I get some strong attack… maybe that is increasing my anxiety as well…


I'm experiencing everyday 24/7 symptoms like dizziness, nausea, heart palpitations, tinnitus, fear of death, fear of fainting, breathing more difficult then usual, burning skin on forearm and leaf . It happen that I don’t have some of symptoms every time, but mostly I have all of them except I have nausea nad burning skin sometimes… Please help me and tell me what to do,.. guide me… your help means a lot to me!

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    I dont see edit button so i will add something as an reply, sorry about that. My biggest fear is fear of some illnes like cancer, tumor, or something that is also uncurable... And everytime that i have some symptom i start to think about that tumors, cancers, illness, everything... Like a magic circle, never can get out of it when symptoms are there...
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      You are far from being alone I have it have had most of your symptoms I've been dealing with bad anxiety for over a year now I just posted an hour ago cause I'm having a rough time as well. I use to have the burning skin and ringing in the ears it just one day disappeared. The burning skin to me feels like a sunburn very uncomfortable, my main symptoms that's been lingering is the heart chest issues that scares the heck out of me. And like you it's hard to trust drs because we are feeling these things and they are very real and uncomfortable. Alot of people on here are very helpful they help me everytime i need reassurance or freak about a symptom. Just keep posting and reading forum it really does help calm you when you read others post makes you not feel so alone and helps calm your fears. I can't offer much advise as Im struggling too but others will come along and help hang in there this is all horrible

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      We all have or have had these symptoms. What will help you the most is to spend a few hours visiting other anxiety discussions in this forum. It will help you understand what is happening with anxiety, and what others are doing about it.

      Just in the US alone, as of 2006. there were over 20,000,000 anxiety patients being treated....who knows how many more untreated, and that was 10 years ago. It is reported that over 25% of the world's population is dealing with anxiety....all with some or all of the same symptoms.

      You need to see a doctor and get diagnosed, and if medication is suggested, go with it. If I hadn't done that I think my sanity would be in danger.

      Once you know for sure what you are dealing with and maybe some meds, you will be calm and centered enough to look for ways to help yourself begin to get your life back. We have all been there.

      This forum is a wonderful place for ideas, comfort, caring and experience. We can suggest, but we can't do. Only you can do that.

      Please, see a doctor, and be sure to let us know what he says.

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      I visited doctor today, once more again. He gave me some pills which should calm down my symptoms and he gave me another ones for tinnitus. Everything that he told me is "This should take a care of your symptoms, please come again in 15 days". THe told me as well that yesterday's attack can be clasified as panic attack without reason. I can understand everything but i cant understand how can i have some psyhical symptoms 24/7 rolleyes that is really scary for me...

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      Yes, you can have physical stuff 24/7. Anxiety is a disorder that needs diagnosis and probably anti anxiety meds, at least at the beginning. If your doctor did not diagnose, anxiety disorder, you need to see someone else. A psychiatrist will spot it fast, and being a medical doctor also, can prescribe also, if needed. This is also the person who can recommend therapy options, and ways to learn to deal with anxiety.

      Here you will learn a lot about anxiety. Everyone here is dealing to some degree just what you are. We can encourage, give ideas on self help, listen and care. only a doctor can diagnose and prescribe. That is your next action.

      When I got myself to urgent care...a total basket case...the doctor saw the problem right away, and put me on meds that saved my sanity. I got calm enough to look for ways to help myself and understand the disorder. I found this forum and learned a lot.

      I really think you should spend a few hours reading through other anxiety discussions in this forum. You will find a lot of answers and learn more about anxiety and the many ways to get your life back.

      But first, I repeat, you need to be diagnosed and probably get meds. Those two actions we cannot do for you, Honey. Hugs

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    Does anyone else experiencing same psyhical symptoms as I do? Sypmtoms which last for 70-100% of the day? 
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