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Me again. sad

I know they say there are no vitamins or anything you can do to help decrease floaters/flashes, but has anyone had any luck with anything? Medicines, workouts, etc.

Please help! Your responses are greatly appreciated and make me feel SLIGHTLY better knowing I'm not alone.

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  • amkoffee amkoffee arichards

    You should not want to take some drug for something that is normal. Everyone had floaters. However I'm going to ask you some questions to see if you have dry eye syndrome. I really don't think it's a symptom of dry eyes but I have noticed that when my eyes are very dry I get more floaters. So here goes.

    1. Do your eyes water a lot?

    2. Do your eyes feel like there something in them line a grain of sand. Or do they ever feel grainy?

    3. Are your eyes sensitive to light?

    4. Are your eyes crusty in the morning?

    5. Do you wear glass?

  • amkoffee amkoffee arichards

    Well I want to know if arich5 has the symptoms I listed for dry eyes. And if so, which ones? And please be specific about your symptoms.And I only want to hear from arich5.

    • arichards arichards amkoffee

      yes yo eyes being crusty in the mornings and SOMETIMES grainy but not super often, and I have super super super sensitivity to light.

      I don't wear glasses, I have 20/20

      but I've been noticing really small distorted vision lately, could that be a dry eye symptom too?

    • amkoffee amkoffee arichards

      Okay the crusty eye thing and the wearing of the glasses were red herrings that I put in the list. They are not symptoms of dry eye. So I don't know where your crusty eye is coming from. So you'll probably want to get that checked out by an eye doctor. Depending on how long that's been going on that could be from pink eye. In fact all the symptoms you mentioned could be from pink eye. However you could have the beginnings of dry eye but it doesn't sound like it's very bad yet. It could easily be treated with lubricating drops from the store. And just to warn you they are not cheap. I think I paid $15 for a small bottle.

  • lee12629 lee12629 arichards

    I dont agree with the comment about dry eye and crusting,dry eye can have crusting which shows up along the edge of the lids. It is caused by problems with the meibomian glands,its called mgd. You can google it,if it is disfunction of the glands,drops alone wont do much for it as its a problem with the oil portion of the tears not the water. It is one of the main causes of dry eye. If you go on the Blepharitus forum,you will find many people talking about it. Xx

    • lee12629 lee12629 arichards

      Well,usually warm compresses,although some get irritation from them,careful cleaning of lids,non preservative eye drops,not visine etc preservatives can irritate the eye. All this can be found on the net. First thing is to determine the caus of the dry eye,different things work best for different people. Go to an optomotrist or opthmologist,make sure they check the rims of your eyes,specfically ask to have them look for mgd as many dont. If it is mgd things such as antibiotics etc can also help.

  • amkoffee amkoffee arichards

    Well I have had dry eyes for years and I have never had crusty eyes once. But I was able to nearly solve my dry eyes by taking 1100 milligrams of Omega-3. That was under the direction of my optometrist. I also use over the counter eye drops.

    • lee12629 lee12629 amkoffee

      Your lucky,google blepharitis,and mgd,many have the crusting of the eyes,apparently your dry eye is caused by something else. Ive been to 3 eye docs with more apointments then i can count. Quote from one,if you have mgd you have dry eye. I also was however advised to take 3 1000 mg of fish oil per day. People assume dry eye is easily remedied by eye drops alone,that is not a correct asdumption,many people suffer with blurry vsion etc. All are different. Happy yours is easily remedied.

  • arichards arichards

    I guess what I will try to do is take more fish oil, I just recently started because I did read it was good for the eyes. I also started taking Bilberry recently and trying to clean up my diet, cut down sugars and all the bad stuff.. I also am going to try dry eye drops, warm compresses and see if there's any positive results from that. Like I said I'm super tight on money and don't have insurance.. so when I do see the eye doc it's super expensive, so any advice helps and I really appreciate all the responses!

    One more question, are small flashes every now and then (not constantly) directly related to floaters?

    Like I sad in a previous forum, I've been to many eye docs the past few months. One recently 3 months ago for my migraine auras, she said my eyes were perfectly healthy. Butttt I've never really questioned anyone about flashes.

    • lee12629 lee12629 arichards

      Flashs could be the tuggimg on the vitreous that signals to the retna which percieves it as a light flash. The vitreous break down thats what causes floaters. You could have the start of a pvd so mild not seen by the eye doc yet,some take years to complete. I also have and am living with this

    • lee12629 lee12629 arichards

      I know,personally i think my pvd started in my 30s didnt become noticeable to the doc or worse til i was 57. I understand the money part,we have insurance with a huge deductable. There is wonderful stuff as I mentioned before on the blepharitis forum about dry eye treatments. What your doing sounds like your on the right track. Xx always geel free to use the private message envelope in the corner of this page if you need support,i will be glad to help you all i can,im no doc,but many experiances with these awful eye issues.

    • arichards arichards lee12629

      I will definitely check the forum out... I really appreciate it, it helps to have people to talk to who understand. I tried talking to my parents and they seem to think I'm being paranoid/over thinking it. Sucks because they don't realize how frustrating it really is. sad

      I just can't help but wonder if the black dots/flashes I see is a different health issue because I often get super dizzy and light headed when it happens which I havent read anywhere else..

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