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gill22568 gill22568

Excessive head and face sweating

I am 63 and for the last 22 years have suffered with excessive sweating on my head and face, which seems to be getting worse.  This is uncomfortable and embarrassing.  If I do anything even slightly energetic (hoovering, ironing etc.) it is worse, and it takes a long time for me to cool down.  I was referred to a dermatologist who prescribed pills, which just dried up my eyes (red, sore and bloodshot within 30 mins) and mouth (making it impossible to eat or even speak).  She point blank refused to consider any other treatment, even telling me botox does not work for the face, which i know is untrue.  This condition, to other people, seems trivial but it is not.  In the summer I cannot go outside, so I can't even play with my grandchildren.  I certainly couldn't go out shopping or to a social event, the sweat drips off me and my hair is drenched within minutes.  I obviously cannot use make-up, or even have a decent hairstyle, which zaps the confidence.  I do have a thyroid problem but that is well controlled.  I am a little overweight but not much.  I have other non-related medical conditions (arthritis, fibromyalgia).  Has anyone any experience of the new gadget around which includes a mask for the face, plugged into a machine - sorry I can't remember the name of it.  I know they are very expensive but I am desperate.  Any helpful tips would be great.  Thank you. 

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  • tinaj1962 tinaj1962 gill22568

    Gill, did you have Oxybutilin?

    • tinaj1962 tinaj1962 gill22568

      Yes and for me they have been fantastic! They have changed my life - I take 2 When I wake. This last until around mid afternoon. If I'm just at home I often don't bother now as it has slowed up the sweats now. I have been on it for almost a year. I only get a slghtly dry mouth, if I use 2-3 doses a day. then I eat tic tacs or gum and have water on me. I wonder if you were presribed too strong a dose?

    • vicki48285 vicki48285 tinaj1962

      I had the same overheating problems. My head chest face drip ridiculously. I just found this forum and I put a call into my doctor asking what her opinion is on the drug you mentioned. How quickly did you notice changes.? The only medication I am on are water pills for high blood pressure. I am 54 and hormones from menopause could be a problem but I think it's more. What everyone has described is me!

    • pajoneski pajoneski vicki48285

      Hi Vicki.  My docs have said my head sweats is from menopause.  Started in 2002.  I know it is not menopause, but convincing them has been tough. It may be a matter of switching docs.  I was prescribed oxybutilin many years ago by a group of women doctors.  It was wonderful, even though I had no saliva lol.  But now when I take it, I become so tired.  I have always taken it as needed. Plan to try

      something else, just to see....  I will keep you posted.  So happy I found this group!!!!!

    • MrJonas MrJonas pajoneski

      dude, I've also tried oxybutilin but it's like becoming a zombie! I feel drownsiness and I' cannot think 100% lucid and clear!

      when I go out for party or something where no brain is need it's fine... however to work, where I need to focus and be efficient 100% it's not so good... do u take any other med to counter this effect ?

    • barb47892 barb47892 vicki48285

      I have had this overheating problem for quite some time. I live in the Midwest and this summer has been hot and humid which has made this even worse. My Doctor attributed it to menapause and recommended hormone replacement therapy. I am a nurse and opted not to go that route and instead opted for antidepressants which did not help the problem. My continued research found this site and it's been a godsend. I have made an appt with my doctor and hopefully I will finally get some relief. 

    • kim49809 kim49809 tinaj1962

      Hi, I just found this forum, and like everyone else I'm delighted to be a part of a group that has the same problem I'm having. NONE of my friends or family have this problem and I'm tired of explaining why I'm dripping all over everything. The medication you're taking does it make you feel loopy, or like you shouldn't be driving?

    • nutmeggins nutmeggins tinaj1962

      I am another who is so happy to have found this forum. My head and face sweat so profusely I have to carry paper towels in my purse to dry them. It is not only embarrassing, it is very irritating to have the sweat running into my eyes and ears. Does anyone else have this problem? I finally got my hair cut very short and now when I rub my scalp and face dry at least it makes the hairstyle cuter.

      I have extremely bad dry mouth but I am still thinking of trying oxybutrynin. I am very hopeful that it will help with the horrible sweating without making it even harder to swallow and talk. I have not tried the prescription pills yet but I am thinking about trying the OTC patch. Has anyone else tried the OTC patch?

    • kathy52177 kathy52177 nutmeggins

      Hi nutmeggins,

      You sound exactly like me. I carry washcloths with me and if I forget, I am always on the look-out for paper towels. Yes, sweat dripping in your eyes all the time HURTS.  I am stopped at security at airports because apparently someone with sweat dripping down their face appears to be nervous and therefor suspicious. It is only my head and face and my hair looks like I just got out of the shower half of the time.  Everyday I spend time getting ready to go out and wonder how long it will be before all of the preparation was just a waste of time. Does anyone know what this is?  I have Lupus and my doctor has always dismissed this as an autonomic sweating disorder but has never suggested anything I could take. I also am not sure that this is what it is because it is only the head and face. Do you get cold eventually?  Sometimes people think I am sweating because I am hot, but I am actually cold. When I feel my face, it is ice cold. I never do anything without ending up a sweaty mess. What is the OTC patch? Did you try it?  Is it working?


