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Excessive Yawning and Constant Need to Breathe Deep

For the past few days, I've been yawning a lot, much more than average (once every few minutes I feel the need). If I'm not yawning I'm breathing in as deep as I can to get similar "satisfaction". Often I cannot get the "satisfaction" from these and so the urge grows and grows, meaning it can get quite uncomfortable. When I do manage it, the urge is back a few seconds later. This is whether I'm tired or not, almost all day. 

I'm not particularly anxious about anything in particular, and get the same amount of sleep as before this started. 

This also happened at some point within the past year which continued for a month or two if I remember correctly. 

Does anyone have any idea what it is or how to make it a bit better? 


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  • Patient-Nat Patient-Nat FlutterbyPie


    Hi FlutterbyPie. Our resident GP has taken a look at your post and written an article about the causes of excessive yawning and a constant need to breathe deeply. Take a look here:

    • john01128 john01128 Patient-Nat

      Excellent read and thank you for your input and time! But? We need further evaluations with real objective proof in order to fix this horrible suffocating problem. It’s real Doc! And its scary! Just as I said before, it gets to the point of wanting to be intubated for air.  Run 1/2 mile and then place a plastic bag over your head and poke a coffee straw through it to breath.  I will volunteer to be the Ginny! Let’s run some test... 

  • linda83143l linda83143l FlutterbyPie

    The reason we yawn.

    When your brain needs more oxygen we yawn.

    Breathing in slowly and holding till ten and letting it go will help xx

    • mohammed76229 mohammed76229 linda83143l

      Hello this is Dr.Mohammad:

      In addition to my medical experience, I was one of the victims of this type of air hunger, I have had the same symptoms but during the attack I realized that my chest is clear and no any abnormal sounds , I've done all

      All necessary investigation and all of them were come back normal, then I make sure that this is just pseudo_dyspnea, and the surprise is that any anti anxiety will releive it like lexellium one tab every night , and remember that your feeling of needing deep breathe is fake feeling so ignore it and breathe normally and the condition will releive you, Thanx.

    • michele29956 michele29956 mohammed76229

      Anti-anxiety meds don't help with my dyspnea, and I've had bad attacks when I'm not stressed at all, and had no problems breathing when very stressed and in fact nearly having a panic attack. So I don't think this is the case for me. I'm glad you found something that works for you, though! And ignoring it does actually help keep it manageable, though it doesn't stop an attack for me.

    • michele29956 michele29956 julie19986

      No, I haven't - but I did read on another forum about this topic that problems with the diaphragm (weakness or partial paralysis) can cause this symptom. 

      What did they do after your diagnosis? How do you fix weakness of the diaphragm?

    • gcdepace gcdepace julie19986

      I'm experiencing the same "can't breath deep enough" issue.  For me, I have bad days and good days.  On good days, life is normal.  On bad days, it's chronic and lasts for about 16 hours.  I went to 3 different doctors.  The first was did a standard battery of test and saw lower than normal oxygen but not other findings.  These second was pretty dismissive and sent me on my way with a leaflet on anxiety.  The third told me not to smoke and avoid caffine.  I've never smoke and quit drinking caffine.  NO RELIEF.  The bad day/good day scenario led me to examining my diet.  I have determined that milk products including cheeses cause a bad day. sad  But apparently milk products aren't the only trigger and I still have some of these days even without milk, but milk, shakes, cheese, etc will definitely trigger a bad day.  I googled this milk/difficulty breathing issue and got some feedback on milk leading to mucus production that lines the inside of the lungs, reducing oxygen absorption into the blood.

      Lately, the bad days when they occur, have increased in intensity (not frequency), to the point of feeling light headed.


    • matt13703 matt13703 gcdepace

      I had this same issue except it started right after i had the flu along with a viral infection and was in bed for days. I thought i was having difficulty breathing, maybe a pneumonia, and went to emergency. They found no issues and said my chest is clear. I also have had many panic attacks in the past. I noticed i was having chest pain as well as pain in my back (on the same side as the chest pains).After a few weeks of suffering with this "cant breath deep enough" issue, i decided to get a massage and see a chiropactor. I explained what had happened. He found some pressure points in my back and chest areas that when he stripped the muscle it was extremely painful. After he stripped the muscle, made a couple of adjustments and I received a 30 min massage, I felt 10 times better. The next day i woke up and found it easy to take a deep breath. Went back for 2 more sessions and a week later i felt back to my normal self - no more breathing issues! I hope this helps someone because i would not want anyone to suffer from this feeling.

    • bob71029 bob71029 GenevieveG

      I know exactly what you mean. It boggles my mind that doctors don't know more about this. I take Xanax, it helps a little but it's not a miracle drug, but it's better than nothing. Actually, I'm due for a check-up at the doctors tomorrow. 

