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  • avic12 2

    Excessive Sweating - face, neck and head

    I have the symptoms of Polysysticovaries with the excessive hair, sweating, weight and so on, but the only thing that I can't hide is the sweating. When i dry my hair i have to dry it again and again as my head just drips in sweat. I can walk up a flight of stairs and sit at my desk at work and

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  • jessica 67428 2

    Minal movement and excessive sweating on face and back

    I first began to have these symptoms when I was put on citalopram antidepressants for post traumatic stress disorder 2 yrs ago. It is common side effect however I've not taken them for over a year yet I still suffer with sweating. Never had this issue before then and I happens with minimal movement

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  • jeni1976 1

    Burning pain in the night

    Hi, I have been waking up in the middle of the night with a HORRIBLE burning, almost feels cramping as well on the outside of my thigh. Usually lasts a minute of two but believe me it's painful enough I scream. Afterwords the area is numb for days should I be worried? What is this?

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  • gill22568 2

    Excessive head and face sweating

    I am 63 and for the last 22 years have suffered with excessive sweating on my head and face, which seems to be getting worse.  This is uncomfortable and embarrassing.  If I do anything even slightly energetic (hoovering, ironing etc.) it is worse, and it takes a long time for me to cool down.  I

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  • juliafowles 1

    Botox & Iontophoresis to Cure Excessive Sweating?

    Hello everyone. I have read that botox and a treatment called iontophoresis can cure sweating. Are there anyone here who tried these and solved the problem? Emis Moderator comment: I have replaced the supplied link with a link to our leaflet on hyperhydrosis which has information on these

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  • falex777 1

    How i cured my Hyperhidrosis

    I suffered from HH for nearly twenty years.. I wanted to share my story as within the last ten days my HH is now finally under It was all about how I controlled my breathing.  Yes the thing we take for granted. The thing we don’t get trained to do. Ive had ETS surgery and own my own

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  • Guest M

    i have suffered from prickly heat for many years i have ...

    i have suffered from prickly heat for many years i have tried everything there is on the market. my doctor prescribed tablets for me a couple of years ago which were excellent however these have been taken off the market i am devestated! i go on holidays now and take an extra £50 for excess on my

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  • aaron77242 1

    Itchy red dots?

    I've notice some red dots on my thigh that itch and sting, they look gross and I want them to go away. I've been wearing cut off skinny jeans and have been sweating in them so that might have contribute to them. How do I get these to go away?

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  • cfant 2

    Head Sweating and Vitamin D

    Hello all!  I also suffer with excessive head sweats and a few of other conditions mentioned in others posts, including Fybromyalgia and depression.  Has anyone looked into Vitamin deficiency?  My Drs. are blaming it on Cymbalta.  The sweating is getting so bad I have had to decrease dosage of

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  • Tropica 1

    What are your experiences with Idrostar?

    For months I have been reading about German iontophoresis machines and now BLAM! - on one of the websites I frequent, I found out about Idrostar, a UK-manufactured one, which should be easier to order and might even be cheaper. Sadly it seems that Idrostar users are either few or shy, as I cannot

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  • selvie 2

    extreme hyperhydrosis.... EVERYWHERE

    I am writing in the hopes that someone can help my dad. For the past 10 years, he has suffered from very bad hyperhydrosis - ( excess sweating) all over his body. He sweats 24/7, even in his sleep. He sweats from his back, stomach, head, everywhere. It is becoming much worse and his doctors

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  • KatieS1091 1

    Constant sweaty plams and excessive sweating from armpits

    I am 14 years old and I have constant sweaty plams all day apart from at night. I also sweat loads from my armpits in the day but once again not at night. This is becoming very embarrassing as I always have sweat patches and wet hands which isn't very pleasant. Any advice?

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  • brooke 81054 2

    would this be considered night sweats?

    About 8 weeks ago I found a enlarged lymph node on the side of my neck, I started googling this and it said to be concerned if I started getting night sweats. Sure enough after I read that I woke up one night to sweat between my breasts (I had a sweatshirt on and 2 blankets so I ruled it out as

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  • adam84525 2

    Night sweats

    I had a bad cough / chest infection type illness which started on Monday / Tuesday and was probably worse on Wednesday. I've had a mucus cough with other usual symptoms: aches etc and had high temperature on Tuesday and Wednesday. The cough remains however the fever has mainly gone but I have been

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  • rohansamal 1

    Had a one time episode of excessive sweating and Dizziness

    I was at a theater performance and got dizzy while standing amongst the crowd. It started with me sweating profusely. Then it started escalating into a dizzy feeling. Had to rush out and sit down for around 10 minutes. It did help me but it definitely scared me I hadnt eaten the whole day and this

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  • diane44932 2

    Excessive Sweating of the Head: Woman Age 61

    Topic: Excessive Sweating of my Head Hello. I'm a woman, age 61, completed my wonderful & extremely painful menopause expieriance, around age 59 which entailed fibroid complecations, which were coterized/removed & which lasted for apx. 9 yrs,age 50 -59. Around age 51 I began developing

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  • Andi36 1

    How to quickly and successfully cure craniofacial hyperhidrosis?

