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Excessive Yawning and Constant Need to Breathe Deep

For the past few days, I've been yawning a lot, much more than average (once every few minutes I feel the need). If I'm not yawning I'm breathing in as deep as I can to get similar "satisfaction". Often I cannot get the "satisfaction" from these and so the urge grows and grows, meaning it can get quite uncomfortable. When I do manage it, the urge is back a few seconds later. This is whether I'm tired or not, almost all day. 

I'm not particularly anxious about anything in particular, and get the same amount of sleep as before this started. 

This also happened at some point within the past year which continued for a month or two if I remember correctly. 

Does anyone have any idea what it is or how to make it a bit better? 


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  • linda83143l linda83143l FlutterbyPie

    The reason we yawn.

    When your brain needs more oxygen we yawn.

    Breathing in slowly and holding till ten and letting it go will help xx

    • mohammed76229 mohammed76229 linda83143l

      Hello this is Dr.Mohammad:

      In addition to my medical experience, I was one of the victims of this type of air hunger, I have had the same symptoms but during the attack I realized that my chest is clear and no any abnormal sounds , I've done all

      All necessary investigation and all of them were come back normal, then I make sure that this is just pseudo_dyspnea, and the surprise is that any anti anxiety will releive it like lexellium one tab every night , and remember that your feeling of needing deep breathe is fake feeling so ignore it and breathe normally and the condition will releive you, Thanx.

    • michele29956 michele29956 mohammed76229

      Anti-anxiety meds don't help with my dyspnea, and I've had bad attacks when I'm not stressed at all, and had no problems breathing when very stressed and in fact nearly having a panic attack. So I don't think this is the case for me. I'm glad you found something that works for you, though! And ignoring it does actually help keep it manageable, though it doesn't stop an attack for me.

    • michele29956 michele29956 julie19986

      No, I haven't - but I did read on another forum about this topic that problems with the diaphragm (weakness or partial paralysis) can cause this symptom. 

      What did they do after your diagnosis? How do you fix weakness of the diaphragm?

    • gcdepace gcdepace julie19986

      I'm experiencing the same "can't breath deep enough" issue.  For me, I have bad days and good days.  On good days, life is normal.  On bad days, it's chronic and lasts for about 16 hours.  I went to 3 different doctors.  The first was did a standard battery of test and saw lower than normal oxygen but not other findings.  These second was pretty dismissive and sent me on my way with a leaflet on anxiety.  The third told me not to smoke and avoid caffine.  I've never smoke and quit drinking caffine.  NO RELIEF.  The bad day/good day scenario led me to examining my diet.  I have determined that milk products including cheeses cause a bad day. sad  But apparently milk products aren't the only trigger and I still have some of these days even without milk, but milk, shakes, cheese, etc will definitely trigger a bad day.  I googled this milk/difficulty breathing issue and got some feedback on milk leading to mucus production that lines the inside of the lungs, reducing oxygen absorption into the blood.

      Lately, the bad days when they occur, have increased in intensity (not frequency), to the point of feeling light headed.


    • matt13703 matt13703 gcdepace

      I had this same issue except it started right after i had the flu along with a viral infection and was in bed for days. I thought i was having difficulty breathing, maybe a pneumonia, and went to emergency. They found no issues and said my chest is clear. I also have had many panic attacks in the past. I noticed i was having chest pain as well as pain in my back (on the same side as the chest pains).After a few weeks of suffering with this "cant breath deep enough" issue, i decided to get a massage and see a chiropactor. I explained what had happened. He found some pressure points in my back and chest areas that when he stripped the muscle it was extremely painful. After he stripped the muscle, made a couple of adjustments and I received a 30 min massage, I felt 10 times better. The next day i woke up and found it easy to take a deep breath. Went back for 2 more sessions and a week later i felt back to my normal self - no more breathing issues! I hope this helps someone because i would not want anyone to suffer from this feeling.

    • bob71029 bob71029 GenevieveG

      I know exactly what you mean. It boggles my mind that doctors don't know more about this. I take Xanax, it helps a little but it's not a miracle drug, but it's better than nothing. Actually, I'm due for a check-up at the doctors tomorrow. 

    • julie19986 julie19986 sherae

      The only thing they thought could have caused it was a virus I had a cough a few weeks prior to this happening . It causes a problem with phrenic nerve although I don't think it was damaged permanently  I think  .it s been a year and a half so slowly getting better  but I'm not  getting the need to take a  deep breath urge so much now  and when I do I can get a deep breath mostly. If I get a cold it can worsen a little again that's because of needing all the air I can get going into my lungs . I do diaphragm strengthening exercises.  Breathing in through the nose and out  through mouth with pursed lips . 

    • diana88467 diana88467 david79980

      I have this condition David and yes I experienced a weakness during these spells and need to sit down it always blows up into a panic attack taking Klonopin and relaxing takes it away I've had it for many years if anybody reads this I hope it helps them it is a very common thing I also have an inhaler because I have asthma it is not bad but triggered by emotional upset

    • diana88467 diana88467 GenevieveG

      I have felt this way many times it is definitely weakness in the abdomen and panic or anxiety just clinical or idiopathic try breathing through your stomach muscles sometimes that helps to strengthen and relieve this but definitely need a anti-anxiety medicine not like Buspar but something like Klonopin or Valium

    • james49669 james49669 diana88467

      Currently suffering with the same problem. Someone please help me. I had a stomach bug, no sickness but the rest, painful stomach, dioreah etc. When this cleared up the breathing difficulties started. I have a constant need to want to breath in sometimes I can get to the back of my breath however most times i can't. It's horrible and uncomfortable. Help would be appreciated.

    • jenna03097 jenna03097 james49669

      Try going on a strict "GERD" diet for acid reflux. I have been doing this for about a month and it has helped except for days when I "cheat" and eat something acidic or drink coffee. If you think this could be the problem also try some over the counter antacids. I went to the ER and 3 different doctors and this is the only solution I have. I've had this problem on and off for years and I'm finally starting to gain control over it. Hope this helps.

    • jwarner75 jwarner75 CCrossey17

      I stopped red wine and coffee.  I was feeling great and could breath normal again.  I started drinking one cup a day of decaf coffee but have fallen into the trap of drinking about 3 cups a day since I was feeling well.  I am not feeling as great as I was as I feel a little bloated and the breathing is not as easy and relieving.  I think I am going to drop back to one cup per day or stop again.

    • Melinda6938 Melinda6938 jwarner75

      Try taking a pillow and placing it under your shoulders then another pillow alder on top of that for your head it will help keep acids from flowing back upwards try this again few days and also raise head of bed about 2 to 3 inches

    • hanna 07823 hanna 07823 gcdepace

      Same thing has been happening to me for a over a year now and I've been to the doctor a million times and nothing yet. She prescribed me acid reflux medicine by that doesn't help the breathing issue. I can't breathe well in certain postitions now and really struggling to get a good deep breath. I'm 21 years old and shouldn't be experiencing this. It's getting to the point where it's really interfering with my daily life and not being able to breath all the time has brought on anxiety. It's seriously so frustrating.

    • Melinda6938 Melinda6938 lynn59093

      Albutrol it's an inhaler when you feel it's hard to get deep breath or can't get enough air two squirts in back of throat it opens up air ways you don't have to use everyday just when it acts up. And yes it helps a lot

    • gimmye 86678 gimmye 86678 hanna 07823

      Hey Hanna, same issues here. I been having the worst acid, growling and tummy aches for the past two months now. Now that is seems to be getting better, once I take in a deep yawn on a double yawn, I feel like I need air. I think it might be due to the acid reflux though, however, you're right anxiety kicks in and it essentially becomes worse. Any suggestion on what might help out?

    • ctrish17 ctrish17 gcdepace

      I just started having this sensation of not getting enough oxygen when I breathe. It's been happening for about three days now.

      I've used Albuterol inhaler, but really doesn't seem to be making a difference. I feel the need to attempt to take very deep breaths, changing positions etc.

      It is becoming constant, not periodically.

      It has me frightened.

    • rachel66304 rachel66304 Melinda6938

      I have asthma and this feeling as well. It doesn't feel like asthma at all. Feels almost like a super heavy sigh or you're having a panic attack. Real odd feeling. Someone mentioned that there's is usually triggered by dairy products and I think that may be my problem. I drink lactaid usually and last few days I had some cookies and regular milk, may be a coincidence.

      It's happened to me before, but I don't remember what I was drinking then.

      Not saying an inhaler wouldn't work for others, it just might. Inhalers always make me more on edge though.

    • Nathan0 Nathan0 gcdepace

      Are you allergic to penecillin? Or amoxacylin or zythromax? I'm having the same issues the cheese thig gave me a thought as to what if it's caused primarily by the fermentation process and or whatever similarities the two have as they are both a mold. As well your body has the hardest time fighting fungal infections because our DNA structure is that closely linked to fungus. Just a question of curiousity.

    • jean 88823 jean 88823 mohammed76229

      Thank you so much for this information.   I have been suffering a recent bout of depression coupled with mild anxiety.   My breathing problems began to occur along with the other symptome of this condition;---so I feel strongly that, at least in my particulaar case, it is anxiety driven.   To try and combat it, I have used a few simple mind exercises such as continually assuring myself that breathing is an involuntary activity that I don't need to monitor.   My body knows when it needs to breathe, just as my heart pumps successfully on its own without any direct input from me.   Sounds simplistic,---but sometimes it has a calming effect and I can ignore my breathing for a while.   Often, I'll then find myself drawing a deep breath without realizing it,----and that alone makes me feel better.   I even imagine a switch set to "Automatic"--and imagine that's the breathing switch.   It's set to automatic,---so now I can concentrate on other things and let my body take over the breationg function.   Of course sometimes this works better than other times.   I still find myself stressing over not being able to draw a deep breath.   But this can be a useful technique for dealing with the problem for me.   Next stop would be an anti-anxiety medication, but I'm trying to avoid that if I can.

    • Sarah3006 Sarah3006 michele29956

      It's a really horrible feeling, I know from my own experience. I've suffered from this a few times in my life. The last time it happened, it lasted for days until I took anti-inflammatory herbs which solved the problem quickly. I ate ginger, golden seal, tulsie leaves and cayenne pepper. Chewing raw ginger seemed to work the fastest and is also a remedy for headaches. Please try it. It worked excellently for me. Also, remember to avoid foods that cause inflammation in the body. Much love, healing and peace to you!

    • Sarah3006 Sarah3006 linda83143l

      It's a really horrible feeling, I know from my own experience. I've suffered from this a few times in my life. The last time it happened, it lasted for days until I took anti-inflammatory herbs which solved the problem quickly. I ate ginger, golden seal, tulsie leaves and cayenne pepper. Chewing raw ginger seemed to work the fastest and is also a remedy for headaches. Please try it. It worked excellently for me. Also, remember to avoid foods that cause inflammation in the body. Much love, healing and peace to you!

    • addie1617 addie1617 hanna 07823

      I have this same thing. It first started when I was 8, went away for a while and came back when I was about 18 now and this feeling now accompanies my attacks of dizziness, stomach aches and tiredness. I have iron defecciency anaemia, anxiety and reflux so I'm not sure what causes it. It happens out of nowhere sometimes even when my other symptoms are not flaring up. Did anyone get suggestions on this? I've also tried tums an inhaler and calming techniques and no luck.

    • maricz31 maricz31 GenevieveG

      Did you ever find out what is causing that? I am having a hard time breathing and when I go to dr my lungs are clear and no wheezing. It's frustrating. I have been constantly feeling like I've been running and I keep yawning. 

    • sandy53319 sandy53319 maricz31

      I have found it's acid reflux for me. I've had this problem off and on for the past 25 years. I'm a healthy 41 year old. I realized when I chew gum, especially, the problem starts almost immediately. Or if I eat too fast, it happens. Try pepto bismal, no off brand. It may or may not work for you but for me the relief is almost immediate. Good luck!

    • SaberWolf SaberWolf hanna 07823

      Have you solved anything out or found a solution to your breathing problem. I'm going through the same issue right now its been going on for 4 months its very frightening. I feel like I want fill up my lungs. My breathing feels shallow. And I feel like I have to take deep breaths constantly. Had all these tests including a pulmonary function test but doctors say everything is normal.

    • eileen1050 eileen1050 SaberWolf

      I experience the same issues. Doctor says I'm fine. Gave me tranquilzers. Told me it's related to my anxiety. Tranquilizers had no effect. I'm still gasping for air. Now trying meditation, EFT, and trying to remain calm. Good Luck to you. Apparently it's not life threatening.

    • dycana dycana mohammed76229

      Hi Dr Mohammed.  I've been suffering with this for years.  I'm on acid reflux meds, advair and ventolin for chronic bronchitis.  I do have moments when I'm breathing normal but lately it's getting worse.  It wakes me up at night.  I'm tired of being told it's anxiety, I'm at home feeling fine. Is there anything else I can do?