    • julie19986 julie19986 sherae

      The only thing they thought could have caused it was a virus I had a cough a few weeks prior to this happening . It causes a problem with phrenic nerve although I don't think it was damaged permanently  I think  .it s been a year and a half so slowly getting better  but I'm not  getting the need to take a  deep breath urge so much now  and when I do I can get a deep breath mostly. If I get a cold it can worsen a little again that's because of needing all the air I can get going into my lungs . I do diaphragm strengthening exercises.  Breathing in through the nose and out  through mouth with pursed lips . 

    • diana88467 diana88467 david79980

      I have this condition David and yes I experienced a weakness during these spells and need to sit down it always blows up into a panic attack taking Klonopin and relaxing takes it away I've had it for many years if anybody reads this I hope it helps them it is a very common thing I also have an inhaler because I have asthma it is not bad but triggered by emotional upset

    • diana88467 diana88467 GenevieveG

      I have felt this way many times it is definitely weakness in the abdomen and panic or anxiety just clinical or idiopathic try breathing through your stomach muscles sometimes that helps to strengthen and relieve this but definitely need a anti-anxiety medicine not like Buspar but something like Klonopin or Valium

    • james49669 james49669 diana88467

      Currently suffering with the same problem. Someone please help me. I had a stomach bug, no sickness but the rest, painful stomach, dioreah etc. When this cleared up the breathing difficulties started. I have a constant need to want to breath in sometimes I can get to the back of my breath however most times i can't. It's horrible and uncomfortable. Help would be appreciated.

    • jenna03097 jenna03097 james49669

      Try going on a strict "GERD" diet for acid reflux. I have been doing this for about a month and it has helped except for days when I "cheat" and eat something acidic or drink coffee. If you think this could be the problem also try some over the counter antacids. I went to the ER and 3 different doctors and this is the only solution I have. I've had this problem on and off for years and I'm finally starting to gain control over it. Hope this helps.

    • jwarner75 jwarner75 CCrossey17

      I stopped red wine and coffee.  I was feeling great and could breath normal again.  I started drinking one cup a day of decaf coffee but have fallen into the trap of drinking about 3 cups a day since I was feeling well.  I am not feeling as great as I was as I feel a little bloated and the breathing is not as easy and relieving.  I think I am going to drop back to one cup per day or stop again.

    • Melinda6938 Melinda6938 jwarner75

      Try taking a pillow and placing it under your shoulders then another pillow alder on top of that for your head it will help keep acids from flowing back upwards try this again few days and also raise head of bed about 2 to 3 inches

    • hanna 07823 hanna 07823 gcdepace

      Same thing has been happening to me for a over a year now and I've been to the doctor a million times and nothing yet. She prescribed me acid reflux medicine by that doesn't help the breathing issue. I can't breathe well in certain postitions now and really struggling to get a good deep breath. I'm 21 years old and shouldn't be experiencing this. It's getting to the point where it's really interfering with my daily life and not being able to breath all the time has brought on anxiety. It's seriously so frustrating.

    • Melinda6938 Melinda6938 lynn59093

      Albutrol it's an inhaler when you feel it's hard to get deep breath or can't get enough air two squirts in back of throat it opens up air ways you don't have to use everyday just when it acts up. And yes it helps a lot

    • gimmye 86678 gimmye 86678 hanna 07823

      Hey Hanna, same issues here. I been having the worst acid, growling and tummy aches for the past two months now. Now that is seems to be getting better, once I take in a deep yawn on a double yawn, I feel like I need air. I think it might be due to the acid reflux though, however, you're right anxiety kicks in and it essentially becomes worse. Any suggestion on what might help out?

    • ctrish17 ctrish17 gcdepace

      I just started having this sensation of not getting enough oxygen when I breathe. It's been happening for about three days now.

      I've used Albuterol inhaler, but really doesn't seem to be making a difference. I feel the need to attempt to take very deep breaths, changing positions etc.

      It is becoming constant, not periodically.

      It has me frightened.

    • rachel66304 rachel66304 Melinda6938

      I have asthma and this feeling as well. It doesn't feel like asthma at all. Feels almost like a super heavy sigh or you're having a panic attack. Real odd feeling. Someone mentioned that there's is usually triggered by dairy products and I think that may be my problem. I drink lactaid usually and last few days I had some cookies and regular milk, may be a coincidence.

      It's happened to me before, but I don't remember what I was drinking then.

      Not saying an inhaler wouldn't work for others, it just might. Inhalers always make me more on edge though.

    • Nathan0 Nathan0 gcdepace

      Are you allergic to penecillin? Or amoxacylin or zythromax? I'm having the same issues the cheese thig gave me a thought as to what if it's caused primarily by the fermentation process and or whatever similarities the two have as they are both a mold. As well your body has the hardest time fighting fungal infections because our DNA structure is that closely linked to fungus. Just a question of curiousity.

