Extreme Palpitation Attack

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Hi Everyone,

Im a 22 year-old male. I have had the feeling like my heart skips beats for years now. I have been to 4 cardiologists now and have had x-rays, ultrasounds of my heart, EKGs, etc... and they are trying to say that everything is ok. Yesterday I had the scariest encounter I have ever had. Usually the flutters will last only a few seconds and then go away. Yesterday they lasted for almost 6 minutes. about every 10 beats I would feel the skipping in my chest and this went on for so long. Is this a sign that the doctors missed something and I will soon die?

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    No, its an ectopic beat.

    It wont harm you.

    Some people have to put up with one in two beats being an ectopic! and that happens to them 24/7, 365.

    You're 22, the docs have given you the all clear. They wouldn't have missed anything, its very easy for cardiologists to spot a problem. They don't really hide from view.

    Rest assured friend, an ectopic is simply an overactive "backup" cell getting a little excited.

    Your heart is full of cells which can fire-off a heart contraction, should the normal pacemakers fail.

    These usually operate at about 30 beats per minute. Faster rhythms override slower ones, so these backup cells don't usually intrude on a normal rhythm.

    Athletes get many ectopic, because often their resting rate will drop below the "ectopic rate".

    In your case, one of these cells has decided to operate at an overactive rate, and it intrudes on your normal heartbeat.

    Nothing to worry about and probably transient.

    Ask your doctor about medicines to suppress the ectopics. Bisoprolol, Verapamil and Flecanide are usually effective options (not normally combined).

    Good luck!

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      Queston, I had 3 small 20 second episodes of where my heart started tobeat with extra beats in between the next beat or a pause and then the beat and then a few more extra beats. Is this a PVC or Ectopic?

      I was feeling anxious, stressed, have alot on the go and also drank a very heavily caffeinated beverage from Starbucks. I breathed myself out of it .

      I also noticed these attacks would occur when I would clear my chest/throat hard.

      Like is that because it stimulates the vagus nerve which is already irritated because of my anxiety or stress? I'm taking much better care of myself now. Resting when I need to, sleeping better, practicing mindfulness, using essential oils, decompressing. I was just working a full time job before, growing 2 businesses , working out, always out meeting people, always go go go with min rest. Now I'm more balanced. However wonder what the episode today was. Thanks

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    Albert, you're up to about a three on a scale of ten, apparently there's a lot of this around, I've had it much worse than you describe and the doctors I've gone to just shrug, too. And I guess they're mostly right because I'm still here.

    You want to try a nutritional fix? This seems to have worked for me. Look up high nitric oxide (NO) foods. Arugula (a little salad green) is very high, butter lettuce, beets. Watermelon is high in arginine and citrulline, which promote NO. Try a couple of servings of these a day, for a week, and see if things get better.

    Also, for a natural beta blocker, a blood pressure drug which sometimes also helps with arrhythmias, try dark chocolate, at least 72%, eat about an ounce or so (30+ grams), see if you feel better within an hour or so.

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    I know what you are going through. I have had the irregular beats for several years. I've had the EKG's, stress test, Echo cardiogram etc. and all show nothing wrong. My cardiologist said they are PVC's - pre-ventrical contractions and they are harmless. I even wore a heart monitor for a whole month to record the episodes = and there were many. Still, he said nothing to worry about. I've been on a beta blocker medication (Coreg) for a number of years which is supposed to help regulate heart rhythm. I started doing searches online for causes - I tried eliminating caffeine, no improvement. Stopped alcohol - and I don't drink much at all. The occasional glass of wine, or a mixed drink now and then. But still no improvement. I get an annual physical so all is well there. I finally went back to my primary care doctor for advice. He looked at my blood work and told me that there was nothing wrong in those numbers that would indicate heart issues. So he said I was most likely experiencing General Anxiety Disorder (GAD) so he prescribed a low dose anti depressant. Zoloft, 25 mg. He said the regular adult dose was 50 mg, but he started me with 25. Within 2 weeks, the irregular beats stopped. I went for a follow up with the doctor at 6 weeks and told him that I hadn't been having the missed beats. He said that I could go up to the 50 mg. So he gave me the prescription, but honestly, the 50 was too much for me - made me feel a bit odd, antsy and anxious... so I went back down to the 25 mg. I have been taking the low dose 25 mg for almost 5 months and I have had few to no irregular beats. It might be worth asking your primary care physician if you might try a low dose anti depressant and see if that helps you. It's worth a try. It really helped me - and they were driving me crazy. I was afraid to plan events with friends for fear I would start having the palpitations. Now I don't have that fear. I wish you the best.

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    Scary, I have them all the time and once by chance while the Doc has his stethoscope on me.

    He just said oops there's a missed beat. Not to worry its very common.

    Him and a cardiologist both said nothing to worry about. Kinda of like turbulence when flying. Eventually you realize its not going to kill you and take it in stride. Unlike turbulence worrying makes can make it worse. The other thing is it can sensitize yourself to your heart beat and now you notice everything where you didn't before.

    Take solace in the others on this board. It a great place to get info and hear personal experiences from others who have been there, got scared S..., and done that.

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    I had the the exact same experience at my doc's. "Hey there's one." Coincidently I was also just thinking about the plane experience. Now all my flying stress is just the non flying part.

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