    • Racingirl911 Racingirl911 ltanya59218

      Hi there Itanya59218!!

      Okay, the good news is that I found a dermatologist nearby who, according to his nurse, does do Botox for head and face excessive sweating! The bad news is that he is in Lima. I have an appointment with him in the next few weeks, so I'll let you know how it goes! Have you researched Cleveland Clinic yet??

    • bill09319 bill09319 MrJonas

      If you read some of the studies out there, oxy can lead to cognitive decline wheras glycopyrrolate has not shown these effects. From personal experience, i can tell a difference in how i function when i take glycopyrrolate... but i definitely don't feel like a zombie. Glyco seems safer to me in this respect. I am not sure why doctors would prescribe oxy over glyco with this information in mind. It doesn't make sense given the risks.

    • Patsy - Pat Patsy - Pat tinaj1962

      Tina, what is the dosage of Oxybutynin you are taking?  I am currently on this drug for weak bladder problems taking 10mg per day.  That has not helped with the profuse head, face, back and front sweating.  Are you taking more than 10mg a day?  Thanks much. 

      P.S. I have asked my regular doctor, and GYN doctor about this sweating and they say, "I don't know why you would do that?"  It would seem some doctor somewhere would also have this and be able to help those of us who have it as well.

    • drennen 92505 drennen 92505 tinaj1962

      I'm 65 years old. I have excessively sweat from my face and head for 40 years. I've been checked for medical reasons. I'm fine. I can't be in the heat, or do anything that exerts energy. I'll be dripping perspiration. I'm going to ask my Dr about the Oxybutilin. I've been hospitalized 4 times for electilyte imbalance. I take vitamins and drink plenty. Thank you for the information!!

    • Diane051166 Diane051166 Dj14

      I used black cohash and it to begin with it did work. Then bam it didnt. Doctors always try to say its the menapause but ive had this now since i was 42 and im 51 and it has gotten worse. Hence i now have short hair which still looks like ive just had a shower. I hope the herbals work for u

    • pat49338 pat49338 kathy52177

      omg, I JUST FOUND THIS SITE.  I thought I was totally alone with these sweating problem  When I go grocery shoping and get up to the check out I am soaking wet on my head and the sweat is just dripping from my hair.  People stare at me like I'm having a heart attack.  I too carry  paper towels with me. Has any one found a cure for this?

    • angela53887 angela53887 pat49338

      Yeah, I just found it yesterday too. I read through a lot of the comments and there are some t hings that have worked for people and some that haven't. I'm going to check with my dermatologist about some of the suggestions and see what she says. My next appointment is on the 25 of this month. I'll let you know what she says,

    • janelle99012 janelle99012 bill09319

      I have been searching for months to find a forum like this! I am finding the facial sweating to be a real hindrance to me professionally. I take paper towels into every meeting and I sometimes have to remove my glasses because they keep fogging up. I am calling the dermatologist tomorrow. I have MS and wonder sometimes if that has something to do with it, but when I mentioned it to my neurologist she just laughed and said call your regular doctor about menopause. I am 46 so that's possible but I think less likely. SO hoping the derm can help me. 

    • kathleen85123 kathleen85123 drennen 92505

      Hi Drennen - I am also 65, but this didn't start until just about a year ago.  I also have electrolyte problems AND a genetic potassium disorder.  I take Vicodin for degenerative disc disease (my neck), anti anxiety medication and blood pressure medication (a nervous system inhibitor).  I truly think I need to get off of one for awhile to see how that goes, then go from there.  BUT...............................

      ​I before I can really do that I need to figure out how to deal with my pain and my blood pressure, so I guess I'll try stopping the anxiety medication.  I have a very long and intimate relationship with the medical community.  UGH!  Just got diagnosed with something that I've always had (because it's genetic) and have been going to doctors for 20 years.  Hypokalemic Periodic Paralysis - it's very rare and there is no cure, no fix; medications are slim to none because it's so rare.  

      I do notice that stress will trigger it and of course heat is the enemy.  I think the electrolytes play a part somehow (a lot of people have mentioned electrolytes in this forum) but I don't know that.  I also have been diagnosed with Fibro, Sjogrens, RA and the DDD.  