    • jean 88823 jean 88823 mohammed76229

      Thank you so much for this information.   I have been suffering a recent bout of depression coupled with mild anxiety.   My breathing problems began to occur along with the other symptome of this condition;---so I feel strongly that, at least in my particulaar case, it is anxiety driven.   To try and combat it, I have used a few simple mind exercises such as continually assuring myself that breathing is an involuntary activity that I don't need to monitor.   My body knows when it needs to breathe, just as my heart pumps successfully on its own without any direct input from me.   Sounds simplistic,---but sometimes it has a calming effect and I can ignore my breathing for a while.   Often, I'll then find myself drawing a deep breath without realizing it,----and that alone makes me feel better.   I even imagine a switch set to "Automatic"--and imagine that's the breathing switch.   It's set to automatic,---so now I can concentrate on other things and let my body take over the breationg function.   Of course sometimes this works better than other times.   I still find myself stressing over not being able to draw a deep breath.   But this can be a useful technique for dealing with the problem for me.   Next stop would be an anti-anxiety medication, but I'm trying to avoid that if I can.

    • Sarah3006 Sarah3006 michele29956

      It's a really horrible feeling, I know from my own experience. I've suffered from this a few times in my life. The last time it happened, it lasted for days until I took anti-inflammatory herbs which solved the problem quickly. I ate ginger, golden seal, tulsie leaves and cayenne pepper. Chewing raw ginger seemed to work the fastest and is also a remedy for headaches. Please try it. It worked excellently for me. Also, remember to avoid foods that cause inflammation in the body. Much love, healing and peace to you!

    • Sarah3006 Sarah3006 linda83143l

      It's a really horrible feeling, I know from my own experience. I've suffered from this a few times in my life. The last time it happened, it lasted for days until I took anti-inflammatory herbs which solved the problem quickly. I ate ginger, golden seal, tulsie leaves and cayenne pepper. Chewing raw ginger seemed to work the fastest and is also a remedy for headaches. Please try it. It worked excellently for me. Also, remember to avoid foods that cause inflammation in the body. Much love, healing and peace to you!

    • addie1617 addie1617 hanna 07823

      I have this same thing. It first started when I was 8, went away for a while and came back when I was about 18 now and this feeling now accompanies my attacks of dizziness, stomach aches and tiredness. I have iron defecciency anaemia, anxiety and reflux so I'm not sure what causes it. It happens out of nowhere sometimes even when my other symptoms are not flaring up. Did anyone get suggestions on this? I've also tried tums an inhaler and calming techniques and no luck.

    • maricz31 maricz31 GenevieveG

      Did you ever find out what is causing that? I am having a hard time breathing and when I go to dr my lungs are clear and no wheezing. It's frustrating. I have been constantly feeling like I've been running and I keep yawning. 

    • sandy53319 sandy53319 maricz31

      I have found it's acid reflux for me. I've had this problem off and on for the past 25 years. I'm a healthy 41 year old. I realized when I chew gum, especially, the problem starts almost immediately. Or if I eat too fast, it happens. Try pepto bismal, no off brand. It may or may not work for you but for me the relief is almost immediate. Good luck!

    • SaberWolf SaberWolf hanna 07823

      Have you solved anything out or found a solution to your breathing problem. I'm going through the same issue right now its been going on for 4 months its very frightening. I feel like I want fill up my lungs. My breathing feels shallow. And I feel like I have to take deep breaths constantly. Had all these tests including a pulmonary function test but doctors say everything is normal.

    • eileen1050 eileen1050 SaberWolf

      I experience the same issues. Doctor says I'm fine. Gave me tranquilzers. Told me it's related to my anxiety. Tranquilizers had no effect. I'm still gasping for air. Now trying meditation, EFT, and trying to remain calm. Good Luck to you. Apparently it's not life threatening.

    • dycana dycana mohammed76229

      Hi Dr Mohammed.  I've been suffering with this for years.  I'm on acid reflux meds, advair and ventolin for chronic bronchitis.  I do have moments when I'm breathing normal but lately it's getting worse.  It wakes me up at night.  I'm tired of being told it's anxiety, I'm at home feeling fine. Is there anything else I can do?

    • jwarner75 jwarner75 eileen1050

      Hi, you are not alone.  I have even had major chest pains and though I was having a heart attack.  I have been dealing with this on and off for about 6 years but the last year has been worse.  Recently went through series of tests for the heart and all if good.  The chest pains I recently had where not experienced in the past so I thought something was seriously wrong.   I have never been to a gastrologist and that is my next step.  I have noticed that I had a slight pain right below my sternum.  This i noticed about a year ago and would feel it when I would be bent (sitting or bending over).  Have you ever had this slight pain?  The doctor told me in that location is the xiphoid process.  I had a chest x-ray and cat scan and they said they did not see anything unusual.  Eventually the pain went away but it is now back again.  I have noticed that my deep breathing issue is worse when I have that slight pain.  I just noticed this correlation over the past 2 weeks.  I am thinking it is an inflammation of something that maybe we affecting the diaphragm?  I am not sure just a theory at the moment.  This will be my next avenue to proceed as all other tests have shown nothing (lung tests, cardio, etc).