    • jwarner75 jwarner75 eileen1050

      Hi, you are not alone.  I have even had major chest pains and though I was having a heart attack.  I have been dealing with this on and off for about 6 years but the last year has been worse.  Recently went through series of tests for the heart and all if good.  The chest pains I recently had where not experienced in the past so I thought something was seriously wrong.   I have never been to a gastrologist and that is my next step.  I have noticed that I had a slight pain right below my sternum.  This i noticed about a year ago and would feel it when I would be bent (sitting or bending over).  Have you ever had this slight pain?  The doctor told me in that location is the xiphoid process.  I had a chest x-ray and cat scan and they said they did not see anything unusual.  Eventually the pain went away but it is now back again.  I have noticed that my deep breathing issue is worse when I have that slight pain.  I just noticed this correlation over the past 2 weeks.  I am thinking it is an inflammation of something that maybe we affecting the diaphragm?  I am not sure just a theory at the moment.  This will be my next avenue to proceed as all other tests have shown nothing (lung tests, cardio, etc).

    • john01128 john01128 diana88467

      Living hell for the last 16 years! Same symptoms every day! First starts the yawns then oxygen starved. Can't capture a full breath and then fixated on breathing happens again! Klonipin helps a little but not the cure! Does anyone have the cure to this madness?  Non-smoker 49 yo / active RN that had every test imaginable, including cardiac cath! All negative! Hate taking pills and feeling tired all the time. Someone has to have a solution? 

    • aaron60198 aaron60198 jwarner75

      Hi do you take any gastric meds such as Omeprezal? i was on these a while back stoppped taking them around 8 Months ago as Doctor said i wouldnt need them anymore, my point is since then ive been anxious, down, and just recently had shortness of breath feeling i need to yawn all the time, although fingers crossed last few days havent been so bad. apparently taking omeprezal CAN cause the symptoms ive described o and can cause low vitimin B12 which i have to have quarterly injections for life! is it coincidence that i have these problems? It's what the experts have said about the Omeprezal, it may not be but just a thought? i was on this medication for around 6 Months before Doc took me off and since then ive had these. hope you find an answer as it can be very worrying but just remember the need to take deep breaths all the time is i think a fake feeling so just try and breath normal and take less deep breaths as the days go on smile

    • bob71029 bob71029 john01128

      I'm the same way. It's about 9 years for me. I'm 49 years old. I wake up with this madness, and go to bed with it. Sure, some days are better than others, but more bad ones than good. Xanax helps a little. I tried Klonopin found it to strong for me. Then again, these type of meds aren't a cure all for this uncanny form of hyperventilation. I wish I knew the answer. It seems different things help different people even it's just a little. I'm on Prilosec, so it isn't the acid factor. I just don't get this, don't understand why this is or how it originated. I'd eat dog poop if it would cure me. 

    • jwarner75 jwarner75 aaron60198

      Hi Aaron, yes I was taking Omeprezal.  I actually did feel better taking it but that could have been a coincidence.  I also changed by diet during that time and I felt good for several months.  I dont like taking medicine all the time so I did start taking myself off of it.  I have had the symptoms again and I have noticed that they are worse when I consume certain foods.  Maybe the Omeprezal was working for me but I am uncertain without more diagnostics.  When I felt great I stopped drinking caffeinated coffee, red wine and made sure I was eating better (although I dont eat bad now).  I was taking Omeprezal during this time.  Without going back to what I was doing when I felt great, and then bringing certain things back into my diet it is difficult to determine what is the cause.  I recently went back to the cardiologist and although I fell absolutely horrible at times, he is certain it is not my heart so I know I am not dying.  Thanks for your input.  Knowing we are not alone definitely helps. 

    • helcamp1 helcamp1 john01128

      I was just diagnosed with RA and the doctors are claiming it's what is causing these same issues for me.  Inflammation, is supposedly causing it.  I am in the process of getting a treatment plan in place but the meds they've put me on in the mean time seem to have helped some.  Might be worth getting tested.

    • bob71029 bob71029 john01128

      I have found no meds so far that work. Much of this is psychological so, that makes it even more difficult. It's all about the breathing. Have to focus on not trying to take those deep breaths to often. The more you do the more C02 you burn off, and that is what causes that feeling of not getting enough air, that feeling that you cannot get a satisfying breath. 

    • aaron60198 aaron60198 jwarner75

      Hi jwarner, yes we are not alone and talking to someone that knows what your experiencing is a blessing cause they understand what it's like. Not your heart that must be a relief! I really hope you feel better soon, like i said try to breath without so many deep breaths as these are fake feelings, when im sleeping i don't need to have deep breaths usually happens when i think about it, try keep busy or do something that takes your mind off it... talk with friends about kids/family/work etc good luck smile always here if you need a chat.

    • john01128 john01128 Elle457

      Yes, I tried buteyko but it did not help me! We need to get back to natural breathing... That is a series of holding and increasing time between your breaths. It must be done twice daily and not natural. The concept makes sense tho... 

    • Elle457 Elle457 john01128

      I think I’m going to give the course a go. It can’t hurt and have heard good responses from

      It.I’ve had every test done and nothing has come back!im completely healthy apart from this thing! Just so frustrating that one day I was fine and the nxt it shattered! Hate that everything comes back and claims it’s anxiety! I went to my doc and she prescribed me with an anti depressant which I refused to take as I know my feeling of feeling down ate only secondary to this horrible period! I say horrible period because I know it has to pass at some stage! It can’t be natural for a human to go so off sync with their breathing and for it to never return to a semi normal state again. I’ve tried supplements and anti anxiety meds’ and again no luck. Ppl talk about distraction but it doesn’t help....find myself worsening in these situations! 

    • Melinda6938 Melinda6938 Elle457

      Listen stay calm it's an awful thing to go through. I had no idea what was going on it's GERD acid reflux I am pretty sure did a lot of research and listen raise the head of your bed 6 to 8 inches you will be amazed at how well it helps I wake up in mornings and can breath use to id struggle even after eating. I had cut back on so much food I got down to 117 pounds I'm 47 and 5 foot 5 so that was really small. Thought I was having food allergies but nope acid reflux here is what to try raise your bed after each meal peel and eat a whole red sweet apple you will be able to tell with in minutes the difference it sure has helped me I also gave it to the lord you do this and you should be fine 

    • sandeepk sandeepk bob71029

      Hi Bob and all dear friends I'm also facing similar problem since last 5 years . I am currently taking homoepatic medicines which have reduced this problem to almost 70 percrnt. I will let u guys know the end results .it's been one month I'm taking medicines . praying for you all

    • sandeepk sandeepk john01128

      hi John the doctor is giving me some self made combination of medicines .he promised me to tell the name of dilutions once I fully recover. I also have some acid probelm for that he has given me Schwabe alpha liv tonic for liver .this tonic is also helping me to get a good breath. I guess we all have slightly malfunctioning liverwhich is not traceable through can try it if it does any help. its is a safe medicine. And avoid junk food and protect your liver.

    • aaron60198 aaron60198 sefscky34676

      Hi sefscky it may be the omeprazol thats causing this as its benn known for this sort of problem when taking this medication, i cant really give you an answer to this but this med can cause a lot of side effects like this also cause vitimin B12 deficiency which i have and have to have a quarterly injection, nothing to worry about but this med could have caused this? i was on Omeprezol about 8/9 Months ago i dont take it anymore Doc said i no longer need it. If it's just a side effect they usually wear off within 2 weeks, it may not be the Omeprazol it could just be Anxiety related? If you took Omeprezol for only 2 days i don't think it will be that as it won't be in your system properly? i took it for around a year.

    • AJRicc702 AJRicc702 diana88467

      Does the Klonopin really make a difference? They prescribed me Xanax but I haven’t tried it yet. I don’t want to put a bandaid over a bigger problem.  

      Any advice will help. Thank you.  

    • millyisfluffy millyisfluffy GenevieveG

      i have this too.

      suffocation feeling for the past 7 months following flu like symptoms

      lyme / coinfection testing equivocal

      here are some ideas what it could be..

      . mycoplasma/chlamydial pneumoniae causes asthma like symptoms (

      . babesia

      . channelopathy..often associated with cfs/adrenal fatigue. treated with potassium supplements, oxygenated water, and anticonvulsants

    • jametodd59 jametodd59 millyisfluffy

      Idk what happened. I've followed the asthma story for a long time now. It's hard to find a Dr. Willing to prescribe the azithromycin regimen needed. I've talked to Dr. Hahn myself on the phone and he stated he was retired but not to give up. The one legit Dr. Was Dr. Fred Arthur Wagshul. He still practices the antibiotic treatment to this day.

    • john01128 john01128 millyisfluffy

      I read the asthma story! I’m an RN and it makes sense to me! Fortunately, I have doxycycline 100mg x 1 month but convincing my doctor for 6 months worth may be the hard part! I have been living with this excessive yawning and shortness of breath on a daily basis for 15 years now! They blame it all on anxiety! I’ve never been anxious? It came on suddenly one afternoon in which I couldn’t catch my breath! I called 9-11. ( they called it a panic attack) but 15 years later, I still have same symptoms everyday. Nothing works, except zonking myself with klonipin! So? Most likely addicted to benzodiazepines now and remain with the breathing problem. Maybe I do have a chronic bacterial pneumonia causing this? Worth a try! Hopefully I will notice a difference within this next month? Thank you... 

    • john01128 john01128 lynn59093

      RN meaning I understand about the anatomy and physiology, the balance between O2 and carbon dioxide. This is where I believe the the problem originates! Our exchange isn’t equal thus the shortness of breath never goes away once we hit that plateau... 

    • jametodd59 jametodd59 john01128

      How do you manage work and daily life while dealing with this issue? I find it hard to do and people are not very understanding. When it happens to me i have to call it an asthma attack so people take me seriously.

    • john01128 john01128 jametodd59

      Unfortunately, I need to take Klonopin 1mg twice per day. I actually feel it coming on! It starts by  yawning and tightness in chest area. When I feel it around 2ish, I take my Klonopin and just wait until it kicks in about an hour later! Yes, it’s torturous and the shortness of breath and constant air hunger continues until eventually I get a satisfactory yawn that captures enough oxygen to satisfy my brain and body... that’s what I deal with every single day! Anti-depressants like SSRIs do NOT work. ( tried 30 different kind in 15 years) I’m not depressed! I’m short of breath! The anxiety comes from shortness of breath and not the anxiety causing the shortness of breath. They it’s that way but it’s not! There is no drug for anxiety anyway! Nothing but benzodiazepines... very addictive but only thing that helps.  I’m glad I’m not alone and we need to keep searching! 

    • jametodd59 jametodd59 john01128

      Mine starts by excessive yawning and the feeling of hyperventilating. So I try to call myself and do things to take attention from it. If I keep thinking about it, it gets worse and worse. I use to get scared but as long as I know it's not my asthma than I'm a lot less frightened. I've been told you can't die from this but I feel as though it could eventually put you in respiratory arrest. That's what I was always afraid of. I've been an RN for 2 years now and have never heard of this. It's only happened to me out of everyone I know. Is it rare? I dont know but it's not easy to explain to anyone including Doctors. They blame it on my anxiety to which I tell them I don't ever feel anxious.

    • lann412 lann412 addie1617

      Hi addie1617

      I have found so many sites that say anemia , iron deficiency causes air hunger, how did you get your iron level to optimal levels? Did the air hunger go away when Optimal? Also does anemia cause numbness and tingling in your feet especially when you have your feet up when curled up on a couch? Thank you 

    • lann412 lann412 addie1617

      Hi addie1617

      I have found so many sites that say anemia , iron deficiency causes air hunger, how did you get your iron level to optimal levels? Did the air hunger go away when Optimal? Also does anemia cause numbness and tingling in your feet especially when you have your feet up when curled up on a couch? Thank you 

    • john01128 john01128 paul09240

      I wouldn’t take iron supplements unless I was anemic! Your doctor needs to draw a CBC to determine that! The breathing problem for me has nothing to do with my hematocrit or hemoglobin. I’m 15.6! You don’t need to make your blood to viscous! Plus iron will make you constipated! Not good! We need to keep searching for professional help. I still believe we are breathing in too much oxygen. Make it a habit to breath through your nose! 

    • sarah4336 sarah4336 john01128

      I’ve also had a cardiac cath with stress test — no smoking gun, just a fixed stroke volume and relatively low ventricular filling pressures. I’ve had this air hunger problem for 3.5 years now and have had a “Cadillac workup” including a cardiac MRI, echo, gastric tests, the above-mentioned stress test with cath, a tilt table test (which was positive for mild POTS) and countless other tests. I’ve also taken buteyko classes. Nothing helps except not exerting myself beyond a certain mystery threshold (which is itself a moveable target). I was on an exercise program to try to help improve the symptoms, but that quickly devolved when my chosen exercise —biking— left me with a herniated disc. I now have muscle weakness from that and am recovering from surgery as I write this. At least when my herniated disc pain was ever present, I was distracted from the air hunger. Now its back at the forefront. I feel like I have MVP, and it could be that simple, but I’ve been screened for that obviously, and I don’t have it. Frustrating. 

