Everyone OK?

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I can’t remember the forum ever being so quiet. Trust all regulars are doing OK.

Anyone out there who doesn’t know whether to join or not, please do.

No-one is judgemental, and you won’t shock anyone. We’ve all been there. Everyone is very friendly and speak from experience.

Loads more information and help on this forum than any alcohol recovery clinics, or addiction clinics.

Please don’t suffer in silence

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    Hi Vickylou.  I was thinking that maybe I'd been blocked or something!!  Yes it's very quiet I also hope everyone is OK.  All the best Humpty xxx

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    Hi, Vicky, it's amazing how fast time goes. I'm done kidding myself I can get my drinking under control on my own. I was at the GP Mon asked to be referred for help. My son put me to bed last night he 11 very upsetting I don't remember. I don't drink until my kids are in bed. I drop my glass the smash woke him up.

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    Hi Vickylou. It has been a bit quiet just lately I agree. Myself, I am struggling with mental health issues at moment. More than likely caused by my alcohol consumption bit haven't been to see the GP. I can't make any sensible decisions and am now out of work for the first time in my life. I am unable to ge

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      I was made redundant 3 times the last 10 years..1st time after 20 years of solid work. The Directors stayed behind at high salaries..ha ha. Back to you..are you drinking more after you lost your job? Mental health issues are tricky. Can you tell more?Any
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      Hi Robin. I keep wanting a drink but mostly am resisting the urge. It has a bad effect on me and I pass out unexpectedly. The last time, I blacked out on the kitchen floor in front of my autistic son. When I came round I couldn't get up. He asked if I needed one of the neighbours. He'll no. It has frightened me. I am miserable without drink and yet crave for one. I've made some bad decisions and at 62 is stupid. I had secure job ad left it after 17 years to go to a job that proved to be a nightmare. How are you doing now? Are you still drinking?

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      Honest reply. Shame changing jobs an d it all goes wrong. I stopped 5 years 9 months ago. Nothing since then. Feel great😁

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    You read my thoughts! I wa s about to make a post asking why so quiet? Everyone cured? 2 new posts just aft er yours! Great! Back to normal😁

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    Hi there ole timer Vicks.  I am still here.  I tend to pop in and out.  Hope you enjoyed your holiday abroad. 

    I am still keeping up with my regime - it has become a way of life for 2 small (no not fibbing lol) units of wine Monday to Saturdays.  I start at 5.30pm before dinner with one, then have the other about 6.30pm.  Dinner at 7pm and that is it.  Absolutely don't want any more after eating a scrummy meal.  Bed and a glass of milk and my book about 9.30pm.  

    I feel so much for you guys that just can't quite kick alcohol's butt like I have.  All I can say is don't give up.  I loved my 2 bottles a night sooooo much but got really scared when researching exactly what cirrhosis does and just how very poorly you become.  It scared my pants off literally.  Armed with that hellish reality and the constant suppoet of all you guys on here and I just kept falling down and getting back up again.  I just was not going to be told by alcohol that I was racing to a hiding from hell.

    Glad you are doing good bud - and I will still keep popping up here and there.  I am always around for any of you guys who are still fighting for any hints that helped me.  Please don't give up.

    Good to hear from ya.

    Gwennie x

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      Hi Gwen, lovely post. I am so glad that you're doing so well. Keep up the good work. My brother died of cirrhosis aged 35. You're right, it's an horrible end. The stupid thing is, we all think that it'll happen to someone else. Delighted that you can keep the drink under control. I can't, I won't stop till the bottles empty. Well done!!!

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      Thanx.  I would not stop until the 2 bottles were empty; that went on for ages and I truly did not want to stop as I felt so much better in a happy haze..  That's horrible about your brother he was so young and yet you can't quite get a hold on it.  It just shows how strong a hold alcohol has - it truly is a demon for so many of us.  I always used to say my hubs was an alcoholic when we were younger, he could drink 14 pints in one sitting when he went out with his mates three times a week.  And always 3 or 4 pints of home brew on the  in between nights.  But now he is happy with nothing or one or two (apart from when with his mates of course - but can't do 14 now) but that is once a week (aha age ya see - gets to us all and he can't keep up lol).  He has no side effects of not having alcohol in his body.  It ended up me with the problem.  We have all got to keep at it, I realise it will be endless. 

      Funny old world but we are what we are.  Keep trying friend - don't let it win.

      Nice to chat

      Gwen x

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      Thank you Gwen45436.

      You sound very similar to me. Last night I had a drink 1.5lts of Lambrini. I needed a drink because I've been put in a very stressful position, and the person that did it knows what she's doing. It's nasty so now I have got a choice. I can phone in sick ( never been known) and feel stressed because I'm losing the team down or I can risk this driving task and put others at risk. I turned to the bottle to self medicate. Either way I'm stressed and that's when I turn to drink. It's always the same. Nice to chat to you. I too like the happy feeling that a drink gives you, but fear it will go back to whisky again. Take care. Xx

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      Fully understand drinking during stress from work😥try to stay with Lambrini sinc e weaker than whisky...

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      Hiya gwen

      good to hear from you and glad you’re ok.

      Yep, had a great family holiday thanks. The villa was pure luxury with a big private pool. Two year old learned to swim in a week which was lovely.

      The only thing is I now need another holiday to relax. Probably manage a cheeky week in October for some winter sun.

      However on the 4th day went to join them in the pool when the eldest said “grandma why is your hair bright orange?” I ran inside to the nearest mirror and OMG he was right, it had gone from coloured blonde to carrot orange. Of course they all found it hilarious. Had to FaceTime my friend who coloured it at her salon, but that took ages as she couldn’t speak for laughter. Long story cut short, wasn’t the sun, chlorine or sea, but the shampoo and conditioner for coloured hair I I’d bought airside at the airport.

      Ended up spending the afternoon rubbing fresh lemon juice in my hair, then rinsing, then rubbing again and again. Could only happen to me. Thankfully was able to delete the pics put on face book. What a nightmare.

       My sleep patten is still the same, 4hrs on a good night. Curry night tonight with friends so I’ll sleep well tonight, just like you

      Take care

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      Hi Robin2015

      I'm sticking to lambrini, it's the lesser of two evils. I've phoned in sick as I have got another job to go to. It's a shame but it happens. I haven't had a drink today but I really want one. This is part of the problem, I drink to try to get rid of stress. We're all mostly the same. Hope you're keeping well.

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      Morning vicks, I am just back from my Sunday morning bike ride and waiting for my poached eggs on toast courtesy of hubs.  Thought I would catch up on my laptop. What a laugh I have had, I have a vision of you with a carrot top job lol lol lol.  My first thought was chlorine.  I remember my hairdresser once colouring my hair and it turned out like Rita Fairclough's wig colour - it was awful and hubs laughed his head off (not funny).  Oh boy they would have made good pics for fb smile

      Curry night with friends and a good sleep sounds utter bliss.  Bet you feel great today.

      I am having a friend in need over today for Sunday roast and she loves Proscecco so I will join her and I too, shall sleep well tonight ………….yaaaaay.

      Glad you are also  well, good to chat and you and yours take care. x

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      Oh yes, stress = alcohol - bummer bummer for us.  But Lambrini is much better than whisky.  Feel for you. 

      Take care x


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