    • john01128 john01128 diana88467

      Living hell for the last 16 years! Same symptoms every day! First starts the yawns then oxygen starved. Can't capture a full breath and then fixated on breathing happens again! Klonipin helps a little but not the cure! Does anyone have the cure to this madness?  Non-smoker 49 yo / active RN that had every test imaginable, including cardiac cath! All negative! Hate taking pills and feeling tired all the time. Someone has to have a solution? 

    • aaron60198 aaron60198 jwarner75

      Hi do you take any gastric meds such as Omeprezal? i was on these a while back stoppped taking them around 8 Months ago as Doctor said i wouldnt need them anymore, my point is since then ive been anxious, down, and just recently had shortness of breath feeling i need to yawn all the time, although fingers crossed last few days havent been so bad. apparently taking omeprezal CAN cause the symptoms ive described o and can cause low vitimin B12 which i have to have quarterly injections for life! is it coincidence that i have these problems? It's what the experts have said about the Omeprezal, it may not be but just a thought? i was on this medication for around 6 Months before Doc took me off and since then ive had these. hope you find an answer as it can be very worrying but just remember the need to take deep breaths all the time is i think a fake feeling so just try and breath normal and take less deep breaths as the days go on smile

    • bob71029 bob71029 john01128

      I'm the same way. It's about 9 years for me. I'm 49 years old. I wake up with this madness, and go to bed with it. Sure, some days are better than others, but more bad ones than good. Xanax helps a little. I tried Klonopin found it to strong for me. Then again, these type of meds aren't a cure all for this uncanny form of hyperventilation. I wish I knew the answer. It seems different things help different people even it's just a little. I'm on Prilosec, so it isn't the acid factor. I just don't get this, don't understand why this is or how it originated. I'd eat dog poop if it would cure me. 

    • jwarner75 jwarner75 aaron60198

      Hi Aaron, yes I was taking Omeprezal.  I actually did feel better taking it but that could have been a coincidence.  I also changed by diet during that time and I felt good for several months.  I dont like taking medicine all the time so I did start taking myself off of it.  I have had the symptoms again and I have noticed that they are worse when I consume certain foods.  Maybe the Omeprezal was working for me but I am uncertain without more diagnostics.  When I felt great I stopped drinking caffeinated coffee, red wine and made sure I was eating better (although I dont eat bad now).  I was taking Omeprezal during this time.  Without going back to what I was doing when I felt great, and then bringing certain things back into my diet it is difficult to determine what is the cause.  I recently went back to the cardiologist and although I fell absolutely horrible at times, he is certain it is not my heart so I know I am not dying.  Thanks for your input.  Knowing we are not alone definitely helps. 

    • helcamp1 helcamp1 john01128

      I was just diagnosed with RA and the doctors are claiming it's what is causing these same issues for me.  Inflammation, is supposedly causing it.  I am in the process of getting a treatment plan in place but the meds they've put me on in the mean time seem to have helped some.  Might be worth getting tested.

    • bob71029 bob71029 john01128

      I have found no meds so far that work. Much of this is psychological so, that makes it even more difficult. It's all about the breathing. Have to focus on not trying to take those deep breaths to often. The more you do the more C02 you burn off, and that is what causes that feeling of not getting enough air, that feeling that you cannot get a satisfying breath. 

    • aaron60198 aaron60198 jwarner75

      Hi jwarner, yes we are not alone and talking to someone that knows what your experiencing is a blessing cause they understand what it's like. Not your heart that must be a relief! I really hope you feel better soon, like i said try to breath without so many deep breaths as these are fake feelings, when im sleeping i don't need to have deep breaths usually happens when i think about it, try keep busy or do something that takes your mind off it... talk with friends about kids/family/work etc good luck smile always here if you need a chat.

    • john01128 john01128 Elle457

      Yes, I tried buteyko but it did not help me! We need to get back to natural breathing... That is a series of holding and increasing time between your breaths. It must be done twice daily and not natural. The concept makes sense tho... 

    • Elle457 Elle457 john01128

      I think I’m going to give the course a go. It can’t hurt and have heard good responses from

      It.I’ve had every test done and nothing has come back!im completely healthy apart from this thing! Just so frustrating that one day I was fine and the nxt it shattered! Hate that everything comes back and claims it’s anxiety! I went to my doc and she prescribed me with an anti depressant which I refused to take as I know my feeling of feeling down ate only secondary to this horrible period! I say horrible period because I know it has to pass at some stage! It can’t be natural for a human to go so off sync with their breathing and for it to never return to a semi normal state again. I’ve tried supplements and anti anxiety meds’ and again no luck. Ppl talk about distraction but it doesn’t help....find myself worsening in these situations! 

