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manal02980 manal02980

eye floaters !

Hello everyone, this is the first time I write here and my English is not that good.

I just want ask you about eye floaters ( threads and spots ) 

I first notice working in my office . And never notice them anywhere, but I got stressed and booked an appointment Whith an eye doctor, he told me that the jelly substance has changed a little bit .then , I became so stressed and started looking for them every where , they became more and more and more . Now I keep seeing threads and spots everywhere and a shore of them especiall when looking at the sky or light.

I am so freaked out .

what do you think about my situation ?am I having all these floaters in real ? 

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  • lin59 lin59 manal02980

    You need to try to relax. Do guided meditation on Youtube or something like that. You can also make your computer screen colors inverted so the background is black and the text is white.That helps some. Floaters are not dangerous unless you see a whole lot of them all at one time (tiny specks like black pepper, but a lot of them at once) and also have flashing in your eye. That can mean you have a detached retina and it needs to be checked out.

    • lin59 lin59

      Also if you try to relax, hopefully eventually you won't notice them anymore. There's nothing you can do about them, at least nothing that doesn't have a lot of risk that goes along with it.

    • manal02980 manal02980 lin59

      I see a lot of them when looking at the sky almost all the my vision is covered by the dots and the threads. When I am outdoors I keep seeing them even when I look at the floors or the other things . I am surprised how did I developed such number of floaters in only few weeks. I am so stressed that I stoped going to work or eat or taking care of my child or even sleep . I spend all the time thinking of them trying to convince myself that I don t have them

  • Lotsofpain Lotsofpain manal02980

    Nina is right.  From what the doctor told you we can discern that the vitreous fluid has moved a bit off the retina so its washing about causing floaters and other things you can see.  Its not dangerous, happens to everyone as we get older. If  the retina had detached the eye doctor would have seen it and done something urgently about it

    So you need to relax as Nina has said  and your brain will adapt and although the floaters will be there your brain will make it so you don't see it.

    Maybe you need some help relaxing, are there other things in your life that are stressing you out.  Find ways of dealing with those

    • manal02980 manal02980 Lotsofpain

      The only thing that stress me out is my floaters! I literally stoped my life 💔💔💔 I can't cope with them . I feel that life becomes as a prison . Sleeping becomes very diffecult , and even the easiest thing becomes really hard to do 💔 do you think my anexiety makes me see more of them ?

    • lin59 lin59 manal02980

      It sounds like a PVD (posterior vitreous detachment) in one or both eyes which is basically what all floaters are caused by, but a real PVD causes larger floaters that usually look like spider webs. It's very unusual to have that at your age though. Maybe see a retina specialist just to make sure your retina is alright. There are things they can do surgically to try to get rid of floaters (YAG laser or a vitrectomy), but I wouldn't try those unless absolutely necessary due to the risk of complications. There's a chance over time that the floaters will fall away from your line of vision and stop bothering you. With PVD, they also oftentimes detach completely and then float out of the line of vision and if that happens, they won't bother you anymore.

    • lin59 lin59 manal02980

      Also, not all ophthalmologists specialize in the retina. If you want to make sure your retina is really alright, see an ophthalmologist who's a retina specialist.

    • Lotsofpain Lotsofpain lin59

      Yes agree  just been through all this before and after cateract surgery including  a post op infection

      As sight has improved, infection gone my brain has learned to ignore the floaters

    • manal02980 manal02980 lin59

      Yes, I saw a retina specialist, and he said that everything is ok. He said that the jelly substance changed , and I should experience flashes very soon . He also told me not to visit him again until I start seeing curtains. 

      The strange thing I start seeing lots of  foaters after he checked my eyes. And they keep increasing in number. I don't even know my floaters because of their huge amount. 

      I would like to ask is there any food that might help decreasing floaters ?

      is it related to pregnancy ? 

      Thanks a lot for your help .💓💓

    • manal02980 manal02980 lin59

      Do they really go away for people ?

      I am really disappointed because of all the sad stories of people who have floaters. They have been struggling for years !

      sorry for asking so many questions, but I feel sad for my self since I am young and I am expecting my baby within 2 months.

      also , I am a teacher and I did not go to my work for the last month because of my situation. I am thinking of taking anexiety medicine to stop thinking about them 😫

    • lin59 lin59 manal02980

      A lot of times if it's PVD it detaches completely and goes away. I don't know what else to tell you. Maybe ask your doctor if he recommends surgery for it even though it's risky.

  • kim27383 kim27383 manal02980

    I have floaters and flashes. The optometrist didn't notice anything so I went to an opthalmologist. They did a flourosene angiogram and they think I have occular Histoplasmosis which is a fungus that can travel from the lungs to the eyes and attach. I lived on a farm for awhile in my childhood and it is common in the Midwest "histobelt" I have read. So far it hasn't affected my vision but it can. I think most cases are usually PVD but you may want to have it checked out in case. Sometimes they go away on their own. Stress definitely makes the flashes and floaters worse. In fact they can bring them on initially which is what the eye doctor said happened in my case. Best wishes.

