Extreme abdominal pain. Doctors do'nt know what is wrong!!!

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I have had severe Abdominal pain, cramping in the stomach and sharp pains. When I have an "episode" of sharp pains, I feel nauseas and very dizzy almost as if I am about to pass out! Symptoms are increasing and getting worse. This started a month ago and been to about 11 different doctors and hospitals and no one can tell me what is wrong with me. Last night was the worst. I now have l lower back pain (Constant) and cold shivers but I am boiling hot to the touch. The doctors have run a sonar internal and extrenal and both came back nomal. Blood and urine tests done and no abnormalities found. They just keep sending me hope with antibiotics and panodo (None which is help helping at all, seems as if its making me worse.) Been on 4 courses of antibiotics and 1 antibiotic injection in a space of 3 weeks. My whole body feels sore and tender to the touch... Please help as I cannot go on like this. Any advice welcome.


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    Antibiotics may have knocked out your gut flora or caused a candida overgrowth, what ur medicsl histoey, what ither test have been donr, i.e ct, mri, was all ur organs ultrasounded. What abt. Kidney or gall stones if kidney or gallbladder not s anned. Get blood cultures now while u have a fever, how high has ur fever been and for how long. They check ur blood, white count for infection, what abt appendics. Doc are covering things up lately, not wanting to test or rule out, wonder whats going on.
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      Only the sonars (internal and external sonars) have been done.

      possible but the pain was there before the antibiotic but have worsen since them. I have a c-section due to the placentea rupturing at nine months (june 2012). Also had a lapscopy surgery to remove a cyst that was 4 x 5cm big in feb this year. Haven't had a menstral cycle since the op. Blood counts came back normal. They said they checked the apendix, kidneys, gall stones, cysts, and gall bladder. I do have a blood clotting disorder (when i was in a bike accident the motor bike fell on my leg, leg swelled up but nothing broken this was bec as soon as any trauma my body creates blood clotts to protect its self, took 7 months of blood thinners before they could drain the blood out.) The radiographer did say that there is some free fluid seen within the pouch of Douglas which maybe normal, which may be physiologically normal. Not sure what that means. But she did say while scanning me that she noticed that my arteries are bigger than normal but she never wrote that on the report and she said it did bug her but when i told the doctor he didn't seem fased. My temp sitting at 38.5 but i fell hotter. They tried giving me more antibiotics (which i didn't take as that would be the 6th time.) So over this and not sure who to go to or what to do anymore.

      Thanks for the feedback I appreciate it

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      Also on Monday when they checked my bp it was 140/94 (not sure if that makes a difference) They haven't checked since.
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      What is your age again not sure if I asked you as well as having a cyst apparently in your ovaries and you haven't had a period since the cyst removal maybe pre-menopausal or just hormonal levels are off should have that checked. the blood pressure is fine probably due to you having white coat syndrome just a little anxiety unless it's that way all the time, no worries. On the antibiotics if you really had to take them I would make them pinpoint an infection first and get on probiotics while you're taking them so they don't throw your butt out of whack anymore than it already is
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      I am only 23 years old. Highly doubt its pre-menopausal. Doctors say he can't see why I wouldn't be getting it. Its like that every second or third day, could be anxiety. I had taken probiotics whilst on the antibiotics. I had an infection on my oviers ( was given an antibiotic injection and tablets) I then wen't back and they said that my bladder wall was thickened (Not sure what that means) then was given another 2 course of antibiotics. Went back and they gave me another course of them (was told will help with pain)(It didn't - FYI).
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      What are you saying it like every second or third day your. If so that would be breakthrough bleeding correct and now that you mentioned you had an infection on your ovaries as well as a cyst I believe then I have no idea what that can cause but wouldn't doubt it's going to disturb your. From my perspective and I'm only a paramedic. Isn't that where the period starts the ovaries then through the fallopian tubes and telling somebody that antibiotics is going to take care of the pain is very odd yes if it cures the problem but you're still going to have pain along the way I think they're jerking you around and any infection of ovaries or testicles I don't think would be very good to have but I'm no doctor. It just seems to me they're dragging their feet with you and you may need to change doctors or tell them you're concerned that they can't figure something out yet and give them a push and I be doing some research on your own like looking at thickened wall bladder infections on ovaries and all that stuff good luck let me know if you want how things turn out.
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      You also say you have a clotting disorder and that there were some free fluid around the pouch of Douglas I don't know what that is have you looked it up yet or where it is and the enlarged arteries is that near the pouch of Douglas or is that everywhere in your body. So maybe look at the obvious is the pain in the area they said you had the extra fluid maybe you're throwing clots in that area was there a procedure done there maybe you're bleeding there what kind of fluid maybe your arteries are dilated because there is a lot who knows you think they would have picked up on that they're the doctors I think clotting problems can affect any organ I'd make them look closer and do some research just my opinion if it was me
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      I just looked it up you probably have to buy now it is an area between the uterus in your rectum not supposed to have fluid in it when it does usually points to inflammation somewhere uterus ovaries and probably more and apparently that's what you have if you have an infection you probably have inflammation you gotta figure out what that information is from and a lot of people are saying you can get endometriosis in this area not always in fallopian tubes so that was what you could be looking at I believe I think in the walls of certain organs can cause that and they also mention the extra fluid on that area can cause pressure on your lower bowel and either give you constipation or diarrhea therefore you might get some pains but I have a feeling your pain is coming from your information in your ovaries in the infection so you need to get to the bottom of that and make them tell you what's going on here is something that someone wrote in another forum that I copied to paste to you. I might have to paste it on the next reply
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      Lego hope things turn out okay ,

      12 Feb 2008

      I have also been told I have fluid in the pouch of douglas. Just got some CT scan results and I have to have another ultrasound to confirm this. My doctor told me the pouch of douglas sits under the small intestine and isn't supposed to have any fluid in it at all. What it means is that you have an inflammation in your reproductive system, whether it is the ovaries or another organ. This was found for me due to the fact that I have been suffering from pains in my lower abdomen too. I thought it may have been either Irritable bowel sydndrome but aparantly you can get endermetriosis in this area as well. Getting the ultrasound in 2 weeks so I will update my responses soon. Hope this helps a little : - )

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