  • Tiger0191 Tiger0191 FlutterbyPie

    I have been experiencing an extremely similar type of thing, the excessive yawning and cant get enough air thing specifically.  This started about just over a year ago, and as a runner, it hasnt exactly been convenient for me... I competed so badly all this year because i had to continually keep stopping and walking, something i try to avoid at all costs, due to lack of air.  I have had a spirometry test and blood test that came back normal, and now i think the doctor's stuck, when i just want it fixed so i can breathe again...  Breathing in slowly and holding it really is not effective for me, i just need to yawn again a couple seconds later... sad

    I havent found anything really that helps (sorry!), the only thing ive managed to discover helps a little is to adjust my breathing patterns, which is hugely inconvenient and only works at rest

    • kim22752 kim22752 Tiger0191

      This is all so interesting because I have been experiencing all these symptoms for over 13 years and assumed it was due to allergies. However in the past seven years, I have been trying to get better answers.  My breathing is so shallow that several times when I have been in the hospital for various other reasons,

      they have come running into the room thinking I stopped breathing because it did not register on the oximiter. My oxygen was low on my sleep study, but nothing they will actually consider too abnormal. And no one will take into account that I get dizzy and get a headache with all exercise due to what clearly feels like lack of oxygen because I feel like I can't  get enough breath , can't catch my breath, and have so much mucous that I have to carry a rag I call a snot rag. I do have anxiety, but do not have attacks every day or every time I exercise and don't understand how it can effect every day and every exercise time. I am also a pharmacist and have done a lot of research on several related issues, so calling the whole thing an anxiety attack, seems preposterous. I believe the over active nerves are involved, but there is more to the story here than anxiety disorder. If anyone has found any doctors willing to approach understanding the issue, then that is what is most important.  It seems to me that what they test in the office is to see that you have a normal oxygen level and lung capacity (VO max) but if chronic anxiety is causing your breathing to be so shallow that the oxygen is not being delivered at a regular rate, isn't that still an insufficiency? I believe it is and we are feeling the effects of it, but no one will acknowledge it. It helps to know we are not alone in feeling this way.

    • jwarner75 jwarner75 Tiger0191


      I feel exactly the same way.  Do you ever feel bloated?   When my symptoms get really bad I feel extremely bloated and just feel like I cant breath. I try to take that deep breath and get no satosfaction and also feel like I am not getting enough oxygen.  The extreme breathing problems I do not have everyday but I do usually find myself breathing deeply throughout everyday trying to get that deep satisfying breath.  I start to feel the breathing problems come on and then at times they get very bad to the point where I almost feel like I will start to panic.  Once I went to the hospital because I just feel like I dont get enough oxygen.  My symptoms have been going on for about 5 years now. 

      When I have a bad episode, it is bad and I feel like it would be easier to die.  Out of desparation, I recently stopped drinking red wine (which I was drinking at least 1 glass per night or every other night for the last several years) and I stopped on my coffee intake.  I actually stopped both for about 7 days and I actually started feeling better again.  There were about 3 days in a row where I could take a deep breath and I got my breath.  Then one friday night I had two glasses of red wine and the next day I started havcing the problems again but only margnal.  I also had a cup of coffee the next day.   Since I was feeling a bit better I decided to have one glass of coffee a day and now I am sitting here writing this message. 

      I just had a very bad espisode and felt like I wanted to go to the doctor.  I also just had a cup of coffee around 4 and the bretahiong started around 6 and got really bad around 7.  I also feel bloated. 

      Do you drink coffee and have you ever noticed that certain food or drinks might trigger it?  Do you feel bloated?  I am going to quite coffee again to see of there is a correlation.  Since I usually feel bloated and nasty everyday, I dont even exercise much anymore.  I am in ok shape, 5'8" 160 lbs and I am not fat.  Since I always feel like the breathing is an issue and the bloating, I dont feel comfortable when I exercise. 

      For the record:

      I went to cardiologist twice, and did tread mill stress test.  They concluded I am fine.

      Went to a lung doctor and did all known breathing tests and I passed.  Ironic thing is I was having the difficulty breathing the day of the test.  Go figure. 

      I am planning to go bad to the cardiologist and maybe some other doctors.  But in the meantime I am going to cut out certain things in my diet. 


    • FastEddie FastEddie Tiger0191

      Just you swim also? I've had similar issues before, and I now believe it may be related to the pool and/or some type of chlorine allergy. Vitamin C and Niacin seemed to help.

    • Rumburak Rumburak FastEddie

      Hi FastEddie, personally I doubt it as I am very convinced this is related to reflux. I swam only a few times in my life in swimming pools. I can see worse breathing condition after coffee, strong tea, wine, acid producing foods. Please research GERD on the Internet and see for yourself. Maybe you will find it useful. I have heard some doctors believe this is possible. You can have silent reflux like other hundreds of thousands of us do. Best of luck.

    • Shelle99 Shelle99 jwarner75

      This definitely rings true with me, I have ongoing anxiety issues. I take a beta blocker for palpitations and anti-anxiety medication. The last few days I have had a coffee and experienced extreme palpitations after combined with this horrible feeling of not being able to breathe.

      I have had a stressful week but haven't felt particularly stressed or anxious at the time it's happening, but then the symptoms themselves do create a panic feeling, like I'm going to suffocate because I don't have enough oxygen.

      It's a horrible horrible feeling and even worse because there doesn't seem to be any effective way to manage it.

    • kaela52397 kaela52397 Tiger0191

      Hey Tiger - have you done any research on silent reflux? I had the same problem for a very long time on and off and finally a doctor figured out that it was a form of acid reflux that only presents as breathing problems. It was confirmed after an esophageal probe. Triggered by eating acidic foods. Do some research and try taking Prilosec for two weeks and see if that helps.

    • Craftylady Craftylady jwarner75

      Well, this certainly rings some bells with me.  I suffer with Severe Health Anxiety and my GP has told me my breathing issues just like yours are down to anxiety.  Every time he checks my lungs he says they are clear.  He recently found a murmur when listening to my heart so he sent me for an ECG.  It's taken me 2 attempts to go through with it but I had it this week.  According to the Doctor who did it everything is fine.  Anyway,  today I am having a really bad day (and had a bad night) with breathlessness.  I take my salbutamol inhaler when it's bad and it helps a little but not properly.  I think it's connected to digestive issues myself.  I get breathless many times when I eat and I also have a tenderness across my diaghphram most days under my rib cage.  It feels like I've been kicked or punched.  I gave up caffeine a year ago and I can't drink coffee as it causes me pain.  I've had a few good days until last night and it's back with a vengenance now.  I wish we could get to the bottom of this as it's hell.  I too Yawn to get enough breathe to feel like I've taken a proper breath so I know what you are going through.  My GP has given me medication for anxiety but I haven't taken it as I am scared of taking meds due to the fear of side effects.  

    • Melinda6938 Melinda6938 Craftylady

      Try propping the head of your bed up about 2 inches and also try sleeping with a pillow under your shoulders and one one on top of that for head. It has given me excellent relief. It was causing acod to back up into my lungs causing breathing difficulties and constant need to yawn. Please try this a few. Nights it may solve a lot of issues you are having. Anxiety can make it worse when your struggling to get deep breath it causes panic so it makes it worse. Good luck hope this helps you

    • jwarner75 jwarner75 joe93888

      Hi Joe,

      do you mean a Hiatal hernia?  I saw your comment below and I have identical symptoms.  The only time I start feeling better is when I eat limited amount of food over a 3 week period.  Otherwise, it is difficult to breath. 

    • joe93888 joe93888 jwarner75

      Hi yes jwarner75 sorry not a good speller buy yes i can only eat white rice and eggsas or right now other than that im stuck on baby foods i hope once i have my galbladder rwmoved and my hernia fix hopefully my breathing gets better

    • jwarner75 jwarner75 joe93888

      I hope your surgery goes well and please keep us posted.  I have been living like this for about 5 years but it has gotten worse over the last year.  I will mention this to my doctor and maybe she can do soem checks to see if I have the same issues.  I will let you know.  Thanks. 

    • paul46539 paul46539 joe93888

      Joe- had a huge bout of this in November and thru this blog I had read some info about Gerd. You can have it without any symptoms like you would normally think. They put me on 5 medications- said I had copd,asthma, and allergies. After 4 months of testing their theory I have just weened off all meds after a 14 day of Prilosec. Happy to say those symptoms are behind me at the present time. Still watching and waiting to see how it goes. I would definitely review and take Prilosec or something similar and change diet a little and see how it goes. Good luck

    • joe93888 joe93888 paul46539

      Yes paul i am. meds for gerd also my diet has changed alot since my symtoms have got worae i went from wieghing 496 to 381 poumd in just 3months these last three month i been on baby food and yogurt..and also you can go long periods of time withs out haveimg aymtoms from your galbladder and a hernia as well but when i see my doctor again i will sure let her know about the prilosec

    • garethanjosh garethanjosh joe93888

      Hi joe.can you please say were your hernia is?i suffer with the same symptoms as the person who posted this problem.right at the side of my ribcage near top of my stomach i have swelling there.some days i notice it by it feeling tensed up or a pushing wondering if its a hernia?i do suffer from severe health anxiety.thanks

    • joe93888 joe93888 garethanjosh

      Hi yes my hernia id rigjt above me stomach which would be the center of my chest and also i get the swelling on my side as well you might wanna talk to your doctor to see if you have galstones i have my galbladder removed on the 10th of april and then a g.i on may the 22

    • diana88467 diana88467 Tiger0191

      Hello just a suggestion I have found that if I take my asthma inhaler it helps this condition even if I'm not having an asthma attack it just breaks the pattern sometimes so if you do have an inhaler take it a few times and see if it helps

    • ANNA0812 ANNA0812 jwarner75

      I am 32 years old and have these spells where I cant take a deep

      breath in. I am about 70lbs over weight, however, before i got these spells, my activity level was fine and i didnt have any other issue.. So its not a weight issue. I also in the past have had a few panic attacks. So severe at times i had to stop working and going to school. When i had those attacks, it wasnt the same as the trouble breathing i have now... however, the breathing issue did throw me into panic once.. it was so bad i cried and shook. I also experience chest pain once in a while when this happens. Not always. I get very dizzy and light headed. Sometimes tingly. It seems that caffiene gibes me panic attacks, and if i drink to much alcohol i feel very sob also. If i eat too much and become full, this also makes my breathing worsen. I have had about 3 of these spells. Once when I was about 23, 31, and now 32. When it happens, it lasts for like a month or two. It is very uncomfortable. Its like my chest wont allow me to take deep breaths. I can get one in once in a while but rarely. I also have trouble sneezing and yawning due to this. Seems to be ok when laying down. But trying to walk very far, even getting dressed is a task. It is waaaaay worse when showering. I almost hyperventilate in the bath. It is ruining my life. I do have afib.... i really dont think it is that. If i dont think about the breathing it is ok usually. I try to occupy myself to take my mind off of it. I have been to the doctor 3 times. He has no idea. Says could be afib....asthma....stress..... and the hospital said maybe acid reflux... all my xrays and heart evals looked fine...besides mild afib..Sometimes i wonder if im just freaking myself out.... but sometimes it's as real as day. I use albuterol nebulizer every 4 hours. It helps a lot but not 4 long. I also use mucinex nose spray. This is so scary and making life difficult. Please if anyone has answers let me know. Thank you.

    • cssgregg1 cssgregg1 ANNA0812

      I would agree , you should get a nebulizer . Every time i have this breathing problem it seems like it is always at 3 am so i just get up , take a breathing treatment with the albuterol and it almost alway opens me up enough to be able to go back to sleep and at that point i breathe slow enough to continue sleeping . Yesterday when i had this breathing problem though was the first time it didnt work but normally it allows you to breath good enough . The guy that brough up pseudo dyspnea seemed exactly like what this is .


    • chantelle 71849 chantelle 71849 Tiger0191

      This exactly the same for me, Ive had a spirometry test and they've just told me its asthma but I have no wheezing and they said my chest was clear I had one doctor tell me it was a really bad viral infection in my airways that would of cleared up by taking paracetamol for a week or so but then it got worse my Gp then told me she was diagnosing me with asthma due to poor peak flow but I'm on the blue inhaler I did have a brown but got it changed to a pink one with a spacer and I'm on antihistamines for my hay fever and now Ive been put on montelukest tablets one a night for a month to see if it gets better I highly doubt it as I am struggling the same as I have been for months so the doctors next step is to send me for ct scans and X-rays to see if they can get to the bottom of this sometimes it has me in tears I'm that bad with it because it causes me to panic wish somebody had the right answer and medicine for this 

    • SaberWolf SaberWolf Tiger0191

      I had this same problem. Shortness of breath going on 4 months had numerous tests including major tests spidometry pulmonary function tests . echocardiogram and xray. I still haven't found a solution to my shortness of breath I feel like I can't fill my lungs like I'm constantly gasping for air. I don't get that satisfaction when i breath. Any advice is appreciated

    • Melinda6938 Melinda6938 ANNA0812

      Listen stay calm it's an awful thing to go through. I had no idea what was going on it's GERD acid reflux I am pretty sure did a lot of research and listen raise the head of your bed 6 to 8 inches you will be amazed at how well it helps I wake up in mornings and can breath use to id struggle even after eating. I had cut back on so much food I got down to 117 pounds I'm 47 and 5 foot 5 so that was really small. Thought I was having food allergies but nope acid reflux here is what to try raise your bed after each meal peel and eat a whole red sweet apple you will be able to tell with in minutes the difference it sure has helped me I also gave it to the lord you do this and you should be fine 

    • john01128 john01128 kim22752

      Kim, it's been 16 years for me and I tried everything and so much research on oxygen starved, excessively yawning, and GAD.  I'm not an anxious person! It's not GERD either! It's real and unfortunately, I'm forced to take benzodiazepines to take off the edge! But it's not a cure... We need to find a study on this because it appears to be bigger then we think? I'm in the medical profession as well, but it seems the all say anxiety, when there is no other explanation?