    • Melinda6938 Melinda6938 Elle457

      Listen stay calm it's an awful thing to go through. I had no idea what was going on it's GERD acid reflux I am pretty sure did a lot of research and listen raise the head of your bed 6 to 8 inches you will be amazed at how well it helps I wake up in mornings and can breath use to id struggle even after eating. I had cut back on so much food I got down to 117 pounds I'm 47 and 5 foot 5 so that was really small. Thought I was having food allergies but nope acid reflux here is what to try raise your bed after each meal peel and eat a whole red sweet apple you will be able to tell with in minutes the difference it sure has helped me I also gave it to the lord you do this and you should be fine 

    • sandeepk sandeepk bob71029

      Hi Bob and all dear friends I'm also facing similar problem since last 5 years . I am currently taking homoepatic medicines which have reduced this problem to almost 70 percrnt. I will let u guys know the end results .it's been one month I'm taking medicines . praying for you all

    • sandeepk sandeepk john01128

      hi John the doctor is giving me some self made combination of medicines .he promised me to tell the name of dilutions once I fully recover. I also have some acid probelm for that he has given me Schwabe alpha liv tonic for liver .this tonic is also helping me to get a good breath. I guess we all have slightly malfunctioning liverwhich is not traceable through can try it if it does any help. its is a safe medicine. And avoid junk food and protect your liver.

    • aaron60198 aaron60198 sefscky34676

      Hi sefscky it may be the omeprazol thats causing this as its benn known for this sort of problem when taking this medication, i cant really give you an answer to this but this med can cause a lot of side effects like this also cause vitimin B12 deficiency which i have and have to have a quarterly injection, nothing to worry about but this med could have caused this? i was on Omeprezol about 8/9 Months ago i dont take it anymore Doc said i no longer need it. If it's just a side effect they usually wear off within 2 weeks, it may not be the Omeprazol it could just be Anxiety related? If you took Omeprezol for only 2 days i don't think it will be that as it won't be in your system properly? i took it for around a year.

    • AJRicc702 AJRicc702 diana88467

      Does the Klonopin really make a difference? They prescribed me Xanax but I haven’t tried it yet. I don’t want to put a bandaid over a bigger problem.  

      Any advice will help. Thank you.  

    • millyisfluffy millyisfluffy GenevieveG

      i have this too.

      suffocation feeling for the past 7 months following flu like symptoms

      lyme / coinfection testing equivocal

      here are some ideas what it could be..

      . mycoplasma/chlamydial pneumoniae causes asthma like symptoms (

      . babesia

      . channelopathy..often associated with cfs/adrenal fatigue. treated with potassium supplements, oxygenated water, and anticonvulsants

    • jametodd59 jametodd59 millyisfluffy

      Idk what happened. I've followed the asthma story for a long time now. It's hard to find a Dr. Willing to prescribe the azithromycin regimen needed. I've talked to Dr. Hahn myself on the phone and he stated he was retired but not to give up. The one legit Dr. Was Dr. Fred Arthur Wagshul. He still practices the antibiotic treatment to this day.

    • john01128 john01128 millyisfluffy

      I read the asthma story! I’m an RN and it makes sense to me! Fortunately, I have doxycycline 100mg x 1 month but convincing my doctor for 6 months worth may be the hard part! I have been living with this excessive yawning and shortness of breath on a daily basis for 15 years now! They blame it all on anxiety! I’ve never been anxious? It came on suddenly one afternoon in which I couldn’t catch my breath! I called 9-11. ( they called it a panic attack) but 15 years later, I still have same symptoms everyday. Nothing works, except zonking myself with klonipin! So? Most likely addicted to benzodiazepines now and remain with the breathing problem. Maybe I do have a chronic bacterial pneumonia causing this? Worth a try! Hopefully I will notice a difference within this next month? Thank you... 

    • john01128 john01128 lynn59093

      RN meaning I understand about the anatomy and physiology, the balance between O2 and carbon dioxide. This is where I believe the the problem originates! Our exchange isn’t equal thus the shortness of breath never goes away once we hit that plateau... 

    • jametodd59 jametodd59 john01128

      How do you manage work and daily life while dealing with this issue? I find it hard to do and people are not very understanding. When it happens to me i have to call it an asthma attack so people take me seriously.

