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anyone help? I've been a Graves' disease sufferer, was very manic and hyper. After bad palpitations too they doubled my dose of Carbimazole.initially I felt better.

but , please people, I feel awful. I'm so tired. Nauseaously tired. No va via voom ...my sex life has slammed shut and my husband is trying so hard to be supportive.

i feel dreadful. 

Im having a blood test to orrow as my endocrinologist is concerned I feel so ill. 

Do you guys think I've gone to hypothyroid so quickly?


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    Hi Jan, It could be the meds that have you feeling awful. Sounds like the dosage may be a bit too strong for you. What dosage of the Carbimazole are you taking and what's the dosage now? The Carbimazole is given to apparently slow you down, by  taking a double dose it's slowing you down even more. So there's a possibility that you've become hypo. Be sure to ask your doctor many questions. However; once your blood work comes back, you'll definitely know the verdict. I'm elated to hear that you have a very supportive husband. We all need the understanding & support of spouses when out bodies are going through medical changes. Good luck to you dear. 

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    My new surgery are refusing to do any bloods. Bankrupt.
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    Hi people 

    ok, was on 40mg daily for months, felt worse , but my blood levels improved??!!

     After my last bloods, I got an urgent call from my GP and the Endocrinologist  on the same day. Apparently I was only supposed to be on the high level for 6 weeks and no one told me? So, my toxic T3 which was at 41 , then 28. Has now dropped drastically. To 4 .

    my other levels are crazily low, so I'm not hyper anymore, just sleepy, dry, and old feeling! Oh, and my liver function, should be under 31 ..lis 48 . So im off Carbimazole , for a week, to allow my liver to recover. My joints, so painful, I'm assured will stop hurting so badly, apparently they know a high dose hurts joints??

    ive lost 7llbs this week after steadily bloating in the last 5 months.


    any advice?

    i am so tired. But the mental fog has lifted a bit. I no longer feel like I'm dying, sorry to sound dramatic but I felt so ill, the heart palpitations and anxiety were awful.

    they want to remove my thyroid .any advice , please? 

    Thanks xx

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      Hello Jan.

      I had hyperthyroidism for centuries without knowing it. My left eye is protrudibg a bit. My TSH was 0 for years. Hands trembling, ultra nervous, sweat and always warm and no sleep. I had to stop working cause it was slowly killing me. Blood pressure was high 24/7 and no doctor suspected hyperthyroidism. Out of luck my mother mentioned it that I should have my thyroid checked. Then we found out.

      They started me with methimazole for 1 year. That is the maximum time limit with this drug or say goodbye to your liver and bones. I waited 1 week amd I ended to the hospital. My TSH again 0 from 1.7. They decided to remove it.

      It has been 6 months since I got it removed. I am the opposite now. Sluggish, slow, bad concentration, bradycardia is really noticeable now. Anxiety remains a bit but maybe that is a stand-alone problem.

      Negativity, slowness, no decisions, super lazyness. ( maybe that is just me ? ) and extremely low sex drive. No interest, no mood, no fire, no movivation, nothing.

      My TSH is 3.6 now. T3 and T4 within the range bit we need to bring the TSH to 1.0

      I wish I felt better. I only felt better the 1st month after the thyroid removal. Then slow.....

      If they suggest thyroid surgery then do it. It is more manageable than hyperthyroidism. But once you take it out you need time to adjust.

      When somebody is ill there is no magic pill that will generate 100% symptom free amd normal-like life. Those with a healthy thyroid will always be better than us no matter what. You need to decide for the removal of your thyroid to have the least symptoms out of the two.

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      Thanks so much for taking the time and effort to reply x

      im so sorry you feel so negative X 

      thats the problem, I don't want to end up so disinterested in life which thyroid removal appears to produce . 

      If the meds do their job, I want to try that before irreversible surgery.

      ive always been a bounce around person, busy busy busy. Think I pushed myself too hard. I'm going to cut me some slack, and try to keep positive.

      thanks for the heads up, but I've yet to meet or hear from anyone who actually felt better after thyroidectomy !

      i hope you get to a better place, and well done for trying xxxx

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    But make sure that you follow the protocol of the medicine that you are taking. Follow exactly the instructions of your doctor. 

    The pills to control hyperthyroidism are considered dangerous and only aproved for a short time ( 1year, or 1,5 maximum)

    They do work by bringing the hormone levels and TSH to the desired limit but after the period has passed you need to stop taking these pills.

    According to the protocol you need to wait and do blood checks. The chances are 50-50. Either you heal or it goes overhill again.

    According to a mayo clinic article those who don't show signs of remission after 3 years the chances to go bad again is 30%. Please find the article for more accurate number.

    In my case in 1 week it went to TSH - 0

    So we had to remove it. My thyroid was over-producing hormones making the body to over-function. When the organs over-function they get tired and old very quickly and this can be fatal.

    Get an ultrasound to check your thyroid as well. But please don't rely on the hyperthyroid-pills over the time you need to take them. As I told you, they do work but they have the tendency to be hard on the liver.

    Good luck anyway.

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