    • jeanne70329 jeanne70329 janelle99012

      I have heard that and many other things said to me by at least four different doctors.  Not one has ever heard of the condition, one Otolarygynologist even said "there are no  sweat glands on the scalp".  At my request, he submitted a claim to my insurance for Botox injections, but they denied it.  The doctor said it would $800.  I went to a plastic surgeon who said it would be $2,000.  Of course it would depend on how many cc's of Botox was used.  The Plastic Surgeon, who had never heard of a condition like this,  did reasearch was very kind and called me back.  I am thinking of asking him to re-submit the claim to my insurance because I have learned that insurance sometimes does cover underarm hyperhydrosis.  Those of us who suffer this condition know that it isn't just the social stigma of it, but the "hot head" that goes with it.  Usually after I have had an "episode", I am completely drained.  I am 74, and the condition seems to increase with my medical issues that I take nine different prescription for.  It may behove us to look into teaching hospitals or Mayo Clinic.

      Best of luck to you, "persist"...

    • angela53887 angela53887 jeanne70329

      It amazes me when Dr.'s just laugh about stuff and brush it off like it's not important and that we don't know what we're talking about. Grrrr! I had a male Dr. for a while that someone else recommended. He didn't listen to me like I wanted him to. I felt like he was treating my symptoms as trivial. I changed to a female Dr. and told her why I wanted a female Dr., stating that I felt the male Dr. didn't listen to or understand my female issues. She listened to me at first, but eventually she stopped too. I went to her because my hair was falling out drastically. It was everywhere! She wrote it off as stress and just laughed. I felt like she was treating me like a hypochondriac. I changed Dr.'s to another female. She did lab tests and decided that I have an underactive thyroid, which was making my hair fall out. I take thyroid medication now and the hairloss did slow down, but it's still pretty thin.

      It had not ever occurred to me to go to a dermatologist about my hyperhydrosis until I read some comments in this forum. I had already been seeing a dermotologist for some other issues, so I wrote down most of the things people on here that said worked for them and then showed them to her. She stated that the treatment that works the best that she has seen it Glycopyrrolate. Unfortunately I can't use it because I take another medication that causes problems with it. Dang it!

      Some of the people's comments talk about Botox and that it isn't covered by insurance. If that was a long time ago, you might try going again. Insurance does change over time and will sometimes start to cover thins they didn't used to cover. Party because they have found more uses for Botox now rather than just your physical looks.

      I read that only 2-3% of the population have this problem, so I can understand why there isn't much info out there about it, but you would think a Dr. would be willing to do some research on it rather than laugh at us.

      Keep on keeping on!

    • MarshaNV MarshaNV pajoneski

      I’ve been on various numbers (1-3) of Robinul & not had much success.  One & two didn’t do much; one day with three sent me to bed & sleep for most of the day! My problem is I’m on OxyContin (20 mg/day) for major back issues. The combination makes me not function well. Not sure what’s worse—sweats or exhaustion!!!

    • bill09319 bill09319 MarshaNV

      Hi Marsha,

      Did you take the robinul separate from your other meds and on a fully empty stomach? I have found that if i even take an advil along with mine, it won't work. The only way it works for me is if i break the glycopyrrolate up into quarters and give it a full 2 hours alone in my stomach, only drinking water with it.

    • kristen76056 kristen76056 kathy52177

      Hi Kathy,

      I just found this forum and am sitting here crying as I read all these because they discribe me perfectly and it feels so good to know I’m not alone or crazy. I too have Lupus have you tried the medication everyone is mentioning has it helped?  

      Thank you


    • paolad paolad kathy52177

      You sound like me! I am so happy to see I’m not alone. I sweat when I’m cold, hot, send like it doesn’t matter and it’s becoming debilitating.  I’m 43 and been struggling with this for years. I need to find a solution. I have a very socially active job and it’s making it very difficult to perform to my best ability. I actually just stumbled upon this forum looking for ways to thin my hair because I have very thick hair and have started wondering if that might help. Hope someone can help. 

    • diana91800 diana91800 jan53959

      I did and my mouth got so dry it became unbearable just like these damn sweats which are now occurring constanly.  Three days in a row out for loving evening and all of a sudden I am literally dripping - oh and black tie affair.  It can take up to three hours to cool down.  

    • jackie 47272 jackie 47272 kathy52177

      Omg so glad I found this forum, although I have no idea how old these posts are. I started slowly suffering from this a couple years ago. And now it is so full blown bad that it is destroying my life!!!!  I work at a country club and have for a few years. I wasn’t like this when I started though. At the end of April of this year I was offered a position in management in spite of my sweating. Great right??? Wrong so I wear dress clothes and I’m all over the restaurant, pro shop , pool house . I’m a little everywhere and I will have already been sweating and now, it’s really pouring and this is everyday day in day out . I live in Pa. so we get all 4 seasons here. I’m on certain medications that I know can cause it however I’ve been on these meds longer , way longer than the sweating. I’m at my wits end. I didn’t even know this was a thing!!! I thought it was just me. I’m planning a call to the dr tomorrow and then it’s fingers crossed from there!!!#sincerlydesperate

