Extreme nausea / fatigue. Just gerd?

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I suffer from the usual gerd, have had it extremely bad for 1 whole year. I've been on pantoprazole now for a few months after being on every other ppi and it's still not working. The main problem I'm having is EXTREME nausea, when I say extreme it's basically debilitating.. I'm not usually sick but always feel as if I'm about to vomit. I'm also always tired now, really bad lack of energy. My other symptoms are occasional heart burn and bloating etc.

The nausea and fatigue have gotten so bad I can barely get out of bed, I certainly can't work so I've had to leave my jobs. It's horrific. I'm negative for H Pylori so it isn't that.

I desperately need to lose weight as I am overweight (not by a lot) but it's impossible to go to the gym in this state! I eat as healthy as I can. I don't understand what's going on with my body.

Is anyone else suffering with the nausea this bad?! The doctors put me on cyclizine for it but it really didn't work. Any advice is welcome. This is getting me really down now.

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    Hi Abbie,

    There are two main aspects to GORD/GERD - acid and reflux. PPIs reduce the former but not the latter. They are all as effective as each other when taken in equivalent doses but some people tolerate one more than another.

    The reflux may be giving the nausea.

    Are you anaemic? You could be losing blood from oesophagitis. If you have been on high dose acid suppressants for a year, it's also possible you may be getting anaemic due to induced hypochlorhydria. Go to www DownWithAcid org uk and find the link to the chapter on "Induced Hypochlorhydria" on the contents list (hoem page) within the "Combinations and Complications" section.

    You don't need to go to the gym to try and lose weight. Halving your portion sizes and eating five small meals instead of three big ones through the day will not only help you reduce weight whilst keeping your energy levels topped up but e better for reducing reflux by not overfilling your stomach.

    And walk. It will help peristalsis whilst also burning some calories. If you find it too much effort, set yourself small goals.

    I was extremely anaemic from induced hypochlorhydria after years of very high dose PPIs - prior to having reflux reduction surgery which gave me my life back. I can sympathise. I couldn't manage to walk 50 yards to the end of the road - but I'm fine now. Last year I cycled over the Andes.

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      Hi, you sound extremely tuned in on this.  I am bewildered by all I am researching on line so I am going to ask you your thoughts before I attend on Monday for my gp appointment and I wont trust what they tell me.

      I had gastritis five years ago and was put straight on PPIs which did nothing for me.  I changed my diet and added things like Tumeric caps and bio organic yoghurt and manuka honey and aloe vera juice and probiotic and I managed to see it off.  Have had acid tummy on and off ever since but rarely needing to have a Gaviscon unless I have over indulged. 

      This time round the gripping feeling in the upper left abdomen (but no nausea this time) is accompanied by this awful pain up the front through the chest and into the throat with burning as well.  Pain in the back beween shoulder blades.  Last couple of days it felt fine then cleaned my teeth and straight after its back.  So looking like toothpaste is also setting me off.  Even drinking warm water can bring it on and sometimes not - weird.  I know I will have another camera job but just know the doc will give me a script for PPI's which I dont really want to take - not taking anything at the moment but waiting for my appointment.

      I dont know whether it is silent reflux or GERD or GORD or what but think something besides the gastritis.

      Any thoughts b4 my appointment would be really appreciated.



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      All the sudden i has some anxiety (so they say) and after a week acid reflux started up! It's been 2 months and I can barely walk around my block. I feel a constant nausea.

      Any advice?

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    I too was just diagnosed with acid reflux. I just feel so tired and light headed and in a daze whenever I'm up too long. I get tired very easily and i have this sick feeling along with a headache. It's terrible and I've been on a PPI as well for the past two months and not much relief. I have not been going to the gym either and just don't feel healthy overall. I hope to find an answer to this as well soon!

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      I have suffered from Acid Reflux for the last 3-4 years! I have been put on Lansoprazole and Ranitidine and have been taking it for the last 6 months. I experience frequent vomiting of Acid and severe heartburn and indigestion. And of the fatigue and headaches really to effect day to day activities. I can hardly focus at work when I am have vomited the acid. I have an endoscopy on Monday and have been told to stop the medication (having no medication has made my symptoms worse). I have found that though the medication reduces symptoms, it does not fix the root cause of the problem. I am currently exploring surgery to tighten the upper esophagus sphincter. It seems that there is no one cure for this awful disease. Going to the gym and making lifestyle changes is all good in theory and may relieve symptoms but it always seems to come back again. I should mention that I had H Pylori a few years ago and even since then I have experienced severe acid reflux. I empathise with anyone who has Acid reflux/heartburn/indigestion- it is no way to live!
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    I have this terrible constant nausea too it's awful, ginger beer and raw ginger, dgl liquorice and manuka honey ease it a little for me but do not get rid of it

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    This is how i have been feeling!  Im 30 and will admit, I dont eat the best and would always load up on spicy foods, chips, ECT.   The past 4 or 5 weeks have been really bad.  I feeel like something is in my cheast / throat, eyes are always so heavy,  no engry, head aches/pains.  Every morning i wake up, i start to gag but nothing will come out and i have to always clear my throat.  I struggle to make it through work....

    I went to the doctor and they told me it was anxiety and reflux.

    Ive been reading over thr fourms and found some good tips, such as staying away from fizzy drinks, beer, wine, ect.  Ive completly cut out hot sauce and ive started working out.  

    Hope you feel better soon!

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    hey Abbie, do you feel better now?

    I feel like you at the moment and I would love to know if theres anyway out of this hellhole


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