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Hello All,

Long story short I had my PIP assessment 6 weeks ago and received the report back last week, as my previous claim came to an end. I use to receive standard care and enhanced notability. Scored 4 care and 4 for mobility. My conditions are mental health related and I supplied evidence from psych and gp. Now I rang up last week and was told the dm was not happy with the report and has sent it back to atos or whatever they're called these days. They said because it most likely contradicted medical evidence I supplied which it certainly did .

So i rang today to check up on it and spoke to lady who told me she could see no evidence of the report ever being sent back. Instead she said a decision had been made and was out in the post. I asked could she read it out over the phone and she said they're not allowed to (that's not true is it ?). Anyway I said fair enough but after feeling confused I decided to ring up again to speak to someone else and was told by a guy this time that a new report had been made and had been received by the dwp and that as of yet no decision has been made and ring back in a few weeks for a decision.

I am really confused right now as I've been told two different things and what s the point of writing a new report aren't they just going to write the same things again ?

Thanks in advance for reading my pip struggle

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    Hi leano I'm obviously not in the know as to why you are getting such mixed results when you speak to different call handlers at DWP, I am obviously going to say you could ring again and ask to speak to a supervisor, other than that you will have to wait for a written reply.

    What I will say is that just because you received the DLA benefits theirs no guarantee you will receive PIP they are two completely different benefits with totally different criteria.

    So being granted one doesn't mean you will get the other, sorry if I can't be more positive

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      Hi thanks for the response,

      Okay I didn't know I could speak to a supervisor I'll give that a try.

      I've never received Dla I was receiving pip before so I'm aware of how complicated and frustrating the process can be.

      I'm still really confused over the whole second report thing though, they didn't even see me it seems like it was paper based ?

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    Sounds like a complete mess. Good thing the decision maker looked at the evidence you sent, they rarely do this and mostly go with the report. Sometimes when you ring the DWP the person you speak could possibly be looking at the wrong screen or even in the wrong place, it sounds like to me that this is what happened the first time you rang.

    It does seem like the report was returned to ATOS, which is the reason for the delay. It's not a good or bad thing, hopefully for you it's a good thing. As a new report has now been done then you're within your rights to have a copy of this as well as the first report, ring them again to ask them to send you a copy of the second assessment report that was completed. Some things in the new report may have been changed to reflect the evidence that you sent, again maybe not a bad thing.

    Unfortunately, no one can really answer any of those questions because no one really knows the answers. The only way you'll find out what was changed, if anything is to see the report for yourself.

    If the amended report does recommend more points and the decision is a refusal then your first step is the Mandatory Reconsideration. I know it's really stressful all the waiting. Hopefully not much longer now. Good luck and please do let us know the outcome and if you need further help, just ask.

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      Hello Denise thank you for the info,

      I was shocked that the dm read my evidence also, as you said I can't know for sure now but even they guy on the phone said it looks like it's in your favour because they rarely do that. What a shame though, just highlights the level of injustice for some of the most vulnerable in our society that medical evidence is ignored when that's all we have to prove our conditions.

      I've been anticipating a negative result from the day I had the assessment to be honest, even with my medical evidence. I will keep you updated however, will be interesting to see how this plays out.

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      Sending the report back to ATOS and changing what's been written won't make it a paper based assessment. You've already had your face 2 face and the reasons for returning it as you stated is the evidence doesn't match up with what's written. Only in the most extreme circumstances would they have called you for another face 2 face assessment.

      You say this is a review, what award do you currently have? I don't think the person on the phone was right in telling you that it looks like it's gone in your favour. They have no right to tell anyone this until a decision has been made. Only the DM can decide this. If a mobile number was put on the form they'll text you when they have all information they need, then you know it won't be too much longer.

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    Hello sorry to hear about ur ordeal if I was u get ur local mp involved and citizen advice just tell them the same as what u have told us . Send them an e-mail it's a quicker way of doing it. Sorry I can't offer any better advice today perhaps someone else could suggest something .good luck hope it goes in ur favour

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      I disagree with you here. I'm not sure what's the point of doing this at this stage as there's been no decision made yet. Even if a decision has been made i'm not sure what a local MP could do then either.