    • Dana58 Dana58 jackie 47272

      Hi Jackie I'm really sorry to hear that you too are having problems. Yes it is a problem and people live with this problem for years. Mine started in the late Ninetys but over the ladt 5 years it has become so extreme it just runs down my nose and now wetting my whole head and shoulders. I have just been to a Dermatologist that specialises in this problem. I feel bad for people who sweat like this under their arms, hands or between their legs. It would be horrible not to say the head is not. I have tried so many solutions, pills and nothing works. The Doctor is hoping to try Botox inhections which has a great success rate but ofcourse its expensive but I am desperate just to have a small part of my life back. See I am on so many other pills for multiple injuries so its been hard to see any improvements on any pills I have tried. When I get to try the Botox I will get back to every one with the results. The Doctor told me the Botox will be cheaper because its for a medical problem but still if it works I will pay anything.

      It must be extremely hard for any of our friends on this forum who have to go to work each day and keep going with every one looking at you in a strange way when they see you sweating let alone going into a shop and it starts. Anyway hope every one is well. Catch you later. DANA

    • sharon38700 sharon38700 Dana58

      Hi Dana,

      Working with this condition is horrible. I've had people say...what is WRONG with you?? I am a retired teacher and I substitute now. I have found that it's just easier to explain before it happens. The most understanding people are the children.

      One thing I have started doing that seems to help is carrying a hand towel everywhere I go. I drape it around my neck when the sweating least I'm not dripping as bad using the towel.


    • jackie 47272 jackie 47272 nutmeggins

      You just told my story to a T . It’s crazy I thought I was the only one!!! My head is shaved I can’t go any shorter than that!!! I’m not rockin bald!! I’m curious how you did on the medicine? I’m getting ready to make the call to my pcp so he can send me wherever!!! Not gonna lie I wouldn’t mind going straight to Botox !!

    • amanda03041 amanda03041 jackie 47272

      Hi Jackie,

      I had botox a month ago and am so happy with the decision. I was able to holiday in Majorca and my head and scalp remained dry. I still feel hot and like I'm going to break out into a sweat but remain dry where I was treated 😁

    • amanda03041 amanda03041 gatorsxray

      I lost count of the no. of injections as was in my forehead, scalp line all the way round and nape of neck. Cost £350 and should last 4 -6 months but I will have to see. I pay in instalments and shall have it every 6 months. ...can't really afford it but worth it for me

    • gatorsxray gatorsxray amanda03041

      I see. Thank you! ...I shouldn't ask, because I'd do anything to get rid of this head and face sweating, but, was was it painful?I

      t does me not good to do my hair and foundation anymore. In 15 minutes it looks like I've been swimming or showering and didn't take the time to dry my hair before going out. LOL (I laugh but it really makes me want to cry!) Thanks for your reply. :-)

      I have heard some people say that their health insurance covered it (probably US) if their doctor coded it correctly as a medical necessity.

    • amanda03041 amanda03041 gatorsxray

      I can't lie it hurt a little bit but not that I couldn't have a conversation at the same time! I am in UK so no chance of healthcare paying for this for me! It really has changed my life though ... like you I couldn't wear make up and my job was also suffering as well as social life and mental health! X

    • violet16735 violet16735 amanda03041

      Hi - I'm interested to hear that botox worked for you.  I'm in the UK also and have suffered with this for the last 20+ years!  Herbal + Doc meds havent worked for me and feel I am now worse than ever with this horrendous condition.  I am now considering botox but wanted to ask whether after your treatment you had compensatory sweating elsewhere in your body?  Also, if you don't mind me asking, how did you source someone competent to do forehead & scalp treatment as many providers in my area don't offer this.  Is it a more specialised treatment than the usual areas where botox is used?  I am desperate for any relief whatsoever.

    • amanda03041 amanda03041 violet16735


      I haven't had any compensatory sweating touch wood. We have a local aesthetics clinic which offers the treatment by a nurse independent prescriber about whom I had heard very good reviews. The clinic is called Melior and has a few practices nationally. I had seen a few practices which offered the treatment though.

    • violet16735 violet16735 amanda03041

      Thank you so much for your reply.  I have an appointment with a new GP next week to plead again for help and will also enquire re an aesthetics clinic as I’m still having difficulty finding one in my vicinity (Co. Antrim, NI) that treats forehead and scalp areas but I’m prepared to travel to mainland UK if necessary.   I'm also researching/considering CBD oil as I've been reading some articles on its use for craniofacial hyperhidrosis.  I would never have dreamt of using either Botox or CBD oil but like so many suffers am in such a state of despair that I'd try just about anything. This condition really does ruin lives and so it is indeed heartening to learn that some suffers do manage to find a solution.


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