Extreme fear that I have lymphoma instead of mono

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I got diagnosed with mono a little over a month ago via the monospot test which was positive. Since then I have been feeling slightly worse, then better, then worse again, and of course Dr. Google told me that I either have Lymphoma or am at risk for Lymphoma. I suffer from very bad anxiety and things like this put me over the edge. About five months ago I had an immense amount of blood work done and everything came back fine. I don't have any swollen lymphnodes, although I sometimes feel my spleen swell up which I know is normal for mono. But what scares me the most is that this morning I woke up sweating, not drenched, the day after I read that night sweats are a symptom of Lymphoma. I am going to assume that I woke up a little sweaty because my room was hot and my sheets are thick. But, not I can't get this thought out of my head that I may have lymphoma and my mono diagnosis was wrong. Cancer is not very prevalent in my family. The only person that had cancer was my grandmother on my fathers side, she had breast cancer. Has anyone else who has had mono had these fears before? I feel so alone and scared.

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    Hi Maddison, I've had all those years, ranging from thyroid cancer, throat cancer Lymphoma etc. Having blood tests and reviving a call the same day from the hospital and the opposite to not hearing anything off them for two weeks sets me into a panic. The worse part is not knowing and not being in control, it says our minds into overdrive. This virus also plays with your mind and hurts your head which makes it all the harder to deal with. Only thing I can say is that if you've had lots of blood tests, then I wouldn't worry too much. The doctors and lab technicians know what they are looking for and if there was anything serious, they would let you know. Dont worry, you are not alone I how you feel....There is other threads on this forum with the same concern you have. Everything you are going through is part of mono. Night sweats is normal. This virus is very up and down and you unfortunately suffer from different symptoms. They don't all come at once. Some only appear once, others reappear and some just remain constant. It's basically awful, but you just have to try and remain positive and remember that one day you will get better. It might take some time, but the body is an amazing thing and right now it is trying to fix itself.

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    try to not worry sweating at night is very common with mono ebv .youve had all your blood done and youre healthy now you just have to rest eat right etc and you should get over this soon !

    many of us on here didnt get diagnosed for months so we did more harm than good ...you really have to baby this virus as it goes up and down

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    i have the same fear! though ive come to realize it is most likely just mono.

    with lymphoma, your glands are enlarged. that is the main symptom which causes most people to see a doc, they find a lump or enlarged nodes, see a doc, and are diagnosed. if you dont have extreme all over itchiness, night sweats with wet sheets, and huge nodes, try to relax.

    ive had mono for 5 months now, with a low fever and an itch, and i was convinced i had lymphoma or another cancer. i had a special blood test done which came back clean.

    mono can have some weird symptoms. similar to lymphoma and a lot of other things.

    cancer that comes from lymphoma does not start until years and years after someone has gotten mono, and even then, the chances of mono causing cancer (while it may increase chances) is very slim.

    i would trust your doc, if you want a second opinion, get one, or see an oncologist if you are really worried, but personally having the same fears, i know that anxiety can cause us to believe we have something we dont. if your nodes arent swollen, you likely have no lymphoma.

    if you had a pos mono test, you have mono. mono is SOMETIMES detected and mistaken as mono when it is a form of lymphoma, but that kind of lymphoma is only common in undeveloped countries across the world like parts of Africa and S. Amer. virtually Impossible that this is mine or your case.

    see a doc if you are worried, but you are most likely dealing with a bad case of mono, like i am.

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    i had drenching night sweats on and off for a few months. just random.. not every day but once a week. dont worry 😃

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    Hi Madison,

    Oh so sorry to hear you have been going through these awful fears and worries, I do empathise and also remember this being on my mind and worrying me at times when I was going through mono too. It really is a frightening thought and it is understandable given when you look it up on google this link seems to come up in connection with the EBV virus. I felt terrible too when reading and thinking these things Madison, and want you to know that you will get through this.

    Absolutely I want to reassure you that BY FAR it is most likely that what you are going through is mono and nothing more sinister than that. Remember a common symptom of mono is sweating at night, I sweated more at night during this virus too, and the symptoms of this thing really are so intense it is very normal to make you think like it is something else and not just the mono - but in the vast vast vast majority of cases it is the mono Madison and it does get better with time, I know that doesn't always help much when going through it but remember you will get through this and get better.

    A good thing that helped me to think of when I worried about other illnesses connected with mono was to remember that 90%+ of the western world population get infected with the EBV virus (the one which causes mono) at some point in their lives, many as a child when they don't experience the full effects of the illness. This is nearly everyone! And the vast vast vast majority of these people recover and are healthy and get well again and don't have any issues with other illnesses as result - that it something to remember Madison and I truly believe from what you have said, based on my own experience of the virus and how I went through similar symptoms, emotions and worries to you, that what you are going through is mono and not anything else. And remember you WILL get better, even if it takes a little time, remember that can be normal, but you will get there!!!

    It sounds like you have done all the right things in terms of getting blood tests done and things, and absolutely this is very reassuring that these were normal - it certainly would be no harm to go back to the doctor and ask for follow-up blood tests to keep on top of things and hoping this can offer reassurance too. And definitely have no fear in going to the doctor and discussing these concerns, sometimes even going with another person, family member or someone else you trust can be good just for that support, I know it helped me so much for sure when going through this. Definitely good to keep checking in with the doc and discuss any worries with them.

    Thinking about you Madison and remember just cope with one day at a time with this, keep getting plenty of rest and taking good vitamins / herbs - keep in mind that although this is a nasty virus and it sometimes takes a little time for full recovery, that absolutely you will make a full recovery - I truly believe that Madison, thinking about you and hang in there - there is hope and there is recovery from this horrible virus - better times are ahead, this is the worst phase and things won't always be the way they are now. Be kind to yourself and look after yourself - remove stress as much as possible and put your health first for sure. You WILL get through this and get FULLY better, 100% I believe that given my own recovery experience and reading the recovery experience of many others after going through similarly hard and dark times with this.


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