    • john01128 john01128 jametodd59

      Unfortunately, I need to take Klonopin 1mg twice per day. I actually feel it coming on! It starts by  yawning and tightness in chest area. When I feel it around 2ish, I take my Klonopin and just wait until it kicks in about an hour later! Yes, it’s torturous and the shortness of breath and constant air hunger continues until eventually I get a satisfactory yawn that captures enough oxygen to satisfy my brain and body... that’s what I deal with every single day! Anti-depressants like SSRIs do NOT work. ( tried 30 different kind in 15 years) I’m not depressed! I’m short of breath! The anxiety comes from shortness of breath and not the anxiety causing the shortness of breath. They it’s that way but it’s not! There is no drug for anxiety anyway! Nothing but benzodiazepines... very addictive but only thing that helps.  I’m glad I’m not alone and we need to keep searching! 

    • jametodd59 jametodd59 john01128

      Mine starts by excessive yawning and the feeling of hyperventilating. So I try to call myself and do things to take attention from it. If I keep thinking about it, it gets worse and worse. I use to get scared but as long as I know it's not my asthma than I'm a lot less frightened. I've been told you can't die from this but I feel as though it could eventually put you in respiratory arrest. That's what I was always afraid of. I've been an RN for 2 years now and have never heard of this. It's only happened to me out of everyone I know. Is it rare? I dont know but it's not easy to explain to anyone including Doctors. They blame it on my anxiety to which I tell them I don't ever feel anxious.

    • lann412 lann412 addie1617

      Hi addie1617

      I have found so many sites that say anemia , iron deficiency causes air hunger, how did you get your iron level to optimal levels? Did the air hunger go away when Optimal? Also does anemia cause numbness and tingling in your feet especially when you have your feet up when curled up on a couch? Thank you 

    • lann412 lann412 addie1617

      Hi addie1617

      I have found so many sites that say anemia , iron deficiency causes air hunger, how did you get your iron level to optimal levels? Did the air hunger go away when Optimal? Also does anemia cause numbness and tingling in your feet especially when you have your feet up when curled up on a couch? Thank you 

    • john01128 john01128 paul09240

      I wouldn’t take iron supplements unless I was anemic! Your doctor needs to draw a CBC to determine that! The breathing problem for me has nothing to do with my hematocrit or hemoglobin. I’m 15.6! You don’t need to make your blood to viscous! Plus iron will make you constipated! Not good! We need to keep searching for professional help. I still believe we are breathing in too much oxygen. Make it a habit to breath through your nose! 

    • sarah4336 sarah4336 john01128

      I’ve also had a cardiac cath with stress test — no smoking gun, just a fixed stroke volume and relatively low ventricular filling pressures. I’ve had this air hunger problem for 3.5 years now and have had a “Cadillac workup” including a cardiac MRI, echo, gastric tests, the above-mentioned stress test with cath, a tilt table test (which was positive for mild POTS) and countless other tests. I’ve also taken buteyko classes. Nothing helps except not exerting myself beyond a certain mystery threshold (which is itself a moveable target). I was on an exercise program to try to help improve the symptoms, but that quickly devolved when my chosen exercise —biking— left me with a herniated disc. I now have muscle weakness from that and am recovering from surgery as I write this. At least when my herniated disc pain was ever present, I was distracted from the air hunger. Now its back at the forefront. I feel like I have MVP, and it could be that simple, but I’ve been screened for that obviously, and I don’t have it. Frustrating. 

    • sharon57161 sharon57161 sarah4336

      Did you have trouble getting cleared for surgery ... needing a cyst removed fr L4 & 5 vertebrae and because of my breathing problems can't get cleared ... had cardiac work up .. waiting on pulmonary (I wondered if steroid shots had anything to do w/breathing problems ... had one in mid Jan and breathing has worsened since then .. any hints you c/give on telling my Dr I w/be ok for surgery w/be appreciated .. really need this as can's walk or stand on my left leg


    • AJRicc702 AJRicc702 sharon57161

      I had spinal surgery and it was rough recovering with my breathing. I was cleared for hernia surgery meaning they said “you should be fine” lol. You need to weigh in all your options and if you think you can handle it. Have high 90’s oxygen. Meaning it’s just hard to get air in and out butvyour still “normal” and even have the main arterie Check for oxygen levels get a lung specialist and then if you feel you can handle it and cleared by the lung specialist. Tell them your good to go. They are scared  Probably for insurance reasons or what ever. Which they need to be. I wouldn’t do surgery on someone who says they can’t breath. 

    • diana1227 diana1227 jwarner75

      I know you posted a few months ago but I had this and it was very painful in my side/back. I went to the doctor and all tests came out fine. When  I went back she suggested I see a chiropractor, send mayybe a rib was out of whack. Made an appointment and that's exactly what he told me. He said it happens quite often. Told me I was going to hear a and feel a pop, not painful, and it should be better in 4 days.  Well, guess what, he was right.  It has happened to me as well as my daughter inlaw several times.  When it happens we visit the chiro 1 or 2 times and it's better. Hope this helps.

