Extreme Dizziness and Nausea

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someone please help! I'm very scared about this and miserable. 

Last night I was starting to feel pretty dizzy but I just ignored it and figured it would go away in the morning. But I  woke up this morning and got up, tried to start getting ready for school but I felt so dizzy and so nauseous. What could be causing this? What is happening to me? I'm somewhat freaking out now because it feels quite bad. The roomjust spins and shifts all over the place when I am standing or walking

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    Please someone help. I'm so nauseous and I'm crying.

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    Did you try something for the nausea? Maybe you have a virus?
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      I took a little bit of nauzene and that seemed to help a tiny bit. If I got a virus i would absolutely kill myself 
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      Why would you say that? If you have a virus it usually go away after 24/48 hours....
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      i have a question here that does gerd cause severe nausea.to the point you vomit 15 times a day?? is acid reflux the same??i am vomiting too much with pain when.swallowing and chest pain and bloodwork.came back normal
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      Well, I say that because I think a virus would be the most hellish thing to go through ever.
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    Hi Lindsay

    Try getting an appointment with your dr if you can. This could be a number of things and I'm not a dr so not going to try to diagnose! However I have had something similar to this and also my father in law has as well...we both had something called vertigo. His was pretty bad and he has bouts of it on and off, it's to do with the middle ear and can come on all of a sudden. Mine I just woke up with one day and freaked out thinking I was having a stroke or something, mine was sensitive to the position my head was in and randomly cleared up after going on a flight.

    Anyway I would recommend a trip to your dr they can check it's nothing that needs seeing to urgently.

    I also had an ECG to rule out any heart related stuff.

    All the best


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      Thank you for your reply. I can try to ask my mom to take me in, but I doubt she will. Anyways, with that vertigo thing you are talking about, does that have extreme nausea with it? Also, since it has to do with your inner ear, does that mean you would feel anything in your ear if you had it?
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      The vertigo that kerry is talking about is related to shift in crystals in the middle ear and requires an Epley manuever by the doctor to fix those crystals in the right position. 
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      You can get pretty bad nausea with vertigo. Vertigo is a symptom of quite a few different conditions. Mine was BPV and that can be treated by moving those crystals with a specific head maneuver as mentioned in someone else's post. Other conditions include labyrinthitis, meunières and others so its best to get seen by a dr. Also it might not be any of the above at all. I just mentioned these because you said the room was spinning and you had nausea.

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      Typo alert that should have said 'menieres' but auto correct stepped in when it was not required!

      Hope you are feeling better

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      Yes, the room does spin and the nausea is quite bad so maybe that would be something to look into. Thank you for the advice.
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    I hope it has passed!

    Have you been having any kind of anxiety lately? Maybe final exams or family issues? Stress can cause a variety of vague yet scary symptoms. If it gets severe enough you can have panic attacks that may make you feel as if you are dying. The good news is that you aren't dying, your body is producing "fight or flight" hormones to help you react to a percieved fear. The bad news is that it is very scary and can make your anxiety worse because you think you are dying!

    You should seek immediate attention, however, if you pass out. Stay near people who can call 911 when you are feeling dizzy, just in case! Try lying down when you feel dizzy. A lot of times when people faint they will come back around quickly once they lie down because the blood returns to their brain.

    I hope you feel better and this all goes away soon!

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      Hello, thank you for your reply. No it has not passed, in fact I think it's gotten worse. I haven't felt this ill in a long while. Just getting up to use the restroom was really quite hard because of everything and I've just been lying in bed all day trying to distract myself from how bad I feel. sad 

      Anyways, I haven't really had much stress recently, yes final exams are coming up but I haven't really been stressing about them too much. I actually have had anxiety and panic attacks a lot in the past but I haven't been worrying at all like that recently so I don't think this could be caused by anxiety... I was just going along having a great time and no stress and then bam it just hit me and I feel miserable. I will make sure to be careful in case I faint because I am extremely dizzy.

      thank you for your reply and advice. I certainly hope this goes away soon as well. I feel quite awful.

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