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I see a double image when I look in far, but this usually happens after I spent 1-2 hours watching my phone's screen in unwanted positions such as laying on a bed. It is the only trigger for seeing a double image in far, meaning if I don't watch phone like described earlier, my eyes do not face with the problem at all.

Only after 1-2 hour session with the phone, I feel my eye muscles cannot push the eye to make it a single image for me to perceive in far. My sight isn't good at seeing things in far, yet this is the first time I experience a pretty much sudden weakness of my eye muscles.

After I rest my eyes, they seem to be able to see a single image in far, yet, as to the reason why it is happening for them to weaken after watching phone's screen - is unclear for me, but I try to avoid that in the future. I suspect it is to deal with the pressure in the eyes.

Another fact is that, after I let my eyes look on nearby objects, trying to look in far, sometimes leads to a successful single image, yet, not for long. It feels like it tries to break out to a double output. So I concluded it is related to my eye muscles.

As for the treatment...

I was wondering if it is useful to do the eye training such as moving eyes diagonally, vertically, horizontally, pushing muscles responsible for seeing things in far and in close... would these exercises help to stabilize my eye muscles? Or could some eye-cleansing drops help? (seeing few stuff floating in my vision as well, perhaps it could be good to use eye drops as well)

Thank you very much for taking your time to read this discussion and I appreaciate your reply.

Thank you a lot!

Kind regards,


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    Hi Gergio, one thing, it sounds as though you spend too much time staring at a screen.

    Have you been to see your GP, or perhaps a local Optician?  It isn't a good idea to self diagnose or self medicate.

    Have a break from screens and go to the local Optician and have your eyes tested.

    Good luck.


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      Hello mrsmop,

      Thank you for your reply.

      Yes, I do spend a lot of time in front of my laptop doing projects and researches, but I don't forget to take small breaks as well.


      The last time I visited local Optician was a year ago. I had an irregular check up process, e.g. with a designed for eye examination devices (pressure, clarity of the picture, retina check up and etc). It turned out my left eye has a micro scar causing my eyes to see things with a slight difference in terms of a far sigth properties. As a wrap-up result, the doctor said there was no big changes since the previous visit which was about 2 years ago (e.g. in ~2013, or even earlier, I cannot recall the exact date, could be way back even in 2011). He also pointed me out that my eyes were good to go for the LASIK operation if I wanted to.


      I recently had my laptop broken and I was unable to use it for almost two weeks (so as in a result I had a lot more resting for my eyes). Yet, before there was no such issue as double image, my eyes were capable of handling long hours of working in front of a screen, especially during uni time (I am a recent IT graduate).

      It is still unhealthy to be spending many hours watching screens, yet, the first time I felt odd things happening to my eyes were exactly after recent uses of the phone while laying on my bed.

      I was using phone during the time I was unable to use the laptop, but I would spend only hour or two. Only recently, even already having laptop matter resolved, I still used phone for a comfort internet surfing while being on bed. As a consequence, I've started to notice some disturbing changes as to how I see in far after using phone on bed in laying position.

      I constantly wear glasses, and I have two kinds of them: weak (older) ones and stronger (newer). I use my old glasses when I work with laptop, as my eyes considerably get tired much less than when if I was using my newer ones. Whenever I would go out, I would wear the newer ones as to perceive the world better while outdoors. And as for the time when I would use the phone for hour or two, I would take my glasses off.

      Somehow I felt that by giving my eyes some rest, they have gone much rested. At the same time, they are not much ready for a heavy load as before. It forces me to be careful with timings now and I take breaks a lot more freuqent now, especially from using the phone.

      One of the other observations I made is that, I felt my eyes to be less resistant to changes when I wear no glasses and lay on bed and watch the phone's screen. After ~30 minutes on average, I would start feeling as if my eyes adapted to a new position and they feel no pressure, e.g. relaxed (goes for eye muscles). It even makes me intuitively feel as if during such time I can easily get adapted to a squint with them (which is true on other hand, after all the position I was choosing for when using the phone, was irregular..makes a good point to avoid such in the future). It also made me to have an impression that if I don't keep my eyes loaded with pressure they'll go into irregularity state of their health condition. It sounds odd, as when I wear no glasses my eyes should actually feel better, yet this concern lets me think I should be careful when letting my eyes rest or what position I choose when I work with screens.


      I considder paying a visit to the doctor, yet, to keep it under control meanwhile, I resorted myself to this forum for advices in regards with eye exercises and perhaps some eye-cleansing drops, as the visit to an optician is not available for me in near several days.

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      Are you in the UK Gergio?  It doesn't seem as though you are.

      You still seem to be self diagnosing and it would be better to go to someone who isn't trying to sell you something, which, from what you say, the optician is trying to do.  [The Lasik procedure]

      You shouldn't keep changing from old specs to new specs.

      You can't examine your own eyes, it is impossible.  You only have one pair of eyes, look  after them.


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    Don't know much about eye training. I would suggest you see a good eye specialist . It also sounds like you see what is called floaters,not sure why in your case. Looking at computer screens and phone screens can cause eye strain. My eye docter recomended Refresh liquid gel. Don't use visine.

    Hope you feel better


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      Hello jar16,

      Thank you for your reply.

      I think eye training could have some positive effect if its done on regular basis daily. When in fact I woke up today, I still had this double-image effect. I tried to look at close objects and then instantly on far ones. Maybe after 10-20 minutes I noticed my eyes started to feel "awake" as if back to their full functionality and fortunately I could focus on far objects and see a single picture. It was a relief, yet, in previous cases it was already alright after a sleep, yet today I needed some time to let my eyes get fully awake. I do eye exercises more often lately.

      One of the key facts I observed about my eyes is that when I see a double image, I try to focus and make out of a double image - one. Yet I feel how my eye muscles cannot fulfill my will and after a failure, I would look at the object that wouldn't add my extra pressure for eyes when looking. Maybe a minute later, I try looking in far again, and at that very moment, I nearly got the single picture, yet after several seconds I start feeling how it dissassembles into two and during such process it becomes more of a struggle to keep them focused. For this very fact, I felt I might need to do exercises by switching between close and far objects. When I release my eyes from looking at far to look at something in close, it happens significantly faster than when vice-versa. Yet when I feel no odds about looking at far, I somewhat can focus/switch to far objects from close ones, quicker.


      When curing another issue (related to an often eye lashes drop out), I was recommended to use some for-general use eye drops and if I remember it correctly, it helped me to see a clearer picture, e.g. with less floaters. I think I do need to get eye drops that are purchaseable without a doctor's recommendation as indeed to refresh my eyes and help them feel better.

      On a side note, I am too much sensitive/nervous to go for eye drops. Always worried for the eyes as they are the most important sense when interracting with outter world - thus, oversensitive.

      I recall seeing an ad presenting some eye spray to relieve eyes from pressure. Wondering if that would be much easier to use... It doesn't really matter if the eye-drop applied to the eye either in the form of a drop or a spray - the effect is still the same, is this correct?

      Thank you, Joe.

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