    • indnrez indnrez bob71029

      I can't reply to everyone here, but I have felt like I couldn't get a full breath of air for almost 9 months. Panic attacks and continued elevated anxiety have been with me ever since. After countless appointments and many specialists I finally was diagnosed yesterday with Vocal Cord Dysfunction by an Allergist. Please pass this along to everyone that you can. I'm sure this doesn't  apply to everyone of course, but it is certainly worth looking into.  My symptoms got so bad that I thought i was going to die from this mysterious problem. In my case it is all due to Acid Reflux/Gerd. Good luck everyone!


    • indnrez indnrez AJRicc702

      I was just diagnosed yesterday. Also I have been using an over the counter steroid nasal spray to help with fluid behind ear and pressure in the head. I start the med next week. I want to finish my acupuncture first.

    • john01128 john01128 indnrez

      I liked acupuncture to relax me but didn’t change a damn thing about the air hunger problem. Save your money! Remember? It’s been over 15 years of suffocating torture for me. I have myself under a microscope... Caffeine definitely increases the problem but doesn’t eliminate it by cutting it out either. Any docs read these post? Any suggestions? 

    • indnrez indnrez fran24980

      My diagnosis is vocal cord dysfunction. My symptoms are slightly better and it can be a long road. However I'm glad I have answers and that I know I'm not dying of some or will disease or heart attack or something.

    • jametodd59 jametodd59 aaron60198

      I take omeprazole daily. One day I went to buy more but my local store was out so I decided to try famotidine as it was cheaper as well. Mind you I wasn't have the excessive breathing issue. Once I took the famotidine it started and lasted a couple days until it was out of my system. Therefore I think it was an allergic reaction to famotidine.

    • Midland98 Midland98 indnrez

      Started with this same condition about 3 weeks ago and ended up in Urgent Care last week, racing heart, shortness of breath. Docs did all the testing they could, contrast CT, ECG, ultrasound of the heart, arterial blood test etc. All came back normal so I know the heart is good. Passed a Pulmonary Function Test with flying colors also. Spent the rest of the night in the hospital hooked up to telemetry. Doctor said he could see nothing wrong and put me on Lorazepam for two days and then on Buspirone 3 times a day for anxiety. Can't say that is helping at all. Seems everything I eat causes it and unfortunately coffee triggers it too. So glad to find this site and know I am not alone with this. I will certainly look in to the acid reflux/vocal chord issue.

    • john01128 john01128 Midland98

      Save you the time. Its not acid reflux or GERD. They blame it on that and anxiety when there are no other answers. I believe its a gas exchange problem...C02 and oxygen. Its not hyperventilation either! 15 years now for me. cardiac cath, pulmonary, allergist, endocrine, you name it, I covered it. Its daily for me and eventually it will be for you. Objectively, shortness of breath starts and followed by my bp increasing due to the anxiety and pulse ox drops from 97% to 92-93%. I can actually feel it. I work in an ICU as a RN and have access to all this equipment to check. I don't smoke and exercise whenever the klonopin is working. My pulse ox should be 99-100% and that has me concerned. That's involved somehow. No asthma either... COPD symptoms without COPD. HMMMMM...Anyone have a clue?

    • Nate.k Nate.k john01128

      Yeah probably it's anxiety. I have both anxiety and depression, I have been on amitriptyline 10 mg for couple months now and I took xanax for 3 weeks. 25 mg one time only, also started taking Omeprazole 20 mg 20 days ago, I do feel a little bit better now but the shortness of breath is still there. But my situation is very complicated, I have aortic regurgitation and I did ct scan last year and they found 3mm pulmonary nodule in my lung. I'm going for another heart echo tomorrow and they gonna give me that 24 hours heart monitor.

    • john01128 john01128 david57548

      What do you consider below normal? Under 60?  Mine tends to be elevated when I’m feeling anxious. High diastolic pressure can cause SOB. But? I’m not an anxious person! I believe the underlying problem causes the SOB and in turn hightens the anxiety and blood pressure. It’s just a horrible viscous cycle. 

    • david57548 david57548 john01128

      It is my understanding that 120/80 is normal blood pressure. If the diastolic is below 60, it should be of concern. But, there is no drug ( yet ) to treat such a thing so it is usually ignored unless there are other symptoms.  From what I have been reading, there are a lot of people with a below normal diastolic number, and I was just wondering if maybe it could be triggering this breathing/yawning issue. Mine is like yours around 64-72.