    • manal02980 manal02980 kim27383

      I think my stress is the reason 💔💔💔💔💔

      My life becomes so difficult that I stopped living my life. It is so hard not to enjoy the life again. I am surrounded by dots and threads , and I can't even have the ability to deal with them

  • John5006 John5006 manal02980

    Hi Manal,

    ​Hey, calm down. you got them and that's it. No need for panic unless you get white flashes of dots or a snow storm or something like that .............. then get the hell to an eye hospital or eye clinic or eye doctor pronto !

    ​I have had floaters for years they started out as little black dots, then they subsided, then they returned as images like dried out wiggly garden worms. They've subsided too.

    Actually, they haven't gone away its just that the brain has itself adjusted to them and has trained the eye to switch off these images.

    Yes a bit of a worry. but nothing to stress out about. Eventually, they will subside.



    • manal02980 manal02980 John5006

      Mine actually are lots and lots of white dots and I can see them in any bright room. Also , lots of threads . Sometimes weird things. I see them very clear when looking at the sky. And the dots are killing me I see them in any bright room and that why I stopped going to work 😟

    • kim27383 kim27383 manal02980

      That's the way mine are. It's ok. Calm down. Really. I've been dealing with it for a couple of months. There are things they can do like possible Lazer surgery to help. I am still going to work and I work in an office as an admin and I am always on a computer. My eyes are adjusting pretty well...well my brain is at least. When i go outside I see a lot of them because of the snow on the ground and everything but it lasts a few seconds and they come and go. It will be ok.

  • youlia26347 youlia26347 manal02980

    Hi Manal02980 : Do not worry about it too much stress will make it worse. first you should go to your doctor and get 2 opinion's to see what exactly is going on.

    The more relax you are probably they will disappear slowly. my sister used to have them but they disappear. See what the doctor tell you is cause for it.could be that your eyes are too tired from the computer or TV. I wish you all the best and let me know what the doctor said is the cause. Good luck.

  • manal02980 manal02980

    Please everyone tell me how can forget them? 

    I spend all the day thinking about them and analyzing my situation. 

    I keep talking to myself . I keep asking myself is my anxiety the reason behind developing so many floaters ! Is it the doctor who shocked me with my situation especially that I didn't notice them unless once or twice in a week ? 

    I stopped life and keep thinking and crying and watch ing them . They are everywhere ! I can't think of anything else or do anything physically 

    • kim27383 kim27383 manal02980

      Mine come and go. Have you had any testing? Flurosene angiogram to r anything like that? Did they give you an Ansler grid to check your vision? Did you see an optometrist or an opthalmologist because they are different. Sometimes your GP can give you a referral for the latter and they can get you in much faster. I am in the US. Where are you located?

    • manal02980 manal02980 kim27383

      I went to retina specialist. He just look at my eyes after dilation . He said nothing wrong but the jelly substance changed a little bit. I got scared and started looking for them everywhere and day after day they increase and become permanent.

    • kim27383 kim27383 manal02980

      I know how hard it is to know something is happening and not to worry yourself over it. You have to calm down. Tell yourself that it is the vitreous gel and let your mind take that information in. Let your brain comprehend that. It may go away on it's own. Mine may too. Some people with my condition still have normal sight. I keep telling myself that. Remember your brain will end up adjusting. You just have to let it. Easier said that done. I know. Believe me. I've had been having panic attacks over my issues for about a month and now I'm just trying to deal with them one on one. I would try closing your eyes, doing some meditation. Prayer helps as well. Just give yourself time to think that you are ok. I know it may seem silly but it has really worked for me. I also have started taking an anxiety medication in a very low dose and it helps calm me.

    • manal02980 manal02980 kim27383

      I spend Alomost 2 months thinking that I am not normal and that I am going to live a different life . 

      I just can't belive that I am ganna get my normal life back.

      Do you think that the brain has the ability to ignore them even when they are everywhere ? 

  • Pensioner47 Pensioner47 manal02980

    The jelly substance is probably the vitreous. Posterior vitreous detachment (PVD) is apparently a very common condition which apparently does not cause permanent damage and apparently lasts for 3 to 6 months. PVD causes floaters as the vitreous detaches. It is normally accompanied by flashes, at least when it starts. But obviously you need to get more information from your eye doctor, and check your visual acuity etc. Hope it helps. Good luck.

    • manal02980 manal02980 Pensioner47

      Thanks a lot for your time .

      but , I have a question.

      if it lasts only for 3 to 6 months, why do people get stuck with floaters for years ? 