    • Melinda6938 Melinda6938 SaberWolf

      Went through test all were good  stay calm it's an awful thing to go through. I had no idea what was going on it's GERD acid reflux I am pretty sure did a lot of research and listen raise the head of your bed 6 to 8 inches you will be amazed at how well it helps I wake up in mornings and can breath use to id struggle even after eating. I had cut back on so much food I got down to 117 pounds I'm 47 and 5 foot 5 so that was really small. Thought I was having food allergies but nope acid reflux here is what to try raise your bed after each meal peel and eat a whole red sweet apple you will be able to tell with in minutes the difference it sure has helped me I also gave it to the lord you do this and you should be fine 

    • bob71029 bob71029 Melinda6938

      I'm sorry, but it's not GERD for everyone. Believe me, I've been through the wringer with this insane, uncanny, bizarre, and hellish breathing issue for enough years, and heard enough testimonies to know that the cause, whatever that may be varies for each individual. Sure, for some, GERD might just be the culprit, and an acid pill like Prilosec can do wonders. Hell, I'm on Prilosec. Been on it for 3 years now to no avail as far as the breathing issue. Yes, loosing weight can help too. I'm 6'3 , 250 pounds. I could probably stand to loose about 20 or 30 pounds. Then again, I see very obese people when I'm sitting in the waiting room at the doctors office, and they all breath like a mouse. Quiet, through the nose without a care in the world it seems. Do you get my point?  

    • Melinda6938 Melinda6938 bob71029

      It may not be GERD for you but I have had this a long time had spirometer test heart test no problems it continued to happen I do feel that mine was GERD or acid reflux and excessive gas even checked gallbladder and she couldn't get good picture from all the gas bubbles these things can make it hard to get a deep breath and I posted a few things that has helped me it may not help you good luck 

    • louis86700 louis86700 paul46539

      Hello Paul,

      I am new to this forum. 

      I'm curious ... after the Prilosec ... did you also change your diet as well.

      I just started with these symptoms about a month ago. Glad I found this forum. No one else online seems to understand what we are going through. But everyone here at this site knows EXACTLY what theses symptoms are all about.


    • Melinda6938 Melinda6938 louis86700

      I just seen where you private messaged me.  The head of the bed 6 to 8 inches helps keep the acids down in your stomach where they belong.  My husband did this for me and it has helped so much.  I thought the same thing you did how can you sleep like this but you get use to it not bad at all.


    • paul09240 paul09240 greg09402

      Yep i can agree....for the last week i have had no fizzy pop especially red bull, monster or any energy drink and have been taking 1 iron tablet and been loads better.....only 1 iron tablet as can bung u up.....but the difference has been brilliant....had no iron tablet all weekend not struggled breathing only odd time ive had to yawn...think over xmas gonna try a few days without iron tablet and see how i go as your usually stuffing your face over crimbo so that will bring on the bloating......iff this info helps anyone good....did for me...ive suffered with this for years ,and had yo try something as doctors found nothing.... And before anyone says anything no i didnt go to docs about iron tablets only having the one in a morning to see how we go....

    • john01128 john01128 paul09240

      Paul, it’s the ridiculous amounts of caffeine you were ingesting and not the iron pill. Caffeine in those drinks increase bp  ten fold bro! Your shortness of breath most likely came from an increased diastolic pressure. 

  • jen76485 jen76485 FlutterbyPie

    You might want to look into anxiety disorder, that's what I have and it sounds just like it, though there are over 100 symptoms of this disorder. The constant yawning to catch your breath, the feeling that you can breath in and out but your not getting enough air. Anxiety can happen even when I'm not feeling anxious or stressed and can feel constant which differs from a panic attack which comes on hard and fast and feels like your have a heart attack, at least for me it does. I'm not a doctor but it does sound like my symptoms but the longer I left it untreated different symptoms started. I hope this may help.

  • Tiger0191 Tiger0191 FlutterbyPie

    Vocal cord dysfunction may (or may not) be contributing to your struggles, the symptoms appear similar to what is being experienced. It is very often misdiagnosed as asthma, but asthma medication will not assist in relieving discomfort. Idk, it may just be helpful to look it up and check it out, see how it compares to the symptoms experienced

  • josephine 30311 josephine 30311 FlutterbyPie

    It's horrible, isn't it? I've had it for years, on and off. And the more you think about it, the more it happens .. so you get more anxious, and that makes it even worse!

    Try this .. it works for me:

    Take a few deep breaths, but instead of using your upper chest, breath from your tummy.. really push your tummy in and out. After a few times of doing that, you should then be able to get that deep satisfying breath you crave.

    We are all born with the ability to breath with our tummies .. watch a baby breath and you'll see what I mean. To babies it comes naturally .. but as we get older, we tend to take more shallow breaths .. using only our chests.

    If you don't understand .. just type 'abdominal breathing' into youtube, there are plenty of videos which show you how to do it.

    Hope this helps.


    • antonio12137 antonio12137 josephine 30311

      I had this about 4 years back , it eventually went. On the 15th June 16 and went out with a friend in his car .we got back around 11pm that evening to find my car had vanished. When I came inside my house I knew straight away I'd been burgled. I've suffered with anxiety and also agoraphobia for 20 years.

      I did overcome this 4 years ago but now it's come back. I'm afraid to leave the house as yesterday when I had to walk to the local shop I started with a full blown panic attack which lasted a few mins but throughout the day I would get them in the house. Then the day after I started with the excessive yawning and breathing which now is making feel ill. At times I can't even stand up I'm that dizzy so this is making things very difficult for me to leave the house as I fear this coming on outdoors . I always relied on my car which helped me get over the agoraphobia and it seemed to go.I have a replacement car bring delivered next week so hoping I can overcome this again.Any advice would be helpful .I can't remember how I overcome this last time

      Thanks Antonio

    • jean 88823 jean 88823 antonio12137

         So sorry to hear you're going through this!   It can be so frightening and debilitating.   I certainly hope having a car again will help you to get out and finally help relieve all your other symptoms.   Best of luck!

  • katie2378 katie2378 FlutterbyPie

    This very same thing happens to me. As a matter of fact, it happened to me for the last 2 days but today I am fine. This time, when I went outside to do something, I was out of breath in a very short time, so I had to stay in the house and not go anywhere. I tried the breathing exercise mentioned in a post, buit it didn't work. (Kinda made it worse). Mine is not brought on by stress I don't believe. I have had a panic attack before but it is different. I checked the COPD symptoms and it isn't that because I do not have a cough or cough up anything. If you find out anything, please let me know....Thanks!

  • janet1000 janet1000 FlutterbyPie

    This has been happening to me lately (and at various times in the past) and it is unpleasant! I'm pretty sure mine is related to stress and when I forget about it I'm ok, but then when I feel like yawning I notice it's come back again as I can't yawn properly, which is very irritating. I feel abdominal breathing helps a bit but in the long run trying not to get het up about it and trying to take my mind off it will in the end make it go away.

    • ben20913 ben20913 janet1000

      I do pass through the same thing. Mine happen only when I worried myself to much or just remember something that once put a fear in me. This time I'm trying to overcome issues like panic attack which is like it has cause something like convulsion inside my heart that brought me to this state. I think the solution should one need is to be fearless and be friendly at the same time. All be happy

  • will71922 will71922 FlutterbyPie


    I just wanted to let anyone here who is still struggling with this know that I have cured it -- I used a very simple technique called the Buteyko Method. It has absolutely vanished. Basically, the reason all of us cannot seem to get a deep breath, is because we are breathing TOO MUCH. I know, it feels like we aren't breathing enough, and we are dying for air. But its the opposite, I assure you. One thing you can do right now if you are reading this is lay down on your left side on your bed, and, ONLY breathing through your nose, try to breath as little as possible. You will feel a shortness of breath at first -- don't make yourself uncomfortable. But do try to breathe less for ten minutes. You should do this with the aim of breathing so lightly that your can't even hear yourself breathing. Let the belly rise naturally and calmly, but slow slow slow down your breathing and try to make it light as a feather. Make it so you are breathing so little and so lightly. See how you feel. Email me anytime if you would like my further suggestions about this. I know how much it *****, and how totally euphoric I feel now every day after learning this techniquw. Email anytime. ***@****  --Will

    • will71922 will71922 stopyawning

      Hi stopyawning,

      After about a year of feeling the constant need to yawn to get a deep breath, I was at the point where I was basically totally freaking out. I would feel like I couldn't get that sort of "satisfying" deep breath, which was baffling, because to my knowledge I had changed nothing in my overall behavior. It was like it just suddenly started happening more. Even more confusing, is that sometimes it would be happening, and I would think to my self , "Huh, I'm not doing that weird breathing thing anymore" and then I would immediately have breathing trouble, right after I noticed this! It was so confusing and nightmarish. So after going to multiple doctors, getting breath tests, and having them say, very nicely, that there was nothing physically wrong with me and that it was likely just anxiety, I did some research on my own. I discovered something called the Buteyko Method online, and found a local 4-day course to take in my neighborhood. It literally changed my life. I hesitate to describe the method in detail, because I am not licenses or anything. But basically, here is the premise in a nut shell:

      The reason I was having trouble breathing, was because I was breathing TOO MUCH! I was not aware of this at all, let me assure you. As Human Beings on this planet, when we encouter any kind of stressor in our environment, the breathing center in our brain speeds up. Evolutionarily, this is quite handy -- if a caveman sees a tiger, he us going to need to either kill the damn thing or run for his life. He (or she for that matter) will need access to lots and lots of immediate oxygen. So the breathing naturally speeds up. When the danger is gone, in other words if the tiger is dead or the cave person has out-run it, the breathing naturally slows. Have you every been to a dog park and seen dogs playing and then one of them gets in a fight? Afterwards, the dog usually does this "shake" to shake off excess enerygy. The he or she just goes back to playing like nothing happened. I think it is the same principle: all of a suddent the body is flooded with energy and needs more breath, but when the activity is over, it very quickly re-establishes it self back to basline. 

      So now here's the problem: in our Modern world, as wonderful as it can be sometimes, there are so many damned stressors that our Human minds can't really every calm down and go back to that "baseline" resting place. There is ISIS and the threat of Global Terror; there is Ebola that will come and wipe us all out; there are Earthquakes, Tsunamis, Recessions, Bankruptcy, school shootings, all kinds of things that, while not necessarily likely to happen to us, are still there in the mind. Its like the mind is always on "Red Alert". There are some people who believe that this is largely due to the media, and I think there is some truth to this: just turn on the TV. All the news is basically telling us that there is the "Impending Disaster", this methaphorical Tiger coming to get us and no one know when or how but its coming. 

      My point is, and sorry for the rant, but our minds are on a constant of hightened anxiety. What happens? Our breathing speeds up. This happens automatically, is happens over months and years, and it happens totally without our knowledge of it happening. Suddenly one day you wake up, like I did, and you can't breath and you don't know why. The reality is that it comes from years of living in our modern world with all its problems. So, what to do?

      Have you ever seen Buddhist monks mediate? One thing to note is that they do not take these huge, deep, heaving breaths. This is a bit of a misnomer. When I used to work in the emergency room, I was told to take a few deep, cleansing breaths before a stressful situation, to calm myself. This makes sense, to pay attention to the breathe, but they had it backwards: what I should have done was to slow slow slow down my breaht and intentionally make it shallow, almost imperceptible, just like the monks. There are some monks who only take in one breathe every couple of minutes it is so slow and light. There belly hardly moves at all. 

      So what is happening here? All it is simply the relationship between CO2 and Oxygen. If you google the "Bohr" effect, a well-known medically observed occurence, this will help to make this clear. When an animal, and a human, starts breathing too heavily, the balance of CO2 and Oygen shifts. Suddenly there is too much oxygen and not enough CO2. Like I said, this is helpful in an emergecny, but if it becomes chronic, the balance is shifted too much and for too long, and when it becomes out of balance, Oxygen actually decreases in the body. So when you intentionally slow down the breathing, expelling less CO2, the CO2 levels normalize, and thus the Oxygen levels normalize as well. I really hope you google this because as I am writing this I know I don't have a very solid grasp on how it works. But you will learn all of this if you take a Buteyko class, which I strongly suggest you do! Speaking of which, we come to the solution: the intentional, progressive slowing down of the breath, until the Oxygen/Co2 balance is restored. I.E Buteyko breathing. Thats all there is to it. I have found several things to be quite important, which I wil list below, but please take a damned course so you know this for yourself!