    • louise55470 louise55470 john01128

      Finally have found a forum with what seems to be active members. I am a 20 year old male, have been dealing with this hell of a symptom for the past year. The last few months have been the worst, it's like wherever I am, whatever I am doing I am constantly taking that deep breath that's only satisfying every once in a while. If its not that its flopping my arms in the air to try to yawn and then if not that its opening my mouth to gasp for air. This issue puts me very down. It's hard to try to do any activity as this issue is very scary and very embarrassing when in public.I am currently seeing a therapist for anxiety as I said f**k it, it;s been a year I don't know where else to turn. I will soon be seeing a psychiatrist as they will more than likely prescribe some medication. At this point I am open for anything, anything that relieves this issue. I sometimes find myself perfectly fine when really distracted, but most of my days are spend taking a deep breath, fearing that I'll pass out at any moment. I've made a post or two about this on my page if you want to read about it in more details. But this is a call for help from anyone who;s had this or has this and is able to tame it. Please someone give me advice as I can't bear with this

    • marion 91604 marion 91604 louise55470

      I went through all the symptoms. Had numerous tests done, xpray, ct scan, blood test. ekg and all came back normal. A sleep test showed I was having slight sleep apnea. My doctor suggested before I get the sleep  machine to me breathe at night to do the following: raise my head about 5 -8 inches, sleep on my side, preferably the left side, don't sleep on your back and I get an inhaler, that I can use whenever I start to feel I can't breathe.

      A friend suggested a breathing exercise that also helps. Breathe in to the count of 5 - hold your breath to the count of 5 - breathe out of your mouth (noisily) to the count of 5. Repeat until you can breathe easier.

      Good luck.

    • edwin 44030 edwin 44030 marion 91604

      Hi guys we should all add the face book page called excessive yawning and constant need To breath.  We can all have a faster response and be more informative for all of us. Ive has a few techniques and medication that has helped me if anyone needs any advice. 

    • john01128 john01128 louise55470

      How much coffee do you drink? This has been 15 years years for me and I just stopped coffee x 3 days. I actually noticed a difference and a decrease in my shortness of breath.  I usually need to take klonopin 1mg three  times per day and now just one at bedtime. It’s not the caffeine though because I still drink tea instead.  I will keep you posted. We may have sensitivity to coffee? It’s the only thing I haven’t stopped in the 15 years of this horror. 

    • louise55470 louise55470 john01128

      Currently I haven’t drank coffee in about 2 weeks, before this it was every day sometimes twice a day. But I don’t necessarily think it’s the coffee either. I went through a no coffee plan last summer and did not help with the breathing. May I ask, you say you’ve dealt with this for 15 years how do you do it? Is it consistently every day, does it go and come back? How do you manage with every day life like work, socializing? Those are the aspects that are troubling me the most 

    • louise55470 louise55470

      Experiencing a bad attack at the moment. Went and took a finals for a class this morning and since leaving the class and coming home have been having that constant annoying tightness in my throat that only goes away with that occasional deep breath or yawn. For the past 40 minutes though I’ve been taking a deep breath literally every other breath, the occasional relieving deep breath isn’t even doing the trick since th feeling is coming back almost instantly. I’m really feeling hopeless and down, I live in a big city so taking public transportation people must think I’m a freak. Once again if anyone has any advice experienced similar symptoms and has found a resolution PLEASE offer the information on this page. I will keep checking this page in hopes for a breathrough and I guess I’ll continue the therapy, no meds prescribed yet and don’t see a psychiatrist for another month. My next step is going to a specialist I just don’t know what kind of specialist; allergist, ENT, or pulmonologist. So please if you read this and have valuable information please respond

    • adar53773 adar53773 louise55470

      After 20 years I have suffered terribly, and this brings me to situations of memory loss, confusion, and a lot of symptoms

      And after I studied it from all directions

      There is a psychotic part of unconscious respiratory OCD

      It comes with high serotonin

      It worsens with heartburn

      The solutions to this are not simple at all but the direction should be

      First of all, we all have experience in all kinds of treatments to reduce OCD without increasing it

      Second, it reduces serotonin, such as ciprohyptidine

      I forgot to add one thing

      Stress cell therapy can help

      Anyone who can try and say if it helped bless God

    • addie1617 addie1617 rachel66304

      So strange you mention this. I was off dairy for a while then the last two days I ate a lot of ice cream. Then all the sudden today i have the respitory symptoms of a panic attack with no panic and excessive yawning and chest tightness. Quite interesting. 

    • carl83220 carl83220 matt13703

      Hi mat I have almost the exact same story and symptoms. Could you tell me did it feel like you were restricted through your back? And was laying down a relief? cause its the only way I breath normally now

    • air hungry air hungry john01128

      i have read your posts, and it seems as if you could help me!

      i have had constant shortness of breath for 2. years now and it came on suddenly, i woke up suffocating.

      have you had any progress or results?

      ive had every body around me tell me its anxiety, but it seems physical even though my tests come back normal

    • john01128 john01128 louise55470

      I take Klonopin 1 mg three times  a day and it decreases  the threshold by hours.  I take 2ng  when I feel it starting and it tends to get worst first but then it decreases. Then one more at night prior to bed.  I’m 200 pounds tho.  The following day, no symptoms until about 6 pm. Then  it starts again. Same old air hunger and can’t capture a satisfying breath. It’s torture for sure! 


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