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Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

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  • Monkaygirl 2
  • candice28651 2

    CRPS treatments

    Hi, I have severe CRPS in my right foot/ankle/leg. So far it has been resistant to any of the treatments that have been tried. Today I went to the Walton centre in Liverpool for a bier block however, they were unable to carry out the procedure as when the specialist came to do it he said I have no

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  • trishm7433 1


    I received a nerve injury during a rotator cuff surgery almost 6 months ago , my arm has not been the same since. I have a crushing twisted pain on inner side of arm where elbow bends as well as burning pain in forearm swelling in hand and wrist my hand and wrist are freezing cold all the time, I

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  • Kamatsu 2
  • Tealeye777 2

    Possible CRPS ?

    Hello, I'm posting here hoping that maybe someone can tell me if my condition is CRPS. The clinic I go to is not helping, the doctor will not refer me to a neurologist. I have type 2 diebeties and nueropathy. But I had this happen last year in march. Started on my right thigh the size of a silver

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  • david37756 1
  • julia44010 2

    Ketamine to treat pain of Fibromalgia

    I have fibromalgia and take Oxycontin, having tried most other forms of pain relief without success. Now the doctor at the pain clinic wants me to go into hospital for a cure of Ketamine by perfusion pour 4 days. Has anyone tried it, does it work, and what are the potential problems? I am

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  • karens176 1

    CRPS low mood, doesn't help!! Loss of license.

    Hi, I've beat this illness 13 years ago, but after an accident breaking my right leg and requiring surgery a year and a half ago, I've been left with CRPS again. In warrior mode I've soldiered on and kept upbeat, it's took a while and is still painful but I am back riding my horse, the feeling of

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  • Gogee123 2

    Crps and Perifial Neuropothy in both feet

    I went back to work and had to cut my hours to no more that 6 hours and only 20 hours. Right now the pain is almost unbearable. A Big 10!! Added to this I have RA. What can I do ? I need help. Does anyone have a saw? Kidding aside I can't bear this too much longer. Help!!

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  • Monkaygirl 2

    Tightening in joints and legs

    I have extremely painful tightening of joints in legs and arms. It is very painful to loosen the joints. Once loosened it takes very little time before they tighten again. My legs ache also from this. My hand tightens also and I can only describe it like fingers made of metal which sounds stupid.

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  • katrina35798 2

    Mild CRPS?

    A little background. Two years ago I developed an unexplained stress fracture (confirmed with MRI, I'm not a runner, there was no specific injury) and was in a walking boot for 5 months and in a cast for one month (onset was May 2015, stopped treatment November 2015 with three months of PT following)

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  • mammalu 2

    Help/information please.

    I had an ankle fusion 9 years ago, for severe osteoarthritis, and now have arthritis in my foot. Over the last 2-3 months my foot, ankle and lower leg has become swollen, painfull. I do get burning feeling, but it's not too bad, about the same as if I had used 'dencorub'.  The feeling goes 1/2 way

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  • tunajon 2

    A single infusion of Ketamine???

    First, my specific question, then a bit of background information.  I’m being treated by a well-regarded CRPS specialist, who has scheduled me for one Ketamine IV infusion, which should take about four hours.  It’s this Friday, March 17th.  Does anyone have any ideas about why only one would be scheduled? ...

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  • Chrissie141010 1

    Multiple ailments...

    I broke three of the metatarsal more specifically 2, 3 and 4 in my left foot. This was followed by some DVT of 20cm long at three different points in my left calf. Last July 2016 of was diagnosed with CPRS/RSD in my left foot. This is very problematic on its own, but I have arthritis in my shoulders,...

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  • sophiepixiel 1

    Something that's currently helping.

    I've been suffering with CRPS in my primary hand and wrist after my conservatory door slammed shut on it in November 2015, recently I was told by pain management they were running out of options having only tried the So they gave me some anesthetic type patches they help with the pain

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  • dct 2


    i had mid foot fusion last year, march 30, 2016, i was told it takes a full year for full recovery.  the first 9 months my ortho sugeon kept saying, just takes time, after that she said you have to go see a pain management dr. and you can go back to work on sit down duty.  cant work, there is not

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  • christyl87594 2

    Disappointed with my 2nd spinal cord stimulator

    I suffer from rsd in my left leg and foot from a auto rollover almost 3 years ago, I was diagnosed when within days of the accident I started getting the worst pain and burning, I thought I was going to lose my mind. After 6 months I decided on getting a spinal cord stimulator but after 3 months of

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  • tony burgerman 1

    crps pain releif

    my daughter has been diagnosed with crps and is in extreme pain,IT started in her foot which is now purple,swollen,and she has no feeling in it. IT is now in her knee she is on all the usual .medication but to no avail she has been in hospital for the last 5 week .DOES ANYBODY OF ANY CREAMS THAT

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  • vicky87059 3

    Loss of function

    I fractured my distal radius in may and have since been diagnosed with CRPS. I am finding I have very limited range of movement in my wrist and I cannot supinate at all ( turn palm upwards ) -and very very limited function in pronation flexion and extension despite twice weekly physio and

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  • andy77456 2

    CRPS & Dermatitis

    Hello everyone, I hope you are all having a very LPD. I was wondering if any of you have been diagnosed with subacute dermatitis (or equivalent) in addition to or as a result of your RSD/CRPS?

