Experiencing Memory Loss, Brain Fog, Spaced Out, Pain In Head, Fatigue, Unable to function - Help!

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Here is my story, Please get in touch if you think you can help me as I can't continue for much longer. On Wednesday 25th May, I returned home early from work having been unwell for the previous three weeks with what was initially diagnosed as a Quinsy abscess/severe Tonsillitis, During this time I was extremely unwell and prescribed three different types of Antibiotics, I'm not sure if this initial illness is in some way linked to what I'm going to share, But it gives a full picture of what's been happening. During this period of time, alongside being extremely physically unwell, I was experiencing overwhelming feelings of stress, anxiety and worry having recently started a new job and being in my probationary period, having to take time off sick which was unpaid and worrying about a number of financial implications and a few on going personal issues.

I returned home on Wednesday 25th May and at this point in time my cognitive functioning and thought process was clear. I felt physically exhausted and decided to have a nap at around 6pm, I woke up around 8pm with a very faint pain in my head, and feeling in what I can only describe as a state of shock about my current situation of being unwell, worried about my new job, money, being able to pay the rent if I didn't pass my probation due to sickness etc. I felt in a state of shock, and suddenly I was unable to think, unable to process thoughts, I closed my eyes to try and get to sleep and suddenly there was nothing? I've always had a very sharp mind, clear loud thoughts and a photographic memory but suddenly there was nothing? I immediately panicked and contacted my mother to try and explain what was happening, I suddenly had a blank mind. Like someone had turned the switch to off? I couldn't visualise anything, couldn't process thoughts, It's like I closed my eyes and there was nothing there - If you asked me to imagine a tropical island or an animal I couldn't. My vision was blurred, I felt spaced out, anything that happened I suddenly couldn't remember, or something that happened five minutes ago felt/feels like it was months ago, I can't remember anything visually since this happened. I can remember things factually (Who I am, where I live etc but that's it), I immediately went to my GP to explain what had happened and the fact I suddenly was unable to sleep, was experiencing memory loss, blurred vision, spaced out and felt extremely distant and depersonalised, I was told it seemed like an after effect of my throat infection and things would improve and was given sleeping tablets, I returned home unsatisfied with the result but positive and hopeful things would return to normal. They didn't and I returned multiple times to little success, or further prescriptions of sleeping tables etc but I didn't feel like they were taking it seriously, The GP consulted a Neurologist and I was told there was nothing to worry about. My symptoms continued and in a state of desperate panic I went to A&E to seek further help, I was given a CT Scan which came back negative which was a huge relief and again was told it seemed like a hangover effect from being unwell but again I didn't feel this was giving me any answers, I returned home and continued to feel exactly the same. After two weeks of not sleeping, I slowly managed to fall asleep naturally again on and off which was a huge relief however since May 25th, I have constant memory loss, I can't remember anything that happened five minutes ago or I feel like it was months ago, I feel constantly spaced out, dazed, blurred and like I have constant brain fog, I'm exhausted, I can't process thoughts, Or the thoughts in my head are suddenly non existent - The only way I can describe it. I have a constant light pain around the front of my head, I can't sleep, I can't function. I'm on the verge of losing my job and being unable to pay the rent and bills which is causing further stress and worry and I'm on the verge of killing myself because I can't continue like this.

If anyone can help, Please get in touch.

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    Hi there, I'm sorry that you are having this experience. Please try & stay positive there will be a cause & you'll get to the bottom of it, but it's unlikely to be quick. In the meantime, rest assured that stress will only add to your problems so do all you can to reduce that. Meditate, use breathing techniques, guided imagery or whatever works for you to get some peace whilst you figure it out.

    I have had similar issues & there can be so many causes. You just have to tick them off one by one & do a lot of research. Get these things checked, thyroid, including t3/4, not just TSH, also vitamin b12, vitamin D & ferritin levels. Get the actual numbers for these blood tests & double check them online. People are often told they are 'normal' when in fact they are way off optimal. Lyme disease may also be something to look into. Could you have had a tick bite at any point in your life? Effects can lay dormant & suddenly express when you come up against a period of intense physical or emotional stress. Adrenal exhaustion could also be an issue, get your 4 point saliva cortisol levels checked. Unfortunately a lot of this has to be done privately. There are also some amazing support forums out there where people can give you so much advice & support. Search for terms on Facebook.

    If you feel desperate please reach out to someone, you are not alone, it will just feel that way. I'm often around if you want to private message anytime

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    I was the same

    They initially thought it was a TIA

    My memory at times also is atrocious but I can always remember the first letter

    Ie "can you open the thing" "you know the thing with cloths in" " it begins with a "w" but I cannot get the word even if my life depended on it

    We seam a lost bunch let down really as it has no real explination but NHS put a label called Somatoform disorder. Work has refused medical retirement but I've been on no pay for 7 months now.

    I've had it 6 yrs now sometimes sleeping for 1/2 to 5 days at a time (even at the beginning on holiday I slept for 2 1/2 days Wife was going bonkers), broken foot, broken wrist 24/7 fasciculation in my lower legs that is hidiously painful at times. I struggle with stairs lifting arms and it's getting worse

    What I can't understand is why do my muscles look like there is aliens having a party in them but it's classed as a mental Somatoform disorder (but my muscles are nearly all gone-real sad I believe cause work ain't bothered at all in trying to understand and yet others get the world for smaller problems - Grrrr

    But it seams no real help

    Dr's just say we are treating the symptoms using gabapenting and Nadolol

    What Meds are you taking? Wonder if it's linked to that

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    I am so sorry to hear of your predicament. It sounds very frustrating. It appears the illness you had regarding your sore throat or abscess could have been a prodrome illness that turned on your immune system and may have thrown in into overdrive. I would recommend seeing a neurologist and/or rheumatologist and requesting a paraneoplastic or autoimmune panel to be drawn to look for neuronal antibodies. It seems mind numbing that you can be completely well and then ultimately disabled in a matter of weeks without a definitive answer but it does happen. Please know that nothing is worth considering taking your life. This is very traumatic from a financial and emotional aspect but this too shall pass. You must take control of your health and be persevering in finding answers. Don't just open your mouth wide and swallow any diagnosis the doctors give you. Demand a proper work up or find another specialist. The answer is out there. Best of luck and you will be in my prayers.


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