Extreme bloating, gas, nausea, tremors for 6 weeks (23 year old male)

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6 weeks ago I got sick with this. I can eat a grain of rice and I'll feel bloated as if I just ate a Christmas dinner. I get bad nausea on the bad days. I have this huge fear of throwing up so anxiety plays a big part too. Some days it's so bad I can't even bring myself to swallow my own saliva. I have lost 15 pounds and I'm already really skinny as it is. Lying down makes it worse, so sleeping is hard.  It is not uncommon for me to wake up in the middle of the night with tremors lasting up to an hour. What am I supposed to do if I can barely eat or sleep?  I have not had any bowel anormalities and haven't thrown up. I suspect I'd throw up if I forcefed myself more. 

It's really frustrating because I've been to 3 doctors with no avail. They all say everyting looks fine. I feel like they think I'm overreacting when I'm not. I need help but doctors just don't seem to care since it's not life threatening in their eyes. I'm in so much discomfort and don't know what to do. I want to get a new doctor but will have to wait for the weekday to find one and schedule a consultation which may take another week. It's extremely distressing

These are the things I've tried:

Endoscopy: gluten intolerance, h pylori test, top of small bowel culture

Acid Reflux Medication (omeprazole, zantac, Pepcid, gi cocktail)


Cipro (7 days, twice a day)


Ct scan w/o contrast (intestinal inflammation was found, everyting else looked fine)


Paleo Diet

All liquid diet.

Nothing seems to help except an all liquid diet which isn't really sustainable. I struggle to get 500 calories a day. I don't know what to do at this point. I want my life back.

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    Hi rottingaway

    I think you need to see a therapyst about your vomitting anxieties as your doc to refer you.....also if your not eating and not taking in essential vitamins and minerals you are going to get very ill.....especially if you become B12 deficient and other B vit deficiency.....you should ask your doc to check your B12 levels because deficiency can cause tremors...you can buy B12 tabs and associted B vits over the counter you cannot overdose on B12 because they are water soluble and are disposed of through urination....best wishes.....

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    If you have intestinal inflammation which was picked up on your CT, this may be the cause of your symptoms.  Try a food diary and see your doctor again.
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    Firstly, you need to stay calm, there is nothing worse than stress to pile on the already exhausting symptoms of IBS etc. The inflamation sounds like the culprit. There are meds you can buy over the counter that can help e.g colpermin and windeze or similar for gas. Stay away from food you know can cause probs for you personally. It really is a good idea to keep a food diary even mentally. You could ask your GP for medication to calm your anxiety. Stress breeds stress.. good luck and don't panic! it will all be ok just tell yourself that when you feel anxious. take regular sips of water during the day with a squeeze of lemon (if you can).

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    hello rotting away to hear about your symptoms,

    i am facing extreme bloating from last 4 years and its cause my left side chest heavy and i burp alot-------i feel that my heart beats become slow and some time i feel thats it i am going to die tired of it----------test i have done till now is---16 ecgs 15 normal one show slow beats i remember i was burping in ecg which shows slow beats my cardiologist monitor my heart for 24 hours then result comes 99% ---2 echos of heart---complete body blood tests 3 times,urine test,stool test 2 times,ultra sound 3 times,endoscopy,colonscopy all of that is clear but still bloating and burping tried lot of medicine no thing works for me  sad i understand what you are going from but you are not alone there are thousands of peoples but no one find any answer------------recently my gp put me on lexapro 10 mg propnolol 30 mg famotidine 20 mg twice a day let see what happens 


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    i have sufferred with the same symptons for the last three weeks. id be interested to know if you got to the bottom of the problems.

    i have extreme bubbling going on in my stomach which is causing trapped gas and bloating which is painful. i also wake up at 2 or 3 am to uncontrolable shakes. which then leads me to panic. i sometimes have pins and needles down my back and my neck feels weird too. im starting to feel like im sluring my words.

    i have been to a&e three times but each time they check my temps and do a blood test which all come back fine and send me home.

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      I've been going through this exact thing. Any luck on seeing what's going on yet?

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    A Ct scan w/o contrast is pointless. Why would any doctor advise you to do it without contrast?

    It needs to be done with iv contrast and the barium drink contrast. That's when they can see everything thoroughly

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    I feel for you mate.

    For 7 months I've had similar problems with severe bloating, shaking, pains, burping etc

    I've been in A&E 3 times thinking it was heart attack

    Have been on omeprazole, lansoprazole, esomeprazole, mebeverine, ranitidine, gaviscon, buscopan - nothing worked - in fact made it worse - esomaprazole was worst - made me collapse

    I stopped taking everything and went private gastro expert. Did gastroscopy (mild gastritis) did SIBO test (neg but still possible apparently as 0% hydrogen present - suggests gastroparesis)

    Ive been taking Symprove for month and on a v strict low FODMAP diet

    There is an improvement in my IBS but bloating still gets bad

    They treat SIBO with antibiotics as last resort - so am gona try that

    A few doctors said this was anxiety - no its causing anxiety not the other way round!

    try some yoga poses for the bloating they do help - stand up, twist your torso and breath

    I dont think people realise how distressing this problem is - ive had various things over my 53 years but this is by far the worst

    I hope you get it sorted

    all the best

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      did you ever figure out what was going on with your digestive system? the shakes and all other symptoms ever improve? i know this was two years ago but hopefully you're still around? I've been suffering from this junk for 8 months after an H. Pylori infection and its miserable.

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