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  • michelle04212 1

    Ankle Sprain

    Hi my name is Michelle I fell and sprang my ankle at least that whats the doctor said at er but it has been 4 years and it's still hurts extremely bad so I went back and they said since I'm a diabetic it's gonna take awhile but it's been over 4 years and it kind of feel like when I walk the side of

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  • antscott 2

    Fight or flight response

    Hi ​With CPRS how do you come out of the fight or flight mode? I can't shake this constant state of high anxiety, like bolts of electricty are flowing through me. Really need this to calm so i can focus on getting the foot better. Thanks

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  • palmer48 1

    CRPS help for a friend

    hi my name is Megan and although i do not suffer from CRPS myself, i have a very close friend who does and she has just had a small relapse. I try and find the right words to say to Rachel but I don't think it feels the same to her coming from me because I don't truly understand what is going on

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  • MaMac 2

    Do I go for surgery?

    After two months of fear because my hand is numb, swollen, and too stiff to use after it came out of plaster following a broken wrist and being discharged from hospital with the encouraging words "You should get some of the use of your hand back " I finally got to see another consultant. ...

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  • Lulu104 2

    Anyone diagnosed with CRPS after root canal work?

    Hi there I'm new to this forum. I was diagnosed with CRPS 3 years ago after root canal work. It has spread to my face, jaw, neck, left arm and chest area. Took docs 9 months to diagnose hence the extensive spread. It was very debilitating but went into remission then I was diagnosed with breast

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  • Pixie76 1
  • heather72469 2


    i have been told I have Crps but it is hard to actually diagnose this as there are so man different symptoms, my question is has anyone tried lyrica? I have read lots of bad reactions to this drug and truthfully am wondering whether to just put up with it. I mean I am not in agony, just continuous

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  • carol91733 2
  • brenda savvy 2

    New to CRPS love to chat

    Hi all. I fell July this year and had high ankle sprain it was very bad I thought it was broke. Weeks went past in cast boot non weight bearing but the pain just stayed the same week on week.. I am a fit person and I usually recover from everything very quickly in my life I am 39. This pain from

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  • Psps 1

    Is it CRPS? Or just nerve damage?

    I have nail surgery 3 months back. Wound is healed but because of phenol reaction right side of toe is pinkish red. I m in pain still. Pain is burning kind of . Pricks and needles on entire leg . It's not unbearable but 4/5 level. Foot is slightly swollen and very very slight red. Slight temp

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  • violetb 2

    is CRPS curable?

    I have been diagnosed with CRPS and am currently taking 1,800mg/day of gabapentin to deal with my pain.   In May 2014 I had surgery on my foot after breaking all my foot metatarsals in multiple places in a car accident.  After (finally) getting my many casts off I went to physical therapy and

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  • ashley0710 2

    CRPS and Surgery

    I was diagnosed with CRPS II about 12 weeks ago. My orthopedic is wanting to do nerve decompression surgery. Has anyone had this proceedure done? I am nervous about it. 

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  • christine CRPS 2

    Eye floaters and flashes v CRPS

    Hi everybody last June my right eye had floaters/flashes ending up with a vitreous detachment (PVD), where the vitreous jelly comes away from the back of eye It has left me with 1floater in the eye . Now the same thing has happened to the left eye !! It's like a cobweb with hundreds of black dots ,...

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  • suzanne83 1

    diagnosis of CRPS

    Can anyone please advise me on the most appropriate way to obtain a diagnosis of CRPS? I have had symptoms of pain, oedema (ankle) and cyanosis (foot) and in my left leg/groin/back follow lifting equipment at work in 2010. The pain has never resolved and I'm now medically retired due to the

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  • charlotte1824 4

    What does CRPS feel like

    I have been experiencing pain and problems for over 5yrs now. The last Dr I saw told me he thinks it's a nerve pain syndrone and the way he explained it is similar to the way cRPS works but he didn't go into a lot of detail and as far as I understand it cRPS is more like an acid bath on the skin,

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