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Hi everybody

last June my right eye had floaters/flashes ending up with a vitreous detachment (PVD), where the vitreous jelly comes away from the back of eye It has left me with 1floater in the eye .

Now the same thing has happened to the left eye !!

It's like a cobweb with hundreds of black dots , go in a dark room then I get the flashes!!!

I have put it down to stress and high blood pressure because I have been very poorly with BURNING PAIN IN ARM (CRPS)

I will have to go to A&E EYE HOSPITAL when my husband come back from work .

I can't drive like this 😉 

Take care 

Christine. CRPS

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    Hi Christine,

    I have CRPS in my hands but I too suffer with  dots and shooting lights.I have always thought this was a result of the head injury I received when I shattered my wrist but now begin to think this may be CRPS.I also have terrible head pains.

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    I just got diagnosed yesterday with CRSP from a crushed wrist 5 months ago. The eye floaters (webs, dots, flashing) in my case is my age and a natural process of the gel detaching itself. I was told it will eventually happen with the other eye too. Your brain will adjust to see past the floaters and make it "disappear" so to speak. Stress brings it out too.

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      Thank you for your input however I have been told that CRPS can cause this too.Do you have anyone in your family that has this problem too?

      I am going to see an eye specialist tomorrow so hope to get some clarification.

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    Oh my goodness Christine, I have just read your post [I am new to this site] and I was amazed at the content, as I am the other way around.  I suffered 'age related' PVD in my right eye just before my summer holiday this September [2016] - I have the cobwebs and the flashes - and then on the last day of my holiday I fell and broke my wrist, which has resulted in CRPS!  I was only talking to my friend last night about the fact that I wondered if there was some corralation between the two.  I also suffer from nerve deafness, my right ear went deaf overnight in July 1995 and it is my right eye that has PVD.  It is my left wrist that I broke but I am convinced there is a brain connection between all 3 issues - especially as CRPS is due to incorrect brain signals.

    The flashes are horrendous though. Although they always appear in the dark, I have noticed that I must have a light on when watching TV, otherwise they go into overdrive.  

    I cannot help you, but I do feel for you and sincerely hope that your brain quickly gets used to the webs and floaters and that you can once again drive.  They do say that after a while you don't see the webs, and I must say, my episodes are much better than they were.

    From what I have been reading, stress makes the CRPS worse, so trying to remain calm appears to be of major benefit.  I am taking Gabapentin and it seems to help with the anxiety, although doesn't stop the pain in my wrist!  Maybe it [or something similar], if you are able to take this kind of medication, would help you with the webs and flashes as well as the stress that makes CRPS worse.

    I sincerely wish you all the best and hope you have a good Christmas.


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      Hi lynvild

      My eyes r loads better thank u xx

      I've got a floater dot in each eye

      Now , but I only notice them when I am in a light area xx

      I am taking pregablin and targinact for CRPS pain X

      Stress does make it worse !!!!!

      My mum was very poorly and my arm swell up , very red , burning pain , shiny , blisters , I ended up in hospital because the pain was so bad !!!! The hospital did not know how to treat me !!!!! I was in hospital for 5 days !!!

      The next day my mum passed away 😞 I've not cried , I just feel numb , I am drugged up with medication I have not cry yet , it just don't feel real, I am trying to relax to keep my arm from swelling up !!! This CRPS condition is crazy !!!!

      Take care xxxx

      Christine CRPS uk

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      Oh no, you poor thing.  I really feel for you Christine, you have gone through so much. I know what it is like not being able to cry...but it will happen when the time is right.  You will grieve for your Mum...and maybe once you cry, you will release some of the stress that has been living inside of you.

      I am at my wits end with the UK NHS.  For the past couple of days I have been reading up on CRPS and the medical profession really do not understand it.  At least however, they recognise it as a physical condition and not a psychological condition, so that is a step in the right direction. It is a brain issue but they need to do more research to understand why the brain malfunctions.

      There is a UK charity called 'Burning Nghts' I don't know if you have heard of them: http://www.burningnightscrps.org/

      but, there do not appear to be many people posting.  I don't think there are that many of us in the UK that have this horribly painful and debilitating condition, that is why today when I found this site, I was so pleased.  Finally, I can chat with others that are going through what I am going through - although some of you appear to be in a worse situation than I am.  I have faith that I will beat this but I am not sure how! I may chat with my GP about alternative drugs  - I shall tell him about the ones you mention - but I have quite a demanding job, and need to be alert. Unfortunately, most drugs give me brain fog and/or make me feel very sick.

      You take things easy and just go with the meds.  You need this time to take it slow and not stress.

      At least your eyes are better than they were.  Things WILL get better :-) 

      I wish you well and keep in touch / Lyn x


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