      First of all, exercise is a must!! Every time you get aerobic exercise, you are helping to correct the problem. Just remember: breathe through your nose only. This is crucial. If you are breathing through your mouth, at any time, you are definitely taking in TOO MUCH oxygen. You are exacerbating the problem. This is why yawning is really, really bad. Its counter-intuitive; it feels like the only time you get a really good breath is when you take a deep, yawn. But this is the whole problem. You have to stop yawning with you moouth open. You have to stop doing everything for that matter with you mouth open (except eating, talking and kissing...have I forgotten anything?)

      Also, one thing you can do right now, is find a comfortable position, either sitting or lying on your side (never on your back! you will naturally breath too deep  and too much in this position). Now intentionally slow down your breathing and also make it very shallow. I am not saying to breathe high in your chest: this is completly wrong. Breathe with your abdomen ONLY. But don't breathe deeply; breathe lightly and slowly. At first, you are guaranteed to feel an increase in breathlessness. It is an awful feeling, I won't lie. Don't make yourself uncomfortable!! If you feel like you need to take a deep breath, then do so. But gradually gradually gradually, patiently and persistently, for 10 minutes, try to breath less and less, just like the Buddhist monks. See how you feel. 

      Sorry for this epic-length reply. It is just so important that you do this for yourself, because you will feel so much better!! After practicing this, you won't need any more convincing, because it works so well and you feel so good that it becomes totally natural. Nowm when I go for a jog, or I am driving, or even giving a presentation at work, I am aware that my breathing is very slow and peaceful, and that my mouth is closed at almost all times. It feels so wonderful, so peaceful, so calming. I hope this helps. Good luck. Will

    • stopyawning stopyawning will71922

      Thanks, Will. I tested the theory right after coming upon this forum and seeing your post on the topic, and I know it's effective.

      Funny, the problem has subsided a bit since then and I think just knowing that I wasn't going looney and there were others in the same boat was a big help. I emailed my doctor a link to the thread.

      This is the worst episode of this problem I've ever had since I first noticed it years ago, and I'm praying that it's not signaling a change of any kind.

      Keeping the mouth completely closed will be a challenge. No doubt I've been a "mouth breather" from childhood. However, it's worth the effort to try. I'm curious to see if I can do that during my exercise which, at times, gets pretty intense.

      The other benefit is that I know there is quick relief, at least to a manageable state, just by employing the Buteyko method. The night before I found the forum and messaged you, I had the worst of it and really thought I had a serious case. I went to bed very early and began to breathe through my nose in a calm and repetitive manner just because I didn't know what else to try.

      Though it was a bit uncomfortable and I sucked down a few yawning breaths in between, I found those came pretty easily and without struggle once I was relaxed. A few minutes into this pattern, I feel asleep. On the whole, that's reassuring.

      So, I'll give what you suggest a good try and I'm sure it will be effective.

      Thanks again for the reply. It's a big help.


    • josephine 30311 josephine 30311 will71922

      I’ve been practicing Buteyko breathing ever since it was first mentioned on the forum a few months ago. It’s pretty amazing.

      I only have mild COPD but even so, my breathing has improved tremendously. Most importantly .. I don’t panic any more.


      The hardest thing for me was keeping my mouth closed and breathing through my nose .. mainly because one or other of my nasal passages always seemed to be permanently blocked. But I soon discovered that the very act of Buteyko breathing in itself, cleared them (something to do with CO2 in the blood breaking down mucus). Even so, It took quite a lot of practice and determination to rid myself of the habit of perpetual mouth-breathing because after decades of being ‘slack-jawed it felt so odd keeping me damn mouth closed all the time  But I persevered, and now .. for the first time in years and years .. I can breath through my nose normally, steadily, and calmly.


      An added bonus, is that it’s changing the shape of my face! My jaw-line is firmer, the jowls are receding, and the dreaded ‘lizard-neck’ which can tend to creep up on we ladies of a ‘certain age’, is much much less pronounced.


      As Will said, the technique has to be learnt, (there are plenty of instruction videos on Youtube) and I would also advise taking it very gently at first .. the need for oxygen and the urge to gasp in huge mouthfuls of it, is strong and overwhelming at times .. but with practice and patience the results are SO worth it.


      As I said above .. it’s pretty amazing. It’s changed my life too.




    • Shirl1419 Shirl1419 will71922

      I wanted to thank you for your post. I've had this problem for 15 years and did not know what it was. I've been to doctor that have either diagnosed me with asthma or given me Xanax and sent me on my way. I would yawn until my jaw would hurt giving me a headache. It was also embarrassing when around other people. It would last from 1 day or even as long as month.

      I did what you said, I layed down on my left side and for 10 mins I slowed down my breathing down. Ever since yesterday I've stopped yawning and have become more aware of my breathing . Needles to say this definitely has everything to do with what is going on presently in my life (wedding, bills, kids, spouse and running a business ).

      I can't thank you enough for you post that has truly changed the way I think. I really thought I was like some type of hypochondriac, when in reality I rarely get sick. I will definitely look into Buteyko breathing so I can continue this long term.

      Anyone who has this problem please please give this a try!!!! It is truly a blessing!!!!

      Thank you for taking the time to post this.

    • cmrrmc cmrrmc will71922

      Will, how long did it take u to create the habit and stop yawning and struggling to get that satisfying breath? I know it works but I haven't been able to retrain myself long term. I go maybe a few hours at the most before I'm back to the struggle. How did u cure this once and for all? Was it the 4day class u took? What if I'm not able to find a class like that? Am I doomed to this horribleness??

    • jonno1234 jonno1234 will71922

      I will try this. I had an initial back injury and started yawning and breathing deaply to releive the back pain. Now it has become somewhat of a habit and I can stop it. Extremely frustrating. Highly doubt it's anxiety. Have researched the symptoms of lung cancer as I have quite a few of them. Hope not. Will try this. Thanks

    • will71922 will71922 bob71029

      Hi Bob, I'm sorry to hear you have had this for so long. When it was at its worst for me, I could barely function. First of all, I am not in any way trained in any breathing technique. I am not a Doctor. So please take what I am saying with a large grain of salt. That being said, the problem has vanished for me; and I feel so much better that I want to scream the solution from the proverbial roof top. So, you're having trouble breathing. Please stop reading this and youtube/google "Buteyko Breathing" -- anything by Patrick Mckowen is best. Please do this right now. Then return to this forum. So, you've watched the videos or read the article. You now know the problem; the reason you cannot cathch your breathe is because you are breathing TOO MUCH. Its so simple; it sound ludicrous. But its true. All you need to convince yourself of this, is to implement the techniques. You will feel better, the problem with improve, and you will need no further evidence. So what to do?

      Always, always, always, from this moment forward, breathe through your nose. Do not breathe through your mouth. Ever. When you are walking, perform the "Breath Holds" described by Patrick and other practioners. If you can locate a trained Buteyko teacher/class, then all the better. Try something right now; find a comfortable chair or couch, and sit comfortably. Try your best to relex. Notice how you are breathing; it is heavy, noisy, through the mouth? Is it high in your chest or low in your abdomen. Allow yourself to breathe naturally, and then gently, gently, attempt to slow your breathe, making it quiet, and breathing with you abdomen. Your chest should rise a slight amount but almost not at all. Breathe with your diaphragm, with your belly. The belly should fill with the in breathe. It should fall with the out breathe. Breathe with your mouth closed. If at first you feel some "air hunger" this is a good thing -- in fact it is the very cure, but we will get to that later. Don't make your self panicky; if you need to take a deep breathe, then do so. But gradually, gradually, patiently and persistently, attempt to reduce the volume of air you are breathing. Do this for ten minutes. See you how you feel. Please reply to this forum with what happened and I wil try and get back to you. Will

    • bob71029 bob71029 will71922

      thanks will for getting back to me, I deeply appreciate it. Actually, I know many of the things you have told me because I have researched this many times. But I guess just reaching out to other people who have this helps anyway. Yes, I've looked into the Buteyko method, and I've tried some of the exercises, but it's so hard to do them when you can barely catch your breath and you feel like you're always hyperventilating. I understand the whole burning up co2 and so forth. The problem for me is not being able to get that satisfying breath each time I try. & I know the more you try for it the worse it is and it just becomes a maddening vicious circle. of course some days are better than others today was not so bad yesterday was very bad. And I noticed for me this slowly progressed into getting worse and worse over time. I can remember when I would have bad episodes maybe twice a week then I'd be OK for the rest of the week and then sure enough the following week on the on the same two days it would come back. anyway I'm going to do my breathing exercises more and try to calm down I do take xanax but honestly I'm not a benzodiazepine person and it makes me sleepy but I do feel it helps sometimes, and sometimes I feel like it doesn't help at all. Plus, I don't want to get addicted to benzodiazepines. And what's really interesting is when you reach out on the internet you find so many people have this problem but when you go out to a shopping mall or to the local supermarket you look around and everybody seems so damn f****** normal and here you are breathing like a crazy idiot lol if you know what I mean?this has impacted my life so much like you stated with yours it's getting to the point where I can barely function its it's not so bad when I sit but even when I sit it becomes unbearable. I can't even take a walk around the block with my girlfriend, having sex also is a struggle. After 7 years of battling this Italia, I'm working on sheer sheer willpower just to make it through the day. okay I don't want to sound like a nut case again I appreciate your reaching out to me and I'll keep in touch all the best Bob

    • bob71029 bob71029

      I also have seen all the videos on YouTube and I know the guy you're mentioning Patrick McGowan he has some good videos and I reached out to him but I never heard anything back but I understand people are busy and things move on and so forth but yes there are some decent videos on hyperventilation but this form of hyperventilation that we have and that what I'm talking about is different than the typical hyperventilation doctors and people think of when one says the word hyperventilation, follow what I'm saying?most people when they think of hyperventilation or when you talk to doctors about hyperventilation they get a picture of breathing heavy like a dog would be panting constantly like taking a deep breath one after the other one after the other. No, this is not the kind of hyperventilation I have I forgot the name of this but there is a particular name for this sort of hyperventilation but the name escapes me right now

    • josephine 30311 josephine 30311 will71922

      I can vouch for what Will has written above.

      It's a vicous circle. You can't get that deep, satisfying breath, so you keep trying and trying to get it and your lungs become 'saturated' because you're breathing too deeply and too much!

      I had this problem for years, it drove me nuts!

      Just calm down, beath from your belly .. and follow Wills advice.

      It WORKS. 

    • bob71029 bob71029 josephine 30311

      thanks Josephine for reaching out and yes, I will take wills advice. I'm 47 years old now and I've been battling this for at least 7 years and it does feel like you're losing your mind, it really, really does. But I'm hopeful and I'm going to hang in there. Thank you everyone for your support. by the way, I notice a lot of people who have this hyperventilation problem are from the UK which I find very interesting. I live right here in America, New Jersey. Yet, I can't find anybody around this area who goes through the same predicament. I just find that interesting.

    • molly63585 molly63585 will71922

      Will71922 would just like to say thank you so much for your advise, I woke up a few hours ago feeling like I couldn't breath properly, this has never happened to me before tonight which made it all the more scary and panicking made it worse but your advise was spot on and I now feel so much better and relieved. I recommend anyone with the same problem to defiantly try this as it 100% works. Thank you again.

    • J.elizabeth J.elizabeth bob71029

      Hi Bob71029,

      I just joined the group. I live in Phoenix AZ and I've had this problem for 4months. It is becoming very obtrusive to my life. I do think mine is anxiety related. I also feel crazy and scared. It seems to get worse when I exert myself. I am going to try the breathing techniques that Will mentioned above. I'll post my results. I'm glad I found this site. It's nice to know I'm not alone. 

    • heather34702 heather34702 will71922

      Hi, i have been having the same issues. It only started about a month ago. I want to find something to help but i dont know that this will work. I havnt been able to breathe through my nose since i was a child i was in a car wreck and smashed my face crushing my nose and therfore making it almost impossible to breath through my nose only my mouth. But i am in desperate need to find something doctors say im fine and theres nothing wrong, but i dont feel right. I cant keep deeling with this. Can you please email me if you have any suggestions i do take xanax for anxiety but its different and i think if its anxiety issues the xanax would help but it dosnt

      Emis Moderator comment: I have removed the email address as we do not publish these in the forums. If users wish to exchange contact details please use the Private Message service.

    • meljohn meljohn heather34702

      Hi Heather, I think you can still find relief without breathing through your nose.  The key to fixing the problem for me was realizing that I was taking in TOO MUCH air rather than too little.  As I'm observing my own normal breathing right now, I see that I'm taking in very little air over a long period of time.  After I exhale, I unconsciously wait a little before inhaling just a little bit of air.  Try slowing down your breathing and only intaking a little oxygen.  For me, that is my normal breathing pattern.

