Extreme anxiety crippling me

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For two months I have had crippling 24/7 anxiety of the severe nature.

I wake up with an uncomfortable shaky , electrified feeling the minute I open my eyes. It stays with me all day and worsens. I cry all the time and cannot leave the house even writing bills is difficult and answering the phone a chore. I ve had 15 different anti dep 7 ECT treeatments with no luck. Ive been hospitalized twice and in the ER many times. My life is just existing, my legs get weak and my head is muzzy and cant concentrate.

Im beginning to thing that this is the rest of my life. I dwell and ruminate on useless stuff. Anyone else this bad?

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    Yes I can completely relate
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    I'm pretty bad I get them and they last a week!! The DRs tell me that's not possible a panic only last about 20-30min. BULL. I'm just now comming down off from a panic I haven ate in the last 4 days maybe a little bit but when I do try to eat I get so sick and I feel tingling and hot all through my body. 😢 I hate this
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    Hi Ken.

    15 lots of antidepressants in two months?

    Thats a lot of medication changes.

    How long are you staying on them before you are deciding that they are not working?

    It can take up to about a month for the side effects to die down and to feel any benefit from the medication. Many of them make you feel worse for a short while. I'm wondering if because they may increase your anxiety at first whether you are then labelling them as "not working" and then starting on another? 

    With the majority of them,your anxiety will increase for a few weeks before they start to help. 

    I can promise you this much. It does get better. I too had crippling 24 hour anxiety and really thought that there was no way back,that I was stuck in this hell for ever. Apart from all the medication changes,I could of written your post myself. I was frightened,lost,didn't feel as though I was on this planet,24 hours a day,living in my own head full of thoughts,fears,obsessive thinking. My latest episode started 21 weeks ago and for the first 8 weeks I was on a medication that sent my anxiety through the roof but on the advice of others I stuck with it until I realised it was making matters worse. I changed medication and for a while the new medication was a bumpy ride too. After about 6 weeks on the new meds I started noticing small improvements and now 13 weeks in on them and I'd say I'm 70% better so not far to go until I'm back to how I was before this nightmare began.

    I know it's scary and exhausting but it does and will get better. It just takes time and patience and lots of positive self talk xxx

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    Der Ken.

    I agee with Gillian and I a find myself in the same situation,it all crept up behind me.

    Irrational thoughts most of the day and terrified of the panic attacks waiting for disaster to happen all day.

    Not sleeping well and agitated.

    Trying to persever on medication.

    Hope you get some comfort. 

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    Just logged on and have read your letter and the replies.


    I was hoping that 2015 would start a new chapter for me wih no panic.

    But,no,woke up shaking,and feeling sick with fear.

    So far have tried to self medicate,but must see a Doctor one day.

    Can't go on like this,it's ruining my life.

    So you are not alone.

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      Thats the worst part, opening your eyes with this greeting you. Cant be happy, smile or socialize. Cant prioritize my daily activities which have dwindled to nothing. I live 30 miles from my work and driving is a bitch

      feels like Ive got a bad tire with all the shaking from my hands

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    Hi Guys.

    Tanya. I started on Citalopram which I used many years ago and it was very successful so this time it was just presumed that it would work the same. Unfortunately it didn't. Sometimes it depends on your symptoms and other things going on...Different needs for different needs.

    Im now on Mirtazapine which right from the first night help me sleep which was a great relief. Slowly everything started falling into place but it was very gradual. It wasn't like I woke one morning feeling great. 

    I still  have quite a way to go but now I feel hope which 20 weeks ago I couldn't. I honestly thought I'd never feel well again,that these thoughts and feeling couldn't possibly ever leave me.

    All I can say is be patient and try to accept that this is how you feel but it's not forever. Little by little your mind will start recognising what is safe again...little by little it returns to how it once was xxx

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    Hi ken, I have been through and feel as if I'm coming out the other side of this night mare it's been 3 months! I'll tell you the most useful things I have learnt. This is anxiety. Your brain is Ill this will not kill you you are not going crazy and while you feel like your whole world is crashing down .... It's not. You have to get strong don't fight it just anxiety. (i no sounds easier said than done) let the anxiety be with you say to yourself it's only anxiety I will be okay ... Don't fight it don't be scared. Make yourself eat well. Eat breakfast eat fruit eat lunch and dinner drink loads of water chamomile tea excersise swimming is the best and force yourself to do the things you think anxiety won't let you do. Just try. Also speak to your doctor and get some benzodiazepines they take the edge off and help you cope a bit better! Just take them short term even if it's for a week to feel a bit more relaxed. Take care mate 😉
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      Thanks Tasha, I know excercise is key just cant get started. The cold weather is a bummer and further deflates me. The hours that I sleep are filled with anxiety,mum is in hospice and my business is crumbling. I could maybe save it if I could go back to work but leaving the house is like daggers. Great response
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