    Hi, my name is Andi Thompson and I am a 15 year old teenage girl. For the last 18 months or so I have been suffering with excessive sweating, but more specifically craniofacial hyperhidrosis. I've researched on things that I can do to prevent it from happening, but I know that my parents wouldn't

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  • cathdubka 1

    excessive sweating

    Hi I have suffered from excessive sweating from my head causing my hair to be constantly wet for years, in december last year I had an operation to stop this ( thoraxic sympathectomy) which worked but unfortunately I now suffer from excessive sweating from my back,thighs & knees which is even

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  • billa71 1

    post herpes pain, swollen foot and numb foot lower leg

    I suffered from herpes occurred at my left foot It pained a lot in my lower leg. The rashes healed about four months back but pain persisted. I am on Gabapin SR 450 mg and Vasfree 100 mg both thrice a day. I am undergoing physiotherapy since last three months but with no result. My foot is swollen

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  • gail85866 1

    Craniofacial hyperhidrosis - a big thank you

    I will be 60 next month and for the last 20 years I have had the most terrible head and face sweating. I stopped wearing make up as I looked less like Alice in Wonderland and more Alice Cooper after a few mins. Shopping was out of the question as within a few mins of entering a shop I was dripping

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  • bradi95882 1

    I have had overactive sweat glands for about 4 months!

    I started on the weight loss pill Phentermine 37.5MG 1 per day right around the time the to me is very overactive sweating on my face,neck,back,back of my knees,and groin area. My doctor had put me on the Transderm-Scop Patches,1 behind the ear ever 3 days. That did not work so for about the last

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  • ihavenonickname 6

    My head drips like a garden hose!

    I live 7,000 feet up in the Rocky Mountains where it is very very dry and frigid during the winter. And year round my inside temp is set to 69 we could have a windchill factor of minus 25 F and I have to drive with the AC blasting so hard that my face flaps in the wind and I still drip. And

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  • darren78211 1

    Excessive sweating from the head

    I have had excessive sweating from the head, neck and back for some years now. It tends to happen when i am doing absolutely nothing physical, more so in a crowded situation or when i get anxious so i tend to avoid those situations but it is now affecting every aspect of my life, work and social. I

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  • erwin97522 1

    Excessive sweating in the feet. Not understanding this.

    Hi all, I'm 25 years old and my feet sweat more than I ever noticed. Within an hour of putting on my shoes, they feel cold, clammy, and damp. It's very uncomfortable. Sometimes there is an odor accompanying, sometimes not.  I clean my feet thoroughly daily, dry them, and I use medicated foot

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  • Jimbo22 2

    Cold Sweats

    Hi, I have facial sweats/head for a number of years.  On some "occasions", if I eat ketchup sauce, Rich Tea Biscuits, or anything spicy it's all hell. The sweats are horrendous. It is always accompyed by a feeling of very cold. Even my gums are stone cold! Sometimes a hot shower resolves it, but

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  • ellie2098 1

    Is this heat rash?

    I have been in Greece since Wednesday (it's now Saturday) and yesterday I developed a rash from my thighs all the way to my feet. It's not sore and it does not itch or burn. It looks like lots of red freckles, I'm covered!! I've been applying sun cream religiously but I have fallen asleep in the

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  • stephen15355 2


    Since teenage years (now 27) I have sweated a lot. I work in an office and have to take in a spare shirt each day due to it. I use the 48h anti persperants and shower twice a day but it doesn't seem to help. I am not overweight and have been like this through being relatively skinny in teenage

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  • matthewskin 1

    Been experiencing excessive sweating

    I walk about 1.5 miles to work every couple of days, and the past 3-4 times I have shown up to work soaked in sweat. By the time I hop in the elevator, sweat is pouring down my face, and my shirt has stains on my underarms and stomach/back. A few days it has been hotter than normal, but this

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  • LadyBereness 1



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  • gail79569 1


    Sorry to see there are so many of us suffering from this, yet there is no Sound medical solution. I do not have fibromyalgia and menopause/hysterectomy were 10 years ago. I quit smoking 3+ years ago with Chantix. Since then my tongue burns whenever I eat hot or spicy or salty foods. And I

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  • bee4 1

    excessive sweating

    All my adult life I have suffered from excessive sweating. My main problem is my hands but also my underarms. Social life is extremely difficult. I dread having to shake hands. I have to be careful about what I wear so that damp patches do not show too much.

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  • eva96035 4

    Excessive Sweating

    I had problems with sweating for years and I finally reached my wanting to scream and I started researching my medications that I was on and I had heard that some medications when combined with other medications will have that excessive sweating affect. While researching my medications I came

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  • hannah29874 2

    One of my armpits keeps leaking a clear liquid every 2-5mins.

    This is a bit of an odd one, which I have looked everywhere for an answer, but have had no luck so far!  Basically about 3 weeks ago, I noticed what I thought was sweat trickling from one of my armpits. I have NEVER had this before, nor am I an overly sweaty person in general. On closer inspection,...

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  • alianne341 2

    Excessive sweating

    even when I am just sitting still, relaxed in a average temperatured room I still just sweat. A lot.  Anyone know why or how to help?! Thanks

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  • katam79 2

    sweat gland removal

    basically had sweat gland surgery done on nhs at age of 16. skin tissue was removed in my armpits which resulted in horrific scarring which at 37 still look bad today. I now believe they don't operate like this thank god but the scars really knock my confIden and I'm angry at the NHS for allowing

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