      Over the past week, I feel almost total relief.  Before, I was yawning every few minutes to try to get more air.  But that was counterproductive.  I replied to another post about chronic hyperventilation.  I think that's what we're suffering from, so we need to re-train our bodies how to breathe correctly again.  Although it feels like we're not getting enough oxygen, we're actually getting too much, and yawning to get those full satisfying breaths only exacerbates our problem.   Try long, shallow breathing through your mouth and see if it helps.  I was also prescribed Xanax and Zoloft, but it worked for me most of the time.

    • sd961960 sd961960 bob71029

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    • bob71029 bob71029 sd961960

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    • djfordz djfordz will71922

      I just quit smoking and am having this issue.  The only relief I get is doing what you describe.  However, I pretty much need to breath shallow and slow all the time to be omewhat comfortable.  You sure it is frim breathing too much? I am not sold on that

    • tomyevsi tomyevsi will71922

      Will! I read your story and I am the same!! last 6 months OMG I feel so relieved just seeing I am not crazy like everyone said I am

      I've even been admitted in the hospital, I felt crazy!!

      I am goig to try your method but I have to can I do this when I'm an athete? I lift heavy and breath heavy when I do sports and I'm afraid I will need to give up sports for that?

      Can you give your insight?

    • holly94518 holly94518 will71922

      Hi my name is Holly and I have been having the same problem for over a year now on and off but it seems to be getting worse over time!... I have seen specialists after specialists.. Test after test.. I was hoping you could help me understand this better.. I would love to chat with you...

      Thanks Holly

    • BelG BelG will71922

      Thanks for posting this comment Will. just when i was thinking i needed to breath more, turns out i was breathing too much.  who  knew? lol  i am so glad you took the time to post your advice here.  

    • jose10297 jose10297 will71922

      Hello Will I hope you read this and return with a reply. I've experienced my first panic attack maybe a month ago while smoking weed I've been abusing it for a year and a half and used it for a lot of stress I'm only 19 but been living under a lot of lies with my parents. After the panic attack I had I went sober and now is my 25th day I believe and started to feel the same way HARD TO TAKE DEEP BREATHS AND LOTS OF YAWNING. I thought they were withdrawal symptoms but I think it's something else. I've felt beginnings of panic attacks coming on maybe twice these past few days but manage to kinda stop them so they won't elevate even worker. My doctor prescribed me Zoloft. Tonight will be my first time to take them which is once a day right before I go to bed. Can this Buteyko Method help me ?! I'm so anxious to recover and get back on my feet ! I feel like I'm just not into life anymore knowing I feel this way. I live in Dallas,Tx, US and believe there are practitioners for this method to take classes. I love to lift weights and Play basketball and run. And somehow get so tired and my heart beat starts pumping very rapidly. I feel aggravated knowing I can't get those satisfying deep breaths in. I do get your point when the problem is that I'm doing TOO MUCH breathing as I would smoke marijuana daily maybe 3x a day. So is Zoloft the way to go? Will it make things better or worse. I just need help.

    • grace00282 grace00282 will71922


      Thank you SO much for posting this. This weird breathing thing just started happening to me this past week, but I tried the technique you described and it worked immediately. I had no idea a complete stranger on the internet could give me this much relief! There's a lot of things going on in my life right now, but I didn't even realize how stressed out I was until I read this. I just started bawling (in a good way). Everything you said was exactly what I needed to hear right in this moment, and I just had to say thank you for taking the time to post this! 


    • cee11364 cee11364 will71922

      Hi. I've been struggling with this for years and have come to the conclusion that is it anxiety related... I started taking GABA and 5HTP and other supplements that helped a little bit. I also started doing yoga  which also helped.. but the constant need to take a deep breath continued. This whole breathing through your nose thing makes a ton of sense because If I'm totally honest, when things got super bad and I couldn't breath to the point of just laying down in fetal position feeling completly helpless I started to breath through my nose and slowly. I normally breath through my mouth.( I know it sounds silly).. I'm going to try that Bohr,Buteyko breathing thing (cause I'm not gonna suck my thumb smile haha) I am so relieved to know other people struggle with this as well.. I'm not alone!

      God Bless.

    • jasmine05821 jasmine05821 will71922

      I've search for a year and a half trying to work out what is wrong with me! After lots of trips to doctors telling me I have anxiety. I am very stressed at times but there are time where I'm 100% fine and happy. But still can't breath which made me do more research (Google my best friend lead me here) I'm SO grateful i found this post from you will71922. I have been breathing through my nose and not my mouth for 2 days now and I have to say it's slowly disappearing!!! It's taken some practice but I'm getting there! I found this came on when I started a stressful job on doing eyelashe extensions and having to concentrate for hours on end. I've worked out if I'm on my phone or concentrating very hard I forget to breath!!!! Then I have trouble catching up to normal breath. Now I breath slowly through my nose and am aware of every breath!! Life changing now I can enjoy my life again!!!

      Thanks again will smile

    • Christopher2788 Christopher2788 will71922


        First I want to say THANK YOU! For taking the time and sharing your experience with everyone. I have been dealing with this for sometime. An was horrified to research it. I thought that if I had tryed to research my systems, it was going to to tell me something like ( cancer, diabetes, etc) An make everything worse. An I did not want to go to the doctors because never have they ever taken the time to listen and do the work to help treat a common cold. It's always a pill that solves everything and I refuse to be put on pills for the rest of my life. But today I finally built up the nerve and typed in my symptoms and found this page. As I started reading all the comments before yours I could literally relate to them all.  Then I reached yours. An what a blessing it was.Number one  I feel better just  knowing that other people have this and I'm not crazy. I had talked to people in the past and they act like it's in my head etc. I have been watching as many youtube videos that I can find on Buteyko. I even looked for a treatment center like you recomended but couldnt seem to find any here in Chile. But the information i'm finding online is really helping.I have only been breathing through my nose since I found your comment and boy do I already feel better! I hope you feel amazing knowing that your advice really helped alot of people. I even went throught this long process of making this screename on this site just to let you know how much I  appreaciated your response on here. Thank again so much. I'm so happy knowing I can take control of my life again and stop dealing with.

      Thank you thank you thank!


    • james 03931 james 03931 bob71029

      I totally know what you're about being in the supermarket. You then feel like people are looking at you and I think it makes the problem worse. I've had this problem for a while but the weird thing is when I wake up in the morning and I'm breathing naturally I feel totally fine. As someone on this forum said, it's when I remember I had it that it starts to come on again. Hwne I'm in a social situation and relaxed having a laugh with my mates or something it doesn't seem to be a problem. It's only a problem when I'm thinking about it. Likewise, when I'm busy at work or something it doesn't seem to bother me. It only seems to be when I'm aware of my breathing patterns that it becomes a problem. I haven't seem a doctor about this because it tends to dissappear from time to time. I definitely breathe through my mouth too much and am Lways chasing that satisfying breath. Glad to hear there are other people out there who are also experiencing this. I will try these breathing techniques and hopefully they will make a difference. I'm already trying not to breathe through my mouth at all and it's making me realise just how much I have been doing it.

    • scott48139 scott48139 will71922

      Hi Will.

      I've been having this problem the past week. It's terrible. My Dr put me on Paxil (which I haven't taken yet.)  It's such an awful feeling. I'm still exercising everyday. 

      This  breathing technique sounds good. Any more info on it? Please help.


    • kazzyo100 kazzyo100 james 03931

      I have had this problem for several weeks now. I had been diagnosed with a blocked nose and given steroid nose drops just before that.  This constant need to take a deep breath is getting me down but, like you, I seem to be fine when I am in social situations or engrossed in something.  I have been trying hard to keep my mouth shut at all times but as soon as I get momentarily distracted I am gulping for air through my mouth. I went back to the doctor yesterday and was tested for oxygen levels, lungs were checked too and all was fine. I got prescribed four more weeks of steroid drops and that was all she could offer. Living like this is really getting me down.

    • neeta07978 neeta07978 will71922

      Thank you very much Will I've been in the same situation for several years. I've tried the Buteyko method it does work.

      But it's just the matter of staying positive n forced n training yourself daily I hope I will get better soon.

    • BUDDY888 BUDDY888 will71922


    • julie57195 julie57195 will71922

      Thank you so much for your post!  I have been suffering with this for years.  This make sense!  I was totally trying to take deeper breaths, and going on walks and taking deep breaths through my mouth.  The worse thing is that I feel like my brain cells are deprived of oxygen and I can't think or remember things anymore!  I have tried so many things.  I am in tears thinking that I have found a solution.  I tried what you said just in the past 10 minutes sitting at my computer at my desk and the desire to take a deep breath has already decreased.  I am hoping this works and am so thankful to you!   I also have sleep apnea and am hoping this helps.

    • breathingtolive breathingtolive will71922


      Your suggestion has given me back my sanity. I was beginning to go mad with my inability to take a full breath. By practicing controlled shallow breathing for just a few mintues I am nowable to take a full breath.

      I had gone for over 5 days of sleepless nights because of this. And I was beginning to lose my enthusiasim for even living.

      Now everthing seems rosy again.

      You have saved and helped numerous people with your suggestion and time taken to post. Wish you the very best in your life. You have already done what I hope to do - help people at their neediest moments.

    • will71922 will71922 julie57195

      Hey Julie, no problem, I'm glad it has helped! I too found someone's post on a similar forum, and I was blown away by how easy it is too fix this. I am so happy now. I was at the point a few years ago where I literally thought I had lost my mind. But, this does absoloutely work. And, it is a great idea IMO to reduce your breathing at every opportunity -- for example, sitting at your desk like you mentioned. The problem has completely vanished for me. I am able to consistently run 7-8 miles a day now. Completely throught my nose. I don't open my mouth once. I went jogging with a buddy of mine from High School recently. I consider him to be the fittest guy I know. Lots of martial arts, weight lifting, etc. Always active. After we had gone a few miles, he stopped and said. "Damn man, you're not even out of breath!" Of course he was right; I hadn't even noticed. The beautiful thing with this is that you really can't get out of breath if you are only breathing through your nose. I felt like I wanted to cry too haha, I was so happy. 

      I have read so much about this in the past year. There are so, so many examples of why this works. Its so great. I just read this piece of writing from 100 or more years ago. This explorer went down to South America and found that the tribes people in some rural area had far, far less incidence of sickness and depression. He was surprised to find that none of the people breathed throught their mouths. They all only breathed through their noses. When babies would open their mouths while they slept, their mothers would come by and close their mouths for them.

      I also just read an article by an Budhist monk. He signed up for a bourse in Buteyko, and even though he had already spent years paying attention to his breath, once he learned to also reduce the volume of air as well, he noticed a substantil reduction in useless thinking and anxiety. So cool.

      I also experienced some of the "cleansing reactions" which are baffling at first but so important. You might google this is you havent heard of them. The Buteyko experts can provide a much better description than I. So happy you are feeling better. 

    • will71922 will71922 breathingtolive

      Hey breathingtolive, you describe perfectly my own feelings. I had lost my enthuiasm for living, for doing anything. It was terrifying. I am so grateful that someone esle on a different forum posted something about Buteyko, because I would never have discovered it other wise. I too feel as though my sanity has returned, all because of the kindness of a random person on a forum, half way across the world no doubt!

      I wish you the very best in life too. 

    • aubri64656 aubri64656 will71922

      This is so fascinating. I can't wait to try it I really hope that it will work for me. I've had this problem off and on ever since I was 3 years old. I remember feeling like I could never get enough air waiting to go in to dance class. And I've always thought it came from stress or anxiety or eating too close to bedtime. But the problem comes mostly when I'm working on something stressful or when I'm trying to fall asleep (that's what brought me here tonight) the terrible thing is when I can breathe normally and think I've got it under control, I'll hear my neighbors make a loud sound, or see car lights flash through my window and my chest is all tight and it's all gone to hell again. sad I just need tl breathe that's what I always say to myself. I'm eager to try this method.

      Thanks for sharing!

    • shauntel Cosper shauntel Cosper Shirl1419

      Thank you for posting this. I've had the same problem for about a week now and have slept NONE, I was scared I wouldn't be able to breath right during my sleep, I feel so much better knowing I'm not the only one that has felt like this! I will be trying this method immediately. Thank you again for taking the time to post.

    • eric1990 eric1990 bob71029

      Hi bob Im a 26 year old male have had problems with my xontroling my breathing for 4 years now and have had this deep breathing thing of and on its on now for about a month and cant seem to ahake it its all I think about I am a mouth breather so Im trying to change that now and also looking into the above mentioned breathing method I am also for new jersey , usa

    • bob71029 bob71029 eric1990

      Yes, I know this is such a maddening thing. I never would have dreamed I would be going through such a bizzare condition. All the doctors put me through a rigamarole of tests, and they come back fine. "It's anxiety they say, calm down, it's all in your head." We it just may be in my head but that's no sweet consolation when you feel like you can't breath. It's so bad for me that my cardo. doctor wants to put me on short term dissability until we can figure out a soulution or something for me to deal and live with this better. I wish they had support groups for this like they have with AA/ AND NA. You know those meetings. I feel so, so, lost and depressed. I look around me and everyone seems so normal, and here I am like a freak taking these deep breaths all day long. Again, nothing short of maddening. I'm in central Jersey.  