      Waiting for a decision is the only thing that can be done here. When a decision's been made, if it's not in Leano's favour then contact CAB for further help.

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      Hi enis, I appreciate the feedback and yes I hope it does go in my favour but I'm not getting my hopes up. I will keep everyone updated though.

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    I rang for info on my assessment the lady asked for my permission to read it over the phone which she did, and have been awarded enhanced on both, I must say that my assessment although stressful went well the lady who assessed me was very professional and kind, and I passed this on to the DWP I cannot complain about the way I was treated, I told the truth, got help from CAB and my family and it has thankfully turned out well.  This site helped me through it all as well.  There is hope out there 
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      Hi Sue,

      That's great news. Yes indeed you do get some nice HCP's who do go onto tell the truth in the report. It's great to hear some positive news and it's always great for those currently going through a claim too. Like myself, i never had a bad report either. The honest ones are out there but we don't hear of them. Relax now you have that award.

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      That's a great outcome you've had, you must be so relieved. Both assessors I've had unfortunately were untruthful in their reports which is really stressful. I won at the tribunal last time which was good but the 8month wait was awful. When you're already struggling with life due to mental health disorders it's not nice to have to read lies written about you by a so called health professional. But like I said it's nice to hear that people like yourself get the award you deserve the first time round. We need to see this happening more often.

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      Thanks Denise I just wanted to share my experience for all those people out there who are going through this ordeal because that is what it is and it takes your life over for months with uncertainty and doubt there are some nice people out there 


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      I am so sorry to hear about your experiences, I too have mental health problems,  I had a home visit, which really helped me and  to enable her to see me in my  home and the problems I have helped, plus my family were there to support me.  So sorry to hear this has happened to you my heart goes out to you .  
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      Thank you for the kind words, it means allot to me.
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    Hi all

    So I rang back today and suprise suprise not entitled to pip anymore. They requested supplementary information about my assessment but still decided I wasn't entitled. Honestly, I think i need more evidence or something who knows.

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      I'm very sorry to hear this! Do you have a copy of the assessment report? If you do, this will help you write you letter of request for the Mandatory Reconsideration. You have 1 month from the date of the decision to request this. If you haven't got the report then i'd advise requesting a copy to be sent to you. If you do then you should write your letter stating what you disagree with, stating where you think you should have scored those points and why. Avoiding any of the lies in the report, if lies were told. DWP won't be interested in any lies told in the report. Be as straight to the point as possible. If you have further evidence that proves those descriptors apply to you then send that with the letter. Most MR decisions remain the same and only 20% of them are successful, hopefully you're one of them.

      If you claim any means tested benefits like ESA/JSA then these could be affected too by the loss of your PIP award. If anyone claims Carers Allowance for looking after you then that will stop 4 weeks after the PIP decision was made. If you have a mobility car then motability will be in contact with you with further details. Your PIP will continue for a further 4 weeks and then it stops.

      If you need help with the MR process then your local CAB or other disability advice centre will be the places to look for help. Please remember that they're very busy and can't always fit an appointment in within the time frame.

      Good luck and if you have any further questions along the way please just ask.


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      Hi leano I agree with Denise, no one could put it better so I want try, just giving you support.

      I hope it's sorted sooner than later

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      Thank you very much Denise for letting me know that information,

      I've already got the report now I have to wait for the other ones aswell which they're said was further information from the assessment. Until I have the letter I won't know for sure how they came to this conclusion but I feel like the whole 'second report' thing was a massive waste of time. I am going to request more medical evidence from my gp but as always I will keep on updating on here

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      Hi Alexandria your support is invaluable and I truly appreciate, it really helps and makes me feel better so thank you
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      You are more than welcome and I hope it comes out alright for you, non of us are island's we all need support

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