      Hope I can get rid of them as soon as possible 💔or at least my brain can ignore them.

      I will go back to a retina specialist as soon as I can 

      Thanks again 

    • Pensioner47 Pensioner47 manal02980

      The 3 to 6 months is what I was told by the 'vitreo retinal' clinic at Moorfields. I think it applies to the floaters resulting from PVDs. My PVD started two and a half months ago, so I am keeping my fingers crossed. I seem to have the same floaters now that I had a couple of months ago; I think my eye/brain is adapting to them, also my visual acuity is still 6/6 so I am less worried and am simply trying to ignore them and getting on with other things.

    • manal02980 manal02980 Pensioner47

      Doctores here in my country do not about floaters. They keep saying ignore them , how can I ignore them when I spots cover almost all of my vision . Spots are everywhere and I feel I lost my ability to use my eyes. I don't know how to focus on the things I want. 

      Ok so the vitreous takes 3 to 6 months to fully detach ?if it detch fully what happens to the eyes ?  I really need a n eye doctor who understands the difficulty of living with floaters !

  • Lotsofpain Lotsofpain manal02980

    I think in most cases they disappear in a few months as the brain learns to adapt.  The floaters are always there the brain just learns to ignore them.  Obviously there will be a few people who last longer and lots for whom its quite quicker

    • manal02980 manal02980 Lotsofpain

      Please tell me if the jelly substance changed a little bit does that mean I am having PVD ? The doctor told me it is normal but I worried to much and everyday I feel my floaters are getting worse especially the threads . He told me that soon I will have some flashes. I do now in my left eye like twice a week

  • manal02980 manal02980

    Please everyone excuse me I have been struggling with my problem and floaters since 2 months. 

    I am crying all the time 💔💔💔💔 

    I feel like I am losing my life, my husband, my child , my job . 

    I literally stopped living

  • manal02980 manal02980

    Hello everyone,

    I just wanna ask you my floaters are really a lot .I can't even count them and with each look I see different ones. I have some of threads that I know thier positions., but the others which are uncountable come from everywhere. The spots I have a few in the center of my vision and the others I just move around . I feel like my eyes are covered with a sheer sheet that fills of tons of spots and threads.

    Pleaaaaaase pleaaaaaase tell is there any chance I can live with such amounts of floaters?

    I am literally dying every moment , looking back at my life I feel more deppressed especially that I feel I am helpless and can't do anything

  • manal02980 manal02980

    I am really surprised how can anxiety causes floaters ! I used to see only two floaters and only under certain lights. And after visiting unsympathetic doctor I got panic attack about losing the jelly substance in my eyes. And I started developing tons tons of floaters until I lost my ability to look at the sky or any plain walls without seeing dots and lines . He was so rude

  • manal02980 manal02980

    Please any positive stories ! Can I practice my daily live easily ? I have a boy and expecting a baby 😢😢😢 I am so depressed that I live my life just crying 

    Please please do not leave my a lone . I need a help . I feel I am the only young person in the world whose eyes are covered with floaters. Pleases please I need positive stories please do not leave me a lone .

    I am saaaaad I hate life I would like to die . No pleasure in life and I hated everything . I am even do not care about my child or husband . I feel helpless 

    • pg128 pg128 manal02980

      I have suffered with serious and worsening floaters for 3 years which got so bad they stopped me working because I couldn't read well enough with them.  Here's a description from another post I made:

      I had so many floaters in each eye that I couldn't count them, ranging in size from a 1/10th to around a 1/3rd of my height of vision. Many could be seen with my eyes shut in only office/home lighting. Even outside at night I could see light sources blurring as they floated around (whizzed is actually more accurate). 

      The initial mix of shock, panic, depression etc is normal as this type of visual disturbance is something most sufferers never knew about before getting them and it can happen all too quickly. There are a lot of floater suffers, from the very mild cases to the very severe so you're not alone!

      Other than seeing a specialist to ensure you have no other eye conditions that need treating, the first step is just getting over that initial shock. Seriously this is the first and most important step.

      I can assure you that over the first 6 to 9 months or so you will notice them less. At this point you'll be able to decide on what action, if any you want to pursue. Most people do nothing as by then find them just mildly annoying. It really is surprising how we tune out these horrible things. Other people with very severe cases can consider lasering as you mention (only effective for some types of floaters and age groups) and a more invasive but effective surgical procedure. There are other treatments being researched so in future we may have other options.

      I have gone through all these stages and waited several years before having surgery (one eye so far) to resolve floaters. It's a significant surgery for eyes (vitrectomy), but its an option when the severity justifies it. 

      For now I would strongly suggest just concentrating on your pregnancy and use the busy time ahead as a short term distraction knowing this will get easier, and you have options down the line if you still cannot tolerate them.

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