    • eric1990 eric1990 bob71029

      Yes It's horrible may I ask do you ever have moments where you are distracted and your are breathing fine? I believe it's anxiety for me because when I do get distracted I breath perfectly normal. I am in north jersey

    • bob71029 bob71029 eric1990

      Yes, there are times when I do breathe fine and I notice I may be focused on something. But the moment I realize this, I go right back into that vicious  circle of taking deep breaths. I do believe it has a lot to do with the mind, how we think, and of course it's all a result of anxiety. I never EVER used to be like this. How, where, or why this is happening I have no idea.

    • iKoshee iKoshee bob71029

      Also notice how it appears when you wake up. You don't have this issue when you sleep it only affect us as soon as we start thinking about it. In the morning catch yourself that everything was fine before forst thought, after that you have shortness of breath whyle you're noticing it. I have it for over 10 years now, and I just start realizing that I didn't had it when i was not thinking about. Because it affecting me when I think about, i think I have it all the time.

    • emyers12 emyers12 will71922

      I have never commented on a forum before. I've never even registered for one. I went out of my way to do both for the first time to thank you for opening my eyes to this practice. It's been an hour, maybe two, since I read your comments and researched the Buteyko Method. It's not easy and it was absolutely uncomfortable just like you mentioned it may be- but oh my goodness I cannot believe how different I already feel. The videos are fantastic; the speaker explains hyperventilation at a cellular level and being able to finally understand a possible etiology for this discomfort I've felt off and on for years is incredible-- eye opening to say the very least.

      Thank you, thank you, thank you. 

    • chami7 chami7 will71922

      after using Buteyko method, can you now take deep breaths anytime you want? as i have having this for about 4 months now i can manage without deep breaths, but i'd like to return to my old self,i miss my deep breaths, so after doing buteyko method does deep breathing issue completly vanish?

    • sherry1987 sherry1987 will71922

      Will. I am experiencing this right now and would like to know if even when you did the Buteyko method breathing and had the urge to yawn or take a deep breathe, did you give in to the urge or just remaining the slow shallow breathing? Also, it seems like when I try to take this deep breath my shoulder and chest keep going up like it just stops and I get lightheaded when I cant follow through the satisfying breath. I have to either lean on one side or breath slouched forawrd for it to work.

    • cssgregg1 cssgregg1 stopyawning

      I am going to try this . This is my last hope. I have asthma real bad and have a very hard time breathing through my nose but when i have these attacks i try to breathe in through my nose and out my mouth and that seemed to help but it is hard to breathe with my nose. I have found that almost everytime i have had this happen i have eaten too late so i figured it was that . What has always helped my was using my nebulizer and liquid albuterol but i think that just opened my lungs more so i could get to sleep and then i would breathe through my nose . I hae been to my dr about 20 times for this . I have taken different anti- axiety pills and they do nothing but make me feel like a zombie the next day . I have taken hydroxzine that makes me sleep thus allowing me to breathe since im knoocked out at night but i was still always tired the next day . He thought it was gerd and my esophagus so i did the barium swallowing and no problems there . I have done all the asthma tests to see if i had copd or congestive heart failure. Every time i get this though i can breathe without wheezing so i know its not asthma and it only happens when im sleeping so how could i have anxiety or panic attacks plus im not breathing fast when im sleeping . I just wake up and cant breathe and then i get anxious because i know at a minimum i have to get up for a half hour and do a breathing treatment which usually lets me get back to sleep which makes the yawning go away . This doesnt happen all the time . I may go months without this then it just happens and may happen for a week or two then just disappears . I have also checked my oxygen with the finger meter when this is happening and it is at 98% so i know im getting enough oxygen . I looked this up about a year ago since the doctors were usuless  !! I also came to the conclusion that i was getting too much co2 by the way i was breathing but have been unable to control it. With asthma i cannot hold my breath for more than about 3 seconds. When this happened i kept trying to breath in my mouth and out my nose but just could not get enough and had to try to suck in a breath and im sure making it worse . Im going to look up this thing you mentioned . I have been sitting here typing early in the morning since i have been up after only being able to get 3 hours sleep from this so i am willing to try ANYTHING . This whole time i have been typing i have been breathing only through my nose with just the occasional yawn ( which has been easier)  and so far it is helping . The problem is training myself to do this when i sleep . A lot of times with asthma my nose is clogged up so i cant always use my nose to breathe . I think im going to try a breathe rite strip tomorrow nite and try breathing from my nose . I hope this helps because it appears to not be any medical condition at least none that any doctors can find because all my breathing tests are perfect .

    • ANNA0812 ANNA0812 will71922

      Can you read my symptoms please and tell me if mine sounds like yours. Thank you.

      I am 32 years old and have these spells where I cant take a deep

      breath in. It is very uncomfortable to know I cant reach the satisfaction I need to get a full breath.  I am about 70lbs over weight, however, before i got these spells, my activity level was fine and i didnt have any other issue.. (So it's not a weight issue.) Also, in the past have had a few panic attacks. So severe at times i had to stop working and going to school. When i had those attacks, it wasnt the same as the trouble breathing i have now... however, the breathing issue did throw me into panic attack once.. it was so bad i cried and shook because I could barely breath....I also experience chest pain once in a while when this happens, seems to be in the middle of my back. Hard to tell if it's from straining to breathe, lungs, or heart. But this dont happen everytime. And if I have a "good day" when my breathing is full and deep, it still feels like their is a fist in my back.   It seems that caffiene gives me panic attacks, and if i drink to much alcohol i feel very sob also. If i eat too much and become full, this also makes my breathing worsen. However, if i eat, that also helps the sob on occasion..   so confusing. I have had about 3 of these spells. Once when I was about 23, 31, and now 32. When it happens, it lasts for like a month or two. It is very uncomfortable. Its like my chest wont allow me to take deep breaths. I can get one in once in a while but rarely. I also have trouble sneezing and yawning due to this. Seems to be ok when laying down. But trying to walk very far, even getting dressed is a task. It is waaaaay worse when showering. I almost hyperventilate in the bath. It is ruining my life. I do have afib.... i really dont think it is that. If i dont think about the breathing it is ok usually. I try to occupy myself to take my mind off of it. I have been to the doctor 3 times. He has no idea. Says could be afib....asthma....stress..... and the hospital said maybe acid reflux... all my xrays and heart evals looked fine...besides mild afib..Sometimes i wonder if im just freaking myself out.... but sometimes it's as real as day. I use albuterol nebulizer every 4 hours. It helps a lot but not 4 long. I also use mucinex nose spray. This is so scary and making my life difficult. Please if anyone has answers let me know. Thank you.

      Sent from my Verizon, Samsung Galaxy smartphone

    • Elle457 Elle457 cssgregg1

      Hi cssgregg1,

      How are your symptoms now? Mine are getting worse and just can’t take it anymore! I’m

      Starting a buteyko course next week and just wondering if you had any luck with it?

  • allison46872 allison46872 FlutterbyPie

    Well, for me this started about a week ago. Honestly I thought I was the only one when this happened. I felt like I could barely breathe and I had to breathe really deep to get satisfaction. When I read this I was happy there was a solution and I will definately try it. I also have no allergies or medical conditions. Which really scared me at this point. I am also under 25 and healthy, so I don't know what happened I'm not even a runner... I did play soccer though. Thanks everyone for the help!!!

  • r0bbiinn r0bbiinn FlutterbyPie

    Hi guys, i have been having the same problems for 7 years+ (i am 23 now). What Will said about the buteyko stuff is absolutely true. i came across that aswell and it helped me alot. But one of the other things i have noticed is that my posture was completely messued up, rounded shoulders, anterior pelvic tilt. This made it harder for me to breath trough my belly. I have a job that requires alot of sitting and i notice if i skip excersising and my posture becomes bad again it increases the difficulty to breath trough my belly. Beacuse of the anterior pelvic tilt i am somehow forced to breath trough my chest because my stomach posture is al messed up. now i am not a docter and i cannot confirm 100% this has something to do with the breathing... but to me it sounds logical. so the numer 1 reason we are heaving this is because we are breathing to MUCH. we alsno need to breath to the belly instead of the chest. BUT working on your posture improves the belly least for me it does! besides having a great posture van never do any harm... so for those of you still having trouble getting the belly breathing alright. try fixing your posture and check if you have an anterior pelvic tilt. it's good to have finnaly found people and to know i am not the only one.

    • BinkyPoodle BinkyPoodle r0bbiinn

      I agree with you also r0bbiinn! I think it has a lot to do with posture! I'm usually in my recliner, which puts me on a half sitting half laying position.... if I sit up straight, I can breathe better!! 

  • josephine 30311 josephine 30311 FlutterbyPie

    I find it incomprehensible that this is not a recognised condition. The Internet forums are awash with people who suffer from it, and yet all the doctors I spoke to  haven't a clue what I'm talking about! Even the COPD nurses looked at me 'funny' when I tried to explain it to them what it was like.

    Does anyone here know any different?



    • steve91931 steve91931 josephine 30311

      No one knows what it is. Unfortunately we have an ailment that all doctors are completely baffled about. i think the problem is that this condition is caused by too many things... so it's almost like telling your doctor that you tend to chew loud, and they would be like:

      1) So what

      2) There's a million things that can cause you to chew loud.

  • cesar17832 cesar17832 FlutterbyPie

    I have the same thing. It started last week, ramdomly. On friday i ran a 2 mile race and finished 43 out of 200. That night i slept fine, on saturday i envited my friends over to the people had no problems, that night i slept fine. I woke up on sunday, and i was fine the entire day. Until it became night and my heart started racing and i had the urge to take ddep breaths. My heart returned to uts normal rate but i have benn having this urge ever since. These are really annoying cause i get tires more easliy when i am doing sports. And i am an athlete so this affects me.WHEN WILL THESE GO AWAY!

    • Shirl1419 Shirl1419 cesar17832

      Hello cesar17832,

      I've had this for about 15 years. I never knew what it was but its some type of unconscious anxiety. You my not feel the typical signs and symptoms of anxiety but this one (at least for me) is anxiety. Xanax did not work for me. Not to mention I also have a moderate to high exercise regiment. So reading theses post solved my "issue" . I followed the breathing exercises and it made me aware of my breathing. All it was that I was breathing TOO much. Thanks to Will that is on this forum , made realize that I had to slow my breathing . I hope this helps. I've been gone ever since!!!!!!👏🏼😊

  • Shirl1419 Shirl1419 FlutterbyPie

    It also depends if you've already been seen by a doctor and they have not found anything wrong ,slowing your breathing can help. I have been in the medical field for 17 years ( Echocardiographer and Vascular technologist) and seen my share of what can cause sob, e.g congestive heart failure , congenital heart disease ...... I am perfectly healthy , but that excessive yawning had no explanation.

  • dawn 56887 dawn 56887 FlutterbyPie

    I have suffered from the same thing for the last 17 years. They get so bad I have my husband take me to the ermergency room. The doctors also act like I'm crazy. I have been tested for asthma. Which I don't have. I have been told allergies sinus problems and the last time I went they tested my blood and said I had to much oxygen in my blood and they gave me Xanax and told me to breathe in a paper bag. My episodes last from a couple weeks to the longest being 6 weeks. Ian's right now I'm in week 2 this time around. I just need some relief

  • Ultrapain Ultrapain FlutterbyPie

    I have been trying to find an answer to this issue for the last 15 months. The first time it started happening to me, I was visiting my mom in Arizona. I went to have my lungs checked out in the hospital. I was experiencing chest pain (found out later it was a result of long-term tooth mild septic infection and my Ritalin at the time made pain in chest worse) along with what felt like shortness of breath but I felt the constant urge to satisfy a breath which only happened maybe every 12 breaths or so. Then the cycle repeated itself. Because of my history of chest pain, (which had started a year before that), they kept me in the hospital. For an entire week. They ran all the wrong tests and did not truly listen to me whilst in the hospital. I had two pulmonologists and a cardiologist plus other insignificant doctors examine me. They ran many x-rays, two CAT scans of lungs and heart plus other stuff. The first pulmonaologist suggested he thought he saw a tiny bit of pneumonia in my lungs. They gave me a respiratory therapist who gave me a hose to breath some blue gunk that dissipated into a vapor. All it did was exacerbate my symptoms. And made my chest pain worse. Then near the end of my week long stay, one doctor came in who was about to discharge me. He told me I had athlete induced asthma. Right- so I am lying in a hospital bed not moving, their Albeuteral therapy makes symptoms worse, these attacks are constant (not really attacks, just there consistently), and I ask him, "If it is athlete induced asthma, would I be contiuously experiencing this issue whilst lying in a hospital bed for a week?" He said no. "So it can't be this." I won't go into the rest of that conversation. All through the week, nurses would be constanty running into my room because of my erratic breathing patterns. I just felt like I could not catch or satisfy my breath and so on their monitors, it looked like I was having some crazy painc attacks or something. I remained on Xanax or Ativan but that did absolutely nothing. The next day, another pulmonologist decided to tell me I had a bloody pleural effusion but did not write that in my chart so that when I did a follow up with my doctor back home in San Diego, he said there was no real diagnosis. The only thing I did differently when all of this started was I increased my Wellbutrin dose from 150 mg to 300 mg. I was also 5 weeks into taking Suboxone. (Which I never should have gone on had I known what the stuff really was). The breathing issues continued for almost two weeks straight and went away when we arrived camping up in the mountains at around 5,000 ft elevation. Just like that. Gone. 

