Extreme Abdominal Pain

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I have extreme abdominal pain for about two days once a month.  When it happens, my body wants to react by placing me into a fetal position.  I lose my breath due to the pain and cannot speak.


 - The pain is a precursor to diarrhea

 - I am usually in a depressed mood (all the time).  After this event and then passing a movement, I feel much better and am in a better mood.

 - Diphenhydramine usually causes the pain and passing to occur much quicker (I take it as a sleep aid when stress keeps me awake), but am woken up in early hours by the pain.

 - Sometimes I do not have a movement for days.

 - I become and feel bloated over time until I have this pain and then a movement.

What I have tried:

 - Diphenhydramine.  I feel as though this might be relaxing my bowles and allowing the pass.

 - Coffee.  This will usually cause a movement, but most of the time it does nothing except cause more bloating.

 - Jogging.  Usually, jogging for about an hour will cause me to have extreme movements.

I may be missing some nutrients in my daily food, but I feel as though my food is well regulated.  The stabbing feeling has been happening for a while so much that I feel that if I happen to actually be stabbed in the stomach by something that I could deal with it much better.

Is there something I can do to clean my bowels entirely and get my system back to a stable point?

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    This may have no bearing on your problen......but................

    I have suffered with abdominal pains for years...........was.told i had IBS........

    Had the camera shot top and bottom...........heaps of other tests........all to no avail.....  Had tummy bloating like you wouldent believe.........constipation etc

    Finally was told it was all in my head...........

    For years i put up with this..........then a new doctor said keep of dairy foods

    for a few weeks......now all the pains...bloating...have gone........

    the problem.............i was Lactose intolerant.................

    Now i use Lactose free dairy foods and all is good.....just a thought  ??????.



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      This is definitely something I will look into.  I do notice that when I drink milk, I feel slightly nausiated.  Perhaps I am lactose intolerant as well...
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      I feel so sorry to hear that,

      because lactose and fructose intolerance are usually the

      FIRST things (besides celiac/gluten) to look at in people with bloating.

      There is no guessing game, since

      a) elemination diet is easy for a trial

      b) there are breath tests for evaluation of lactose/fructose processing

      c) every biopsy of small bowel when scopes (gastroscopy should always go into first part of small bowel = duodenum and a biopsy taken)

      are done should have a direct enzyme test performed (lactase, fructase, maltase) and checked for celiac with those symptoms and confirms or excludes this easily as a reason.

      I am shocked you went through 'camera shot top and bottom' (scopes I guess) and got no biopsy tested for enzyme deficiency at the latest then.

      Good you found it out in the end,

      but these (Celiac, Lactose, Fructose) are the first steps to look at in anyone with indigestion, bloating, abdominal pain symptoms.

      Once those are ruled out, the hunt begins.

      Wishing you all well!!

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    See your doctor for tests and diagnosis.  Ask about IBS; your symptoms sound like it.  Keep off coffee because it can be a bowel stimulant, and kerp a food diary.  Stabbing, dull, deep grinding and neuralgic stomach pain are signs of  IBS.  Changes in bowel habit and relief after a bowel movement eith incomplete evacuation are also indications of possible IBS.
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    Since you are talking of "two days once a month", it would be interesting to know, if you were male or female (if female if normal cycles are happening), which age group,

    or is there anything special two days of a month foodwise?

    If it was overflow diarrhea due to constipation (no movement for days) you could try osmotic laxatives to relieve the constipation.

    Taking probiotics on a dialy basis for months is a good idea anyway with any upset abdomen.

    There are very rare diseases that can cause bloating/constipation/diarrhea and have nothing directly to do with bowel itself but more with the autonomic nerve system (e.g. porphyria), but those ideas come only then into view, once you have done a good food trigger search, gotten probiotics up and if symptoms persisted had some imaging done.

    Best of luck!


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    It looks like you have IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome).  I have this as well as anxiety/depression.  I take an antidepressant and a mood stabilizer.  Pepto Bismol and peppermint tea help.  Take a probiotic daily.  Metamucil (fiber mixed with water) will help with both diarrhea and constipation.  You are doing right by exercising, but maybe something less intense like swimming or yoga.  Keep a food diary to see which foods affect you.  You may have food allergies...note dairy, red meat, gluten, etc.  Hope you feel better soon.

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