    Then it came back a few months later. It would occur off and on throughout the year, as we speak. From my experience, everytime I decide to not take my Wellbutrin for a day or two, then go back on it, or increase my dose, this breathing issue comes back. If I try to constantly yawn, it helps me to sort of satisfy my breath but I feel the urge to do this constantly.  I am an ultrarunner, occasional strength trainer, and core, sort of healthy, and I live in the country where the air is fair. Running doesn't make it better or worse. The issue is still there if it is going on during that particular episode. It doesn't slow me down. Just a nuisance. I have done extensive research on this issue and have only just begun to dig up some valuable info. Like the O2 and CO2 exchange.

    Interesting thing is, I just had a sleep study done and I quit breathing up to 50 seconds at a time and my oxygen levels drop to the 80% range. I cannot wear the CPAP machine they sent me home with because of this breathing issue. I feel like I am suffocating, then I hyperventalate. I haven't fallen asleep with it on once. The other day, I was prescribed Modafinil. It keeps one awake during the day. Now the breathing thing is back. I am going to stop all the stimulants. It exacerbates the issue. Trying to relax helps but anything like tea or coffee or other awake drugs brings it all on. Especially with all the medicine junk that I take. That includes a few thyroid meds but they are fairly new. 

    If I relax and try to breath just with my stomach, it helps a little. But I have to constantly redirect myself to focus on doing that as I will slip back into the deep breathing to satisfy my breath. If I try to do it with my mouth closed, 80% of the time, my nasal passages become blocked and I have no choice to breath through mouth. That has been ongoing. Especially 99% at night when I lay down.

    I resorted to smoking weed for the first time in 15 years, (only for inducing sleep), and that makes it worse. Especially, it causes me to focus more on gasping for a breath even though I feel like my throat and bronchioles and lungs are expanded as much as they can be. No issue moving air in and out. Just some phenomenon that the medical world is probably only tapping into. But I don't know. I will visit my sleep doc tomorrow and see what he has to say. It is usually not going on when I visit my many specialists so I never think to bring it up. Then when it happens, I am weeks away from my next appointment. But one last thing, I feel like when this is occurring, vast quantities of norepinephrine are being circulated around my body. And everything is dialated. Lungs and windpipe. That is how it feels to me. But I don't know. Could be another hormone. I don't think this would be going on if I were on all these drugs. Especially the Wellbutrin.


    • bob71029 bob71029 Ultrapain

      I'm in the same boat as you. I'm going on 8 years of the same thing. I have good days and bad days. Most days are bad. It does have a lot to do with Co2 and OVERBREATHING, Hyperventalation. People like us suffer from a very unique form of hyperventallation. There is a word for it but it escapes me at the moment. I feel like to sometimes at night, it feels like I stop breathing, and I sit up scared to death and gasping for air. I take Xanax, but I must say it's not a miracle drug for this issue. It does help sometimes, then other times I feel like it does nothing. Just know your not alone, and hang in there. I wish they had gosh daren support groups for folks like us. They have support groups for AA and Narcotics Annyomus, and almost everything else under the sun. God help us all, please!!  Kind regrads,  Bob K.  New Jersey, U.S.A.

    • r0bbiinn r0bbiinn bob71029

      Hey Bob, take a look at what Will is explaining here, i've been having it for more than 7 years and since a year it became a lot less because i tried buteyko and breath less. anyway look at what will said on this subject it really helps! And calm your mind, stress makes it worse. good luck!

    • josephine 30311 josephine 30311 Ultrapain

      Great posting Ultrapain .. you've given  a very comprehensive description of what it feels like. If there was ever a total 'Life Spoiler' .. this is it. Especially when all the health professionals you talk to about it think you're simply a neurotic time-waster!

      Nobody would LISTEN!

      I put up with it for years and years and many times I thought I was going mad and couldn't go another day .. I just couldn't!  One time I passed out in the doctors surgery convinced I was going to die .. made a right fool of myself, I did.  It's a horrid horrid horrid thing to have to live with.

      I still get it sometimes, but I'm learning how to control it. I think I always had an inkling it was 'anxiety' related to a certain degree (but then, who WOULDN'T get 'anxious' if they couldn't take a proper breath for days and days .. doh??) .. so Buteyko has been both a life changer and a life saver for me.  It also massively comforting to know (as bob says below) that I'm not alone.

      Why isn't the medical profession on top of this?? Why is there so little help out there?



    • bob71029 bob71029 josephine 30311

      I agree Josephine, I wish doctors knew more about this instead of just thinking we're all nut jobs and need psychiatric help. It gets depressing sometimes. I bought this book, it's cheap and pretty easy to get if you google for it. It is called "Hyperventilation Syndrome" by, Dinah Bradley. It's chockful of great information and gets right to the nitty gritty. A must have for all of you suffering with this. Please look into it. 

  • aaron96900 aaron96900 FlutterbyPie


    I have had the yawning issue for basically all of my life. I have also suffered from shortness of breath and fatigue my whole life. I am in shape, working out 5+ times a week, 31 years old, but always the most tired person around.

    I had an echo done on my heart this past week and just got the results. I have a major leak in one of my heart valves (Mitral Valve Prolapse). It is basically pushing blood back into the wrong direction of my heart and back so far that it is re-entering the blood stream for the lungs (i'm no doctor, but this is how I interpreted what he was saying). My doctor wants to have open heart surgery within the next month or so to fix this.

    My doctor believes my heart issue is directly responsible for all of my breathing issues, including my yawning. I would recommend you getting your heart checked out if possible. The younger the better, but this is going to suck.

  • bob71029 bob71029 FlutterbyPie

    I'm also noticing that my blood preasure is low at times when I'm in this state of hyperventilation/ taking many deep breaths to get that nice satifying one. My bp was 99/58 with 66 pulse.  A few hours later I checked it and it's 115/60  66 pulse.  I know it's going to vary. I try not to freak out and get more panicky. I've had this breathing issue going on 8 years already, so I've learned not to freak the hec out. Years ago, I'd be in the ER if this happened a few times. That's cause I was new to it. Anyone else have the same blood preasure issues?  Anyone have something to add?  Please comment if you can.  Thanks,  Bob ---

    • geewil0 geewil0 bob71029

      Hi, I have been suffering with this exact problem for the last month, and I was convinced I was the only one, it was all in my head etc. So it's a great relief to find out I'm not alone. I have to say my blood pressure remains the same regardless of whether it's happening.

      My doctor prescribed me Sertraline for anxiety, which I have struggled with for years, but I'm only on day 4 of this medication and haven't noticed any improvement yet. But like the rest of you, my doctor didn't seem to have the faintest idea what is causing this..

      All I know is that it's stopping me from being able to relax and concentrate and is slowly driving me insane so will be looking up the breathing techniques as soon as I get home today. If anyone comes up with any more suggestions it would be greatly welcomed as I'm struggling to carry on like this!

    • r0bbiinn r0bbiinn geewil0

      Hi Geewil0,

      All i can say is.. dont take those anxiety pills, you dont need them and it makes it harder to get rid of this problem i think. as Will said, we are just breathing wrong and if your docter has no clue about that and gives you ani anxiety pills that is not a permanent solution but temporarely. You need to get rid of this without pills man. i started reading about buteyko and applying it. And it helped me alot. And the most important thing is to remain calm... if you get nervous about it you only make it worse and you get into a vicious circle. Good luck with it man, you dont need anxiety pills

    • meljohn meljohn geewil0

      Hi all, I currently suffer from this problem too.  From what I can tell through random Internet articles, we are suffering from chronic hyperventilation.  We are taking in too much oxygen, and our oxygen-CO2 balance is off.  Practicing long, shallow breathing is pivotal to re-training your body how to breathe.  We yawn because it gives us mental relief from the feeling of a full breath, but in reality, it is only exacerbating our hyperventilation due to the influx of more oxygen.  

      Try breathing with your mouth closed with good posture.  Inhale shallow breaths over ten seconds (filling your belly, not your lungs) and then exhale through your nose slowly (deflating your belly).  This will be uncomfortable at first because our oxygen-CO2 balance is off and we have trained our bodies to breathe incorrectly.  The key to this is shallow, small breaths; this is counter-intuitive because it seems like we need more air and a complete breath, but we really need less oxygen. Commit to this method for a day and see if your breathing improves.  The goal is to re-train your body to breathe like this unconsciously.  Another trigger to our hyperventilation is being so conscious of our breathing; practicing correct breathing will help make it automatic and will further decrease our symptoms.

      I have been using this method over the past hour and feel great relief.  Every few minutes, I still feel the need to take a large inhalation of air with my mouth open, but I have stopped feeling the need to yawn.  I have suffered from this for a little over a year now and was previously very healthy and not anxiety-ridden.  However, when I began a full-time Master's program while working full-time, I began having these breathing problems and have had them ever since.  Doctors have prescribed Zoloft and Xanax which helped, but I don't like taking prescription medication.  I hope the relief persists and I hope it helps some of you out there.

    • jessics03237 jessics03237 meljohn

      Hey meljohn was wondering how this has been over the past 8 months ? Has it gone completely away? This just started happening me a month ago I woke up in the morning and went to take a deep breath and didn't get the satisfying feeling we all speak of and kept forcing deep breaths until I was sure something was wrong. I went to the ER and they told me all was fine. Of course though since this happened every day there after I keep "making sure" or "testing" my breaths to ensure I'm getting those deep ones that a yawn would give. The problem comes when I don't get the deep breaths. I've heard of this method before and it works when I try it but I'm not sure if this is something I can pay attention to everyday as breathing should just be natural. I woke up this morning and tried three deep breaths which were a fail and I noticed when I'm relaxed and not thinking I can so slightly breath and get that satisfying breath. It's such a strange feeling and condition and I do think it's very mental after being to 3 specialists in 1 month. However how do we break the mental cycle if we have to remember to breathe through our nose? So sorry for the long post but I guess what I'm getting at is once the oxygen co2 balance was restored did you stop trying to deep breaths? Once your body was retrained did it completely go away including the urge ? And how long did it take?

      Thank you

  • meljohn meljohn FlutterbyPie

    Hi all, I currently suffer from this problem too.  From what I can tell through random Internet articles, we are suffering from chronic hyperventilation.  We are taking in too much oxygen, and our oxygen-CO2 balance is off.  Practicing long, shallow breathing is pivotal to re-training your body how to breathe.  We yawn because it gives us mental relief from the feeling of a full breath, but in reality, it is only exacerbating our hyperventilation due to the influx of more oxygen.  

    Try breathing with your mouth closed with good posture.  Inhale shallow breaths over ten seconds (filling your belly, not your lungs) and then exhale through your nose slowly (deflating your belly).  This will be uncomfortable at first because our oxygen-CO2 balance is off and we have trained our bodies to breathe incorrectly.  The key to this is shallow, small breaths; this is counter-intuitive because it seems like we need more air and a complete breath, but we really need less oxygen. Commit to this method for a day and see if your breathing improves.  The goal is to re-train your body to breathe like this unconsciously.  Another trigger to our hyperventilation is being so conscious of our breathing; practicing correct breathing will help make it automatic and will further decrease our symptoms.

    I have been using this method over the past hour and feel great relief.  Every few minutes, I still feel the need to take a large inhalation of air with my mouth open, but I have stopped feeling the need to yawn.  I have suffered from this for a little over a year now and was previously very healthy and not anxiety-ridden.  However, when I began a full-time Master's program while working full-time, I began having these breathing problems and have had them ever since.  Doctors have prescribed Zoloft and Xanax which helped, but I don't like taking prescription medication.  I hope the relief persists and I hope it helps some of you out there.

    • michael49042 michael49042 meljohn

      Thanks meljohn and to the others with great info on this subject. I was starting to think I was crazy. My wife would take me to the ER and they would tell my oxygen level was fine but I felt like couldn't breath. I've been dealing with this for years but lately has really been getting bad. I will definitely try these breathing techniques. Have been doing them tonight and seems to help. Thanks all for the info and for letting me know I'm not alone or crazy.

    • meljohn meljohn michael49042

      As an update, I've had relief now for almost a week.  As I observe my own now-normal breathing, I see that I only take in a very small amount of air and I actually wait a little bit before inhaling after exhaling.  I don't even need to focus on the belly-breathing. I think the key is just small portions of air over longer periods of time.  My breathing is almost completely unconscious now.  I hope you feel relief soon!


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